Surprise Sex Story


Surprise Sex

One day, a friend of mine named Rohit dropped by. He is a long-time and dear friend. Unfortunately, he was recently experiencing marital problems. I decided to invite him over for dinner because he seemed to be in a bad mood. Rohit is one or two inches taller than me, standing at 6 feet 2 inches, and has a muscular build. It was a surprise that he was having problems with his wife because he had a way with girls and was one of the most envied people at our university.

Anjali, my wife, was dressed in a blue sari with a matching sleeveless blouse. She looked stunning with her subtle makeup and silver jewelry. As the meal progressed, I noticed she became increasingly interested in Rohit’s problem. Anjali refused to leave when Rohit appeared to be about to tell me something in private and alone. Even though I was in a can’t-care-less mood after a few drinks, I insisted on her staying. It was discovered that Rohit’s wife was not sexually responsive. It was a task that had to be completed for her. It wasn’t the ecstatic experience that Anjali had. Anjali and I were both heartbroken for Rohit. Rohit wanted to leave after the meal, but we insisted that he stay.

Anjali ensured that his room had everything he could possibly need. Everything was in place: bed, quilt, water, and air conditioning. Anjali changed into a nightgown as well, and we went to our respective rooms.

Just as we were about to check in, there was an electrical failure, which resulted in complete darkness throughout the building. After a while, it became clear that a phase had short-circuited and that there was no electricity in any of the rooms. The only thing that worked was our room’s air conditioner, which drew power from another phase. Anjali appeared to be exhausted after preparing all of the delicacies that we had enjoyed at dinner, and she was fast asleep.

It was extremely hot, and I felt bad that I had, or rather, that we had asked Rohit to stay with us. It would have been impolite of us to continue sleeping while he sweated it out. As a result, I rolled out of bed and tiptoed to his room. There was nothing but darkness all around. Then I noticed that the balcony door was open, and he was standing there, taking in some fresh air.

“Rohit,” I said quietly. ” Come on in. Let’s go to our room. “The air conditioner is on.”

“No, you keep going.” He replied in hushed tones. “Why should I disrupt your sleep because of me?”

“Anjali is already sleeping, so the issue of her sleep being disrupted does not arise.” “And, as you can see, I’m wide awake.” I responded.

“But isn’t there only one bed?” Rohit was still unsure.

“Come on, now.” I was adamant. ” Don’t be afraid. Anjali isn’t going to bed naked.”

Rohit’s silhoutte was shrugging his shoulders and following me into the room. In addition to the darkness, there was only the silent humming of the air conditioner. Rohit and I were both dressed in T-shirts and shorts. I sat in the middle, and Rohit took over the spot where I usually sit. Even Rohit fell asleep within five minutes. It appeared that I had eaten too much or that there was some other issue, but I couldn’t sleep. After some thought, I decided to do what Rohit had done: get some fresh air from the balcony, the door to which was still open.

I slid out of bed and slowly made my way to the balcony, leaving behind two people on the same bed: my wife, clad in virtually nothing but her bangles, necklace, anklets, and a very thin nightie, and my best friend, muscular and well built, a ladies’ man, and one who had recently had a falling out with his wife.

The fresh air was cooling and pleasant. I could hear dogs barking somewhere in the distance. Gradually, I found myself going over the events of the day (a completely boring and pointless exercise), and I believe that is when I fell asleep.

I think I’d been dozing off for almost two hours when I awoke with a start. The power had been restored, and the fans were spinning. The lights were naturally turned off because they had been turned off before we went to bed. I considered entering my bedroom to wake up Rohit and inform him that the power had been restored and that he could return to his room. I was surprised, however, to discover that both Rohit and Anjali were awake. This completely surprised me. After all, with the air conditioner turned on, there was no reason for their sleep to be disturbed. When I walked in, it appeared as if they had been expecting me. Their behavior seemed strange to me, so I turned on the light and noticed Rohit looking sheepish. I told him he was free to go to his room. He smiled at Anjali, who returned his smile, and Rohit exited the room. The rest of the night went by uneventfully, except that after Rohit left, Anjali became even more sexually active, and we made absolutely mind-blowing love. In my heart, I was relieved that my wife had become even more uninhibited as a result of Rohit’s visit. However, something irritated me deep within. Why were these two awake while I slept on the balcony? What happened between them? She had begun to dress in sexier and more revealing clothes. She was in astonishingly good shape. She stood 5 feet 5 inches tall in bare feet and had a firm bust of 34 B. Not only that, but she had a natural ability to pull off both Indian and Western attire and looked stunning in both.

