Boyfriend Fucked Me


My Boyfriend fucked me in the woods

My name is Kajal and I am a college student. I have a boyfriend named Harsh and this is a story of our first outdoor sex and many wild intimate moments. Not we only were close to nature, but also enjoyed some company. I experienced my first live lesbian session and watched closely a couple having anal.  We have a great sex life but never experienced something outdoorsy. It was one of its kind.

I am 5’8 and Harsh is 6’1. I have a lean and curvy body and a perfectly shaped ass. We had a week off. A bunch of our friends made a plan of camping in the mountains. We all were so excited and prepared for our adventure. We started from our college campus in our cars. I was in Harsh’s car.

The journey started and the climate begin to change as we entered the hilly areas. Cool breezes had already made our minds horny. Harsh was moving his hands on my thighs. I was having the pleasure of this. I also started moving my hand around his cock. He grabbed my hand and placed right it on his cock. I unzipped his pants and took them out. He was driving and now I was driving him crazy. I started sucking his cock gently. He was enjoying and moaning. I kept sucking and passers-by were having a feast to remember.

He had become so hard. I sucked it and took it deep in my mouth. He was barely handling it now and was about to come. He came shortly after and I cleaned the mess with a tissue. All our cars were in line escorting each other. We reached our main base camp at noon and set out our camps. A stream was flowing at our backside and its water was making beautiful melodies.

the blowjob

We installed our camps and started jumping in the water. I was wearing a red bikini and made them turn their heads. My tight bikini was hardly covering my nipples. My deep cleavage was visible to the sun. My panties were so thin and my camel toe was visible. Everybody was looking at me with fire in their eyes. All the boys were flexing. Some couples were kissing on the banks. It was a good day and everybody was relaxed and enjoying. It was a bit cold. Everybody was in their undies and things were getting sexier. Babes with bikinis were making the guys drool over them. Harsh came up to me and started kissing me. “Darling, not here,” I said to him.

“Why not meri Jaan? I am making people jealous. You see these guys here? Everybody here wants to get in your pants.” He replied laughing. He then started kissing me and sucked my lips. We all had great fun.

After that, we made our dinner and had a bonfire. Couples were kissing and hugging while singles were trying to mingle. We then played Antakshiri and had great fun. People were singing and some were telling their horror and sex stories. Boys had all kinds of fun stuff with them. They had Alcohol, pills, and weed. We were drinking. Harsh was having both the Alcohol and weed. He was high as shit. Alcohol had started to kick in and intimacy was in the air.


Some couples left for their camps to mark the night or have pleasure. Some camps were already making the noises of giggling and banging. I asked Harsh if we should go too. He smiled at me and told me that he was planning sex in the woods. I know a spot, there is a warm water pond there. I got scared and excited at once. He always had these wild imaginations and now he was going to fulfill them. At midnight, he grabbed my hand and we sneaked into the woods. The night was silent and the sky was clear. We were walking through the forest and I was scared. We hiked a mile upwards, where the starting point of that stream was.

It also had an adjacent hot water pond with it. Moon was in full bloom. He took off his clothes and went into the pond. I quickly followed and joined him. We started kissing and licking. He was kissing on my lips and our tongues were teasing each other.

He grabbed my booty and started rubbing it. I was touching his already erect cock. He kissed on my cleavage and sucked my boobies. I was getting excited as hell. He took me up and entered his cock into my hungry pussy.

The sensation of warm water was meddling with my thighs and strokes of his long shaft were making my pussy wetter and wetter. We kept fucking in the water for a while and after that, he took me out in the grass, where he put his large cock inside my vagina. Harsh was now full of intimacy.

crazy bitches

I was sucking and licking his cock. He was moaning and howling like a wolf. I gave him a complete blowjob and filled my mouth with his cum. He came and shredded. He then put my back on a tree and started kissing me downward. He was kissing on my chest, fondling my boobs, and playing with my navel.

He then entered his tongue in my chest and kept on sucking. I was moaning louder and louder. Being this close to nature and having an awesome fuck made me more hungry and horny. He gave me an orgasm there and filled his mouth with my juices. He then turned me around and entered from behind. I was holding the tree and bent towards him. His cock was rock solid again and he was now giving me a hard time. He was going in and out at very high speed and my pussy was asking for his mercy. He then lay me down on the grass and came inside me in missionary.

