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Nanny Gets Seduced Badly in College

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There are many examples of people that dropped out of college but still ended up wealthy and successful. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg to name a few. That did not seem to be the case for Liza, however. Ever since she failed college, or dropped out as she called it, things did not seem to be going that well for her. Her only stint at getting a job lasted for a few months, but she got fired for showing up drunk to work. Her lack of success did not bother her much though. The past year was like a never-ending summer vacation for the 20-year-old. She went out, drank, and fucked with college kids. It was like the best and most fun aspects of university life and without any of the studying. Sure, she lived at home with her parents and younger brother, but that wasn’t the worst thing in the world. She did not have to pay for rent or food and they did not bother her much.

Her parents worked, and her brother was in school all day. Because of another party schedule, she rarely ever met them, except for when she needed money. Things looked pretty good for the ex-student, at Liza st in the short run. She knew that this lifestyle was not sustainable and that at a certain point in time she would have to get a job, but in the meantime, she fully intended to have as much fun as possible. Obligations and responsibilities were not her strong suit and Liza tried to avoid them as much as possible. But sometimes, life just comes crashing down on you.

“Liza, can you come downstairs please!” – Her mom yelled. “What?” – the still hungover girl asked.


“I have good news, at Liza st for me and your dad. I found you a job.” – Liza was just about to say something when her mom shushed her and continued. – “We’ve talked about this before. You can’t just live off of us forever. You have to grow up at a certain point. It is not a full-time job or anything that hard, ok. You will be babysitting the neighbor’s kid, Ms. Geeta. She is a single, working mom, so she can use you. The pay is decent, and you only have to do it a few times a week. Just enough to cover your pocket money.”

“Mom, c’mon. Babysitting is for 16-year-old girls. I am looking for a real job, but you know how the economy is.”

“Yeah, it is pretty good. You could easily get a job, but you don’t want to. Listen, it is an easy gig and you will start earning, when you get a real job, you can quit. But, I can’t simply have you lying around all day and drinking all night. You begin tomorrow.”


There wasn’t any point in even trying to have a discussion. Her mom was a strict woman and Liza knew that this day would come. She had been living off her parents for far too long and now things were coming to an end. If she fucked this up, there was a good chance, they would get mad and potentially kick her out, which would not end well for her. Besides, a babysitting job wasn’t that bad. She could easily do that hungover. There wasn’t much to it besides sitting around, watching TV, and giving the kid some food every once in a while. She was getting bored of being at home the entire day anyway and if she took her laptop as well, it would hardly make a difference if she was at the neighbor’s house. The only thing that did bother Liza was the woman she would be working for, Ms. Geeta. She seemed to be pretty mysterious and the 20-year-old had never actually talked to her. Her mom did have some sort of contact with the neighbor, but that was about it. For now, however, there was only one thing on Liza’s mind. Getting completely wasted and possibly laid on her last day, before starting work. Some people prefer not to show up hungover on the very first day on the job, but the ex-student wanted to set the tone from the get-go.


There was an awesome house party, happening just 20 minutes away from her house. Some friend of a friend was throwing it, so Liza was welcome. She loved going to those things. There were all kinds of college kids her age, most of which she did not know. That allowed her to go as crazy she wanted, without fearing the judgment of her friends. Since tonight was the night before the dreaded job has begun, the plan was to do a bunch of stupid things. She showed up around 10 before the party was rolling. That was however the best time to come as all of the best drinks were still there.

She started with a few shots, then a vodka orange juice, and finished with a couple of beers. That was her usual method of getting wasted, quickly and efficiently. By the time the crowd started arriving, the babysitter-to-be was feeling it. It was time to dance and to fuck.

There were a lot of boys and girls to choose from and considering how good-looking Liza was, it wasn’t much of a challenge to get laid. She looked around, trying to pick her next target. After making a couple of rounds through the house, she spotted her potential mate. It was a cute-looking redhead. She looked a little nerdy in her polka-dotted dress and big glasses, but her face and body were great. Liza liked a little challenge, so she approached the girl, though she was most likely straight. As usual, the initial response was good and within a few minutes, the two of them were sitting on chairs outside, talking. After a few tried and tested lines, it was time for Liza to go in for the kiss. Despite having done that countless times, she still felt a little nervous before the first kiss. Luckily, the other girl reciprocated, and they began making out passionately. It looked like tonight was going to be a success.