There had never been any discussion about actual sexual intercourse with another person. For a few days after Rohit’s departure, I found her behavior strange and disoriented. The only time she was in her element was when we were in bed together. At the time, I found her to be even more active than she had previously been.

However, a few weeks after Rohit’s departure, I arrived home very early one day. I had an appointment with a client who lives very close to my house. But he changed his mind at the last minute. So I decided to leave work early because there was no point in going back to the office at that point. I sat on the sofa after cleaning myself in the bathroom while she was in the kitchen. I was expecting her to bring me a cup of coffee. She approached me with the coffee and said, “Promise me you won’t be upset if I tell you something.”

I told her she could go ahead because I assumed it had something to do with domestic affairs.

“It has something to do with Rohit staying over last night.” She said this while looking me in the eyes.

I was taken aback and, to be honest, a little concerned.

“How about it? “Please tell me!”

“First, promise me you will not be angry.” She said it again.

“What’s the point of it all?” You’re driving me insane. Okay, I’m not going to be angry. “What exactly is it?” My patience was wearing thin.

“Patiently listen. That night, I felt terrible for Rohit. Sexual fulfillment is such an important part of one’s life, and Rohit’s wife was denying him that pleasure. To be honest, I had no idea you had summoned him and promptly left me lying there with him. You are aware that I prefer to sleep naked. I was wearing a nightgown because of his presence in the house. After a brief period of slumber, I decided to, well, make love to you.” Anjali remained silent.

“All right, keep going and don’t stop.” I stated.

“I think I’ll finish it tomorrow,” she teased.

“If you don’t finish it, you won’t live to see tomorrow.” I responded.

“Oh, my! You’re so impatient. To finish it. I removed my nightgown and directed his hand to my breasts, thinking it was your hand. I thought it was a little strange, but I never imagined it was Rohit. He soon cupped both of my breasts. I’m not even sure when he took off all his clothes; he was that quick. I felt his tongue at the soles of my feet, gradually tickling my inner thighs until his tongue was exploring my pussy. You do it gently, but his tongue was literally pushing its way inside the pussy. It was only then that I realized it wasn’t you. “Can you tell me what I could have done?” Anjali came to a halt.

“What transpired?” I was out of breath.

“You’re being silly now!” “What could have gone wrong?” She inquired of me.

“Finish it. I’m curious about everything.

“His tongue found its way inside, and he sucked at it like a man who had been starved for a long time.” To be honest, I felt good about giving him the satisfaction he deserved from his wife. I’m not sure what came over me, but I bent down, found his cock, which was as hard as a rock by this point, and slowly, very slowly took him in my mouth. Every man has a different body odor, but Rohit’s was pleasant. He became very still, as if he wanted to savor every moment of his cock being inside my mouth. I’ve been with you for so long that I know what makes a man happy. I’m sure the suck I gave him had to have been the best he’d ever had.” Anjali stated.

“Is that it? “Did he enter your mouth?” I inquired.

“No, I’d rather have a new person come inside my pussy than inside my mouth,” she said.

“Tell me for God’s sake.” “Did he screw you over?” I inquired.

“Come on, come on. These are not the words I expect to hear from my husband. Screw? Instead of ‘making love,’ you used the word’ screw.’ This is truly derogatory. ” Anjali reprimanded me.

I suddenly realized I’d made a mistake. If I was having fun with this, I should not have used these words.

