A Night with My Hotness


A Night with my Hotness in a House

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After a long day at the trade fair, I’m looking forward to a little rest and bed, even if it’s only in the hotel and also when I have to sleep alone.

It was agreed that my loved one would spend the night with me, modern hotel rates are always room prices and my company doesn’t care whether I use the room alone or in pairs and so I take my wife with me as often as possible, who are her own during the day I can devote my affairs and share the evening and night with me in the evening

She called and canceled from home this afternoon, she feels bad, yesterday we were still eating, maybe something was not good.

Too bad.

I drive to the hotel and after the hustle and bustle with customers, giveaway hunters, and one or two acquaintances from the industry, the taxi is pleasantly quiet. The driver is silent and I am grateful to him for it.

When I arrive at the hotel, I first go to the bar, let myself sink a little to one side in one of the deep armchairs, and allow myself my favorite rum from Guatemala.

Cooling down.

There is a busy coming and going in the bar, Asian’s crouch together, the women chirp, the men make thick pants. On the right is a table with a couple of Americans and a couple of Swabians, the Americans with meter-wide smiles, the Swabians in an accent that I only know from comedy.

Across the street, a woman is sitting in front of a laptop and typing her daily report. She looks hard at her display so that I can watch her undisturbed.

Beautiful, slim, tanned legs, not the leather tanned tan, but as if she had just come from vacation. The short hair is faded, almost blonde, the forehead is frowning over beautiful green eyes. The figure, as far as I can see while sitting, is shapely, not skinny, not fat. She is subtly made up, not pushy, rather reserved.

Concentrated, she taps around on her keyboard and I imagine how she looks up and looks me straight in the eye, smiles, and goes back to her report. I imagine how she starts to flirt indirectly, rubs your legs together, maybe dangles a shoe on the tip of her toes, or better brings out the upper body.

I might smile or look caught, I don’t know.

How about spending the evening with the stranger, having a drink together and having a charming, beautiful evening as before? What if the stranger steps on the game and expresses interest? How long would I be able to play that?

I feel like I was in my youth, rejuvenated by years and also without experience. I don’t know what I can say that is impressive or how I could be interesting. What if …

And in fact, she looks at me for a moment, then through me and back to her screen.


I grin to myself, that’s how it is with reality.

I think of my loved one, who is missing and who I would rather have in front of me than the unknown. What we have is more than just the outside, more than fleeting and not fast.

I drink up and head towards the room, I was lucky, I got a relatively large room, even though everything in the city is fully booked.

I pull the card through the slot on the lock and the heavy door swings inwards. I see candlelight and the light switch is set off with adhesive tape.

I wonder if I’m in the wrong room, if the switch is broken, and go quietly through the short hallway between the bathroom and the closet into the room.

I catch my breath.

A female figure in black is sitting on the floor, her mouth is made up of blood-red, a hood that only covers part of her nose and cheeks and her mouth hides her face. Gorgeous bare breasts arch over a breast-free corset, underneath shaved shame shines brightly, flanked by black chaps or maybe even open tights.

The folded feet seem to be in black heeled shoes.

I would recognize the breasts among thousands, my loved one really surprised me, but what do I do now?

To save time, I go to the door and close it quietly.

‘Hello’ I say and my voice is occupied. I see her head swing in my direction, a faint smile only briefly plays around the corner of her mouth and she indicates a nod. She says nothing, apparently leaving me with all the options. She pushes her knees apart a little and slowly puts her hands behind her head, presses her upper body through, and slightly opens her mouth.

It freezes, it is a wet dream come true, a concentrated load of sex that is just waiting to be ignited.

I take off my t-shirt and boxer shorts and walk around them. I look at your shame, your breasts with the small, hard buds, their buttocks contrast white against the dark legs, see their light teeth and listen to their breath. I kneel behind her and look at the wide bulge of the buttocks, which turns into a narrow waist, see the gap that disappears down in the dark.

Slowly I slide my hand forward between her legs close to the floor and try to feel the warmth of her skin on my palm with my eyes closed. I raise my hand even more slowly until it gets warmer. I slightly bend my middle finger and meet her open vulva. She draws in her breath a little faster, otherwise, she doesn’t move.

I slowly move my finger backward, feel how her column narrows, ends, and her rear entrance contracts briefly when I touch it.

Still no emotion.

Feeling braver, I reach around her with both hands, arch my hands, and lightly stroke the breasts, feeling the curvature, the tight skin, the two nipples that slip into every space between my fingers. I listen to her breath, wanting to hear how loud she is despite her physical silence.