Despite her nerdy looks, the chick Liza was with was quite kinky and soon the two of them were getting frisky. Not wanting to fuck in front of everyone, they went out of the house, walked around a little until they found a quiet secluded yard, and decided to fuck there.

The two girls began making out on the stranger’s lawn. Sure, it was illegal and could end badly, but it was also super kinky. Their wet, slippery tongues were swirling around, and their hands explored each other’s sexy young bodies. Liza could feel her naughty companion had a nice, big pair of tits and could not wait to see them. This redhead proved to be much better than expected. A lot less shy than her looks would suggest. Liza loved the kinky girls she met at those college parties. It was a lot harder finding someone decent to fuck in high school. After kissing for a while, the girls began undressing. The red head’s nerdy dress was swiftly pulled over her head. The bra followed, and the future babysitter could not hide her amazement. The other girl had an amazing rack and a slim petite body. Liza lost no time and immediately began playing with them.

As this was happening, the other girl was undressing her as well. She knew what she was doing, and Liza quickly found herself in just panties and a bra. That was quickly removed. Her breasts were smaller in comparison, but still very perky and hot. The two girls enjoyed kissing some more, their breasts pressed one against the other. They slowly moved the party to the ground, where Liza took her position on top. She began kissing her lover’s neck while at the same time, pinching and massaging her nipples and breasts. After a few minutes, her hand slowly began moving south, past the belly button and between the tights. Since the redhead had no panties on that night, things quickly escalated. Liza caressed her friend’s private areas, but then she moved her hand back up. It was an old trick she liked, teasing her partner. She put two of her fingers inside the redhead’s mouth and once they were sufficiently wet, she once again slowly started making her way down to the vagina. Once she reached and penetrated it, the pussy was warm, wet, and soft. The naughty redhead enjoyed getting fingered and let out an asexy purr.

The two girls were making out and groping each other, but now it was time for fingering. The redhead, not to be outdone, pulled Liza’s panties a little down and reviled her shaved pussy. She also put two fingers in there and started working. It was like the two of them were competing to see who would come first. They were kissing, licking, and biting each other the whole time, as this was happening. The fact that they were outside only made the whole situation hotter. Lay naked, on the cold grass, knowing anyone could walk by. It was a perfect ending to the self-imposed vacation Liza was having for the past few months. She knew that the days of getting fingered by a total stranger in public were almost over. The first step of that newfound maturity was going to be her job. But now wasn’t the time to get distracted.

Both girls were ferociously and energetically fingering one another. Liza

sensed that she was about to orgasm. Her hips began swaying and she was breathing even more heavily. Her partner also seemed to be more than aroused and ready to cum. It was hard to tell who came first as their entangled naked bodies spasmed with pleasure. They both moaned and groaned and by the end of it were still embracing each other, sweaty and depleted. It was time to go, as the owners of the house most likely woke up from the cacophony.

Waking up after a fun night of drinking and fucking wasn’t always easy. Your body needed rest from all of the poison you have ingested, and the hangover was like its way of punishing you back. It is especially nasty, when you wake up from the sound of your mother’s voice, calling you to get up and get ready for the first day on the new job. Liza knew it was happening, she knew when she drank, and she was well aware this moment was going to come when she went to bed at 4 am last night. And yet, she was still unprepared when it was time to Liza ve. Getting in the shower helped wash off a part of the hangover away, but she still felt a severe headache as she went out of the house. Luckily, her new place of work was just next door, she did not have to suffer that much. She was already thinking of how she could slack off at work and sneak in a nap while being there. It shouldn’t be too hard, as long as the kid behaved himself a little. Liza realized she had no idea if it was a boy or a girl she was going to be looking after, or how old it would be. She rang the doorbell of Ms. Gray’s house and awaited her new boss. If anything, it was a little exciting to see how the inside of her mysterious neighbor’s house looked like.

“Hi, Liza .” – a good-looking woman, in her early thirties said. She was about as tall as the nanny, with curly blonde hair. Her face was pretty and symmetric with sharp features, definitely a looker.

“Hey, you must be Ms. Geeta.” – the not sober 20-year-old said. “That’s right, come on in.”

