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This thing happened when I was posted in Australia.


Hello friend, my name is Priyansh. I am 34 years old. I am a resident of Delhi. And I’m an ambassador. This happened when I was posted in Melbourne Australia. I have been married for 6 years. And I have 2 kids too. My sex life is good but not very good. I am a passionate man. The length of my penis is 8 inches. Before marriage I was very shy and virgin. But after marriage, slowly I changed. Now all the time I think about raspberry pussy fucking. But I am bored by licking the same pussy. Sex life is now starting to seem like monotonous. My wife is 6 years younger than me. She is beautiful like an angel. Slender physique and his skin are red like an Englishman. And when his ass is of 38 inches, when he sees it, even a dry cock comes to life. Our married life was getting full of fun. Traveling abroad there was no shortage of money. But it seemed boring to keep on fucking the same pussy. It was as if it had been 100 years of marriage. That’s why I started thinking of fucking a new juicy pussy every day.


I am an educated person and a person traveling abroad. I knew about the wife swap. I knew that all this happens in big families, rich families. I also used to go to parties and see how people have fun with each other’s wives. I started thinking about this too.


One day when I talked to my wife Tanya about this, she got furious. We didn’t even talk for 2, 3 days. But then I persuaded him somehow and Tanya took a promise from me that from today onwards you will not do such dirty talk. Had to do it somehow. The pussy that was getting was also washed away. But this thing kept going on in my mind. And I once again got a chance and told this thing to Tanya. At first she got angry but she was not as angry as she was earlier. Then for a few days she kept thinking about this thing continuously. She too was bored of chudwa-chudwa with a cock. And I too was bored of the same pussy sex. It was always going on in my heart that if my mad wife is ready to kiss with a foreign man, then in return I should get a new woman to fuck. Time passed we used to go out for a walk. Used to have fun But now I have completely changed. I was always thinking of licking a newly hatched pussy even though I didn’t want to. Wherever I used to go, even with my wife, I used to lick the ass and nipples of girls and women with my eyes. I like full body women girls more. Whose thick thighs, heavy ass. And big chicks. The first thing I used to see in women was their ass. And started imagining how hot it would look if it was bare. Lund will act on seeing its pussy and ass. Many times, seeing women, my cock used to stand anywhere. Which was clearly visible? And my wife along with others had noticed this many times.


Slowly Tanya also started thinking about kissing with a male.

Well, such thinking was running out of time. But now Tanya also started talking a little openly. Slowly, my drunken beautiful wife also started thinking about kissing with non-man and I started feeling good.


Since I was in an embassy, ​​my acquaintance and friendship was with big businessmen and rich people who were in the country and abroad. It was while working in the embassy that I had developed a close friendship with a wealthy Indian businessman who lived in Australia and traded diamonds. His name was Vishnu Garg, and he was 40 years old and a sugar patient. He had a love marriage. So his wife was older than him and she was 44 years old. But the 30-year-old young man looked beautiful and fit. Vishnu had no children.


One day it was his wife’s birthday, and he was having a small party. But not many guests were invited. He invited us for dinner at his house. And we got ready and reached his house. On reaching there, it was found that he had only invited both our husband and wife. And when sister-in-law came into the hall from inside, I was surprised. What a beautiful look in the black netted saree. It was as if a nymph had descended on the ground. I just kept staring. And my wife noticed this. Seeing his fair and anal arms in a thin strip blouse, my cock started to stand up. Somehow I took my eyes off but this incident was also noticed by my friend’s drunken wife Swati along with Tanya.


Vishnu told me that he was a big flirt during his college days. But being busy in business and then sugar disease had made her sex life monotonous. But even now he was eager to kill the pussy, although he could not be able to fuck for a long time. Got tired quickly.

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One day I sent some hot photos of my wife Tanya to her and wrote that if you want to eat it, she quickly replied that of course. Even God would like to fuck such a thing. Brother, he had turned out to be a bastard even to me.

Vishnu’s accident and I get closer to Swati

One day Vishnu was going from home to office. Then his car crashed. He was unconscious for some time but then when he regained consciousness, he told one of the people present there to tell me on the last dial number in my phone. And then he fainted. I got a call from the same number. So I ran away. And then I called the ambulance too. By the time I reached there the ambulance had also reached there. Then I parked my car there and went to the hospital with Vishnu in the ambulance.


Vishnu had a serious injury on his head. There was a lot of blood. He had 11 stitches on his head. I had also called Swati and told and sent the location of the hospital. As soon as Swati came, she clung to Vishnu and started crying. The doctors asked me to take him out. I took Swati out. She started crying with her head on my shoulders. I pacified Swati, wiped her tears and explained to her that everything will be fine Vishnu will get well soon. Vishnu was discharged from the hospital after 10 days.


It took about 1 month for Vishnu to recover. During this, I used to do the work of taking him to the hospital. After that our relationship with him deepened further. My wife Tanya also served Vishnu and Swati a lot. Swati and Vishnu were residents of Gujarat. Since we were abroad, there was no one else very close to Vishnu and Swati. During this, I started thinking of fucking Swati.


