Late night fun with Father-in-Law


I’m Suman and I’m a 38 year old married woman. I’m not much sexually satisfied with my Husband.

My father in law always tried to touch me whenever I was in the kitchen or went to his room to give him something.

One day I was feeling extremely horny and my husband was not in the mood. I was feeling anxious so I went to the kitchen to get some water. I saw my father in law on the couch in the living room, stroking his dick from top of his lungi.

I gave him a smile and went to the kitchen. He got up and went to the attached washroom.

I thought of something and I went towards the washroom to get a look of him.

I was standing outside and I went to the bathroom and I was alone with my father-in-law now. He was standing in the washroom in his dhoti only with his hand on his cock. When he saw me standing all alone in the washroom with him, he became even hot and held me by my neck and pushed his legs against mine. I was shocked at the sudden push that he gave to me. He said to me “I have never fucked anyone since your mother in law had died”.. After saying this, he pulled me down against the wall and lowered down his dhoti.. he went straight to the my crotch area and due to his hot touches on my body, I was getting wet all over my pussy as well. While touching my crotch area this time he felt my wetness over my pajamas and started to run his fingers on my pussy on top of my pajamas like a hungry beast looking for meat.

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The he undid the knot and his hand went inside, He made me spread my thighs wide enough for his fingers to reach my clitoris and I moaned all of a sudden due to his quick action. He started pushing in his fingers and I was getting turned on by his finger fucks.

My husband my asleep in the room and I was in the washroom getting touched by my father in law. This was the first time I had been touched by some man other than my husband…

He then took off my pajamas, bent on the toilet seat he took his dick out of his dhoti and started to rub it on my ass crack. His left hand were now nicely stroking my breasts from top of my kurti. I felt my nipples becoming extremely hard.

He was rubbing his cock back n forth on my ass cheeks and along with that he was stroking my boobs with both hands. He was touching them like he had touched boobs after a very long time. He now wanted to kiss my lips so he pushed my closer towards his face. I came closer to his wrinkled face and put his lips on top of mine. I kissed him with closed lips first. “Ummmmmmmmaaaaahhhhhh ummmmmahh ummmahhh ummmahhh ummmahh” He kissed me back with more force and opened my lips to kiss me hard.

His kisses felt very weak to me at first so I started kissing him more passionately and wildly. “Ummmmahhh ummahh ummahhhhhh umaaahhh ummmahhh”

His hand was still running on my boobs and he said to me “Nangi ho ja (get naked)”

I put his hands on my kurti and made him take off my shirt. Now he was taking it off of my body and still rubbing his naked cock on my pajamas.

I was in my bra now. My kurti was on the floor. I had 36D size boobs. He couldn’t resist my boobs so he immediately took off my bra as well.

His hands were running on my buttocks and they were completely wet and his fingers coming in and out making weak noises, he took his fingers out and put them in his mouth to taste my pussy juices. He liked the taste of my pussy juice so he wanted to taste more of it then. Now he was fucking my pussy with his fingers while kissing and sucking my boobs. I was making faint moaning noises as he kept on fucking me with his fingers.

finger touch continued with the next 30 min and then I started feeling like I’m going wild in sexual pleasure and I had a wild orgasm and tightened my thighs and had a wild hot orgasm in the washroom with my father in law’s fingers fucking my pussy.

Now he stood up and he stood behind me. Then he pulled me to him and his mouth locked me, I felt his fingers and touching my asss, trying to get into my mouth

I opened my mouth and he was filling my mouth with all his saliva, when he kissed me he lifted my hips, his hands reached my chest and pushed me to the bottom as I lay there he started to wrap my legs and put his head on top of my crotch, he started to make me hot by kissing and licking me. He licked my pussy from above went down and continued down again with his tongue like a wild dog.

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He started to made circles in my ass hole which sent shivers down my body, it made me so horny that I

wanted his dick inside my pussy hole. He started pushing his dick on my ass hole but it was too tight for him to fuck.

At that moment he lowered my head and told me to suck his dick.

