Pune Train Trip With My Girlfriend Sana


It was the middle of August. My girlfriend of 4 years had come to see me in Mumbai. We were in a long distance relationship and keeping up with the physical meetup became quite difficult due to the hectic work routine of both of us. I used to work in a private company in Mumbai, and Sana used to work in a Bank in Bangalore. We had a mutual friend’s wedding coming up in Pune, so Sana decided to come to Mumbai so we can go to the wedding together.


Sana was 25 years old, fair skinned,  5″4 heighted, Kashmiri girl. She had long brown hair which she used to tie up mostly in a hair bun. She loved to wear salwar suits and it really enhanced her figure and body type. She had a quite well maintained body and her figure was 34-25-34.

I belong to a Punjabi family and my name is Sahir. I’m 6″ tall with a whiteish complexion.

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We met each other at a bar in Mumbai. I payed for her drinks and fell in love with her laughter and smile. She was a girl full of life and happiness. We spent a whole week together in Mumbai but then our relationship turned out to be long distance due to her work in Bangalore.


Sana came at 5am to my place and we had our train ticket for 6am for Pune. I had my bags packed and she was already with a suitcase.

She was wearing a light yellow sleeveless kamez with salwar. Her 34B boobs were looking extremely attractive in the salwar suit.


When we sat in the train, it was still early morning. We had the corner seats and we were alone in our cabin. When the train started moving, I made myself even closer to Sana. I whispered in her ears “I love you, I missed seeing you”. While saying that، I started running my fingers softly on her bare arms. She made a soft “mmhm ah” sound as I moved fingers slowly from her arms towards her neck.

I got even closer to her and started to feel her beautiful neck with my fingertips. My slow moves were making Sana turned on as well. She started to close her eyes and let me tease her even more.

I ran my fingers from her neck to her shoulder, pulling down her kamez from the shoulder, just a little bit. My other hand rested on her waist and I pulled her even closer to me.


As her eyes were closed, I put my mouth near her ears, and bit her earlobe softly. My warm breath on her skin, and the bite on her earlobe made her moan softly “ahhh sa..hi..r….. Mmhmhmm”

She started to run her fingers on the back of my neck, making my head rest on her ears even harder. I started to bite the back of her ears with a bit more pressure which she absolutely enjoyed. My hands started to run all over her back while sucking on her earlobes. Her kamez had a zip in the back, which I unzipped while still sucking and kissing her neck.

Sana had closed her eyes but I could sense the immense pleasure that she was feeling because of my touches. She was moaning softly as I kept touching her beautiful body.

Now I put my lips on her lips and started to give her a deep lip kiss. “Ummmmhhhhhhhhahhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmmaaaahhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ummmmmmmmmhhhaaaa”

I bit her top lip while sucking the lower lip and kissing her passionately and wildly.

“Ummmhahhhhhhhh ahhhh ummmmmmmmmahhhhhhhhhhhh”

I opened her lips with my lips and searched for her tongue.

My tongue overlapped with her tongue and I started to suck her tongue in between my lips while kissing her deeply. “Uhhhhhmmhmm ahhhhmmmmhmmmm ummmmahhhhhh ahhhhhh babyyyyy ahhhhhh”

I put my hands on her neck while pulling her lips in between mine and sucking every bit of her soft lip.

“Ummmmmmahhhhhhhhh babbbbyyyyyyyy”


Now I unzipped her shirt from the back, my hand leaned on the strip of her brassiere. I slowly unhooked it, knowing that we both were alone in the cabin and it’s safe to go down the route of love and romance.

She put her hand on top of my hand while I kept rubbing the back with my fingertips.

“Sana.. do want me to love you?” I whispered to her while touching her from top of her back to bottom till hip line.

“Yes, Sa..hi..r… Pl..eas..e..” she whispered back while she wasn’t able to control her rushing emotions.


I lowered her down to the seat, making her lay down while me coming on top of her. I pulled her shirt low from the top, exposing her dark blue brassier which were making her 34D boobs even sexier.

I pulled the shirt down till her naval, and now I started to kiss the top of her neck. “Mmmhm ahhhh mmmmhhhmmmummmhhmm…..” She kept moaning and pushing my head onto her neck even more. I took off her bra and put it aside.

“Wow !!” I said while sucking the top of her left boob, and squeezing the right one with my hand.

“Uhmmhmmmmhm ahhhhumm hmmmmhmmmm ahhhh ummmhmmmm mmhummmhmm Sa…h…i…r… Ahhhhummmm……”

Her nipples were dark brown and they were erected which made me even turned on.

I took the top of her nipple in between my teeth and gave it a strong bite

“Ahhhhhhhh SAHIR !!!!!!!!” Sana almost screamed and I put a hand on her lips quickly.

