Sex Game


 361  Playing Sex Game Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of I’m on the train after traveling for about 3 hours, changing trains twice, and waiting half an hour for the connecting train. The summer thunder is beating against the windows, and despite the fact that it is just 5 p.m., the…

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Sex Under the Parking Lamp


 385  Gapagap Under the parking lamp Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of The evening dragged on again; I only work as a graphic designer in a huge advertising company for a short time. I’m delighted I was allowed to participate shortly after finishing my design studies. We have now accepted a…

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Sex Bike Tour


 427  Nitin and Nirupa After the Bike Tour Suddenly it poured out of buckets. Nitin and Nirupa were surprised here in the middle of the forest. They quickly turned their bikes and drove back towards their little house on the village. Nothing would become of her little mountain bike excursion today. Fortunately, it would only…

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 372  THE STRANGER IN LONDON’S STREET Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of Many years ago, I returned home from a club in London, the name of which escapes me at the moment. On a subway train, there weren’t many people on board because it was late; it was a quiet ride.…

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Obsessed with Sex


 346  SHE ALWAYS WANTS MORE Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of Her pale skin and red hair make her seem lovely in her black lingerie, which includes a balcony bra set, matching lace panties, and sheer black stockings. Joy had a stunning body shape. Legs and thighs that show off her…

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Car Sex


 357  CAR TROUBLES Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of Mrs. Rhea was the type of client you take particular care of. I recall the first time I met her. Her automobile, an ancient model of the Toyota limousine, tumbled into the driveway. It was the middle of the morning, and I…

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 344  A DAY IN THE LIFE OF SEX Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of Look at me. Look at me. At me. So large, so hard. Every single morning, I raise my finger to the heavens! I look forward to the mornings. I am the focus of everyone’s attention. When he…

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Unwillingness Sex with Mistress


 347  RELUCTANT MISTRESS Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of I need to be tied down and hurt. My wife doesn’t have to be bossy at all. She has tried over the years to make me happy, but she doesn’t want to control me. I tried to ignore my wants, but I…

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Sexual Teasing


 506  EXTENDED TEASE Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of My friend Shelly teasing me is fun. She’s tall, petite, and has red, straight hair. Small, round breasts with large, sensitive nipples. I give her oral sex in exchange. When I suck, lick, and nibble her nipples, she’s aroused. Sometimes nipple sensations…

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Sexy Kinky Indian Whores


 3,240  Sexy Whore of Haveli I’m Sneha and I’m 27 years old. I work as a housekeeper in a Haveli in Rajasthan. It’s a big royal family which lives here. And I’ve been serving this family for 10 years. The Raj of the Haveli, Mr. Sudesh has a special eye for me. He often touches…

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Fuck Boyfriends Brother


 386  Fucked by the Boyfriend’s Brother Hello everyone. My name is Sheila and I’m 18 years old college-going girl. I live in Noida and my boyfriend has recently shifted near our place. He went into a different program and decided to go for one further north, so he didn’t get too far away from me…

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Car Sex Part – 2


 441  Car Sex while Driving Part-2 Kian’s friend asked me to drop me home because it was getting late at night. Kian’s home came first, so Kian’s friend Zeb dropped him off first. Now he had to drop me home. As we started our ride, he started talking dirty to me. “So, do you wanna…

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Car Sex Part -1


 348  Car Sex while Driving – Part 1 I am Sanam. My family lives in Denmark and I’ve been living in India with my paternal grandmother. I study here and I’ve been doing my post-graduation from a very reputable university. It’s hard to be happy though because I don’t have any friends, I mean even…

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My Sexy Boudoir Photographer


 382  Me and my photographer Hello readers. I’m Mahi. I’m 24 years old, a social media content creator, and I have over 100k followers on all my accounts. So I love to travel to different places and usually I keep my managers and photographer with me at all times. You are reading this story at…

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Love Sex and Lawyers


 397  STORY OF VIXEN THE FOX Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of Ranbir got home from work exhausted, wanting to unwind and forget about his day. It had been a very tiring week for a lawyer who had been in court for a week. He threw off his shoes as he…

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