Mom Seduced by My Friend


My Friend Seduced my Mom

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Hello, my name is Vikrant, and I am from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. The plot revolves around how a struggle altered my life. My family is made up of four people: me, my father, my mother, and my younger brother. My father is a government employee, so we used to travel from one city to another every few years. I enrolled in a college in Jodhpur after he was transferred there. I developed some close pals after a few weeks. We used to fantasize a lot about sex at the time, and over time, several of my close friends and I acquired a strong desire for mature women.

Now, let’s get to the meat of the matter. Our gang was sitting near the ground, as was customary. Suddenly, while discussing a delicate matter, I began arguing with my friend Yusuf, and the battle became personal, and I said to him “I will fuck your mom.”

When he heard this, he became enraged and said to me, ” no I will fuck your mom .”

Then I became agitated and confronted him, telling him that if he has any guts, he can go try his luck with my mother.

“OK, I just need 100 days and your mother will be in my bed,” he said.

“If you do not succeed, you will pay me one lakh rupees and declare that you are gay,” I said.

“I will give you 2 lakhs, but in these 100 days, you will support me in any way I ask for,” he agreed.

We both agreed to the terms, and a new chapter in my life has begun.

Now I’ll tell you about my mother. Susheela is her name, and she is also from Rajasthan. She married my father when she was 19 years old. Then, at the age of 20, she gave birth to me. She gave birth to my younger brother when she was 24 years old. She was 41 years old at the time of the occurrence.

Even at 41, she didn’t look older than 35. She comes from a farming family and used to do a lot of physical labor, which helped her retain a good figure with amazing sexual endowments. Her 36-size boobs, which she received from her mother, were the most appealing feature of her body. Her mother, even in her 60s, still has those boobs that any man would die for.

Susheela had fair skin, black eyes, and hairs that reached her mid-back. She had grown some flesh with age, making her ass a pure piece of meat to whack.

Men are usually staring at her with lust in their eyes. But no one could touch her save my father because she was a very traditional and conservative woman. Her conservative personality was one of the most essential factors that convinced me that Yusuf would never get close to her and that I would receive 2 lakhs.

The next day, as we were leaving college, Yusuf approached me and asked if he may meet my mother in the absence of my father.

I informed him that my father will be absent from the city for the next six months due to a temporary assignment in Nagaland. When he heard this, he felt overjoyed and smiled at me.

Then we both went to my house. Mom inquired as to why I had brought Yusuf. I replied that we were both working on a college assignment and that he would be here for the next few days.

Mom greeted Yusuf with cool drinks, and Yusuf began to visit my house regularly. After a while, he began to pay visits to my house even while I was not there.

His desire for my mother grew stronger with time. He was no longer thinking about money; his sole focus was on my mother and how to thrash her.

Time passed, as did 96 days. Nonetheless, there was no sexual attraction between them. But Yusuf had succeeded in developing a wonderful personal relationship with my mother, and my mother, who had never talked to anyone much before, began to discuss everything with Yusuf, including her personal and emotional feelings. This scared me a little, but with only four days till the deadline, I was still relieved.

The next day, during a general talk, I told Yusuf that if he accepted his defeat, I would not seek 2 lakh rupees from him. Yusuf responded confidently, “Just give me 10 more days and I will make your mother my whore, or else I will pay you 10 lakh instead of 2 lakh.”

I was astonished when I heard this, but I agreed to 10 lakh. But I made a condition that he provide adequate proof that he fucked my mother.

“Today, I will install at least ten cameras in your home to film the action,” he agreed. Then he fixed the cameras in my house, and all of them were nicely hidden so that Mom wouldn’t notice.

Days went by. Yusuf’s lust for my mother had reached a fever pitch with only 5 days to go. He began to become frustrated, and it was obvious on his face. In his desperation, he made a few half-hearted attempts, but they all failed. This made me pleased.

He didn’t come to my house the next day, so I assumed he’d given up. However, around 12:30 a.m., the doorbell rang, and Mom opened the gate. Mom was taken aback to find Yusuf there at that time. He appeared to be sad, so Mom summoned him inside and asked him what was wrong. Yusuf said that he needs my mother’s assistance.

“Tell me,” Mom urged. You are close to me, and you can tell me anything.”

Yusuf said that he was stressed and needed some respite. Then mom said, “Okay, let’s go see some movies and you’ll feel better.”

She switched on the television and began watching a movie. An intimate scene appeared in the film at 1:10 a.m., and Yusuf took advantage of it by placing his hand on mom’s legs. Mom didn’t say anything. Yusuf became more confident as a result, and he placed his other hand on mom’s back.