I locked her lips with mine to make her voice low, I kept kissing her passionately while my hand kept playing with her sexy boobs which were inviting me to suck hard on them.

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I put my two fingers inside her lips for her to suck on them, while I started to suck hard on her left boob. I kept swinging between the left and right boob and kept sucking on both of them, while biting the nipples as well.

Now my tongue started to go low on her, and starting to lick her goddess like sexy body till I reached her naval.

She was getting sexually excited as well and kept pushing my head as I kept licking the beautiful body of hers.

I ran my tongue in circles, around her navel, in her belly button.

“Ummmhmmmmmmhhmmm Ahhhhhhh AHHHHH Sahir….. Yes…….. Ahhh !! ”

I could feel her salwar getting wet because of the foreplay, and my hands slid her salwar down till her knees.


Now she was in her panties only. The bottom of her panties was extremely wet as she kept moaning for me. “Sa..hi..r pl..ease……… ”

I slid down her panties with my teeth.

Her pussy was hairless, and felt velvety soft to my lips. I started to lick her down

“Sahir yes….. Yes….. Ahhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhh uhhhmmhmmmmahhh ”

I started rolling my tongue round and round around her beautiful pussy which was dripping wet for me.

My tongue wanted to go all inside her soft pussy which was as wet as a pussy could be.

Her juices felt so good to my tongue. I pulled her leg up a bit to make her pussy open up even more. “….uhhhh ahhhhhhhh ummhmmmm hahhhhh ahhh ahhhhhhhh babyyyyy !”

I pushed my tongue in and kept eating out the delicious pussy.

“Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh Sahirrrrrr”

She pushed my head on top of the pussy even hard while I kept pushing my tongue inside her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssss Sahhhhhhhhhirrrrrr yesssssss”

My lips now started to bite the pussy a bit to give her even more pleasure with my tongue.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bite hard babyyyyy”

“Babyyyyy ahhhhhhhhhhhhh”

I pulled my head up from her pussy

Now I opened up the zip of my pants and my 6.5″ dick was already hard enough to fuck anything in the sight.

I sat on the top of Sana and she started to suck on my dick like a lolly pop.

She took it all inside her mouth and started to suck hard on the dick. The sound of her sucking on my dick made me even hornier.

“Uhhhhm uhmmmm uhhh uhhhhahhhh ahhhmm ahh uhm uhh ohmmmhhmm “.

“Suck it hard Sana”

I pushed my dick inside her mouth which she kept sucking wildly with her spit dripping all down.

My dick was reaching the back of her throat which she kept taking in and the blowjob turned into a hot mouth fuck which I kept giving to her.

Now I put her down again. Opening her legs wide open for me. I sat on top of her while thrusting my dick inside her pussy.

“Ahhh Sanaaaa ahhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhu uhhhhm ahhhhhh Sanaaaaa yes !!! ”

“Sahir ahhh fuckkk yes yessss yessss fuck ahhhh yesss Sahir don’t stop baby ahhhh ahh fuck hard ahhh Sahir yessssss yesss babyy ohhhh ahhhh”

I kept pushing my dick inside her dripping wet pussy which made it go inside her pussy even easy.

“Sahir don’t stop Ahhhhhh Ahhh please Ahhhhh please don’t stop Ahhhhhh”

I pulled her leg up and started to thrust my dick inside her pussy even harder. “Ahhhhhh yeahhhh yeahhhhh Ahhhhhh”

“I love you baby ahhh” I kept pushing it harder and harder without stopping. My dick was going deep inside her and she was being fucked hard while she was moaning hard and hard for me.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh ahhhhhhh Sahir yesssssssss”

I increased my speed, fucking her with more speed now and my every push became faster and faster.

I kept looking at her eyes while fucking her harder with every push I gave to her.

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Now I put her legs on my shoulder, making the position for my dick in her pussy again and started pushing my dick in her pussy hole again.

“Ahhhhh youuuuu are sex goddesss ahhhhh I loveeee fuckinnggg youuu Sanaaa”

I kept pushing it harder with every push I gave to her pussy which kept dripping it juices for me.

Now I took my dick all out and pushed it inside her with full force again, fucking her pussy even harder.

“Ahhhhhhhhh Sahirrrrrrr”


“I’m about to cum Sana”

“Yes Ahhhhh I’m about to as well Ahhhh don’t stopppppp Sahirrrr” “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SANAAAAA AHHHHHH”

I gave the last push and came all inside her pussy.

Her body jerked and she squirted all over as well.


I took out tissues from my bag and cleaned up all the mess we have made.

We laid down beside each other and tried to have some sleep for the rest of the journey towards Pune.


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