There were a couple of things Liza noticed right off the bat. Firstly, her new boss had a great ass. She was wearing a pair of skinny jeans that were tightly filled by her athletic legs and butt. There was no question about it, her new boss was a total MILF. The second thing was the interior of the house. It was so much better than her own house, that it almost seemed out of place the two houses were next door to each other. This one was modern, cool, and minimalistic while her home was more of a 90s kitsch. It looked tacky and cheap compared to this place, despite Liza’s mother’s claims that 90s design was making a comeback. The TV in Ms. Geeta’s house was huge, and the couch looked uncomfortable, just as fashion dictated. It was clear that this woman was loaded.

“Amin is still sleeping, he should wake up in an hour or two, his breakfast is in the fridge, just warm it up. He just does his own thing most of the day, you know how kids are these days. He plays on his tablet or some toys in the backyard. Do check up on him now and then, but feel free to watch TV. For lunch, you can order something, I’ll Liza ve money, or you can cook something, whatever you prefer.” – considering Liza’s utter lack of culinary skills she was already thinking what kind of pizza to order. – “I will need you a few times a week. I work from home, but sometimes I need to go to the office. Any questions?” – the nanny was not sure what to ask and was still a little hazy from last night.

“Yeah, why is he not going to school. Isn’t that like illegal?” – it was dumb, and she knew it once it came out of her mind, but all she could think of right now was sleeping on that fancy couch.

“Yeah, it is July, they have a vacation.” – Ms. Gray was perplexed by how unaware her new babysitter was. – “Anyway, my number is on the fridge, feel free to call me if necessary and I’ll see you in the afternoon.”

With that, the sexy neighbor left her house. From now on Liza was responsible, she was working. The very first thing she did was to lay back on the very pretty and uncomfortable couch and try and catch some sleep. She had only had about 4 hours of it that night, which combined with the hangover, made her completely unable to function. So far, so good. She was employed, currently at work and laying on a couch, with her eyes closed, free to do whatever, for the next few hours. Perhaps that job wasn’t as bad as she had initially thought. Sure, she had to do something, which was more than nothing she usually did during the day, but there were benefits. Most importantly, her mom was no longer going to keep annoying her, always talking about getting a job and whatnot. Liza knew that she had to grow up, get a job and be boring at a certain point in her life, but did not intend on doing any of those things too soon. She enjoyed the leisurely lifestyle she had for herself so far. All that was necessary for her was a bit of pocket money, for booze and going out. Most kids her age lived with their parents, at Liza st until they were 22 and she intended to do the same. There was no point in hurrying too much. She only had a few crazy years left and intended to experience them to the fullest.

After laying on the couch for about forty minutes, she concluded, she was too hangover and awoken to go back to sleep. It was a sad reaLization because she still felt exhausted and unmotivated to even get up, but there was little she could do about it. Liza did, however, know of one thing that always cheered her up. The kid was sleeping, and the boss was gone, she figured it was as good of a time to masturbate as any. Her hand moved slowly, towards her wet pussy. For some reason, most likely Ms. Gray’s ass, she was aroused and needed this. Liza liked to tease herself, starting with one finger. She let out a little moan when the finger entered, after all, she did not want to wake up the kid she was supposed to be taking care of. The 20- year-old then put her free hand under her t-shirt. Liza loved caressing her smooth, silky skin, and it made her tingle, with anticipation.

She then inserted both of her fingers inside the wet vagina. Her palm was rubbing against her clit. By now Liza knew exactly what to do, to hit the sweet spot. Her fingers jerked, with the right rhythm, slowly edging her to an orgasm. In the meantime, her other hand was exploring her beautiful, young, and petite body. She felt the orgasm was close, began moving her legs, spreading them and then pushing them back, together, and finished herself off. Liza felt the walls of her vagina contracting and rubbed even harder. It was a deep orgasm, that hit her hard and her leg began shivering with enjoyment. Exactly what she needed to wake up properly and start the day with a bang.

After she finished pleasuring herself, Liza got up, she had to eat something. The kitchen, just like the rest of the apartment was super modern and cool looking. She opened the fridge and inside she saw an abundance of products. Of course, she could not cook, so that wasn’t what grabbed her attention. She saw a plate, with what appeared to be a breakfast burrito, the perfect thing to eat after a night of drinking. Without hesitating the babysitter took it out of the fridge and put it in the microwave. Two minutes later she was sitting in front of the huge TV, eating her delicious breakfast burrito. She sat there, watching some random series, until all of a sudden, a 10-year-old boy walked into the room.