“OK, I’m sorry. What happened after that? “Tell me in detail,” I inquired.

“Okay, after a while, I noticed that there was a lot of cumin in my mouth.” As a result, I paused. He then forced me to lie down on my back. He has a talent for teasing the breasts. He teased the nipples by taking both of my hands in his hands without actually putting them inside his mouth. He took them in his mouth and sucked them so hard I nearly gasped.

He then played with my anklets before folding my legs so that the soles of my feet rested on his muscular shoulders.” Anjali stated.

“Muscular?” I said hesitantly.

“He does have a nice body.” He is far superior to yours. My nipples were almost touching my knees. I was wondering where you were, but he was setting my body on fire, so I couldn’t think of anything else. At the entry of my pussy, I could feel his cock. In fact, the head was almost completely embedded in the folds of the pussy. And it was all so drenched with secretions. I believe he was conflicted because he was concerned that I might feel bad. He then inserted his tongue into my mouth and, after a few moments, whispered two questions into my ears.” Anjali paused.

“Who or what were they?” Curiosity had gotten the best of me.

“He asked if he could enter me.” The second question was whether he could get inside of me. Anjali stated.

“So, what did you do after that?” I inquired, my voice trembling.

“I said yes to both of them.” After all, he’s been through a terrible marriage. I dug my heels into his tailbone and in no time he was entering me. He remained inside me for what seemed like an eternity. I apologize if this offends you, but I will be forthright. I believe that a husband and wife should be completely honest with each other. It felt good.”

“Did it feel good?”

I, too, was unsure of my tone of voice.

“Of course, love. Yes, it did. Not only did he say that my pussy had one of the more shapely ones he’d ever seen on a girl and that you were very lucky to have a wife like me, but he also said that it was very nice of you to let him make love to me. I told him you didn’t know, but since he knew he had my permission, I don’t think he could back out.

Don’t compare yourself to everything, darling. Of course, sex with you is an out-of-this-world experience, but he was also very nice. In addition, I had the satisfaction of knowing that what I was doing was right. I had a sneaking suspicion that you were aware of what I was up to. That assumption, however, proved to be incorrect. After a while, he began making love by withdrawing completely and then thrusting his cock all the way up to the hilt. Each of his thrusts drove me insane with pleasure. This went on until I was on the verge of an orgasm. By some strange coincidence, he also discharged inside me at the same time. It was a gush of fluids, for God’s sake! It had to have been inside him for months. I believe the voices of pleasure that escaped from my throat woke you up. You took nearly ten minutes to arrive, by which time we had time to change back into our clothes. Are you upset with me? “Have I been unfaithful to you?” Anjali inquired, anxiously awaiting my response.

I took her hand in mine, which was stiff as a board. “Would I be acting like this if I was really angry?” No, you haven’t been unfaithful. You have assisted a friend. That’s it. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that if I had known, I would have joined in as well, and we could have had a threesome. But would it have been acceptable to you?” I inquired.

“Really!” Anjali responded with a sly grin. “Of course I could have handled it. Rest assured that your wife is more than capable of ensuring that neither you nor your friend are disappointed. You’re such a sweetie; such a champ. I am extremely proud to call you my husband. But may I tell you something that will please you? “Are you really pleased?”

“For God’s sake, stop with the surprises. “What exactly is it?” I inquired.

“Darling If you had asked the Almighty for something else right now, you would have gotten it. You expressed a desire for a twosome. If you simply enter the guest room, you will find Rohit sleeping in the bed. He’s been coming here every afternoon for the last two weeks, filling my pussy with his thick sticky cum after fucking my brains out with his enormous cock. I intended to tell you about it on Saturday night. But when you arrived early today, I immediately decided to try my luck. And we are extremely fortunate. Your or rather our desire for a threesome can now be realized!” Anjali stated. Her eyes were gleaming with excitement.

At that moment, I realized that the circumstances that had started Anjali on her journey of sexual discovery were going to take us to many more exciting places, and I was thrilled to be her co-passenger on those journeys.

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