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Sex with Payal

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Hello there, readers. This is Aarav again, and I’m here to share another true story from my sexual adventure. This story holds a special place in my heart because it was my first experience with female intimacy.

At the time, I was 21 years old. At the time, I was 5’7″ tall and weighed 70 kg. This story begins in 2016. Payal was a stunningly beautiful woman with angular features. She was 24 years old and perhaps 5’1″ tall at the time. She had a fantastic body shape of 34DD-28-32. Furthermore, her dusky complexion made her incredibly appealing to many.

Payal had been in a relationship for two years, but she was stuck with an aggressive man who was pathetic both in bed and in real life. She stated that she had never had emotional or physical intimacy in her two-year relationship.

It is crucial to note that we usually read stories about things that have nothing to do with reality. However, in this story, I will attempt to address very common concerns that we all face.

Payal was that woman who had never experienced an orgasm in her life! You’re probably thinking that this can’t be true. I was astounded as well. She was the woman who had been taught by society not to touch herself on her own and who did not want to feel pleasure on her own. Her companion was oblivious to female pleasure and was little more than a cum-rolling machine.

We began communicating and gradually became attracted to each other, becoming captivated. Payal wanted to give our friendship a shot to break out from her unhealthy relationship. We hung out, went on dates, and explored the city, and the time we spent together felt so nice to both of us.

Payal was not yet in the classic sense of love with me, but despite her being in a relationship, I was completely immersed in her personality. When it came to cheating on her partner, she was a radical lady.

She had already cheated on him several times, but this time was going to be different. She was more into me than any other fling of hers, and she began giving me her undivided attention and all the time she could.

We began meeting practically every day, and after a month of dating, she decided to give it a shot. We’d had enough of sexting and phone sex to experience the connection.

It was the summer of 2016 at the time. My acquaintance used to live in rented housing in old Rajinder Nagar. I was unknowingly staying for a staycation when Payal suggested we try things in a confined room. I told her I was at a friend’s house, and he is a lovely guy who wouldn’t object if we stayed there. She consented, and it was supposed to happen the next day.

We talked all night long and even had phone sex. I shaved my pubic hair for the first time in the morning and waited for the moment. And there she was, right in front of me, at 9:00 a.m., as if she, too, was desperate to experience the pleasure she had been denied for so long.

I introduced her to my friend, who was already blushing as she realized why she was there. As a genuine buddy, he departed without making any excuses and went to his neighbor’s room.

Butterflies were taking flight in the depths of my stomach because it was my first time. I was tense. I had a gorgeous, beautiful girl in front of me who I adore. She was three years older than me, had a lot of sexual experience, and had high aspirations of feeling that euphoria.

Payal went to the adjoining restroom to wash her face. I sat on the bed and waited. The scent of her perfume in the room was enough to lift the spirits. The air conditioner was set to 16 degrees, although it was blistering 45 degrees outside. Blood was rushing through my veins at ten times the normal rate.

The bathroom door swung open, and she stepped out. She was dressed casually in denim and a line-top. She walked carefully and sat next to me on the bed, her back to the wall and her legs straight.

To be completely honest, I had no idea how to begin the act. I’d never been with a female before, but I’d had a few kisses with various girls early in school.

I casually told her that if she continued to sit like this, I wouldn’t be able to hug her. She smiled and moved her gaze to me. She then sat down on her knees, facing me. I did the same, and within a second, I drew her close to me and clutched her tightly in my arms, as if I were about to collapse into her.

Her breath began to fill the room with those sounds the instant I hugged her. She was taken aback by my simple act of initiating by holding her and stating that she is my life. I was madly in love.

Payal became numb. I could feel her body loosening as if I were controlling it. For about 10 minutes, I hugged her and tightened my grip on her so she could feel at ease.

I became engrossed in her natural smell. My face was directly on her shoulder, near to her neck, my cheeks touching her warm neck, the nerves tickling like nothing else.

I don’t recall when we parted or how I kissed her on the forehead as if I was kissing my destiny. I kissed her on the cheek 2-3 times.

Then I began to caress my nose tip over hers, which was erotic since I could feel both of our breaths flowing out like anything. Both of our throats were now parched. I kissed her cheek, the right one, then another kiss exactly below her ear while holding her. The kisses were gentle and caring. Not yet lustful. In the joy of connection that I was experiencing, I felt magnificent.

I cradled her face in both of my hands like a baby. I cupped her cheeks and laid a kiss on her chin, and our lips gently connected. She resisted with her eyes closed, as though she expected me to work more. I continued to caress her earlobes while brushing my cheeks on her cheeks.

