Seduced a Married Lady


Seduced a Married Lady

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Hello, my name is Sourabh, and I’d like to tell you about an incident that occurred approximately a year ago that inspired me to become a boy toy. This occurred while I was working at a multinational corporation in Bangalore. I had to share my cubicle with this lovely lady named Sushmita, who was around 31 years old. She was married with a 4-year-old son. I can’t tell you how well-groomed she was despite having a son. She had the perfect figure of 36 – 32 – 36, and her stunning smile could entice any guy. I’ve had feelings for her since the first time I met her, and I’ve resolved to become closer to her.

As a result, being her cubicle mate aided me greatly in gaining her trust. We used to take coffee breaks together and speak over food and coffee. When I started telling her about my personal life, about my girlfriends and relationships, I could practically feel the sparkle in her eye.

After much persuasion, she finally began to open up about her personal life, claiming that her husband does not trust her and that they are having marital troubles. I lent my kind ear to her, listening to her and showing compassion for her. Since then, we’ve grown so close that she’s started inviting me to her house for lunch.

But I rejected, citing the possibility that her husband may object and cause problems at home. She was touched by my compassion and pinched my cheek hard. I must admit that the pinch was more pleasurable than painful, and it turned me on.

So far, so good, until the day our workplace celebrated Halloween. Sushmita couldn’t dress up as much because she was married, but she stole a knee-length skirt from a colleague and wore it. Everyone had to take a second look at her since she was so stunning. She extended her skirt and asked me, in a very lewd tone, how she looked.

This turned me on so much that I drew her chair close to mine, put her hands in mine, and said, “If only you were single, I would say I love you.”

She burst out laughing and grabbed my thighs tightly. When her laugh became slower, I took her palms in mine and said, “I mean it,” and she stopped laughing. I attempted crouching to kiss her palm, but she was too quick to draw out her hand and begin working. Things went back to normal for a few days until she called me after our shift and said she needed to talk. I went back to work and headed to the cafeteria where she was.

As I began to move towards her, a lot of thoughts raced through my head. Then I sat down next to her, and she informed me that she was leaving her job for personal reasons. I was devastated when I realized I was about to lose her and would no longer be able to see her, smell her hair, or enjoy her companionship.

Sushmita told me she had about two weeks till her relieving date, and I was just sitting here numb. She claimed that her husband became so dissatisfied with her situation that he forced her to quit her job and stay at home.

“Sushmita, I shall miss you a lot yaar, don’t go,” I held her. I could see her tears welling up in her eyes, and she pledged to keep in touch with me even after she resigned from her work. And when I tried to help her, she couldn’t understand why her spouse was such a jerk.

Sushmita kissed my cheeks as she thanked me for being with her during her employment. She insisted that I join her for lunch that weekend because her husband and in-laws would be away. I reluctantly accepted her invitation, but on the inside, I was ecstatic to go to her house and spend time with her.

So I was looking forward to that day, and it finally came.

I dressed in my favorite pair of trousers and a white t-shirt and arrived at her house about 11 a.m. My breath was taken away when she opened the door. She wore a blue saree with a matching blouse, mascara on her eyelids, and her hair was left open.

Because her blouse was getting wet from her hair, I assumed she had just gotten out of the shower. She let me in and quickly shut the door so the neighbors wouldn’t see.

I got down on my knees and pulled a rose from my pocket while she had her back to me. She was taken aback by my performance and needed a moment to recover. She dropped down on her knees and embraced me hard while licking my ear. That was so sexy that I got a boner right away. But I was able to keep it from her, and she got up and went to the kitchen to put the rose in some water.

I followed her to the kitchen, watching her ass bounce as she walked. Guys, I can’t tell you how much she turns me on. She placed the rose in water, and I took a seat at the kitchen counter, watching her cook and walk around.

Sushmita began inquiring about my personal life and whether or not I had met a girlfriend. I simply said no and remained silent.

She understood my anguish and told me that I would find a girl who deserved me and that I would not feel lonely or sad till she was with me.

After saying this, she turned her back on me and began cooking. I noticed a wet patch on her top and her back shining from her wet hair.

I simply approached her and stood behind her, peering over her shoulder while she cooked. I could see her deep cleavage in that pose, and fuck, was it just arousing.

I kept staring at her cleavage while my dick hardened and poked her ass. She realized what was going on and backed away, brushing my dick with her ass. I just stood there, embarrassed and trying to cover my boner with my hands, which was showing through my jeans.

Her son awoke and came into the kitchen, stating he needed to use the restroom. She rushed him to the restroom and assisted him in removing his pants. And assisted him in cleaning up and washing.

I was just staring at her, at her hands wiping his dick and playing with it. “Sushmita, don’t touch him so much, yaar,” I said. “Are you going to turn him into a man so soon?”

