Jija Ji Fucked Me


Jija Ji fucked me while my sister was asleep

Hi friends my name is Raji, this is a story about one nightstand with my jija ji. My sister Rhea is married to Vinod for the last 5 years. They live in our neighborhood and often visit us, we do the same. Rhea has a lean body, with normal tits and good height.  On the other hand, I am chubby and a little fatty. My boobs are bigger and a beautiful round ass.

Last month I visited them when Rhea was not well and I had to take care of her and manage the kitchen for some time. I greeted them and asked what could I do, Rhea asked me to make the dinner. I went to the kitchen and started prepping for the meal.

I was wearing a shirt and jeans. As I was busy working in the kitchen, Vinod entered the kitchen and bumped into me from behind. His long cock touched my ass and I was terrified.  I got scared and looked at him.

“Got you,” he said smiling. I was confused and just smiled back.

“What are you doing here jija jee,” I asked him.

“I thought I should help you, what do you think?” he replied.

“Alright,” I said.

He started cutting onions and I was doing other chores. He was continuously staring at my round ass. I caught him twice and he just smiled in response. He helped me with the meal and went to the market. I was relieved. He surely had something for me and deep inside I was also lonely. I imagined Vinod fucking me but then I thought of didi and scolded myself. My next task was the laundry. Rhea asked me to wash the clothes and I started doing it. My shirt was long, so I took it off and started washing the clothes. I was wearing a pink bra. I was feeling sexy. I was busy washing the clothes when I heard Vinod saying “ Need any help?”  I was stunned, I put my hands on my boobs to cover them. My bra was tight.

“Don’t be afraid.” He said. He took off his shirt and started helping me. He was in his 30’s but quite fit and handsome. He had a very strong hairy body. I was feeling very shy and didn’t know what to do. He was in front of me washing didi’s bra and I was confused. “Carry on. I am just here to help.” He said in a calmer tone. I took a shirt and started washing it. My boobs were dropping and my cleavage was in front of him.

then kissed me on my belly

I was never this naked before anyone. I was shy but I was feeling so hot. My large breasts were moving with strokes of hands on the shirt. Bubbles of soap were also splashing on my cleavage. My curvy navel was folded due to my sitting position and that flesh had made him lose his mind.

I got up and when I was about to get out he grabbed my hand and placed me against the wall.

“Where are you going, sexy?”

“Let me go bhaiya.”

I asked him.

My eyes were downward. I could feel his hunger for me.


He lifted my face upward and kissed me on my lips. I resisted but he was now holding me. His hands were on my belly area and were moving at a faster pace. He was enjoying my fleshy navel. His tongue was disappearing in my mouth and I was getting horny. He then kissed me on my belly and I moaned.

“I’ll come into your room tonight, don’t lock the door,” he said to me and left.

“But why?” I asked him.

“I want you Raji.” He replied abruptly.

“And what about didi? I can’t cheat on her.” I made clear to him

“Don’t worry about her. She won’t know and it’ll not be cheating.” He replied. He again kissed me on my deep cleavage this time and his warm breath and wet kiss right on my breasts made my heart rush.

“Don’t you want me?” he asked me in a sexy voice.

“Oh I do but,” I said instantly.

“I’ll wait for you then.” He replied and left.

I took a long breath and instantly wore my shirt. I wanted to run away at that moment. But his kiss had made butterflies in my stomach mad for more. I remained silent and waited for the night. I wore my sexiest saree of brown color and was flaunting my assets.  I was so horny and kept thinking about our session again and again. We had dinner at night and I made the tea for all of us. Vinod was looking at me with blazing red eyes burning with desire. He was making me nervous in front of didi but I kept my cool.

We kept talking for several hours. Vinod was watching TV the whole time. I said good night to didi and went to my room.  I left the door open, wearing my sexy saree got into bed.  I kept waiting till midnight but he didn’t show up. My pussy was getting wet and I was so restless. I waited and waited. I kept wondering that maybe it was a test. I also started feeling bad for the didi and scolded myself. I fell asleep thinking.

After some time I felt a hand roaming on my navel. I instantly woke up. It was Vinod.


He had locked the door and now I was going to be fucked and had no way out. He had taken off his clothes and was completely naked. He was kissing my navel, nibbling on it. I was getting horny.   He came on my chest and started licking my cleavage. I was getting mad. Things were moving so fast.