“Hi, I am Amin. Are you my nanny?” – the boy asked sheepishly. “I guess. I mean, you live here right?”

“Yes. I want breakfast.” – Liza quickly realized that what she had been eating was most likely the little boy’s burrito.

Nevertheless, as she was the babysitter, she saw it as her responsibility to feed the child. She got up and once again went to the fridge. Nothing had changed since the last time she looked and there was still nothing for the little kid to eat. At Liza st, nothing that was already cooked. Liza, being the kind soul that she is, proudly announced that she would cook the boy something. He proposed pancakes, but after a quick google, she ascertained that she couldn’t make them. Instead, she offered to make scrambled eggs. It was not as much of an offer as an announcement, as she couldn’t figure out anything else to make. Liza put a pan on the stove, set the heat on high, and broke an egg into the pan. The 10-year-old watched in horror as she completely failed and managed to simply burn the eggs.

“Uhm, I think I can do it myself actually.” – the 10-year-old offered. “Sure, do your thing.” – the nanny said and went back to watching TV.

She was a little embarrassed when Amin’s eggs turned out half decent but ultimately did not care. Her job was to keep the kid alive and so far, she was doing a stellar job. He was living and breathing, eating a breakfast he cooked himself. She thought, that independence he would Liza rn with her as a nanny was immensely valuable. For the next few hours, Liza did not move from the couch. The boy was doing something, in the other room, she wasn’t sure what, but he wasn’t loud, so it didn’t matter. Liza enjoyed her job a lot now that she had masturbated, eaten, and was taking care of the kid. There wasn’t much to it but watching TV. Perhaps, her mom had done her a favor by helping her get this job. It wasn’t a long-term thing, but it was great. She did the same things she always did, but in a nicer house and some kid was walking around. It was much better than her previous job in the mall.

Liza used to work in a clothing store but utterly hated it. It was her first real job and she figured that since shopping was fun, working in the store would be a blast. On day one, Liza and how wrong she was. The job was horrible, for her standards at Liza st. The workers had to walk around all day, put clothes back where they belonged, and check the inventory. Nothing complicated, but Liza hatted the fact that she had to be doing all of that, without the option to even check her phone. Her store manager even yelled at her, when he found out she was hiding out in the backroom, texting with someone. Retail wasn’t for her. She saw herself as more capable and wanted something more out of life, or at Liza st, something easier. That is why she loved babysitting.

For the rest of the, she did not do much else. The boy did come to her at a certain point and ask her if he should cook lunch, but the nanny ordered a pizza instead. The two shared a meal and got to know each other a little better. Liza did not care much about the little kid and Amin was not too impressed with her either. Once it was all said and done, she returned to the couch and the TV and the kid went somewhere, to do his own thing, completely unattended. All in all, the first day of work looked like a great success, at Liza s until Ms. Geeta came back home.

“Hi, Liza. How was your day? Any issues?” – the MILF asked. She seemed a little more on edge than before she left.

“No, everything went great. And, I think the kid, Uhm, Amin can confirm it.” “Sure. Can you come to my bedroom for a second?”

The babysitter did not have a choice, but to agree. She figured Ms. Geeta was probably going to pay her there or something. They walk along the corridor and Liza could not help but once again stare at her boss’ amazing ass. This woman squatted, that was certain. Now that she wasn’t as hungover the 20-year-old thought that her boss was a beautiful woman. She wasn’t very old, rather mature, and looked like she knew her way around the bedroom. If only she wasn’t her boss, Liza might have tried seducing her. Of course, now that she was employed, she planned on behaving herself.

Ok, shut the door.” – the nanny obeyed. – “I am appalled. I have a nanny cam, I saw what you were doing the whole day, or actually, what you weren’t doing. I could not believe my eyes. My son had to cook his breakfast.

You are completely incapable of anything and quite frankly, I don’t see a

reason for having you. I might as well Liza ve him alone, he would be safer.”

“Please, Ms. Gray. I really can’t afford to lose this job. My parents are on edge because I haven’t been working for a while now and I need this. I swear, I can be better, just give me another chance.”

