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My name is Ahil, I’m 18 and I am small town guy belonging to rural areas of Punjab. I went to the city to live with my aunt for studies. When I started living in the city, I observed a lot of things that were happening there. Girls in my college would ask me if I had tinder, if I was dating someone or not etc.

I was very curious so I installed a dating app in my phone. One day I swiped right with this girl who was living in the nearby city. We talked on chatting a lot and one day we decided to meet. She called me to a hotel room and I went there to meet her.

Her name was Archana and she was 22. She was done with her college and was looking for casual relationship. She had a sexy body with a figure of 34 30 34.

After sitting and talking for a while, we came closer to each other. We were feeling each other’s bodies by lightly rubbing hands over each other’s thighs and we were holding each other from the waist.

I made her come closer to me and I pressed my lips on top of her’s.

Then I put my tongue in her mouth and start playing with her tongue, little by little I just love to suck her tongue. My god, it was so sweet I wanted to suck her tongue completely. We were smooching each other and our hands were touching each other in very horny and passionate way. Her lips were so sexy and I loved biting and sucking them with extreme passion and hunger.

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Then I put my hands lightly on her breasts, she wasn’t wearing a bra, just wearing a T-shirt. Then I slowly took off her shirt. Seeing her big, perky breasts woke my sexual desires up even more and I slowly started playing with her breasts and she was moaning and making ahhh ohhhh ohhhhh ahhh-like sounds. I bent down a little and kissed her breasts, and then she grabbed my head and started stroking my lips on her breasts. The way she was pushing my breasts clearly showed how much she was enjoying it.

I started sucking on her breasts as she moaned, making my cocks get wet. Now she was beginning to touch me with my hands on her breasts and began to rub my cock with her beautiful soft hands, she suddenly stopped me from rubbing her and pulled me to her and began to kiss me hard and hard with so much passion and love. Now she told me to take all off my clothes. Now we were naked in front of each other, and we admired and loved each other. Slowly she came down and began to suck my balls.

The warm sensation of her mouth on my balls made me shudder and she slowly began to suck on my cock head and grabbed the top of my balls with her hands and rubbed it. All of this while enjoying the feeling of her warm mouth on my cock. My hand now moved slowly to her lower part, slowly separating her legs and starting to rub her already wet pussy. I began to play with her clean ass with my fingers; suddenly she stopped sucking my balls and came to kiss me again with love.

I went down to her, I wanted to see a wet dripping pussy head but she was feeling embarrassed and closed eyes and said I could not see it. I begged him that I wanted to see it. She felt hesitant and embarrassed at last she said yes, so I went downstairs and started looking at her wet pussy… wow it was like chocolate and crust made in some parts I split her legs and started playing with her vagina, she held my hand but I couldn’t stop it so I bent down and kissed her wet pussy, slowly I started to lick a wet lump.


It was salty and delicious, so I started sucking all the juices, making her scream, moan and cry with excitement. Now she was calling my name, I didn’t want anyone to hear us so I put my hand over her mouth and started sucking her breasts and then went down and licked her pussy. Now she bend over to my side and started sucking my 6.5’’ penis, while I rubbed my fingers on her wet and soft pussy, I put my fingers in her vagina. She was getting so much excited. She was trembling and shouting and moaning my name. I locked her lips with mine to make her voice low and between our mouths. I kept sucking her lips and was making love to he while fucking her cunt.


Now I then gave her a very satisfying moment, with lips playing with her beautiful belly and my tongue was inserted inside the dark chocolate colored vagina, the warmth of tongue in the vagina was making her extremely dizzy; I was going mad in love. Now she slowly came over me and began to kiss me. The smell and taste of my dick on her lips gave me a satisfying pleasure. We started playing with each other’s genitals, both of us shivering at the same time and going crazy in excitement at the same time.

I then told her to open up her legs so I can pound her hard. She was scared at first but my finger fucking gave her so much sexual pleasure that she wanted to take this step as well.

She laid down and I opened up her legs. I made her go into 69 first. I pushed my dick in her mouth which she was sucking on like a lollypop. The sucking of dick by her tongue made me even hornier and I started giving her tongue fucks. My tongue was pushing all inside her pussy and she was moaning so hard with pleasure.

Now I didn’t want her to cum before me, so I put a pillow underneath her legs, raised her legs up and started to pound my dick inside her pussy lips. She was screaming and moaning so hard that I had to put my mouth on top of her mouth to make her noise less. Her screaming and moans were making me absolutely crazy and I was pounding her on a faster pace.

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Now it was time for the real fuck. I put spit on her anus and made it wet with my spit. I kept spitting on it and made it completely slippery and wet. I kept fucking her pussy and at the same time I was trying to insert my fingers in her anus. She was going nuts and started screaming my name so hard,”AHILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOO AHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS AHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK OHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKK THISSS AHHHH AHHHHHHHH AHHHHH AAAAHHHHH” and we both were madly loving our hot steamy session. Now she was ready to orgasm and she told me to increase the speed. I told her that don’t orgasm yet and hold it for me. Now I lifted her legs and started pounding her pussy again while she was moaning hard and making me thrust her harder and harder.

My fingers were still pushing inside her anus and she was enjoying it too. Now suddenly, she orgasmic and squirted over my dick.

I slapped her ass and made her go into doggy style. I wanted to fuck her anus and she was not ready for it. I took out Vaseline from my pocket, smeared it all over her anus and started pushing my dick inside. She was shouting and moaning and I kept pushing the dick inside harder and harder. I was fucking her pussy with fingers along as well.

3 fingers of mine were inside her pussy and my dick’s head was going inside her anus after so many pushes. Now I increased my speed even more and she was dizzy in this moment. I wanted to cum so I made her lie down and came on top of her again. I started pushing my dick inside and she was pushing her body up and down to get more and more pleasure. I was fucking her hard and hard and all of sudden my whole body was jolted and I came with so much of milky white cum.

I put some on my fingers and asked her to suck on it. She first resisted but then she sucked my fingers with all the cum in her mouth.

We had so much fun in this extreme hot sex that we had. She hugged me and told me that she loved it and enjoyed it a lot.

Her body was still covered in sweat and I told her to wash herself and dress up.

We went for a nice dinner afterwards and then I dropped her off to Andheri.

This was one sex which I can never forget in my lifetime.


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