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Hello, my name is Madhu. I am a 28-year-old housewife. Due to family issues, I was desperately looking for work. I saw an advertisement in the local newspaper and decided to go there. It was a small office on the outskirts of town. The declared hours were 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. However, there was a lot of rush because there were so many freshmen looking for work. So, when I arrived around 2 p.m. after finishing my housework, about 50 people were waiting for the interview. I gave the person there my name and waited for my turn. They announced around 4 p.m. that candidates who arrived after 2 p.m. should come back the next day. I couldn’t decide whether to wait or come later. I asked their representative, and he said yours is the last number on the list.

I sighed because I didn’t want to come back the next day. The last person to leave the office was around 6 p.m. There was no one in charge now. Not even at the front desk. I received a call from the cabin asking me to come in for an interview. When I entered the interior cabin, I noticed two personnel sitting in luxury chairs. For about ten minutes, they were just chatting with each other, not looking at me. But they must have noticed me. Finally, they summoned me to a seat. One of them was in his fifties, and the other was in his forties. They demanded that I show them my documents. I handed them my file, and they simply went through it. They introduced themselves as Rajesh, the younger, and Mahesh, the elder. They were part of the management team. They asked me a few questions before Mahesh asked me a direct question “Why should we choose you, madam? What is it about you that makes you a good candidate for the job?” I wasn’t expecting the question. For a few seconds, I was deafeningly quiet. Rajesh asked the same question again. “I am qualified, have some experience in a similar field, and so on,” I said. I told them, perplexed, that I could meet their requirements. I was going to say that I meet their job requirements. They were astounded by my sentence, their eyes glowed, and they smiled at each other. I, too, made a mistake. But it was getting late. I kept my mouth shut. Rajesh broke the silence by asking, “How can you meet our requirements?” I noticed Mahesh opening his coat at that point. He took off his coat and placed it on the table. I remained deafeningly silent. Rajesh rose from his chair and moved closer to me.

Mahesh now stated “Do you understand what we’re looking for? Can you please us?” He was firm but quiet. It was now my turn to be astounded. I began to understand what these men desired to be satisfied. I was perplexed. I wanted to see how far these people would go and what they really wanted. I inquired of them “Please tell me, sir, what your requirements are that I can meet. If it is possible for me, I will be overjoyed.” Mahesh stated “As you can see, there are numerous candidates for the position. You are aware that there is only one post. So we need to decide who to pick. We are currently in the selection process for the last candidate. So, please tell us how we can choose you as a candidate and what you can offer us in exchange.” He was straightforward. But what can I give them? Whether it was money, kindness, or something else. I remained silent once more. Rajesh approached me, stood behind me, and asked, “How old are you, madam?” I informed them that I am 28 years old. He stated “What can we expect from you at this age? What is the state of your finances?” I told them I needed a job because the situation was bad. Then he asked me again “Do you have any references who can speak highly of you or who knows us/we know them? I only knew no by the neck. Then Mahesh inquired “What do you have to offer us? Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make a decision.

Please do not squander your time.” I stated “I just can’t seem to find what I can give you. If you have any ideas or expectations, please share them with me openly. If it is possible, I will; otherwise, no.” Mahesh inquired once more, “When was your last monthly period?” The question surprised me. Why do these people want my personal information, which no one has ever asked me? With reluctance, I stated that it was only available last week. Why are these people interested in my biological/genital information, I wondered? Rajesh’s hand rested on my shoulder. He just held it there for a few seconds before moving on to caressing my shoulder. There was complete silence in that room. I had my gaze fixed on Mahesh. He also stood up and moved closer. He took a step to my left and then leaned forward. He let out a sigh and kissed my cheeks. Before I could say anything, his lips met mine and we began kissing. He was ferocious, and he bit my lips in rage. Rajesh’s hands emerged from my shoulder and rested on my boobs. He also began to caress them. Both of these men rushed sexually at me. Mahesh moved in closer, then bent down, and we began kissing more intimately and passionately. I closed my eyes and let them do whatever they wanted.