“Don’t worry, Sourabh,” she said, chuckling. He won’t grow up that quickly, at least not by the time you become a man,” he said, winking at me.

I responded by asking if she was flirting with me. As a result, she blushed and looked at me from the corner of her eye.

She asked me to accompany her to the dining table while she cleaned him and went to buy lunch.

I took a seat at the table, and she joined me after a few moments. We ate lunch, then sat down on the couch to watch TV. I was merely staring at her out of the corner of my eye while she was watching television. “Sourabh, what are you looking at so much?” she questioned abruptly.”You,” I said in response.”You’ve been doing that since you came here,” she said. “Are you crazy about me?”

“You have no idea,” I say.

As soon as I said that, I grabbed a seat next to her and kissed her hand, saying, “Sushmita, please don’t leave the firm, I won’t find someone like you no matter what I do,” and kissing her hand. I could feel her breathing becoming heavier, which prompted me to kiss her once again.

I kissed her again, working my way up her arms, to her cheek, and kissing the side of her lips. Meanwhile, thanks to her saree, my hand began to creep up her open stomach. She turned her head and looked me in the eyes. I stared deeply into her eyes, gently approaching her lips, and then abruptly stopping. I could feel her hot, heavy breath on my skin, and she was ecstatic.

She kissed my lips as I was just standing there, in front of her lips, staring into her eyes. Even though she only kissed my lips, this was the green light I was looking for.

Simultaneously, I planted a kiss on her neck and began softly licking her neck. The other hand began to slide up and cup her bra. We couldn’t take it any longer after she let out a little groan.

I turned her around and kissed her brow, eyes, cheeks, and finally her large lips. We had progressed from a soft kiss to a passionate kiss in a matter of minutes, and we were playing with each other’s tongues. I unclipped her hair and began sucking her saliva and tongue. We broke the kiss to breathe, and I remarked, “I completely rely on you, Sushmita,” and she blushed in shyness. With that reaction, I gradually raised her top, revealing her black bra. I took off her earrings, bangles, and chain and began kissing her neck and cupping her breasts. I could feel her stiff nipples in her bra, and those were the softest things I’d ever touched. I took her bra down after removing her straps with my teeth. When I lifted my hand, she stripped off my shirt and stripped me naked. When I hugged her, body heat flowed from one to the other, and we were in another universe. I made her lie down and took off her pants and pantyhose. She was right there! The birthday girl in her birthday gown, patiently waiting for me to devour and consume completely. She had hair in her pussy and armpits, which is just how I like it.

I wanted to start at the bottom, so I kissed and sucked her toes and ankles before moving up to her thighs, inner thighs, and eventually her love bush. She was very wet, and the stench was driving me insane. I inserted my tongue as deeply as I could and used my lips to bite her pussy lips. She was completely out of control and was messing with my hair.

Her navel was the next target. I couldn’t stop myself from biting her, and she jumped with a jerk. I pressed my hands against her breasts and began licking her armpits. Her sweat and the deo were driving me insane, so I forced her to lie down on me. She put her hands on my junior because the touch of a woman can turn a junior into a senior. I was already in pain from being erect for so long, so I forced her to lie down in the 69 positions. I believe she hesitated for a while, but as soon as I slid my tongue into her pussy, she seized me in her mouth and bit me. She massaged my balls and licked my tip with her hands. I knew I couldn’t hold her any longer and forced her to lie down in a regular position. Sushmita was dripping wet, and I assumed she had cum, so it was simple for me to insert my dick into her. Although I inserted gently, I began pounding her pussy wall harder. She was groaning a lot, and I was sucking her nipples so hard that I could nearly see her eyes well up with tears! She put her legs on my buttocks and tightened them so I could go further.

After about 15 minutes, I took mine off and instructed her to turn around. Her ass was quite large, so getting in from behind was a bit tough. I then forced her to widen her ass and insert her pussy from behind. We both became thrilled, and I was tugging her hair with one hand, caressing her breast with the other, and pinching her nipple with the third. I felt my balls swelling up after a long fuck, so I removed them again.

Sushmita had cum numerous times at this point, but I was ready to explode. She stated she’d make me cum, but she pleaded with me not to wind up cumming in her pussy and causing tensions later. She said she’d give me a blowout, but I had other plans. I forced her to lie down and began tongue fucking her. When I hit her throat, she’d shout stop, and I could feel my balls bursting again. I begged her to bite me, and she agreed because I was finger fucking her. Both came together, and her mouth was nearly full of my come, with the remainder I stuffed into her breasts. We were exhausted after 40 minutes of lovemaking.

We’re still in touch, and we meet up regularly when her spouse is away.

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