Payal was testing how much I was into her, whether it was just lust or whether I felt something more for her.

I had nothing to pretend. I was completely absorbed in her, tending to her needs and making her happy. She found it difficult to cheat, although she had done it previously. But I knew that every time it took a lot of bravery to persuade oneself to go after what one desired. And she was doing everything she could to be on the side of her happiness.

The air conditioner was set to 16 degrees. Despite this, she was sweating profusely, and her perfume was driving me insane. I’ve always been a fan of her perfume.

I moved to help her feel at ease and gently kissed her closed eyes one by one. I had the sensation of kissing every millimeter of her body. I kissed her closed eyelids, her brows, the sides of her eyes towards the forehead, a sequence of massive and never-ending kisses that eventually turned her on.

Payal pushed me away with both her hands, as if she was trying to stop herself, and then she grabbed my t-shirt and kissed me passionately on the lips. I had received my go-ahead signal. This was my third kiss, but the first with someone I care about.

As though time had stopped, our lips cherished each other’s lips. Everything came to a halt as we kissed each other’s juicy lips, like if we had been longing for that kiss. And there it was, the day we might quench our thirst.

We had no idea that this kiss would amp up the thirst that we had both been suppressing for quite some time. We’d been on our knees for an hour, sitting over the bed, hugging each other and lost in each other.

I’m not sure how long we smooched, but I couldn’t feel my legs because I was seated in that position. It had to be the same for her.

The lust began to take over the instant we felt one other’s moisture through our lips. Payal slipped her hands into mine, and I kissed her as if I’d been thirsty for centuries. She had previously told me how much she enjoys imagining someone kissing her like a ferocious beast. She was seeking a ferocious beast, and I was it.

I kissed her entire body, but these kisses were not soft; they were powerful, moist, and felt more like sucking her soul through her body. She moaned and drove her claws into my back as soon as I reached her neck with my tongue.

We didn’t bother undressing each other, and not a single piece of clothing was moved. Intimacy isn’t about going naked or making each other naked; we were having fun with each other regardless of the syllabus (yes people, do follow a syllabus in bed).

We had no idea how quickly time was passing. I began to feel her warm, smooth neck via my lips, tongue, and between my teeth. I was furiously and erotically kissing her.

“Can we dim the lights?” she said in my ear as she drew closer to me. “Go ahead,” I murmured as I kissed her on the cheek.

The switch was flipped in her favor. She stood up, and as she moved towards the wall to turn out the light, I stood up. I grabbed her from behind and yanked her against the wall the instant she turned off the lights.

The lights were turned out, leaving only the golden light from the bathroom visible. I shifted her hair to one side and began kissing her shoulder against the wall. She was overjoyed to see my impatience for her. Her moaning was exacerbated by the kisses. I liked the way her body tasted. I adored her aroma; after every few kisses, I would take deep sniffs from her body to get a whiff of it.

In practice, we couldn’t stand for more than 5-7 minutes because of the posture we’d been sitting in for so long. I grabbed her around the waist, spun her around, kissed her, and pushed her onto the bed.

It was evident that the rush had increased to twice its previous level. A kind person who was following her rhythm an hour ago and was hesitant to kiss her was monitoring her movements, pushing her down on the bed.

Payal observed my transformation from a gentle loving guy to sensuous, sexy, and now showing symptoms of wildness. She had been thinking about such a guy for a long time, but she had no idea that this simple-looking guy would turn out to be an erotic beast.

Payal screamed as she was thrown into the bed. I was directly on top of her, domineeringly yet compassionately holding both of her hands from the wrists. I began kissing her again, like if I owned her for that moment and she was born for these kisses.

I was showering her with the affection she deserved. She was experiencing the wonderful joy she had always desired. At the time, I was the giver and she was the lone receiver. The pleasure in her body was making me feel it.

That’s when I realized I’m enjoying her pleasure by making her feel this way. “Baby, are you comfortable?” I murmured as I kissed her earlobe.

I was pushed away from her by her. I was a little scared. “Get over me,” she said as she pushed me again. I did it, but I was terrified, and what happened next was something I couldn’t even imagine.

Payal began removing her top and was in her black inners, revealing her shoulders and gorgeous hands. She had a bra underneath her inner thighs. “See, you have made me this comfy,” she murmured as she lay back down on the bed.

“I’m not going to stop now,” I said, leaping over her like a crazy dog.

This is only the beginning of what transpired that day, readers. If you respond positively, I’d like to write everything in the next section.

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