“I know about your situation. And you know what, I think there is a service, you can provide for me. When I was watching you, I couldn’t help but notice, that you were a little slut. Maybe, we can have some fun.” – the MILF put her hand on Liza’s cheek.

“I, I would do anything, sure.” – she felt where this was going and could not believe her luck.

“Take off your clothes!” – Ms. Geeta said.

Her voice was assertive and dominant, and the nanny obeyed. Liza s slowly began undressing. She took her time, teasing her boss a little. Once she was only in her underwear, she looked at the MILF once again. The look in the eyes of the older woman told her all she needed to know, the 20-year-old tossed her panties and bra on the floor. After she did that, the older woman pushed her babysitter onto the bed. Liza found herself laying there, completely naked. Ms. Geeta got on her knees and spread the girl’s legs apart. It was not what Liza expected, but she was happy to do it.

Now the MILF was face to face with the tight young pussy of her subordinate. She wanted to tease her naughty nanny a little, before fucking her hard. First a little kiss and a lick on the inner tight, which made Liza groan. Then, gently she slid her middle finger, along the slit. After doing this a couple of times, she substituted her finger for her tongue. Ms. Geeta could taste Liza’s juices, a familiar and arousing taste. She loved doing it with younger girls, fucking them as they have never been fucked before. She was

a strict and stern woman, but in the sack, she liked to get kinky. By the 4th stroke, the babysitter was soaking wet, with saliva and Liza’s juices.

She had a pretty pussy, waxed and soft and the MILF wanted to devour it. It was warm, wet, and inviting and the mature, experienced Ms. Geeta wasted no time and buried her head down there. She continued her long, slow strokes along the slit. Finally, she decided to settle on the clit and began teasing it. A lick on one side then the other. The nanny was berating heavily and moaning with pleasure. Ms. Geeta then moved on to the clit itself. Licking it, slightly sucking on it, and even biting a little. While doing this, she inserted one finger inside Liza. This caused Liza, once again to moan. She started fingering and licking, slowly building up the pace. Soon it was clear, by the hand on her head and the intensive moans, that the girl was about to cum. She kept up the same rhythm and could feel the orgasm as her vagina started contracting, her back arched and she moaned loudly. It was crazy how many orgasms she had had, in just the past 24 hours. Despite all of that sex, she still came surprisingly quickly, from Ms. Geeta’s touches. The MILF knew what she was doing and did not intend to stop. The soft touches of the older woman’s lips on Liza’s wet and aroused pussy were something she would never forget. The feeling of another person down there, that just what they are doing, it is hard not to cum within minutes. If Liza’s first day of work ended that way, she would have been more than happy. But there was more. Ms. Geeta got up, walked to a cupboard, and took out a large dildo.

“I am not done with you, slut.”

She walked back over to her nanny, and with one swift and forceful move, turned her around. Now Liza had her knees on the floor, while her body bent over the bed. The MILF gave her a couple of good, hard slaps on the butt and began fucking her with the dildo. The babysitter had no say in the matter, she just went with it. Ms. Geeta fucked Liza hard and continued to spank her, thought the sex. She also liked to pull her hair back and talk in the girl’s ear.

“You, like getting fucked, don’t you? You little brat, when I am done with you, you will never again masturbate in my house!” – the MILF said with confidence.

Ms. Geeta did everything with confidence. The young girl could not believe the power and stamina of her boss. She just kept pushing the dildo in and out, in and out with the same ferocity and determination, she had at the start. It was truly amazing and soon rather than later, the girl was about to cum again. As if foreseeing that, the mature woman began fucking harder and also pulled her hair so strong, Liza’s back arched backward. The girl began moaning wildly from the mix of pain and pleasure she was experiencing. Her orgasm was loud and just as satisfying as the first one.

A stable job, no matter what kind can change a person’s life. It gave you not just money, but also some structure. Liza had to get up at a certain time and perform certain tasks. After getting fucked hard by Ms. Geeta, she respected her employer a lot more and started taking better care of the kid. From now on it was him that had the burrito. She was more attentive and caring to Amin and did not simply sit around to watch TV. That change and assumption of responsibility seeped into the rest of her life as well. For the first time, Liza began thinking more seriously about what she wanted out of life and how she could achieve that. It was an experience that made her grow and mature as a person. Sometimes in life, you just need to get fucked hard by a dildo, to find your true purpose.

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