They received this signal and proceeded. Rajesh began tampering with my clothes. I dressed nicely for the interview, wearing a cotton pink color top with matching odhani and salwar. It was a nice dress with a rich feel for both those who wore it and those who touched it. Mahesh, who was still kissing my lips, had already dropped my odhani. I was responding to him while also allowing him to suck my tongue. Our tongues were darting around each other, saliva was mixing, and our lips were completely locked. Rajesh was busy kissing the back of my neck. His hands freely roamed on my breasts over the dress and began crushing them. He had parted my dress slightly on the shoulder, allowing him to see my bra and kiss my bare shoulders. I was wearing a nice red bra with lace and net on it. He simply inserted his hands into my brassiere and rested his palms on my bare breasts. With his touch, I shivered and felt a strong sensation inside my stomach. I was there for the interview, and these men were interested in my INSIDE VIEW! His touch sent me into a frenzy. I tried, but in vain, to remove my lips from Mahesh’s. I sighed quietly. My breathing became more rapid. Meanwhile, Rajesh had yanked my bra strap and shifted it down my shoulder. It gave him more access to my boobs while kissing my bare shoulder. Mahesh was still french kissing me and searching my top with his hands.

He gently inserted his hands inside the dress after lifting the top from the bottom line. He began by caressing my stomach and worked his way up. He finally reached my chest. Rajesh was pressing my boobs inside my bra, and Mahesh was now cupping my boobs over my bra from the bottom. My both boobs were getting a lot of attention from all four hands over and below the bra. I wanted to kiss the other guy from behind, but Mahesh pulled his lips away from mine. I turned my face, and Rajesh immediately bent down and kissed me passionately. As Mahesh and I were separated by our faces, he directed his attention to my bare stomach, which was exposed due to the lifting of my dress. He raised my pink dress even higher and began licking my bare stomach. My figure isn’t great, but it has a nice homely look to it, and the little curves on my stomach make it sexy and appealing. He was licking the curves of my stomach in a very sexy way. It began licking the curve from outside to inside towards my belly, then some time on the middle portion, and then again from the opposite side of the stomach in the same manner. It was causing tremors in my stomach. I began pressing his head against my stomach, forcing him to lick even more. He was also in a good mood and licked every curve and inch of my stomach.

Rajesh is still kissing me behind my back and has now rested his hands in such a way that he can crush my boobs one by one while also kissing comfortably. Mahesh’s hands were busy fondling Rajesh’s spared boobs. As a result, both boobs were occupied! I wanted Mahesh to lick my belly right now. But they were both having a good time. One is kissing my lips, sucking my tongue, and pressing my breasts, while the other is licking my stomach and fondling my breasts over my bra. Their hands began to interrupt each other as they played the boobs in different directions and situations. Mahesh lifted the bra upwards, his hands touching my bare boobs. Dono kabutar ab free ho rahe rahe rahe rahe rahe rahe rahe Because the bra strap was also removed from the shoulder, the bra rose easily. They now have nipples to rub and crush as well. They both began playing the boobs again. We were all busy with our mouths and our hands. My one hand was pressing Mahesh’s head against his stomach and waist, while the other was supporting Rajesh’s head for easy kissing. Rajesh simply switched sides for kissing, and I switched hands to support them. Mahesh gained access to my boobs from below and has since begun licking and kissing. My dress has become very unsettled by this point. It was moved from my shoulder, raised from the bottom, and almost removed because my both breasts were exposed from my bra.

