Affair with Married Man


A lively Summer Evening with Samar

I am Tamanna. Three years ago I had a hot affair with a married man. His name is Samar. He had and still has the problem that his wife hardly wants sex. So he is always alive. It started slowly, we met at family celebrations, I noticed that he was keen on me and always stared at my big breasts. I liked that. Then, one evening on a birthday he and his wife came, I put on a dress that is buttoned in the front and sat next to him. When his wife was out of reach, I opened the bottom button so that he could see my thighs. Then I noticed how awesome he was.

I was solo during this time and had not had sex for a long time and realized that I was getting wet more and more and imagined what it would be like to sleep with him. Until it happened for the first time.

We then had sex with each other countless times for months, always with me in the house and the kitchen, on the stairs, on the desk, and sometimes in bed. I spread my legs, he penetrated deep into me. He took me from behind. I was shaken by numerous orgasms before he roared his sperm into me. With shaky hands, I pushed my dress down and he buttoned his pants, just as shakily. Then they go home on the motorcycle with his wife.

I loved being taken hard by him and then sprayed with his semen. I sometimes waited for hours before taking a shower. Because I wanted to feel this delicious juice in me. The delicate thing was and is that it is not just any married man. But my brother Jagdish’s best friend. And it was exactly this forbidden thing that nobody was allowed to notice that made me so hot. I wanted more from him and would have unscrupulously taken his wife away to start a new life with him. But he didn’t want to. Didn’t want to leave his wife. When he realized that I was serious about him, he started to withdraw. But we were still both horny for each other. “Just let it happen, I want it too,” I said to him as he pushed around again, his head as full of concern as the tail with pent-up semen.

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That annoyed me as it tingled in my pussy as soon as I just thought of Samar and his mighty cock, but I didn’t feel like masturbating all the time, so I started looking for a friend. I’ve been with Mohan for two years now. It is always true to the big picture, including sex. But the time with Samar was so intense that I will never forget it. Over time Mohan started to annoy me, with his many questions. And his jealousy, which became more and more apparent as much as I flirted with another man. It was a hot July day when I woke up sweaty in the morning, Mohan lay next to me and was still sleeping. I noticed that my column was completely damp. I had been dreaming wildly. And by Samar. In my dream, Samar and I had unrestrained sex. We drove it in a remote forest hut, I had a dress on, he just pushed it up, penetrated me, and pushed me hard until it came inside me.

A dream he had never fulfilled for me in the past.

The best thing is that I would see Samar that evening, on my brother’s birthday. It was a long time ago that we met each other the last time. It was a nice evening at the time, Mohan was not there and I flirted extensively with Samar. And gave him a long, hot kiss on the farewell.

Mohan was only there tonight. Who is also jealous.

But I didn’t care. I wanted to chat with Samar. I had an overwhelming desire to sleep with him. Wanted his body and juice simmering in him.

So I texted him.

“Good morning Samar, I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight.”

He replied promptly. “Wow, what a surprise! I’m also happy to see you! Are you coming alone?”

My pussy tingled. “No, I’m not coming alone. Why do you ask? “Because I think it’s a shame that you are with him”

“Why shouldn’t I be?”

“If you were solo, I would take you again! “.

The itching between the legs grew stronger. He must have had a hard cock now.

“Oh … suddenly … and … what’s stopping you from doing this?” I wrote back hastily.

“Your friend. I don’t want you to regret cheating on him. I’m not comfortable with it at some point everything will come out “.

I rubbed my wet crack with my middle finger, so excited I was.

“Don’t worry about it. We do it secretly – we’re old hands! I want you to! Tonight! ”

“How’s that going? He’s with my wife. Jarin, you’re making me horny! “We secretly abseil and do it in the basement on the washing machine.

Nobody bothers us there. I want to feel your cock in me! ”

“Even without a condom?”

“NATURAL! As if we had ever done it WITH! I want you to come inside of me and do it violently! Yeah, I want that too. You horny little bitch! Had no sex for two weeks. I AM BORDER WE NEED IT! ”

Then I stood in the shower and shaved my pussy until it was bare like a baby’s bottom. I could hardly wait to spread my thighs for Samar and take his mighty, loaded cock into me.

To be nice and tight for him, I inserted love balls. This tingling was almost unbearable. So I distracted myself with housework. At some point, Mohan would get up too. But that didn’t matter at the moment because I had to pick up my son Sahil in the afternoon from a youth camp. Then to deliver it to my friend Nuhi after he had showered and had something to eat. They would then serve with her son and Sahil on Jagdish’s birthday.

When I got the laundry out of the washing machine in the basement, I was so unbearably horny that I got it myself. I rubbed my clit until I came loudly.

The juices shot out of me.

OK then. So I didn’t necessarily have to come to Samar for the quickie. And in the short time, I was able to take care of his cock so much to juice him.

When I got ready for the birthday, there was stress with Mohan. That was when he came into the bedroom and I was just buttoning up my new black dress.

A dress that caught the eye of men because it shows a lot of my plump breasts. And from my strong thighs because the skirt part is short. In short, a dress that arouses the imaginations of men. And I enjoyed stirring up male fantasies.

He pushed against me from behind. “You look sharp in this dress. I want to sleep with you!”

“Mohan, don’t be angry with me – I don’t want sex now “. “You say that all the time! And what am I doing? ”

I had to smile inside. He was right. I was cruel to him. I hadn’t let him over it for four days.

“I just don’t always feel like it. Not like you! ”

He gasped. “But you’re going to get dressed! It doesn’t match yet! What is still missing is that you put on black stockings! ”

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