Sex with Neighbour


 118  Sex with My Neighbour Welcome to Read Sex Stories on, where you’ll find some of the best Indian sex stories as well as the sexiest sex fantasies to keep you entertained. Our readers frequently share their most spicy comments with us. You can see the sexiest images here at Hell, everyone. It’s Mohit…

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My Tuition Bhabhi


 140  My Tuition Bhabhi I am Nehal and I belong to Uttar Pradesh. This is my story when I was 19 years old. I was a bit weak in my studies so I used to take tuition classes in the evening from my neighborhood bhabhi. She was our tuition teacher but we used to call…

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Sex with Hot Teacher


 141  After Exam: Hot Teacher and I I’m Neha and I’m a student of M.Phil. I was good in academics so I decided to peruse my M.Phil. in biological sciences. My university was quite far from my house and it’ll take me around 2 hours to commute every day. Exams were near and I was…

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Tinder Date


 117  My name is Ahil, I’m 18 and I am small town guy belonging to rural areas of Punjab. I went to the city to live with my aunt for studies. When I started living in the city, I observed a lot of things that were happening there. Girls in my college would ask me…

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First time with the Boss


 284  Hi my name is Anita. I’m writing this story which happened between me and my boss when I first joined his company. We had an important event coming up in the office, so my boss called me to his office and said,” Anita I know you have a good dressing sense. Why not you…

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आरती मिस के साथ ट्रेन का सुहाना सफर


 255  नमस्ते दोस्तो।  मेरा नाम हर्षित ठाकुर  है। बेसिकली मैं बिहार के समस्तीपुर का रहने वाला हूँ। लेकिन मेरे मॉम डैड दोनों मायानगरी मुम्बई में जॉब करते हैं। तो हम सब परिवार मुम्बई में ही रहते हैं। हमारा जन्मस्थली भी मुम्बई ही है। मेरी लंबाई 5 फुट 9 इंच है मैं पूरी तरह से गोरा…

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