I had lost heart and now he was kissing me like a mad dog eating the meat. He was kissing and biting. Wherever his mouth went, he just left hickeys and scars. My skin was emitting heat now. His kisses and the sensation of his tongue were making me mad. He opened my blouse and put his mouth on my right boob. He kept staring at my dark nipple for a while and then licked it slowly. I gave a soft moan.

He took it in his mouth and started sucking it. My erect nipple was in her mouth and another nipple was in his hands. I was feeling like he had never seen a boob before. He wasn’t just getting enough of them and kept on sucking and licking my huge breasts. He was sucking it like a baby and giving me the chills.


I started roaming my hands on his back and started caressing him. He was licking my breasts now. I kissed his cheek and he replied with a kiss on my lips. I didn’t want that kiss to end but he had other plans now. He started removing my saree and got his hand into my vagina. I gave a long breath and he started massaging my pussy.

I was getting ferocious. My wild side had come outside. “I wanted to fuck you for a long time Raji.” He had fantasized about me from day 1.

He continued “I love Rhea, but I don’t like her boobs. I love your boobs.” I giggled and put my nipple in his mouth again. He was now biting me. He then went for my supple thighs and kissed them. That sensation was taking me over the moon. He licked my thighs to my feet and took my toe in his mouth. I was aroused as hell.

He then moved upward and went for my clean shaved chuut. He sniffed it like a bull and gave me a soft lick. My already wet pussy was now storming. He entered his tongue inside my vagina and I didn’t remember anything more pleasing than this. He was going inside kissing my pussy lips and trying to enter his tongue in my vagina. I was getting horny. I couldn’t take it anymore, I got up.


I went for his long cock that had been touching my belly from the very first moment. I grabbed it and started caressing it. It was getting erect. I came on top and started kissing his hairy chest and my way down to his shaft. I took it in my mouth and started sucking it madly. His cock was barely fitting in my mouth.

I kept sucking it like a slut. I had never seen a real cock and it was my first and the longest one. I was rolling my lips up and down on his cock and feeling the pressure in it. I kept sucking until he took me up and started kissing again. He kissed every pore of my milky skin. He was licking me all the way. He then put my legs on his shoulders and entered, It was very hurting. His long cock was penetrating my barely used pussy.

I stopped him. “I have a solution,” He said and got up. He opened the drawer and took out a bottle of lube. He then applied it and started again. This time it was smooth. He just fitted right into me. I was now at his mercy.

He started slowly and kept on for a long time.

I had my first orgasm right there. He then started going deeper hitting my G spot. I was moaning and he put his hand on my mouth. I was coming again and again but he was rock solid. He wasn’t coming and increasing his pace. I was being drilled and I was enjoying it a lot. His legs were stroking my ass and making a sexy banging sound. His thrusts then increased and he was about to cum.I was scared of getting pregnant and wanted him to don’t cum inside but he wasn’t ready for it. He came harder in me. His stroke increased before coming to slower ones and then he ultimately fired the last shot of cum.

We kept lying for some time and I was thinking that I’ll get pregnant.“Will I get pregnant?” I asked him with tears in my eyes. He started laughing louder. I was confused and angry at him.

“Don’t worry my sweet saali, you won’t get pregnant. I” ll give you the pills.” He told me. I was easy now and intimacy had started to kick in again. He stared at my naked body for some time and then started kissing me on the lips.

a little fatty

I rolled my hands around him and we were sharing tongues again. We kept this lip lock for an hour and we were horny again. His long cock was stroking at my belly. I grabbed it.

He gave a moan and went for my neck and kissed my whole body downwards.“Get up.” He said. I got up and he rolled me over. He then kissed my ass and naked back. Licked on my ass and slapped it. He stretched me to the edge of the bed and ask me to lift my butts. He was asking for doggy.

He was standing on the floor and I was on the edge of the bed in a doggy position. He marked the pussy hole with his hand and started fingering it. My juices were overflowing. He inserted his solid cock again into my pussy this time and grabbed me from the booty. He was thumping inside. I was moving my ass back and forth and he was spanking and caressing my bouncy ass.

Waves of flesh were traveling on my ass as he increased his stroking and fucked me like a champ. He again came inside me and gave me multiple orgasms. He fucked me like a horse and made love to me the whole night. In at early morning, we had a shower and he went to didi, who was still sleeping.


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