We were all wishing for my dress to be removed, but we were all preoccupied with our hands and mouths. As a result, we kept doing the same thing for a while. Mahesh began playing with my boobs one by one with his tongue. Strong waves were raging through my body. I was anticipating his tongue on my nipple. I fed him my nipple after a few seconds, and he immediately began licking and sucking it. My dress, however, was falling on the boob, and he had to adjust it several times while sucking. He stopped sucking and waited for Rajesh to do the same. Then I adjusted my clothes, and Mahesh raised the top dress, and Rajesh pulled it up from behind. It was gone in a matter of seconds! Rajesh unhooked the bra hook, and Mahesh pulled my bra, which they had already loosened. As a result, I was now without a top. My INTERVIEW has begun!!! They escorted me to a nearby couch, where we sat comfortably. As a big treat for them, my both breasts were hanging like big but neatly shaped melons. Both sat next to each other, and I alternated between them. Mahesh placed my left nipple in his mouth and began gradually chewing, kneading, fondling, and sucking it. My boob is also being treated in ways such as pressing, crushing, fondling, kissing, and so on. Rajesh also put my right nipple in his mouth and began darting with it. He also began caressing my bare stomach, which he had not yet explored.

After a while, he untied my salwar string and lowered it further so he could reach my belly and begin caressing it. He inserted his fingers into my stomach, and I sighed, “OOOOhhhhh SSSHHHHHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS My hands were caressing their heads and forcing them to suck and lick my hot body. We were all having a good time during the session. Nobody was talking, but everyone was having a good time! Mahesh soon came down to my thighs and legs. He was still pinching my nipples, which I enjoy.

On the other hand, he began lowering my salwar. In the heat of passion, I also adjusted myself so that he could pull my salwar down even lower. Meanwhile, Rajesh placed his lips on mine and we resumed our French kissing. Mahesh completely undid my salwar. However, he did not completely remove it. He began kissing my legs, then licking my knees, then gradually licking my inner thighs and upper thighs. He slid his fingers between his inner thighs and began gently caressing them. My inner thighs couldn’t be separated much because the salwar was still on, and I was enjoying it. It was greatly increasing the pressure in his thighs and the feel of his hands. Rajesh was squeezing and crushing both of my boobs with both of his hands. His teeth were gently biting my lips, and I was sighing quietly. All of these acts had made my pussy wet, and its juices had begun to flow inside my panty. Mahesh was probably feeling it because his hands were only in my pubic area. He must have smelled the typical odor of pussy juices as well. Now he parted my legs and completely removed my salwar, which he then threw on the floor. The panty was now the only thing on my body that protected my lajja. He smelled my panty and kissed it several times. I had butterflies in my stomach. My hand was pressing firmly against his head, kissing and sucking that area. He picked up on the fact that I was having fun and completely surrendered to them. He smiled as he drew my panty down to my thighs, knee level, and then threw it off on the floor with my salwar.

They re-adjusted their poses. They asked me to lie down on the sofa so that my head was close to one of its corners. Rajesh came in between my legs and spread them. Mahesh moved closer to my head and began kissing my forehead, eyes, and finally lips from the upper backside. After a few kisses, he stood up, lowered his pant and underwear, and asked me to do a hand blow job on him. My left hand began slowly caressing and stroking his lund while his hands were busy with my tits and areoles, and we kissed again. Meanwhile, Rajesh was circling my pubic area and thighs with his fingers. He may have also removed his tool, but I couldn’t see it because he was opposite me and Mahesh was kissing me. Rajesh planted a gentle kiss on my pussy, and I was filled with butterflies once more. In response, I pressed his head against my pubic area. Now I wanted to have a good time with these two hot men. He darted with his tongue and parted my pussy lips. His tongue gradually began to work its magic, and my clitoris received a royal treatment. I began stroking Mahesh Lund, which was extremely difficult at the time. He finished kissing me and stood up, putting his Lund in my mouth, which I gladly accepted. I was so aroused and passionate that I was completely naked in front of two strangers doing blow jobs on each other! He was still fondling my boobs with his Lund and treating me with my tongue. His salty pre cum juices mixed with my saliva, hardening and stiffening his Lund and stroking my mouth.

