One Night Stand


 91  One Night Stand with Daughter’s Friend Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of Anu is my daughter’s best friend and we have known each other for years. She spent a lot of time with us and stayed with us more often, this time too. Unlike everyone else, I had a day…

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The Sweet Vacation


 92  Maria’s Vacation become Sweet Hello!! Yes, I am Maria. Since the stories that are based on my personal experiences appear to be more popular than fictional stories, my previous story tells something from my real life again. (I would write such stories more often, but (unfortunately) I don’t always have any amorous adventurers worth…

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Begging to Fuck


 152  Jasprit and Harish Going Too Far The warm, gentle wind swept playfully through the vibrancy of another summer’s night at Mumbai University. The dorm houses buzzed with excitement and anticipation for a night of celebration, and as tonight officially marked the end of another semester, it was definitely a reason for celebration. The campus…

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Hard Core Sex in Train Journey


 137  His cock was absorbed in my hot pussy. But Rohan felt pain. She said aunty my cock is hurting, and then I stopped without moving. And bowed down and started kissing her lips. After waiting for 2 minutes like this, I slowly said in his ear that Rohan is still having pain in the…

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Life’s First Fuck. – Painful but Very Exciting and Fun.


 98  Within minutes we were all bare in the bedroom. He looked at me trembling and then asked are you okay?   He said, ‘If you are uncomfortable, we will stop’.   I knew my resistance was wrong. Because that day I had made up my mind to fuck. It was my wish. I was…

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A lively Summer Evening with Samar


 82  I am Tamanna. Three years ago I had a hot affair with a married man. His name is Samar. He had and still has the problem that his wife hardly wants sex. So he is always live. It started slowly, we met at family celebrations, I noticed that he was keen on me and…

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