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I’ve never done anything like this before. But in this hot wife swapping story, I’ll go through the details of the hot group sex I had with my friend and his wife. Satyam and Ishika joined our company five years ago. There were others, but we’re the only ones left now. Satyam and Ishika had a live-in relationship for the first two years before marrying. I was one of the people that saw their court marriage.

Satyam, unlike me, is incredibly attractive and skilled at flirting with women. Ishika had a crush on everyone, even me. She is exceptionally fair, tall, and most importantly, she exudes confidence. She’s from a convent, and her English isn’t up to par with others. I like spending time with her, going to movies, Friday night pubs, and so on. But Satyam nabbed her. I married Khushi over a year ago. She is not attractive and does not resemble a conventional girl. she is your regular Marwari graduate student. I was just relieved that she wore jeans and tees and wasn’t a completely typical young lady. Khushi is likewise fair and fat, with large, milky breasts, but she is extremely shy in bed. On Friday night, Satyam and I had rum and were really high. We suddenly began talking about our sex lives. Ishika and Satyam, it turned out, had lost steam in their intercourse. she wasn’t as thrilled as she used to be, and he was growing tired of her. Hearing this, I also admitted that we rarely have sex because Khushi is never ready. We ended up revealing our spouses naked to each other after a few more pegs. Ishika was ridiculously hot! I liked her petite tits and the way she looked at the camera with confidence. Satyam appeared to be having a good time with bustyKhushi. And then a dumb notion occurred to Satyam: he could try to persuade Ishika to swap places. I was certainKhushi would never be ready, but I figured why not give it a shot?

Priyanka was not pleased to see me inebriated that night. She was never a fan of the fragrance. But I was so horny that all I could think about was nude Ishika. I pushed her onto the bed and took off her salwar (pants). I put my hand into her blue panty and began fingering her. I was picturing Ishika doing a blowjob because Khushi was terrible at blowjobs. Khushi was still moaning and holding her nose, which was sufficient for me. I took her hand off her nose and kissed her on the lips, virtually swallowing her face. I sat next to her face. My dick was tough, and I desperately needed a blowjob.

She took it in with her mouth open. After a few minutes, though, she began pushing my dick away. I was high and couldn’t handle it any longer. I gave her a heavy slap. ‘What made me marry you?’ (Why did I marry you when your father has three daughters?) She was stunned, and tears streamed down her cheeks.‘Speak. I’m not going to be able to stay in this marriage like this. I require very good sex. ‘Be a good wife and do whatever I tell you to do, or you’ll have to return to your father’s house.’

I slapped her even harder because I couldn’t contain myself. ‘Others on the balcony are doing it, anal is usual, group fucking.’ And I’m not even capable of fucking my wife. I will require a divorce. Khushi, I’m looking for a modern girl that is upfront about her sexuality.’I hit her for the third time, and blood dripped from her lips. She burst into tears as if nothing had happened, but hearing about divorce had shaken her to her core. She brushed her tears away and took off her top and panty. She was kneeling in front of me when she said, ‘ sorry.’ I apologize. Do whatever you want; I will never say no now but don’t bring up the subject of divorce. Let’s have some fun. ‘I can do whatever you want.’I felt terrible staring at her bloodied and wailing body and wanted to apologize, then I looked out my window. ‘I want us to fuck Satyam and Ishika.’ We arrived at their apartment at 7 p.m. We had a long weekend ahead of us, and we were ready to make it very nasty. Khushi had waxed her entire head of hair, including down there, and was dressed in a long kurta and salwar.

She was dressed in a new black and transparent bra and panty. She had put on cosmetics and was trying hard to seem lovely. Satyam answered the door and welcomed us in. He was overjoyed to meet Khushi. Inside, I noticed Ishika, who was drinking rum. She hadn’t made any special efforts. She was dressed casually in shorts and a white top. I could see her creamy thighs, and she had left a couple of her top buttons undone. She was so seductive! Her long hair was pulled back in a ponytail. Satyam and Ishika sat with us on the floor.

‘I realize this is awkward,’ says Satyam. So, first and foremost, let us break the ice. I’m talking about rum and ice.’Priyanka also drank. There was some gentle music playing, and after a few drinks, we all began to feel disoriented. Satyam and Ishika rolled some paper and smoked it. It was nearly ten o’clock by then, and we had all begun to unwind a little. I noticed Khushi indirectly glancing at Satyam and him passing her smiles. Ishika was too busy drinking and rolling to give me any indications or hints. We all passed the joint back and forth. Priyanka coughed for the first time, but she didn’t cough again. After the joint was finished, Satyam and Ishika kissed. I, too, began kissing Khushi. This was the first time we had kissed outside of our house. I could tell she was deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafen Satyam suddenly approachedKhushi and placed his hand on her ass. We interrupted our kiss, and I noticed Khushi hesitate, but Satyam muttered something in her ears, and she grinned. He has a terrific rapport with women. Ishika smiled at me when I looked at her. I was contemplating my next move when she began dancing.

She pushed a few more buttons on her top. I could now see her bra. It was pink and worn out. I had such a hard-on at the time. Ishika approached me and began kissing me. I’d dreamed about it for 5 years and shagged to it a thousand times, but this was occurring for real. Ishika’s tongue was in mine, and my hand was moving slowly across her breasts. I wanted to go to the bedroom, but she wouldn’t let me. Satyam’s hand was inside Khushi’s salwar, pressing her massive breasts. I’d never heard her make those sounds before. I was relieved, and she was now having a good time.

