Sex in Women’s PG


 29  Gang Bang in Women’s PG Hi all. It’s me Maha and I’m going to share my story with all of you. My age is 27 and my color is fairly dark with the figure of 34 30 28. It’s when my boyfriend sneaks into my PG at night and we made love. So I’m…

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भोलू के मज़ेदार किस्से


 167  मोहिनी का रिझाना और भोलू से चुदवाना बरसात का मौसम जवान लोंडो के लिए एक ऐसा समां बंदता है, जहा उनके दिलो दिमाग़ में बस हवस की आग दहकती रहती है। बरसाती मेंढक की तरह दुबक कर बैठा भोलू, गाँव के तालाब के पास अपना काम करने के लिए आने वाली महिलाओ को ताड़…

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Intimate with My Husband’s Friend


 91  Sex with my Husband’s Friend Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of A not inconsiderable part of my sexuality seemed buried for years under daily monotony and mediocrity. It took an experience to free me. This is a summary of what happened to my sexual liberation. It all started when Rabbi,…

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Sex with Neighbour


 114  Sex with My Neighbour Welcome to Read Sex Stories on, where you’ll find some of the best Indian sex stories as well as the sexiest sex fantasies to keep you entertained. Our readers frequently share their most spicy comments with us. You can see the sexiest images here at Hell, everyone. It’s Mohit…

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Sex with Hot Teacher


 137  After Exam: Hot Teacher and I I’m Neha and I’m a student of M.Phil. I was good in academics so I decided to peruse my M.Phil. in biological sciences. My university was quite far from my house and it’ll take me around 2 hours to commute every day. Exams were near and I was…

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Sex with Classmate


 98  Sex With Stranger Welcome to Read Sex Stories on, where you’ll find some of the best Indian sex stories as well as the sexiest sex fantasies to keep you entertained. Our readers frequently share their most spicy comments with us. You are reading this story on Good day, Readers. This is Suchit…

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Foursome Sex


 164  Our Sexy Foursome My name is Aisha, I am a banker. My husband is a businessman. This is a story of our couple swinging with our neighbors. I and Vikram are married for the past 7 years, we have two children. I am tall, a bit chubby with the sexiest pair of boobies. Vikram…

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Muslim Woman Thirsty Pussy


 191  Saba Aunty’s thirsty pussy   How are the readers of  I hope everyone’s cocks will boil and the pussy will be on fire.  And if it is not, then as soon as you read this story, a volcano will erupt in your pussy chut.   So, friends, my name is Aditya, I am…

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Romance with Bhabhi and Sister


 172  Welcome to read Indian Sex Stories, where you will find some of the best Indian sex stories for entertainment as well as the sexiest sex fantasies. Our readers often share their most spicy experiences with us, this story you’re reading on All of you are greeted with warm greetings. This is naps, and…

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College Days Goa Trip Fun


 142  My name is Mohan and I’m a catalog photographer. I have my own photography studio and agency and I used to make a lot of portfolios for aspiring models. I’m a 5″6 inch guy with a slim but strong body. I always loved looking at beautiful girls pictures. So it turned into an ambition…

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Auntie Pussy Heated up in the Rally. Part-2


 88  Me- ma’am why don’t you have an affair with anyone    Vandana – No I can’t do that.  No matter what, I don’t want to cheat on my husband.    All these things had brought more boom in my cock.  And my cock was going up and down.  On which Vandana was being watched…

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Netaji Fucked my Pussy instead of Ticket.


 119  Friends, as I promised each other that I will bring the more excited stories or you. So here I am with the new story of true incident only on   Let’s start with excerpts from the opening part of the story and its brief introduction.   Hello friends my name is Sapna Rani…

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Swap the Wife for Sex Fun


 358  This thing happened when I was posted in Australia.   Hello friend, my name is Priyansh. I am 34 years old. I am a resident of Delhi. And I’m an ambassador. This happened when I was posted in Melbourne Australia. I have been married for 6 years. And I have 2 kids too. My…

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Late night at Office-From Office to Bedroom


 91  I’m Rohan and I work in an IT company. I have worked with a lot of companies but this one was the best among all due to the friendly and cooperative environment. This is a story of the time when I saw my boss fucking his secretary in the office and how I followed…

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In My Room- Sex with the Roommate


 75  It was a lazy weekend afternoon and I was feeling extremely sleepy so I decided to take a quick nap in my room. My name is Rashee, I’m 25 and I live in Mumbai. I came to Mumbai to find work after having a master’s degree in mass communication, but still I was unemployed.…

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