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Thick cotton covers delicate contours. In the sweltering heat of Carolina, there’s a refreshing wind. A feverish desire. I’m trembling at the foot of your bed while I wait for you to wake up.

An exercise in restraint took place on the trip from Boston. I was eagerly awaiting your arrival. The journey from the airport to our hotel was a nightmare. I wanted to reach out and stroke your hair. As you open the door, go the stairs to your room silently. The adrenaline surges and I’m struggling to breathe.

At long last, your journey has come to an end. I’m keeping an eye on you as you sleep. As you inhale and exhale, observe the gentle movement of your breasts. Despite my burning yearning for you, your eyelids fall shut gently. My shirt with French cuffs under a woolen jacket soaks up the perspiration.

I see an opportunity if you lie on your back and let me view your face.

I walk to your bed and kneel next to you in quiet. I slowly cover your lips with my right hand. “Sweet daughter, this is Papa,” I murmur into your right ear. Sleep-dimmed pupils bulge as you first open your eyes.

You hyperventilate reflexively as your body tightens up.”

Shut up, little one. “No sound.” I can feel your muscles relax as you gaze into my eyes and nod as if you agree. Just a tad, but not too much. When I place my hand on your head, I place my lips on yours. After a little pause, you comply with my pleas and place your tongue in my mouth, which I appreciate. Your screams fill my lungs with air, feeding my insatiable yearning to be close to you.

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I move my hand down your body without disturbing the sheet that covers you. Your curves seduce me. Your perspiration has a delicious yet delicate aroma about it, and it fills my nostrils. Arousal in animals. I can smell your sex before my fingers touch your hips. Squeaky-clean and salty, yet addictive. My cock is flooded with blood from my brain. As I draw aside the sheet to expose your beauty of a body shining alabaster in the moonlight, my senses are clouded by unconscious longing.

As a human being, your flesh and blood and want and need also make you distinct from the stone you are. Your sperm is what I crave. Water to wash my face and shave my mustache with

Distillation of the delicious nectar of your desire to hear the screams, moans, and tears crescendo into a visceral symphony of freedom and rekindled passion. Until both of us declare it’s time to quit, the music will play on.

She’s a bashful, decent girl with her legs tightly crossed. After a little work, I get to the bottom of what I’m after. As a result of the blood that has also left your brain, your body is bloated and red. Your pussy dribbles a creamy substance down your perineum to your other secret location. I also incline my chin to kiss your kitty passionately. At your entry, I kissed your mouth in the same way, but with a softer pressure. With my lips, I invite you in. I’d want to have a taste of you.

I’m going to slap you in the face with my tongue.

Your hands seize my head and drag me into you. To make my cocklike tongue grow longer and longer, your hips swing. As the finale of your story rushes past me, my mouth watered with a fierce need to devour your milk. You can feel my scratchy beard irritating the delicate flesh on the inside of your lips. You feel the tingling burning as I clear more and more females from your thighs.

“Fuck me, Daddy,” you mutter in a desperate scream. The sheets are now wet with perspiration and want. In a quiet voice, I whisper, “Watch me, sweetheart.” Slowly, I approach you, my garments soaking in your perspiration as well as my giddiness. The suit jacket comes first. After lowering my suspenders, I put on my French cuffed shirt. The cuff links are undone by my holding out my hand. Impatiently, I tell him to slow down. You have a smile on your face and gently remove my handcuffs, revealing a devil on my left and an angel on my right, before setting them on the nightstand. Your soaking nightgown is lifted, revealing your enticing physique, as you bend on the bed to unbutton my shirt. There are enormous wrinkles on your nipples and your breasts shimmer in the light, your hips and bottom are wrapped in curves and you’re protected from prying eyes.

You let go of my tight boxer shorts and encircle the exposed exterior of my crotch to feel the agony of my cock. Your touch stings and soothes at the same time, causing both anger and relaxation. We’re finally here, and yet we’ve been overcome with want. Hands tracing the surface remove the socks from my calves using the muscles of my legs You take a deep breath and lean down to place your lips on the swelling between my thighs as you sense my calves flexing and clenching.

