Student Fucked me Harder


My Student Fucked me Harder

Hi friends, I am Payal and I am a teacher at college.

I am 37 years old but still in proper shape with radiant skin. I have taken divorce from my husband and I am single.

My husband was abusive and a drug addict. But the main reason for my divorce was a life without sex.

He remained sexually active just for 2 years after marriage. We had no children.

I wanted pleasure in my life and my hot jawani needed some shearing and fucking.

I kept on exploring all my options after marriage. I was free to do anything. I had plenty of sex and full filled my demands, but no relation lasted longer.

This is a story of my recent affair with a student from the college.

Tushar is the most polite, handsome, intelligent, and sexy guy in my college.

He had been first throughout his career and was a shining student as well.

He was also the captain of the college’s football team.

I had seen him practicing and playing. He was a prince charming in an athletic body.

He was also very obedient to me.

I always felt aroused around him. His body radiated the young and sexy energy. I wanted him madly, but society won’t let me.

Last winter, he asked me for home tuition as he told me he is having a problem with maths. I was so happy to hear these words.

I also had nothing to do after going home from college and I got bored, so I agreed.

He started coming daily after college for an extra class.

We had dinner together. I loved to cook for him.

He always admired me. He started becoming more of a friend.

One day when he came, I was in the shower and he came direct towards my room. I got naked out of the bathroom and there he was standing staring at me. I hid with a towel and he quickly closed the door.

He had seen me completely naked and I was feeling embarrassed and sexy at the same time.

We never talked about it.

After some days, When he came I was wearing a very sexy red saree.

It was sleeveless and had big cuts in the back and cleavage.

I opened the door and he stared at my cleavage.

He was wearing a tee-shirt, which was showing his ripped body.

He was clean shaved and his teeth were like crystals.

I let him in. He was staring at my boobs and navel.

He wanted that piece of the pie. I started teaching him and after some time he touched my arm.

“You are so soft, mam,” he said in a slow voice.

“Yeah” I giggled.

I was touched deeply by the sensation.

He got shy and removed his hand.

This was a move and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

I put my lips on his mouth and gave him a long kiss.

Teacher 1.jpg

He was waiting for this moment, as he got up and started kissing me.

He got closer and placed his hand on my bareback.

His hands were exploring my soft skin. We remained in the lip lock for quite a long time. He was a good kisser and must have done it before. He wasn’t that child after all that I was thinking of him.

He then kissed my neck madly and filled it with his saliva. I was drenched in the pool of madness and pleasure after a long time.

He then made his way down to my cleavage and started gulping and kissing my cleavage. His tongue was going deep in it and reaching to the ends.

He pressed my boobs and sucked my left one from the blouse.

I grabbed his hand and took him to the room.

I took off his shirt and saw that beautiful body so strong and young.

I started kissing him madly on his neck and he got super hot. He was enjoying this new sensation. I had never seen such a beautiful young male.

His every cell was literally emitting the testosterone.

I kissed his chest and nipples and started sucking his ripped nipples. He had no body hair.

He had closed his eyes and I was sucking and licking his nipples and moving to his abs. Even his belly was strong and hard. I gave a lick on his belly button. He removed my mouth and started laughing.

He then unclipped my bra and took out my big nipples.

He got mad by looking at them.

He started sucking, nibbling, and biting my nipples.

I have brown nipples topped on fairer skin.

He kept sucking my boobs for a long time, bit and nibbled on them. He had closed his eyes and my boob was in his mouth, I was getting aroused even by looking at the scene. He then moved to my abdomen.

He entered his tongue in my belly button. I was now laughing.

He kissed on my navel and licked my stomach. My soft navel had made him mad and he wasn’t ready to let go.

He was licking and sucking on it. He even made hickeys and scars on my navel with his sharp teeth.

He opened my saree and put his fingers inside my vagina without any hesitation.

He was looking at my pussy closely and was being fascinated by the scene of his fingers disappearing in my valley. He was looking so sexy and was doing cute things.

I grabbed his head and moved it near and he was licking my pussy at the very next moment. It felt like he was ready to go unleashed on his ultimate prize.

He was licking and I was on fire.

Teacher 2.jpg

He kept sucking and I came in his mouth.

He then wanted the favor back and removed his jeans.

I grabbed his underwear and got out my sweetest cock filled with virgin energy.

