Fuck Friend’s wife


Fucking of friend’s wife Saadia’s pussy

Friends, my name is Saurabh, and I do a private job in Meerut.  Basically, I am a resident of Varanasi.  I am average-looking but good-looking.


 I am 25 years old. To tell the truth, I like married women and aunts more than virgin girls. Because she cooperates a lot in sex and gives a lot of fun.

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This sex story is about my friend Armaan’s wife Saadia.

Armaan and Saadi had a love marriage only 6 months ago.  I also knew Sadia before her marriage.  Had met him.  But it was only till hi hello.


Actually, their family members were against this marriage, so both of them used to live in separate rented rooms.


The former Armaan was a good friend of mine, so I used to visit his house.


One day Armaan got a call to me – and said yaar Saurabh.. I am shifting to a new house tomorrow. If you are free then help me a little. I will not be able to do everything alone.  The next day my weekly was off, so I also said ‘yes.

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The next day I went to Armaan’s house and he was already working.  I too went and joined him.  He used to live on the first floor.. so there was a little more trouble.  He would bring the goods and put them on the door and I would put them down in the car.  That’s when I saw Sadia properly for the first time after marriage.


What was the material, after marriage she had become even more beautiful?  The body was full.  The glow had increased on his face.  Now Bo Bilkuk was looking like a nymph.  ..


We saw each other many times that day.  She also looked at me intently.  I didn’t feel like doing anything wrong with him till now.  While working the whole day, we turned into night.


I came home at one o’clock in the night.  Armaan does a marketing job.. So he had to go to Delhi or Noida for 2-3 days a week.  Sometimes he even had to stay there for 2, 3 days.  It was only a day after he shifted to the new house.  And he had to leave Delhi for company work.


Armaan left for Delhi at 5 o’clock in the morning and I got a call from him at around 7 o’clock that he is suddenly going to Delhi for company work.  And if you have shifted to the new house only yesterday, then you should go home once and see.  If there is any work for Sadia, please do it.  and bring the goods.  I said ok


And then at 9 o’clock, I went to his house.  This time again, Armaan had got the house on the first floor, so there was no need to ring the bell of the house. Because the landlords lived below, I went straight upstairs.


When I reached upstairs, I saw Sadia’s bhabhi spreading her clothes to dry after taking a bath and she had a bra and panties in her hand.  When I called the sister-in-law, the sister-in-law was shocked and hid the bra and panties in a cloth.


Now I too was not in control, but while taking care of myself, I said – Armaan has sent me.  If you need anything, tell me, I’ll get it.  So the bhabhi said – there is no need for anything now.


Ok.  So I gave my mobile number to Saadiya and said – if there is any work, call me.  Then it went on like this for a month.  I would also go to her house and look for some excuse to go to her house to see her sister-in-law.  Nothing happened.


We were sometimes talking on calls and WhatsApp.  But the matter was not progressing.  Like this, almost 2 months passed.


Then one day the company sent Armaan to Dubai for 4 months.

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Now Sadia lived alone.  But there was no desire, so I stopped visiting his house.  Neither the sister-in-law called nor did Armaan say anything.  Just like that, a month passed.


Then one day I got a call on my mobile from an unknown number.  When I picked up the phone, a girl said.  I asked who is speaking?  Recognize that quote.  But I recognized from her voice that she is none other than Sadiya Bhabhi.


 Then we talked for a long time.  I understood now that the fire of youth is burning, after all, at the age of this fuck, pass 1 month without eating cock, I can understand.


Then sister-in-law started calling me even at night and we kept talking all night.  Now the bond of my patience started breaking.  We kept talking for a month.. then one-night sister-in-law proposed to me.


I was surprised to hear.  Where was I supposed to be patient now?  It was 2 o’clock in the night.  I told bhabhi – I am coming to your house.  So the Saadia said- I have been waiting for you for since long.