Now we started visiting each other’s house often. We even started going on holidays together. Then one day I once again reminded Vishnu of the past and asked him to talk to his wife and persuade her. He asked me if Tanya was ready for this. I said I will convince him. Then one day Vishnu and Swati called both of us Husband and Wife for dinner at home. We both reached his house on time.


Vishnu was sitting on one side at the dinner table and Tanya and I on the other side. Swati was serving food. After serving the food, Swati went and sat next to Vishnu. Then Vishnu said that today Swati will sit with Priyansh and eat food and Tanya you come here. And then both got up and sat down like that. We ate food. I even fed Swati with my own hands and then it was quite a night. So Vishnu said that let’s rest now, I also said that it is fine. He tells Swati to go and show Priyansh the room. And by then Tanya will have some gossip with me.


Swati pointed to me and we both started going up the stairs. After reaching upstairs, Swati opened a room and went inside then she asked me to come inside. I was surprised. In this whole room, romantic and sex photos were all around. The room was decorated very beautifully. Swati says this is for you. Everything of your choice is here. You can use it however you want. And she closed one eye. I understood what was going to happen today. I also said without delay, I am allowed to use whatever is here. Of course she said. As will. And smiled. I also took him in my arms. And clapped hard. She also held me tightly. I told him I love you. He also said I love you to.


Swati sister-in-law looked like Hur’s angel in a pink sari. The protruding grains of her round nipples looked like the tip of a knife from the top of the blouse. I started mashing his hard nipples on top of the blouse. And started kissing her loudly. Swati Bhabhi also started enjoying it. I was mashing his big 2 nipples without any hesitation. And she too was having fun with his sobbing. There was a sound of ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs coming from his mouth. She started hissing loudly. Then I untied her sari. And then in one stroke pulled the pulse of his petticoat. Due to which his petticoat went off on the ground. I got surprised. She looked so young. His body was white as milk. Her body was looking like a red bra and panties. Then I picked up Swati in my lap and threw her on the bed. She said ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby, take it easy now I won’t go without kissing you.

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Then I turned Swati back, and pulled the blouse’s lace. Which was bra? And started licking his back with his wet tongue, she started going crazy and started twitching the whole body. And I pulled the strips of her bra on both sides. Swati’s whole body glowed; I was kissing with my lips and biting lightly with my teeth. Swati started to heat up like a volcano and started making loud noises like ahhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs.


My penis was as hard as iron. And stood like Qutub Minar. My 8-inch big Lund was getting desperate to touch Swati’s pussy. But I was in no hurry. I just wanted to really enjoy the fuck. Then I straightened him and started drinking with his teats in his mouth. She was constantly filling my head with hissings. And was grumbling that drink my chicks. There is a lot of milk and drink whole milk in it.

Then I came on top of Swati and got on my knees with my feet on both sides. And then grabbed Swati’s chicks with both hands, gathered them together and put them in one place. And then I started putting my thick long cock into the crevices of Swati’s nipples. And began to lick their nipples. Swati had never had this feeling before. Vishnu had never licked her nipples. Swati was getting a new pleasant feeling. Today, for the first time, a foreign man was fucking his nipples. She started screaming ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsss baby what fun you have. Today I am getting the real pleasure of sex in life. Fuck my chicks. She was shouting that my king never got such joy in my youth. Fuck my chicks. Annoys me a lot. Fuck my king Fuck it loud. I too began to kiss his nipples every day.


Then I came down and bent both his legs at the knees and spread them up. Her smooth pussy was absolutely red. There was no hair. And the intoxicating fragrance from her pussy was filling my nostrils. The grains of his pussy were very big and had grown hard and had come out. The glutinous water was coming out continuously from her pussy. And the pussy was glowing. Then I put my mouth on her pussy, her pussy was burning like a furnace. I grabbed the grain of his pussy with my lips and started pulling it upwards. She went crazy. And holding my head started pressing on my pussy. I also started licking her pussy loudly. After licking for about 20 minutes, she herself said that my king will remove all the water like this. Now put your cock in my pussy. I also obeyed his command without delay and inserted my cock into his pussy. When the hot cock went into the hot pussy, Swati went crazy. She started screaming. Don’t be late my king. fuck me quickly I also started banging with loud bangs. Now she was screaming. Fuck my king. Tear off my thirsty pussy. For years my pussy is thirsty. Fuck it loud. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah I like this. Fuck I am thirsty since when my pussy was desperate to eat your cocks. Today I will swallow it whole. Vishnu never choked so much, he used to fall in only 4, 5 strokes. Never gave me pleasure. Today you gave me the real fuck feeling of life. Fuck you fuck my life. I also caught Swati in my arms for hours. That night I kissed Swati 5 times. I had completely satisfied them. I had given her the pleasure of extreme happiness, which she was deprived of till today.


Then the next day when I came home with my wife Tanya, she told that Vishnu was unable to stand last night. With great difficulty Vishnu had kissed my wife just once.


I was considering myself lucky that a 44 year old young lady gave me the pleasure of sex which I had not even got from my wife till date. I had kissed Swati 5 times in the whole night. The next day also my penis was swollen and it was hurting.


So how did you feel about my sex experience? Now give me permission, I will once again bring a new experience in front of each other.


Note: All names in this story are fictitious. No one else has anything to do with the characters in this story.


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