Meanwhile, Rajesh has nearly inserted his entire tongue deep inside my chut, making it very wet and excited. He was also kneading one of my soft boobs with one hand while pressing my hard gaand with the other. We were all having a good time before sex. My body was highly charged and desired immediate action. However, I had to wait. After a while, Mahesh began stroking my pussy with his fingers, while Rajesh sat on my chest and pushed his lund into my mouth. He pushed it deeper as quickly as he could. I motioned for him to come to a halt. He was taken aback and may have assumed that I didn’t want to suck him after sucking Mahesh. I took his Lund in one hand and began stroking it up and down while playing his balls with the other. Then I began licking his balls with my tongue and sucking his balls with my lips around them. “AAhhhhh,” he sighed. In response, he yanked one of my tits hard, and I sighed “‘Ssssshhh’ Then I took his lund in my mouth and began nibbling on it. Meanwhile, Mahesh inserted his finger into my chut and began playing it. It was extremely wet and easily penetrated deep inside near the G spot. I had a deep orgasm while one stroking my cunt with a finger and alternately pressing the boobs and the other stroking my mouth. Sounds of wet cunt stroking were approaching. Both eventually came to a halt. We all took a few moments to rest before shifting into different positions.

Rajesh lay on the bed and asked me to sit on his Lund while he took my pussy inside. I was facing him in such a way that he could easily play with my breasts. Mahesh rose to his feet and inserted his lund into my mouth. Both lunds began humping my both holes at the same time. They were vigorously pressing my boobs and gaand. We’ve all got rhythm to fuck with. Mahesh first appeared in my mouth, spraying jets after jets of hot salty cum in my mouth. He didn’t take his lund out and still asked me to suck it until the last drop went down my throat. I drank all of the cum because I had no other choice. Rajesh accelerated his pace and then stepped into my juicy pussy. He burst deep within the chut and unleashed his hot semen. I realized that in the heat of sex, we had completely forgotten to bring condoms! I collapsed on him, and he took me in his arms and gently kissed me. He indicated to Mahesh that it was fantastic fucking for him. We resumed after a short break. Mahesh now took me doggy style, and Rajesh inserted his lund from the front. After a while, they switched positions. After a while, they forced me to lie down and spread my legs apart. For at least half an hour, they alternately fucked me. Mahesh inserted his lund deep into the pussy, then slung my legs over his shoulders and began pumping. It was excruciatingly painful, but he persisted in fucking mercilessly.

Rajesh inserted his lund into his mouth. He was heavily crushing my soft boobs. Mahesh was stroking deep inside pussy while patting my buttocks and gaand. It had a deep penetration and gave me a lot of orgasms. His long cock was completely inside my chut, and his balls were striking my pussy walls, causing them to enter my pussy as well. In anticipation and excitement, I rubbed my clit. After a few more strokes, he increased the speed even more, and when he arrived. He fired his hot cum once more, but this time into my arching chut. We both had a great time orgasming. Rajesh rushed into my thighs and inserted his tool into my wet chut. It went completely inside in a single stroke. He then began pumping me. We were making noises like AAaaaaaa….hhhh…. ssss….hhhhhh. Mahesh began pinching one of my nipples while chewing the other. After a while, he also came in with a big bang. He fired his jets one after the other for about a minute. My chut was overflowing with both their and my juices. They sighed as they looked at me.

Their lunds were dripping with cumin and my juices. I called them to a halt as they stood up and walked to the restroom. They were taken aback and turned back. I sat on the sofa and motioned for them to come closer. I took both lunds in my hands and cleaned them with my tongue, sucking all the cum on their lunds and making them very clean, as if they had never fucked any pussy. They were blown away by the performance and began caressing my hair, bareback, and so on. They returned after a brief respite. I was still sitting naked. They both laughed as they looked at me. Mahesh sat on the sofa with a pen and a piece of paper. He motioned for me to sit on his lap. He told me not to look at the paper as I signed it, then pressed his lips against mine. Rajesh began fondling both of my boobs, which had turned red from all of the acts. I began to feel hot once more. After about 5 minutes, they got up and asked me to change their clothes. Then he said, “This is your appointment letter.” You were so pleased that we increased your salary above what was specified in the job ad. Take this as a bonus for today’s pleasure, and he gave me a few Rs. 500/- notes as well. I was overjoyed with both the money and the job offer. They dropped me off near my house in their car, and thus I got the job.

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