Ishika was dressed in her pantyhose and bra. Both were mismatched, old, and filthy, but they made her appear so hot. My hand was inside her panty, and I could feel the heat escaping. This was a very fortunate night. She abruptly pushed me away. I was astonished and terrified; had I done anything wrong? She approached Satyam and took Khushi by the arm. She removed her from Satyam’s presence. We were both sitting with our backs to the wall, and the girls were in the middle of the room.

Ishika began kissingKhushi. Just by looking at it, I started pre-cumming. Satyam was all smiles as he sipped his rum. Ishika was tall and sexy, whereas Khushi was short, overweight, and appeared even sexier beside her.

Priyanka gradually began to respond, and they began smooching like mad. Ishika tookKhushi’s salwar and kameez off. Both girls were now dressed in their bras and pantyhose. She forced her to sleep on the floor and took Khushi’s panty. Khushi was drenched, and her panty had a lot of liquid in it. Ishika gradually removed her panty as well. Her pussy was covered in hair. It was unexpected, but she didn’t seem to mind. The next thing we knew, the bras were off and we were seeing two lovely women roll on each other.

Ishika pushed her two fingers slowly inside Khushi’s pussy and began sucking her boobs. Satyam looked at me, completely naked. ‘Let’s go, what are you waiting for, dude?’ When we arrived, Satyam thrust his cock into Khushi’s mouth. She didn’t push it away, instead eagerly swallowing it all. Ishika was also on her knees, my cock in her mouth. She was incredible, moving back and forth. In her mouth, she’s rolling her tongue over my tip. I had no idea blowjobs could be that awesome. I was about to arrive. It was becoming increasingly difficult to maintain control. She had my full dick in her mouth and was smiling up at me. To avoid early ejaculation, I abruptly pulled her away and took deep breaths. She grinned again as if she realized what was going on. Priyanka was moaning loudly. Satyam was fucking as she’d never fucked before, and I knew the floor underneath was soaked. Ishika’s long and beautiful legs were spread out in front of me.

She was all set to take me in. I began sucking her petite tits till they were completely in my mouth. I inserted my cock slowly inside her. Her hole wasn’t all that tight, so it was considerably simpler.

But it was wet; my cock was drenched in rain, and it was scorching hot inside. Suddenly, her muscles tightened, and her pussy felt like clutching my cock right now. This was incredible; I had no idea girls could do it. I began fucking Ishika. Khushi was preoccupied with getting crammed. I was taking my time. Satyam had now slid his fingers into Khushi’s ass. He was whispering something in her ear, and she burst out laughing. I began to speed fucking Ishika. I started slapping her small tits, and she was cumming like crazy; she was loaded with juices. Satyam and Khushi got into a dogfight. I believe he inserted her ass. I could see tears in her eyes, and she was crying as well as moaning. He was moving slowly through her asshole. He slapped her behind hard, and she yelled back. I hadn’t realized I’d stopped fucking Ishika. All I wanted to do was fuckKhushi because she was so attractive.

‘Would you like to take my ass as well?’ Ishika kissed me, and I regained consciousness. Ishika assumed the position of a dog. She spat on her hand and stroked her asshole with it. I’d never done anal before and was apprehensive about the smell, but Khushi was getting her ass ripped and I had to do the same. I slipped myself carefully into her asshole. She made agony sounds but soon found herself going back and forth. Ishika is a total slut.So Ishika and Khushi were facing each other in a doggy fashion and were getting pounded in the a$$. Ishika was kissing Khushi in the meantime. Ishika’s little boobs gave her the appearance of a small college girl, whileKhushi’s enormous tits were swinging back and forth. She was still crying and had no intention of stopping. Satyam increased his speed, and Ishika begged him to slow down. I did the same thing. I was getting further and deeper inside Ishika’s ass when she began making loud noises.

I was concerned that neighbors may hear us, but she seemed to like it. For the next ten minutes, we drilled their asses. Satyam had begun slapping and spitting Khushi, who was giggling in between. I did the same thing to Ishika. Satyam appeared out of nowhere in Ishika’s crotch. She collapsed onto the floor, still crying and smiling. I began cumming as well, and Ishika abruptly turned around and took my dick in her mouth. She took it all in, and I knew I couldn’t keep it in any longer. I popped into her mouth, and she let me drool over her little tits. I couldn’t stand up any longer. Satyam was panting and sleeping, and I slept on the floor as well.

Both girls went to the restroom, cleaned themselves, and returned to us. Both were back in their bras and pantyhose. Priyanka sat on my lap with Satyam and Ishika. We were all cheerful and smiling. I believe we rolled one more joint before I passed asleep. Ishika and Satyam slept very little. As best as I can tell, they were having fun with Khushi. When I closed my eyes, I imagined Ishika giggling with Khushi and Satyam. When I opened my eyes again, Ishika’s entire hand was in Khushi’s pussy, and they were kissing. I awoke the next morning to a scream. I took a look around. Ishika was asleep in her panty, while Satyam was probably in his bedroom. I dashed up to the balcony and glanced down. I saw Khushi’s naked body on the ground, with blood pouring from her hand.

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