Now my head was all over his dick and I was blowing on his dick and his dick was going all inside my mouth like a lollypop. His dick was old but he still had stamina to get horny and fuck wild.

“Mmhm hmmhmmm mhmmm mmmmhhh mhhhmmmm hmmm mhhhmm” I was making noises n moans while sucking on his old dick.

Now he laid down n told me to sit on his face. I sat on his face and he started licking the pussy juices with his tongue. His face was wet with my juice from the hole and he was enjoying licking my pussy with all its drops on his mouth.. I had another orgasm while he was sucking my juices,

He was 55 years old so his penis was a bit loose like that. I watched he came forward holding his penis in one hand and the other in pulling my head

he looked at his cock, and soon his cock was touching my lips and he asked me to suck it again, this was my second time sucking his cock, when I opened my mouth he pushed his hard cock up to my throat and started stroking me, with his pre cum my taste The saliva has increased and I felt my saliva all over his cock,

just a few minutes later I heard my father in law moan hard and he came hard in my mouth. My mouth was filled with his sperm into my mouth, that half I swallowed half of it, as he removed his cock from my mouth he pressed me on the floor and came over me and started rubbing his dripping semen on my lips. Since I was all naked, I could feel his last drops falling on my thighs, he was so big and thin and I felt like a big beast to me, I swallowed every other drop of cum in my mouth, got up and he again licked my pussy of all the dripping juices and this time he started to stroke his dick in my pussy hole.

He started pushing it inside hard and hard and I was getting fucked hard by his dick on the floor by him.

I kept moaning ah ahhh ahhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhh ahhhh ahhh ahhhhh ahhh ahhhh ahhh and he increased his speed of fucking my cunt.

He was thrusting my cunt with his old cock and I was moaning hard by his fucks.

He kept fucking me for almost 15 minutes with more and more speed and kept on fucking my pussy hard. There was loud fucking sounds in the washroom and we both were moaning hard and hard. “ahhh ahhhhh ahhhh ah ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh yess fuckkk fuckk fuckk fuckk ah ahhhh hard ahh ahhh” and then all of his cum unloaded in my pussy with a strong jerk and my whole body jerked hard with his push. “Ahhhhhh AAhhhhh AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

He got up and said good night to me.

I also stood up, washed my pussy with some water and went back to room and I slept with my husband who was deep asleep.

When I woke up he hugged me and started to kiss me half sleepy. I got up at 6 in the morning I had a bath and got fresh, as hubby had to go to work at 9 in the morning, I saw my father-in-law go downstairs at  and wished me good morning and I went to read the newspaper,

I couldn’t find the courage to see each other immediately after what happened last night. After my husband had gone to work, I closed the door and I felt my father-in-law come from behind hugging me, I felt him kissing and lovingly sucking my neck from behind, and his hands caressed my breasts, I felt that sexual tension build up in me,

his right hand lifted my beautiful nighty and his hands reached for my dress and he asked me to open my legs and do it and his hands went inside my pants and started playing with my clitoris, soon I felt that the penis was all wet, he removed his hand and took me to my bedroom and lifted my nighty over my head I was standing before him with only my pants,

as he knelt down he took off my panty and kissed my asshole and both hands were holding my ass from behind, then we both got all naked and then our bodies hugged and we started to kiss passionately for a while, he pushed me gently on the bed I opened my thighs and pressed the finger inside the hole of my wet pussy.

He flipped me over and came on top of my back. He lifted my left leg up and started to push his dick inside by fast motions of fucking. It started getting hard going inside my pussy and with every push of dick I moaning louder and louder.

“ahhhhh ahh ahh ahh ahh AHH AH”

Now he took it all out and forced the dick in my mouth to make me suck hard on it.

I started to suck it like a bitch and kept on sucking on it hard and hard. Now after sucking hard for 10 minutes he was about to cum. He came in my mouth again. His white cum was loaded in my mouth which I swallowed all of it. Then we took a shower together and slept in each other’s arms.


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