After a few seconds, he began to rub both hands together. Susheela sprang up and yelled at him, “What are you doing?!”

“I love you, Susheela, and I want to communicate my love to you,” he said.

Mom said that she liked him as well, but that this was not possible. Yusuf, on the other hand, attempted to kiss Susheela. Then she slapped him hard and yelled angrily, “You son of a bitch, I mistook you for a decent guy, but you’re just a street dog.” “Leave my house and fuck your mother,” she hit him again.

This enraged Yusuf, and he grabbed her and began kissing her firmly. Mom was battling him, but Yusuf, who stood 6 feet 2 inches tall and was a martial arts specialist and athlete, plainly controlled her. He began kissing her neck and squeezing mom’s enormous boobs with one hand while grabbing mom by the shoulders with the other. After about 5 minutes, he ripped the nightgown mum was wearing to shreds with one jerk. Susheela was now dressed in nothing but a black bra and a black panty. Mom was in complete amazement when he scooped her up and carried her up to the master bedroom, where he flung her on the bed.

Mom realized she’d made a mistake by slapping this beast. “Sorry Yusuf, please just leave me,” she begged in front of Yusuf. “I am a married lady.”

But Yusuf didn’t give up. He began licking his mother’s entire body. From above the bra, he began to bite mom’s boobs. After sucking and kissing her entire body, he abruptly ripped the bra with his teeth, and with one tremendous jerk, her bra was flying in bits and one of the world’s wonders emerged.

Yusuf was taken aback when he saw mom’s lovely boobs and exclaimed, “You bitch, how dare you to keep these from me for so long.”

Then he pounced on them like a ravenous lion. For the next 20 minutes, he bit her and kissed her. Mom was certainly enjoying herself at this point.

Then, after a few love bites to mum, he began to take the panty out. But then his mother grabbed his hand and said, “Please Yusuf, I love you but leave me.” Not right now.”

You will only beg for my cock from now on,” Yusuf replied.

He tore her pantyhose in half and then began to move his face towards mom’s pussy, which was covered in little hairs. It had to have been shaved 20-30 days prior.

My mother simply closed her eyes as she expected Yusuf to go after her pussy. Yusuf, on the other hand, grabbed her ass cheek with both hands, lifted her, and began to lick her asshole. She was both surprised and delighted because it was her first encounter of this kind. Then he began to lick both his asshole and his pussy at the same time.

Mom was now groaning loudly, “Aaa oooh hhhh ohhh ohhh.”

He kept doing this for the next 15 minutes until she hit her climax. She began to grip the bedsheet tightly before releasing her love juice. Yusuf drank them and cleaned her for the following 5 minutes.

Then he rose and stripped naked. He had a dark complexion and ripped muscles all over his body. He had a cock that measured between 8.5 and 9 inches.

Mom’s eyes were wide open as she stared at him. Mom was terrified, but before she could react, Yusuf inserted his massive cock’s head into the opening of her hole. Then he gave a firm push, and the enormous rod’s head was in. Mom was exhaling heavily. Then, in another push, almost 60% of his cock was inside, and mom began to wail in agony.

“Please, Yusuf, you’re going to break my pussy!

“At this age, you’re suggesting I’ll break you,” Yusuf answered with a smirk. Have you never been fucked before, bitch? You must have been fucked by at least 100 men up to this point.”

“No, just one man has ever fucked me, and that man is Vikrant’s father.”

Then Yusuf remarked, “So now I’ll show you what a genuine guy is.”

By saying this, he drew some of his cock out and then used his full might. This time, everything was in, and Mom was screaming like there was no tomorrow.

Then Yusuf began with soft strokes, and as mum began to enjoy himself, he increased his speed, and the entire room was filled with “Pooch pooch pooch” sounds.

Aaaaah eeeehh oooohhh such yuuusssuuuuff iii love you, I love uuuu aaaaah eeeehh oooohhh such yuuusssuuuuff iii love you, I love uuuu aaaa

After ten minutes, he forced Mom to change positions and pose in a doggy position, and Mom followed him by jumping, to which Yusuf said,

“Now you’re in your true position, the position of a bitch,” he said as he resumed drilling her. She was about to orgasm when Yusuf said, “Say you are Yusuf’s slut, say it loud and clear.”

“ooohhh absolutely I am,” Mom answered. Your slut..Your slut.

Yusuf then raised his speed even further. He kept slamming my mother. After 40 minutes of their furious sex session, he had banged and spanked her so hard that her ass had turned crimson. Finally, he let go inside my mother. Then he grabbed his dress and walked out of my house.

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