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Hello readers, my name is Rajesh and I’m from Bangalore, India. I’m 5.7 feet tall and wear a medium-sized jean. I’m going to tell you about how I messed up with my teacher. I am pursuing my UG in a reputable college. I fantasized about having sex with milfs.

sex with teacher

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When I was in my third year of college, I met a new teacher named Rosy (name changed for privacy reasons). Her figure was flawless, standing 5.7 feet tall with a fair complexion, a big rounded hot ass, and big boobs.

In this story, she was in charge of a practical topic that had previously been handled by another teacher.


I was good in her topic and eventually grew close to her, and she grew close to me as well (since our mother tongue was the same).

When I went to the staff room to turn in my assignment, I noticed her on the phone, yelling angrily and keeping the phone in her hand, tears streaming down her face. I approached her and asked her what had occurred, and she tried to hide her tears and ordered me to focus on my job, which I did.


” Life has troubles, it’s best to share them with someone ” and when I asked her what had occurred, she said nothing and I went back to class. As I was about to leave, she contacted me and begged for a minute to speak with her.

Me: Why did you refer to me as mam?

Rosy: I’d like to chat with you, Rajesh.

When I entered the staff room, there was no one else in the room with us. I inquired as to why she had called me, since she appeared hesitant and shy. I asked her to tell me anything she wanted, Rosy: I’m not satisfied in my personal life, even if I’m successful in my work.


Me: Mam, what happened? You don’t like your family?


Rosy: My spouse is a drunkard who always abuses me and does not look after me.


Sexy Kahaniya


I felt sorry for her, but I also saw an opportunity to seduce her. Then I had an idea, so I gave her my phone number and told her she could call me whenever she wanted. I told her we could be friends, and she agreed. We used to text each other on WhatsApp. I used to have dreams about fucking her on occasion. Finally, the D-day arrived, something I had not anticipated.

We had the day off because the next day was the fourth Saturday. Rosy handled her subject on Friday morning, she was attempting to tell me something but couldn’t.

When I returned, she informed me she had a lot of college work but needed help, so she phoned me and my friend. During the half-day, my friend and I assisted her. My friend left when it was almost evening because he was working. Rosy was in desperate need of aid, so she called my number without hesitation. I accompanied her to her house because it was beginning to rain heavily. I gave her a proper greeting and put her belongings in the hall.

It suddenly began to shower heavily nearer home, and we both got soaked a little. My mother called, and I told her that I was safe at a friend’s house because it was a holiday, and that I would return home the next day. When I inquired about her family, she stated that her husband had returned to his hometown with their children. Rosy then inquired about me, which I obliged to disclose. She went to the kitchen and urged me to drink tea, and I noticed her family portraits on the wall.

My coock become hard after seeing her figure

As I turned around, she arrived behind me and handed me a cup of tea; she was soaked in sweat and water droplets on her face, making her appear even sexier than before.

Her black bra was exposed, and dammit, she had a large hotters big and fuckin thigh, as well as shining thick legs, which I adored. I tried to look away from her, but she handed me a towel and told me to go inside and change into a tight tee shirt and shorts. I was taken aback by her structure, so she approached me and sat alongside me, holding a cup of coffee.


We completed our beverages, and her house was a far way from any nearby residences. We remained silent for a few seconds while she gave me a strange smile, and it was at this point that I realized my cock was slowly growing hard. She inquired as to whether I had a girlfriend, to which I replied that I had a crush on my pussy, and she complimented me on my appearance. She was getting closer to me. My heart was racing since I had never been thus close to a girl before. We kept looking into each other’s eyes, perhaps the other side of me was acting strangely, so I planted a kiss on her lips; she was taken aback and remained mute until she ultimately returned with kisses on my cheeks, eyes, earlobes, and lips. I was stunned that this had happened; she had seen that my heart was racing and attempted to place her tongue in my lips, to which I immediately replied, but I had no idea how to French kiss a girl. Her tongue was exploring my mouth, and I was doing the same. Wow, she has such nice lips.

I began to slide my hands over her large waist and ass cheeks, as she held my neck in one hand and gripped my tool with the other. We kissed for 5 to 6 minutes before she began to kiss my chest, tummy, and cock. Her husband hasn’t even tried to kiss her, she claims. Her husband made me envious. She forced me to stand and began to unzip my shirt before sliding her smooth, large fingers into my pants. She grabbed my cock and began caressing it and kissing me passionately at the same time. She took down my pants and kissed my dick over my underwear, noticing that I had already cummed a little, she ripped off my undies and marveled at my cock, which was already hard and 6 inches long. She kissed the top of my penis with her lips. “He had a baby size penis darling and cummed within 10 minutes,” she said when I questioned how large her husband’s cock was. I felt sorry for her and encouraged her to take it carefully into her lips. I was in another universe and let out an uncontrollable soft moan, which she enjoyed while sucking my cock and tormenting my balls.

