Staff room Converted into Bedroom


My name is Haider and I go to private school. I am in grade 10th and my age is 17 years. I belong to a rich family and my family is very influential as well. I loved going to parties, getting high and of course, fucking girls. We had a very sexy teacher name Asha. She used to teach us maths. One day I was staying late at school. I was standing by the window of the staff room of the staff room. There was nobody there. Out of curiosity I went a little inside and saw Miss Asha there. She was facing the opposite direction of the staff room so she didn’t her me coming.

She was rubbing her hand inside her salwar and she was moaning “uhhhmm uhh uhh ahhh ah ahh ah oh ahh ah ah ahhh ahh ahhh ahhh” I was seeing her masturbating and pleasuring herself, and it made my cock very harder. I came behind her and coughed a little. She got very scared. I asked her, miss is there anything wrong?? She got so pale at the instant and said, no no nothing….

And got out of the staff room.

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The next day in class she looked a little nervous and when it was time she told me to go into the staff room and look at my homework there. It was college break and I went to the staff room and saw my teacher sitting in a chair and asked me to come inside and sit down. She nervously asked me, “did you… tell anyone…about..” I was in a naughty mood so I asked her, “about…what?”

She said, “You know…”

I looked her in the eyes and said, “I don’t know…. Maybe you can tell?”

She pinched my cheek and said, “Naughty!!”

While we were talking she then got up quickly and walked over to the bathroom and forgot to lock the door. I followed her into the bathroom and saw that she was removing her shalwar and stroking her vagina. She kept on stroking and fucking herself for 15 minutes and I was standing there looking at her.

I saw her cumming and then she was on the flush. I never saw his private part until then. She had a comparatively darker pussy and it was a bit loose at the first look.

After she have came, I ran away quickly because I didn’t want to know if I had seen, but she saw me running and she had a big smile on her face. I was waiting for the college bell to ring so I can go to her room and talk to her again. When she was masturbating, I was imagining myself fucking her pussy wildly. I was so hot after seeing her that I wanted to just hold her and fuck her.

When the whole college was empty I went to find her but she wasn’t in the staffroom. I then went to an empty class room and saw her talking to a teacher. She had seen me again. She had a smile on my face. Hat teacher was leaving so now it was just two of us.

We then go to the staff room together; we didn’t say a word to each other while we were going toward the staff room. She entered the staff room and was trying to find the files and asked me to bend over and see the files under the cupboard. I listened as I bent down and then let her knee touch my ass. She said “oh, sorry…”

I said okay. She then said he likes to play the game as if it is okay but what is the game? I asked. She told me that it was a very good game but I have to promise that would not tell anyone. I promised her that. “Let’s go home and play a game,” he said. Then we moved from there and she took me to her home. We arrived at her home place, no one was there and it felt very empty. Now she came in and took me by the arm and led me to the bedroom and sat on the bed. And he said Haider I saw you when you looked at me in the bathroom but I want to ask you how you feel when you looked at me like I was shocked to see. She then laughed loudly. I said, ‘I felt something in my pants”… she laughed again and said don’t worry it’s common for all boys to have this erecting problem. Then I asked what the game was. To which she answered to me “what did you feel inside your pants?” I said my part getting hard… laughing she then said I wanted to see it; she took off my uniform trousers on the floor. I was on the seventh sky. Now her hands unzipped my pants and pulled me down, put her soft hand inside and grabbed my penis that was limping. Wow it looks good then he grabbed my penis with his fingers and started rubbing my cock.

Then she grabbed my hand and pushed it inside her clothes, on top of her breasts which were very soft and kissed me very hard on my lips and then she pushed her tongue in my mouth and I could feel the warm saliva coming into my mouth. She now told me to press her boobs to which I reposed and started to press her soft boobies with my hands. Now she then started to undress she took off her shirt and her salwar. She was just in bra and panties now. She had only opened the buttons of my pants and slammed it down. Oh God I was shivering because I had a huge crush on her. Now when she took off her bra, I did and wow I saw breasts. Her 34DD size boobs were hanging loose in front of my eyes. She  pushed my head to her sexy bosoms and said “suck them like you are sucking milk from a feeder” as I sucked she was whispering “oh oh ah ah ah ah ah ah fuck fuck fuck ah ah god ah ah ah ah ah”. Now she told me to suck on the nipples making them erect for her. “suck my nipples baby. Suck onto my nipples baby. Ah ah ah ah”

Now she took my hands and put it on top of her panties and told me to put it inside her panties and when I did that I felt some hair on it and it was very wet my whole hand was wet and sticky. Then she took off her panty and spread her legs wide open.

I licked the hole and she had then told me to get low on her and I got down on my knees and put my harden cock in her mouth. “Ohhhhhh it feels so good and the taste was out of this world “and then took all my penis and put it in mouth with towards her throat. Then she stood up and lay flat on the bed and pushed me on top of her. Touched and then rubbed my cock head from the lips of her mouth. She was giving me a blow job with sounds of “ahh ah oh oh uh uh uh ah auh uh ah ah ah ah ah”

She sucked on my cock for 15 minutes and she was a master at sucking.

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She was sucking it out loud and now I grabbed her by the scruff of her neck, and slowly I began to put my finger inside her pussy. I bit on her boobs which were hanging and moving back and forth. Now she was in heaven. She had begun to press my head against her boobs while I was biting and sucking her nipples and boobs. While I was finger fucking her, I felt that she was about to come in and increase the speed of fucking her pussy.

Suddenly she came hard and I tasted her juice, which tasted like honey, and I sucked on every drop. She was very relaxed with the sucking and fucking of her pussy with my fingers.


Now she got up, took a condom pack from the drawer and told me to put it on my dick. I put the condom on my dick and made her lay down again.

She made me so horny for fucking her and, my dick became very hard. I placed my cockon top of her cunt and now she was ready to be fucked.

She was moaning harder and harder “haider, please fuck ah ah fuck ah ah ah ah fuck haider ah fuck oh ahh ah ahmy cunt ah ah ahhh ahh fuckkk.” I just pushed my dick inside. She then moaned out very loudly, “Ahhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhh…. oh my Goddddd. ”

I pushed my cock inside her and kept on banging her pussy. She was getting fucked by mydick and I wastotally wild at fucking. Now my cock was completely inside her and I was fucking her cunt completely. I kept on banging her with moans of AH AH AHHH AHHH AHHHH AHHHH AHHH AHH AHH AHH OHH FUCKK FUCK AH FUCKK AH FUCK AHH AHH AHH in the room. I was fucking her since the last 25 minutes.

Now my cock was about to cum so I started pounding her with full force AHHH AHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHHH  AHHHH AHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH AHHH AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I came all inside the condom. I kept my cock inside her for 2 minutes feeling her warmth inside her pussy by closing my eyes.

Now both of us were relaxed and we slept in each other’s arms.


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