I quickly picked up my car and went to bhabhi’s house.  When I reached the bhabhi house, all the doors were closed. I climbed the wall and went upstairs to live.


Then I knocked on my sister-in-law’s door, then Saadia slowly opened the door and pulled me inside.  At that time the sister-in-law was wearing a black gown.  Sister-in-law could not believe for a while that I was sitting in front of her.

Saadia came close to me and put her lips on my lips

Then we kept talking here and there for a while.  I couldn’t figure out where to start.  I thought nothing would happen today.  I’ll go back in a while.  Maybe the sister-in-law was waiting for me to take the initiative.  But when his patience was answered, the sister-in-law came close to me and mixed her lips with my lips.


I had gone crazy.  We kissed for 2 minutes.  Then sat down.  I thought that the sister-in-law would not do anything beyond this.  But where was I going to stop now?


 I caught my Saadia and started kissing and kept on kissing for 10 minutes.  Saadia was also going crazy.  I took my whole tongue in my mouth and started sucking.  Now Saadia was also enjoying it.


While kissing, I took off my T-shirt and slowly started lifting my sister-in-law’s gown.  Sister-in-law was also getting hot.  Then I took off my sister-in-law’s gown in a jiffy.

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Saadia was wearing a black bra and red panties.  Sister-in-law was looking amazing at that time.  I just kept looking.  Then while kissing my Saadia, I started pressing the boobs.


Saadia was in bra panties and I was only in jeans.


I was kissing Saadia when she slowly unbuttoned my jeans.


I also took off my jeans without delay.  Now I was only in underwear and she was in bra-panties.  We both were kissing while wrapped up in each other.


Now I untied her bra and her big nipples were in my hands.  I started kissing them and while sucking, rubbed their pussy and took off the panties too.

I started kissing my sister-in-law like crazy and my sister-in-law also started crying.  Then I spread my sister-in-law’s legs and looked at the pussy chut, it was absolutely pink. Not a single hair.  It seemed as if I had just cleaned my hair today.


 I moved the chut and started kissing.  Saadia was suffering very badly, but I continued with my work.


Then I put Saadia on myself and we were in the position of 69 and kept doing this for 15 minutes.  I was licking my sister-in-law’s pussy and my sister-in-law was sucking my Lund.


While kissing, I inserted the cock into the Saadia pussy.


 Now I could not tolerate it, I made the Saadia lie on the bed and put my cock on Saadia’s pussy, and started kissing the sister-in-law.  While kissing, I immediately threw myself into my Saadia’s pussy.  It was the only half that the Saadia’s cried so loudly that I got scared.


The Saadia’s started tormented with pain and started saying – take it out.. or else I will die.  From this, I came to know that Armaan’s cock will be very small.

Pushed hard and this time the whole cock was inserted in the pussy of Saadia’s.

Then I kept on kissing Bhabhi for a while and then pushed.  This time the whole penis was inserted.  The Saadia then went on- ahhhhhhhhhhhhhmm mmmmmmmmmmmm .. but I kept pouring in more.


Even my whole Lauda got entangled in Saadia’s pussy till the root.  Then I started pushing and after kissing sister-in-law for 2, 3 minutes, sister-in-law also started enjoying it.  Now sister-in-law was also supporting me openly.


I can’t tell the fun I was having in licking the smooth, soft, and tight pussy of Saadia.


Sister-in-law had erupted twice.  We both hugged each other for some time.  And keep kissing  That night we had sex 4 times.  And I kissed my sister-in-law in different rugs.  Then in the morning, I went to my house.


That day was the best day of my life. After that, I kissed my sister-in-law many times.  Sister-in-law was also very happy to kiss me and then after a few months Armaan also came and he was transferred to Delhi.


So friends, how did you all like the story of my and Saadia Bhabhi’s chudai.  write to me  So that your encouragement inspires me to write more such stories.


So you all take care of yourself.  If there is a situation of Kovid, then take special care of yourself.

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