First time with the Boss


Hi my name is Anita. I’m writing this story which happened between me and my boss when I first joined his company. We had an important event coming up in the office, so my boss called me to his office and said,” Anita I know you have a good dressing sense. Why not you go shopping with me in the evening so we can get some event dresses?” I agreed to it and said, “Sure sir”.

I got dressed for the evening and he picked me up for the shopping. While we were sitting in the car, he kept on looking at me with a very sharp gaze.

Professor ke sath chudai

He then placed one of his hands on my cleavage with one hand on my waist. He turned to me and looked me in the eye with love. I had a fear on my face. I just don’t understand what’s going on. My boss then approached me and hugged me on the forehead!

Gaurav: Anita, I have loved you ever since I saw you.

I just could not react. I went back and said to him, “This is not the right place” He asked if I liked him too. This time, I hugged back and told that I really loved ever since I have seen and been around him. After that, we bought clothes and went to the car park. We went out for a long drive and had dinner again.

It was 11pm, and he told me he wanted coffee, so we moved on to my house. He sat on the sofa and I got him coffee. Then I go to the kitchen to get the cups sorted.

He then came over and suddenly hugged me from behind. He kissed my neck, then pulled my ears and began to suck. I started breathing heavily. Then wrapped the arms around my stomach and whispered, “Anita, you’re so beautiful.” He was holding me tight in his arms.

Gaurav: Why are you sweating Anita?

Me: I’m scared and nervous……

He took out his handkerchief and wiped the sweat from my clothes. He grabbed my face and slowly pulled it closer to his own. He began to kiss me. I held him and reciprocated with his kiss. He lifted me up and sat me on the slab. With great love, we continued to kiss each other. It was the most passionate and hot kiss I ever had. First, there was the lower lip sucking, then the upper lip. He started to bite my lower lip with his teeth while pushing his tongue inside my mouth and opening up my mouth and kissing me wildly.

We pressed our bodies against each other. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly. To catch our breath, we break the kiss. In the meantime, I kept on pressing his head on my neck which turned me on.

We kept on kissing and smooching each other, Smiling at each other. My boss came down to my neck and kissed it again, biting it lightly. He took me in the same position and put me on the sofa. He made me sit on his lap and rubbed my ass while we kissed madly. Slowly, he unbuttoned my shirt and threw it away.

My boss kissed my neck, then, my shoulder and bit my earlobes. I pressed his face on my earlobe as he kept on biting me. I close my eyes and breathe heavily. I even began unbuttoning his shirt. With his teeth, he lowered my bra straps. At the time, I used to wear tight-fitting tops, so my breasts would not come out. My boss started kissing my boobs over the top of the bra itself.


He removed the bra and was surprised to see my big bosoms come out. He want to suck on them and wanted me to breastfeed him like a baby. We both laughed on this silly thing and I made him press his head on my boobs, giving me a good suck. At that moment I started to moan. He tried to take all this boob with his mouth which was in vain. I laughed at this, which made him bite my nipple hard. I shouted with excitement and joy. He smiled at this. However, I was going absolutely insane with excitement.

My boss tried to kiss me, on my lower boobs. I pushed him down and held him tight on my body. I gave him a wild smooch and hugged him. He had his hands on my ass. He was cupping my ass cheeks with his hands and his hands were rubbing on my ass in a very sexy way that it made me aroused at peak.

I slowly unzipped my pants. I took off his trousers as well, including his briefs. My boss’s 7-inch monster cock was huge and it was like an iron rod. This was the first time I had ever seen a cock naked in-front of me.

Widowed Professor

He pushed me down and told me to suck on the cock. I was hesitant at first. But in sexual excitement, I really wanted to try sucking on the cock. I held it in between my hands. It was so hard and  huge in size.

I kissed the tip of the cock, then sat down and licked it like a lollipop. I was sucking it up a little bit. He held my hair in his hand, tied with his fingers. He moved a little and gave me thrush. I stood up and exclaimed, “Ahhhhhhh do it harder”

My boss pulled me to him and kissed me. He turned me around and put my crotch in his mouth. We were in 69 and I was on the top of him. He slowly started licking my pussy. I was getting aroused so hard.

As he kept on licking my pussy, I was pushing his head on my pussy and was moaning harder and harder.

My boss started choking me his dick and I moaned loudly. He was holding me tight. He then was kept licking and biting and sucking until I came and fell on top of her. He took me in his arms and kissed me again.

My boss now lovingly hugged me and took me in his arms and led me to my room. He turned on a small light and looked at me. He took the Vaseline that had been stored on my dressing table and smeared it on his hard cock head.

He parted my legs and began to kiss me. He was kissing me very deep and very passionately, he put his dick on the top of my pussy and began to thrust it hard with the pushes of his dick. His dick was very slippery due to my saliva and the Vaseline he had put on it. He was trying to push it inside my pussy and I was screaming with the pain and excitement. I gritted my teeth and tried to control the pain. The pain was unbearable. He tried to insert a little. “It’s just a matter of seconds. Please.” Me: “It really hurts.”

Now he increased his speed of thrusting his dick inside me and in one fast thrust, it went half inside my pussy. I was screaming hard with pain and pleasure and he kept on increasing his speed as he kept on pushing it deeper and deeper inside me,

Hindi Sexy Story


My boss hugged and pinned me to the wall, opposite the mirror. He lifted me up, and I wrapped my legs around him. His cock was pushed hard by him on my pussy and it was inside me. He was kissing at the same time. It was very painful. I cried for a while.

Now he started slapping my ass with his hands while fucking me hard. He would put the dick in and out. Gradually, I began to enjoy it and was moving my body at a faster pace as well. I kept on moaning madly, shouting his name, “Yesss babe, fuck me more. Yes !! Ahhhh. Come on Ahhhh, make me your cunt ahhhhhhhh. Yesss Ahhh Ill cum ahhhh ahhhh! ”

His dick was very hard and it was giving me the immense pleasure of my life. I was getting fucked hard by my boss and I was enjoying every bit of it.

After that, we switched the position and made me sit on top of him and ride his dick. I started jumping hard on his dick and he slapped my boobs and pussy while fucking me harder and harder. He hit me hard with his slaps on my ass while his dick was fucking me hard. He put his hands on my hips and continued. After 15 minutes and about an hour of continuous fucking, he came all inside fell next to me. We hugged again and I fell asleep beside him.

We woke up the next day and gave each other morning kiss. He asked me to make him coffee which I did, and we had breakfast together.

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