You ask, “Daddy, please,” and I can’t help but notice your skyward gaze when you say it. “Yes, my sweetheart. Suck me,” I beg of you. Once it is freed from the soaked tissue, you place it in your mouth with long, delicate fingers. My heart stops beating. When you lick, suck, or nurse me with puckered lips, you’re sucking salty, clean, and slick cum out of my system. Excessive sweat drips from the corners of your lips, giving the sweat flecks on your face a silvery sheen. The further you go down this path, the more I’ll flood your mouth with more than just saliva.

It’s time, little darling, I say as I gently lift your chin to meet my gaze. Your voice has a small wobble in it as you plead, “Oh Daddy, I want to, but I’m terrified.” “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’ve got this. You needn’t be scared.” This town-raised father could not have asked for a better, sweeter lady from the mountains than you are.

It is in the moonlight that I carefully turn my body so that I can see your ass in all its glory. I’m astonished at the sight of your kitten’s creamy entry and the exquisite contours of your cat’s face. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. This is the moment I’ve been waiting for. Despite my best efforts, I’m nevertheless overcome with a sense of desire and gratitude as I approach this moment. Finally, we’ve arrived. Finally, I can assist you to experience what you’ve been longing for but have only confided in me to feel.

Saying, “Spread your bottom, baby,” is my way of encouraging her to do just that. You next use these soft fingers to gradually separate your buttocks, revealing a little wrinkle in the process. I can see streams of Girlcum pouring from your thighs, just as my dick drips Precum. And there’s a thick layer of Girlcum on your bottom just begging to be eaten.

I grit my teeth and press my lap on the little knot with my face wedged between your cheeks. You let out a groan. The closer I get to you, the more confident I am in pressing my tongue into your throbbing tightness. I’m a featherweight in your genitals. You raise your pitch and let out a scream of passion from the back of your throat. I slip two fingers inside your tense pussy without withdrawing my mouth.

Gently massage the delicate tissue of the body You’ve had a tremendous orgasm brewing inside of you, and I can feel it. When the signal from your brain, nerves, body, heart, and blood reaches its apex, the ring of muscles surrounding my tongue begins to flutter and pulse.

Here I come, Daddy!” My cat purrs! You can almost hear me purr!

Now is the time to act. In a second, I’m on my feet and ready to place the head of my cum-soaked cock at the entrance to your ass. As the climax continues to build, your face sinks deeper into the mattress and your arse further widens. You’re good to go. And I do so with a light touch.

It’s ecstasy to feel your ass’s silky smoothness. My closed eyelids replay all the events leading up to this one. Because seeing might decrease the sensation, the eyes were shut. Nothing is entitled to this level of happiness. Nothing in my life has ever felt as amazing as it does right now. They’ve never sounded better as they built to each successive peak.

My dick is being drained of sperm by your ass. And I have no control over it.

Before I can collect my breath to utter a word, I can feel the heat rising in your body. “Oh fuck, baby! Oh, fuck! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” I exclaim as I take in oxygen. Screaming, I scream in agony. There is no doubt that the entire neighborhood can hear us because the windows are open. What am I supposed to do, baby? Your final climax is so intense that the last droplets of semen begin to vibrate.

Both of us are covered in perspiration and odiferous sex aromas. Like magnolia blossoms in Carolina’s humid summer air, the scent lingers. As the endorphins creep and dissipate, I’m shaky on my feet. After a split second, my head gives out and I fall behind you, my cock wedged in your wet and slimy behind. In the end, we’ve both marked the other.

Panting and slick, we sat in the moonlight and quiet air. Wafer-thin cotton entwined around her. With my back to the door and your head lying on my right arm, I massaged your luscious contours. Desire’s ferocity has died down.

Until further notice.

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