He had to lift my legs and was thrusting inside me. I looked up at the sky and it was a sight to remember. My boobs were having waves of his strokes and my chubby belly was moving and vibrating. He fucked and fucked. I came and came continuously but he was not ready to stop. He kept going deeper in my pussy and after some time came inside me. He was fully exhausted and fell on me. We had great sex and were talking when we heard leaves rustling. I got scared and got up. Harsh took me and we hid beside a tree.

They were Sonakshi and Arpita and they were completely fucking naked. They were holding their bikinis in their hands and were walking towards the pond. They also knew about this so-called secret pond. Harsh was busy staring at them when I said that we should go, but he insisted to stay. I was getting mad at Harsh but he was becoming horny. His long cock had become erect again and he was enjoying the scenery. We were hugging and watching these hot bitches taking baths in the hot water.

They started rubbing each other bodies and were giving gentle massages and back scratches to each other. I was kinda enjoying it too now. But our mouths got open when we saw them kissing on the lips. These bitches were lesbians and we both looked at each other due to the shocking scenes we were witnessing. They were deep inside each other’s mouth and their tongues were inter-mingling. Harsh was getting horny as hell because scenes were too hot to handle. He instantly grabbed me and started kissing me madly. It was a major turn-on for him. His cock was rock solid again. I was going to be fucked again and my pussy was already hurting. I acted fast and grabbed his hot dick. It was as hot as a burning rod. I took it into my mouth and started sucking it again. I kept sucking and licking his long rod and balls. He was grabbing me from the hair. Sonakshi and Arpita were sucking each other’s pussies now and Harsh was enjoying both their show and my blowjob. I started sucking hardly but he was too solid to let go.

Sonakshi and Arpita were moaning like crazy bitches. They were having orgasms and were making loud noises. I was sucking like a baby deer hungry for milk. But my man was still fucking hard. I kept on and he started slowing down as his pre-cum shot was fired in my mouth. I knew loads of it was coming, so I took it out and placed it on my boobs. He came and came harder this time. My boobs and belly were filled with his cum. Sonakshi and Arpita were also cooling down themselves now. They again took a dip and left. We had witnessed another story along with ours too.

We started laughing and making gossips, this story of Arpita and Sonakshi was the hottest story ever on the campus, told by anonymous people. I cleaned my body in the pond and we slept on the grass naked.


At dawn, we heard someone laughing. It was Roy and his girlfriend Tina, who had come for the warm water pond. Harsh was over me. I woke him up. He waved at Roy and got up. I got shy and started covering myself with Harsh’s body. Roy and Tina joined each other in the pond and were in their undies. We were lying naked on the grass and they were having baths in the pond. Roy asked Harsh to join and he went naked to them with his long cock swaying in the air. I followed. Roy was staring at me with his open eyes. He was a good friend of Harsh but I had never liked him anyway. Roy removed Tina’s bra and started sucking her boob. I joined Harsh and we hugged and kissed. Harsh was having his morning boner. Tina was now riding him in the pond and it was a good morning sight.


Harsh was watching all this. He took me a little aside. I knew that he wanted something so I made the move and started giving him the blowjob. He was grabbing me from the hair. Tina and Roy were giggling and watching us. Harsh took me out and started kissing me. I resisted at first but then I became so horny. I wanted him. He sucked my dark nipples one more time before I started riding him. He always fucked me in the morning because his cock is always hard at dawn. So he was taking his morning cut. I and Tina were riding the dicks now and our wet hair was flying in the air. He fucked me like a horse and continued for 2 hours. Roy took out Tina, made her doggy, and started banging her ass. They were having anal sex in front of us. Roy came inside her ass and filled her cute ass with his sperms. Tina arched back to kiss him and they settled down. I was moaning like a baby now and had my pussy drilled. Roy and Tina were looking at us amazed.


They couldn’t believe what they had just seen. Harsh my animal was unleashed and he was riding me mercilessly now. They were enjoying the scene. Harsh then came inside me and I was spared. My pussy was overflowing with his cum and Tina was so fucking horny again. She had a session with Roy and then we all left for the camp. We had the greatest outdoor experience of fucking and had seen two couples having sex. It was once in a lifetime experience. We stayed and enjoyed the beautiful scenery for two more days and had great sex. We just changed our spot and carried out fucking. We all then packed our tents and belongings before leaving back for college.


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