Hardly any change, she must have made an iron resolution, when playing on her breasts, she can never control herself.

I gently rub warts between my thumb and middle fingers, gently pull up so that I feel the full weight of her breast.

Finally, a barely noticeable movement in the hip, a low sigh.

I take my right hand back and run some spit on my fingers. As I grasp her tightly with my left arm and my left-hand plays with her right breast, my other hand starts exploring between your thighs, how far can I go?

I begin to stroke gently through her crevice, feel the small bulge in front, where her clitoris swells venturing out into the open. I let my fingertips dance on her, then stroke back to her wrinkled little hole and triple forward again.

She gets wetter and her lips open wider. I see her tensing her leg muscles, again and again, her breathing has accelerated, otherwise, she is silent like a statue.


I grab hold of it and drive with just as firm pressure with my entire palm through her wet crotch and stand up. I slowly walk around her, my cock is so hard that it almost hurts. I quietly take off my shorts and approach her red mouth. A gentle touch on the lip and willingly opens her mouth to take me in. I stretch out a little, just so that my acorn half disappears in her mouth. With the tongue, she slowly circles the sensitive tip, tongues at the bottom, and otherwise does not move a millimeter.

I slide a little deeper into her mouth and enjoy the moment when the first shower chills up my spine.

Slowly I pull back again and then immediately bump into her warm, moist mouth.

It’s exciting, I’ve never screwed my sweetheart in my mouth, I’ve always left it up to her in what rhythm and how deeply I can go into her mouth. Now I slowly understand what your special gift is; Today it is my object of pleasure, there only for my wishes, I can do what I want, but what do I dare to experience?

For the moment I stare down fascinated, see my cock disappear into her willing sucking mouth and slide out again wet, see her incredible, stretched breasts bobbing.

Just before I come, I slide out of her mouth, the lipstick is deranged and makes her look spoiled, which makes me all the keener. I sink to my knees and slide my tongue into her mouth, kissing it as if I wanted to weld it to me. My hands grab your breasts and my thumbs circle around warts. I

want her to come, but she’s in good control. I calm down a little.

I get up and go to the desk, pull the chair into the room, and sit down.

My cock is gently pounding steeply, it glistens wet from her saliva and I see her kneel in front of me, her abdominal wall rises and falls quickly, she is excited, I love this body, its reaction to me, her moaning when I am playing with it like on an instrument.


Come here, I say roughly, my mouth is dry.

She gets up smoothly and comes up to me, her hands still behind her head, wet traces shining on the inside of her black stockings.

Here, I say and she blindly follows my voice. Her knees hit the seat of my chair, she stopped.

Bend over, present your breasts, I instruct them and she bends over to me and offers her breasts to me with her hands, showing them in their full, plump beauty. They squeeze their hands lightly and hard warts push forward a little more.

I hardly need to move, a slight bend of my head and the tip of my tongue snaps over your buds, while my fingertips flick against her pleasure button between her legs and chase small explosions through her body. The middle finger slides back and forth through her cleft, alternates between her cleft and her anus, presses, penetrates, and retreats, spitting me in all keys while I suck on her hard tips.

Finally, she can no longer maintain her stoic silence, a guttural moan comes deep from her belly, it swells in a deep voice and discharges in a rich, horny grunt and she comes and comes.

I grab her hips and direct it over my cock, push it down and my bulwark slides into its moist, warm, snug destination.

Fuck me well, I say to her and she starts to move slowly up and down, almost lets me slide out of myself, and sinks again.

Up and down, up and down.

I watch how she serves me, was, and is completely at my will. My hand slips around your buttocks and finds your anus. A finger slides in almost playfully and remains in its place. She fucks herself in the ass, up and down.

With the other hand, I grab her neck and pull her mouth over mine. Her breast tips stroke over my torso and while she comes back I moan deep in her mouth and I believe to fill her to the brim.

Her movement fades away, comes to rest together with my breath and she descends from me and kneels between my legs. She gently licks my now limp prince and sucks him into her mouth, sucks it gently and gently clean, tastes our sex, our passion and I look like in a trance and completely relaxed on her slowly bobbing head as he caresses me. It is the first time that she has done this after the act, it is an incredibly sensual moment.

I can’t help it and take the blindfold off her, look into her bright eyes and kiss her, taste me and her and there is only one thing left to say to the woman who sparked my lust again and again and lived my fantasies with me.

I love you!

The End.

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