I could feel from the shyness that he had never been near to a woman.

I took his cock and put it in my mouth. He was now standing and I was kneeling on the floor.

I sucked his cock like a champion. His heartbeat was so strong. His face was blushing with blood and the enjoyment he was having.

I sucked his cock deep and deep, he was moaning in a low voice. I also gave his balls a warm touch of my mouth.

When I was sucking his balls, he was moaning like hell.

He had gone entirely mad.

“Easy there, mam.” He murmured.

“I am not your mam now. Call me Payal.” I told him.

“Fuck you, Payal.” He replied.

I looked at him in his eyes and he was smiling.

His cock was still hard as an iron rod.

I used my recently learned technique and started massaging his reddish cap of cock a soothing massage. His cock was hard and blood was running in it.

He was a powerhouse. But then he moaned a little louder and his moaning increased with every second. He was about to come and he was out of control. He inserted his cock deep into my mouth again. My breathing stopped for a second. Then he shuddered and his body started getting compact.

And then a load of cum was fired in my mouth and I was forced to engulf his juice.

He fell on me and I hugged him tightly.

“You are so hot Payal, I have always wanted you.” He said in a trembling voice. He was still trying to catch his breath. His body was full of sweat and he was gushing with blood. His white skin was shining.

I was feeling exhausted and thought it to be over.

I got up and went to take a shower.


As I started taking shower, I felt the hands-on my belly from the backside. It was Tushar, and he was not done yet.

He wanted to be a real man that afternoon.

He started kissing me on the shoulders and touching my vagina.

I was hell aroused in seconds. He started kissing my back and ass.

I was standing still in the pouring water of the shower and was enjoying the pleasure.

I turned around and hugged him.

His long cock started to get energy and was hitting me on the navel.

My shaved pussy was now demanding his cock inside me.

He took me up in his arms and went back to the room.

He let me off on the bed and came upon me.

He started from the neck region, sucking my skin along with droplets of water. His warmth of mouth was writing stories on my body.

He checked my pussy for lubrication and then started fingering me.

With his hand strokes and massaging of the uterus, I released my water and pussy became wet enough to penetrate.

He then entered his cock into my vagina. Firstly he was having some difficulty but as he settled deep in my pussy, it was easy for him now.

Teacher 3.jpg

He started fucking me like a man.

He had countless energy and was gushing with blood.

He thumped inside me like a champion. I was kissing him on the neck and giving him hickeys, while he was busy fucking me.

I was grabbing him firmly from the back and we were one unit for the time being.

We were so meshed with each other. I rolled my legs around his.

He placed my legs on his shoulders and went deeper. He was now in a sitting position and my vagina was lifted upwards and we were locked. Only a mere cm of his cock was outside.

He was totally inside me. I had been so lonely and now this beautiful young man was fucking my brains out.

He had shown me in his first encounter that he was a gem.

He drilled and drilled deeper in my love hole.

He lasted almost 2 hours and I had never been fucked so long like this.

My pussy was in pain and he had kissed me in every way and every pore.

I was covered in his saliva literally and he had even sucked my shaved underarms.

I was filled with his cum and went to the bath again.

After that, we remained in bed for some time. His mom called and he had to go.

He told me that he” ll come back at night sneaking out from his house.

I waited for him and he came at midnight again.

I was fucked earlier and didn’t have any kind of mood of fucking right then.

I asked him about tea and went to the kitchen for making the tea. I was wearing my sports bra and grey dhoti with a knot mounted right below my belly button. Tushar came placed his hands on my navel and kissed on my lips.

As his groin touched my booty, it was hard as fuck. That beast was struggling to come outside and tear the holes.

He pushed him deeper towards my ass.

He then turned off the stove and opened the knot of my dhoti.

My dhoti immediately fell to the ground. My round ass was available for him and he without wasting any time took charge of it.

He turned me over to the dinner table and start exploring my ass and my pussy to enter.

As he found my pussy hole his cock made its way to my bossom. He kept on thrusting hard and my booty was making a beautiful sound with his strokes.

My stomach was hurting so I became a doggy girl for him on the floor. My boobs and my gold chain were hanging. He rode me with full force, spanked my booty during the whole intercourse. His hands were printed on my ass.

We sat in the pool, took a swim, drank, and fucked by the pool the whole night before he went to his home at dawn.

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