Pussy Heated up in the Rally – Part 1


 628  Auntie Pussy Heated up in the Rally – Part 1 Today I will tell you how a beautiful aunt, I met at the rally and enjoyed me.  And poured the water of my cock on the burning fire of his pussy.  How did I beat aunty or say how aunty implicated me then the…

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बस से बेडरूम तक का सफर


 682  विधवा गर्लफ्रेंड की चुत की तपिश और बस से बेडरूम तक का सफर यह कहानी उस समय की है जब मैं बस में तिमारपुर से चढ़ा। बस में भीड़ थी तो मैं पीछे जाकर खड़ा हो गया। और मेरे पीछे पीछे और भी लोग बस में चढ़े मैं जब आगे मुड़कर खड़ा हुआ तो…

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Fire of Pussy


 438  Fire of Pussy, Friend, And Revenge He also put a finger in my pussy without delay.  He came in shorts and he was also not wearing underwear.  I bent over and pulled his shorts down and started sucking his cock in my mouth. Then I said go to the back seat.  By the time…

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Bhaijaan Fucks Pussy


 538  Bhaijaan fucks my pussy Hello readers, hope all is well.  Friends, my name is Fiza, I am from a very big Muslim family.  My house is like a king maharaja in a way.  I am 19 years old.  32 boobs-nipples, 26 waists, and 34 ass can make anyone drunk.  We are 9 siblings of…

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Weekend without husband


 502  Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories, where you’ll find some of the best Indian sex stories as well as the sexiest sex fantasies to keep you entertained. Our readers frequently share their most spicy experiences with us. You are reading this story on nightqueenstories.com. Nancy, a 37-year-old married woman, feels lonely in her home…

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Staff room Converted into Bedroom


 492  My name is Haider and I go to private school. I am in grade 10th and my age is 17 years. I belong to a rich family and my family is very influential as well. I loved going to parties, getting high and of course, fucking girls. We had a very sexy teacher name…

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First time with the Boss


 788  Hi my name is Anita. I’m writing this story which happened between me and my boss when I first joined his company. We had an important event coming up in the office, so my boss called me to his office and said,” Anita I know you have a good dressing sense. Why not you…

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Auntie Pussy Heated up in the Rally. Part-2


 400  Me- ma’am why don’t you have an affair with anyone    Vandana – No I can’t do that.  No matter what, I don’t want to cheat on my husband.    All these things had brought more boom in my cock.  And my cock was going up and down.  On which Vandana was being watched…

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Sex with the Widowed Professor Part – 2


 469  It had been 40 minutes after fucking, now I was about to fall.  So I said Archana, I am going to fall, then she said that I want to take water from your cock in the pussy, take out your cock and then she quickly lay down and dragged me on top of her…

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Sex with the Widowed Professor Part-1


 542  Hello friends, how are you all?  I hope you will be fine.  Friends, my name is Rinku. And I am 28 years old.   As you all know, I share the incident that happened on myself till all.  This story is also about a true incident in my life.  By the way, I am…

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