Sex Under the Parking Lamp


 397  Gapagap Under the parking lamp Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of The evening dragged on again; I only work as a graphic designer in a huge advertising company for a short time. I’m delighted I was allowed to participate shortly after finishing my design studies. We have now accepted a…

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Car Sex


 369  CAR TROUBLES Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of Mrs. Rhea was the type of client you take particular care of. I recall the first time I met her. Her automobile, an ancient model of the Toyota limousine, tumbled into the driveway. It was the middle of the morning, and I…

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Car Sex Part – 2


 452  Car Sex while Driving Part-2 Kian’s friend asked me to drop me home because it was getting late at night. Kian’s home came first, so Kian’s friend Zeb dropped him off first. Now he had to drop me home. As we started our ride, he started talking dirty to me. “So, do you wanna…

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Car Sex Part -1


 361  Car Sex while Driving – Part 1 I am Sanam. My family lives in Denmark and I’ve been living in India with my paternal grandmother. I study here and I’ve been doing my post-graduation from a very reputable university. It’s hard to be happy though because I don’t have any friends, I mean even…

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Naked Parasailing


 357  PARASAILING TO PARADISE Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of When my closest buddy and I were on vacation together, we decided to try parasailing on one of the days of our trip. I was a little nervous because I was flying so high, but I’m going to give it a…

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Masturbation Marathon


 621  Highspeed Masturbation Marathon Sex Videos It was 4 pm and I was on the bus. My leg rocked up and down because I was excited. Very excited. I had planned something today. A masturbation marathon. Yes, every man is a wanker and occasionally culls himself. But I was a professional in it. If it…

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Having Sex After Learning Driving


 487  Sex Experience During Teaching Driving Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of During my studies, I occasionally worked at a motorway service station. A whole book can fill everything possible there. But that didn’t matter here. We also had several temporary helpers for the catering sector. I was on duty a…

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चुत की आग


 1,024  ड्राइवर से जबरदस्ती चुत की आग बुझाई नशे की वजह से मेरी चुत चुदासी हो रखी थी। फिर मैं एक एक कर सारे कपड़े उतार दिए और बेड पर पूरी तरह से नंगी हो गई और अपने पैरों को फैला के चुत पर थूक लगा के हाथों से रगड़ने लगी। मैं एक हाथ से…

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भोलू के मज़ेदार किस्से


 919  मोहिनी का रिझाना और भोलू से चुदवाना बरसात का मौसम जवान लोंडो के लिए एक ऐसा समां बंदता है, जहा उनके दिलो दिमाग़ में बस हवस की आग दहकती रहती है। बरसाती मेंढक की तरह दुबक कर बैठा भोलू, गाँव के तालाब के पास अपना काम करने के लिए आने वाली महिलाओ को ताड़…

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Secret Sex Stories


 448  A Secret Sex Stories Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of We always meet secretly, never so that it would attract attention. A text message with location, date, and time, which is completely deleted after reading. A new meeting, this time at the Ritz Carlton in Hamburg. You sent me the…

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Sex in the Car


 584  Hot Lovers to have Sex in the Car One evening I came back from the cinema around noon, the film was rather mediocre. Do you know that when you are still wondering in the car whether it was worth the drive and the money? Well, I had dropped a buddy at home and was…

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मेरी चुत की आग बुझी


 965  ऑफिस टूर पर मेरी चुत की आग बुझी फिर उसने अपना हाथ मेरी दोनों जांघो के बीच मे जीन्स के ऊपर से ही ले आया और सहलाने लगा। मैं तो घबरा सी गई। और उसका हाथ हटा दिया लेकिन वह बार बार ऐसा करने लगा। मैं भी इसे एन्जॉय कर रही थी। लेकिन फिर…

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Crazy Sexy Fun Experience


 404  Long Drive and Sexy experience with Ragini Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of It was Sunday, the sun was shining and Ragini had been driving for a long time. She wanted to visit her friend. That said, the term friend was a little exaggerated. She had met Pavel on the…

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Hot and Sexy Interview


 460  SEXY INTERVIEW Hello, my name is Madhu. I am a 28-year-old housewife. Due to family issues, I was desperately looking for work. I saw an advertisement in the local newspaper and decided to go there. It was a small office on the outskirts of town. The declared hours were 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.…

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Sex on the School Bus


 1,107  Sex on the School Bus with Sir I was talking to my girlfriends, my naughty girlfriends, about a college trip during the upcoming holidays. They were all ecstatic about the idea, and we considered going to a water park. They said they’d never been to a water park before, so we should all go…

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