I remove her cloth to fuck her pussy

I gripped her boobs and gently pressed them together before gently removing her top. Damn, she was a fitness nut. Her boobs were shaped like a handball and were in fantastic condition. Her figure was muscular, with abs, biceps, and shoulders. I wanted to savor every moment of her boobs, which were softer than I expected, with a fair color and rock hard nipples. aahhhhha I was pleased to hear her long groans, so I continued to suck her nipples and push her boobs. She exclaimed, so I pressed her for another ten minutes. I kissed her softly again and slipped my hands into her shorts (she didn’t wear underwear) when she whispered, “You know how to manage a woman, I adore you.” Her pussy was incredibly soft, and she hadn’t been fucked in years. I began rubbing my hands over her cunt and kissing her passionately. She was making lovely moans, which made me work even harder. She unveiled her boobs and pussy and stood like a fitness freak porn star feeling shy when I made her stand up and drop her shorts. I was appreciating her figure, which was toned in every way, so I made her stand in front of me and began stroking my meat pole. ”Please satisfy me” she whispered as she bit her lips and bent over my dick and kissed it. I had to raise her because she was much heavier than she appeared. I made her stand, we were both naked and kissed while standing naked, I was pushing her ass while she stroked my dick, I was about to cum so I put her on bed and slowly began to lick her juicy pool (pussy), she let out a groan. Yyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


I repositioned my cock, but I cautioned her about what would happen if I did. “I wanted your seeds entirely inside my love,” she explained. My meat pole had turned into a dry rod. I went to the kitchen and lubricated my cock with coconut oil. Her hairy cunt was appealing to me. For a few minutes, I rubbed my cock across her pussy lips. “Please fuck me dear, I can’t take it anymore,” she exclaimed as I carefully put every inch of my manhood into her love hole.”aaaaaaaaaaa Her pussy had been unsatisfied for a long time, so it was tight. When I asked her when she last had sex, she claimed it was 5 years ago, and her husband merely fucked in one position and slept. I said, “I will satisfy you, and she was overjoyed. I pushed my cock inside her again, but it was so tight that my cock couldn’t move in, so I greased my dick well and opened her pussy lips, shouting “aaahh…fuck….me….ahhh” as I inserted my lund inside her pussy and began giving her soft strokes. I started fucking her in missionary position since it was so hot inside and her pussy walls were clutching my cock. We both unleashed our pleasurable moans “aaaaaa

I increased my pace this time, as her pussy was free and she was letting moans”uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (how you feel). As I already stated, it was quite wonderful. This time she bit my nipples and gave her warm love juices with a delighted moan”ahhhhhhhhhh” (you are my hubby).

Felling  deepness of her pussy

I felt her deeeeep when I slowed my strokes as I was about to climax. I was about to cum when I kept fucking hard and letting my warm sperms swim within her loving juicy and hairy cunt for another 15 minutes. We were both saturated in perspiration, so I reached for her breast and began sucking it. I drank all of her milk as milk began to flow from her nipples, she added (my hubby did not fucked me like this). For another 5 minutes, we lip locked. I fucked her for 5 minutes by holding her in my arms. It was an incredible view from below, and we rolled our tongues at each other since she was much heavier than she appeared. She began to touch my tool and we began to fuck in doggie position for 15 minutes, saying, and “(you are the genuine man)”. I increased my speed and was now drilling her love hole with my long tool. We finished in 15 minutes, so I poured my hot sticky sperm all over her thigh and legs, and she licked her legs with my sperms. She stated that this was some of the greatest sex she had ever had. she said ( fuck me whenever you wanted to).

We kissed for a few minutes, it was 9 p.m., and I was starving, so she prepared and we ate dinner naked together. She claimed that her spouse is a workaholic who does not please her in the same way that I did. She claimed that I know how to make a girl happy. I thanked her and subsequently she requested a massage, which I provided. “It’s great, Sai,” she remarked. “Please message me anytime I call you.” I said it was my pleasure, and I was eventually tempted, and we had a great night of sex. We had a shower in the morning and then another session under the shower when we were both wet and sexier. Later, when no one was at home, we had sex..


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