Life’s First Fuck. – Painful but Very Exciting and Fun.


Within minutes we were all bare in the bedroom. He looked at me trembling and then asked are you okay?


He said, ‘If you are uncomfortable, we will stop’.


I knew my resistance was wrong. Because that day I had made up my mind to fuck. It was my wish. I was completely ready for it. I didn’t want to be a virgin in the new year. It was 12 o’clock and we were going to enjoy the fuck. As much as this atmosphere excites me, it was frightening as well.


I told him, ‘Promise you will do as I say’. He nodded.


‘You take my hand and blow hard. If you keep asking me, I will say no because all the emotions will keep coming in my mind. But you don’t stop; feel free to put your cock in my pussy.


I haven’t even got a finger in my pussy yet


Hello friends, I am Samantha your dear friend. I am now 23. But where all the friends and girls of my age have not known how many times have been kissed, some have many boyfriends. There I am still a virgin. Even a finger has not gone in my pussy till date. Yes, I have enjoyed masturbation but I have masturbated only by caressing the grain of the pussy (bur) from the top of the pussy.

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But there was a lot of curiosity in me to fuck. I was very excited now. That’s why I wanted to start 2021 by licking my pussy. But I was not sure what should I do. Still I asked Mukund to have sex with me on the night of 31.


Kanpur to Delhi journey

I was born in Kanpur and grew up there. My family is a bit old-fashioned. That’s why I had to take permission from my mother even to go out with friends. So, when I came to Delhi for college, I wanted to live my new freedom to the fullest and openness.


All my friends in college had boyfriends and most of them had sex, even some of my friends had 3, 4 boyfriends. But even though I was 22, I was still completely virgin. I had both excitement and fear about sex. Although I had masturbated many times but I never had fingers or anything penetrated inside my pussy. Yes, he had fun only by caressing the grain of his pussy (bur) (clitoris).


Now in college, along with studies, I started taking interest in boys as well. Many boys had become my friends. But no one seemed attractive to me at heart. Then one day a friend of mine offered me to go for a walk. Whose name was John? And I got ready. He was handsome boy. We both went for a walk in his car to a secluded place away from the city. There was a lot of greenery and we were sitting on an island. At first we talked normally. Then we took a walk and reached under a tree. On which many red flowers were in bloom, it seemed as if we were under a red sky full of flowers. Then John went ahead and stood in front of me, for a moment I could not understand what happened, but then he sat on his knees and put forward a rose in front of me and said I love you. I could not understand anything, but then I took a rose from his hand and, smiling nervously, picked it up and he hugged me. He tightly clenched me in his arms and the very next moment he put his warm lips on my lips. And sometimes I started kissing the upper and lower lips; I also supported him a lot. That was my first kiss. Then we returned. A new confidence was awakened in me. I was feeling very good.


Returned to Kanpur with an unfulfilled thirst for pussy

But then the Kovid (Corona) pandemic started. College closed and my parents invited me at home.


Then a few days later I met one of my cousins. Who was 2 years younger than me? His name was Mukund. and lived in my own city. He was a very kind and sensitive boy. Then a few days later he came to my house to stay for a few days. And the new year was about to come. I and Mukund started going out together often.


In my mind, things of constant excitement, heavy fuckers used to come. I was very excited. And then one thing came to my mind that I will start the new year with my pussy chudai. I had mentally prepared myself for the fuck. But my boyfriend was away from me, and I had not met any other boy yet.

Don’t listen to me at all, forcibly fuck me!

December 31 arrived. There was joy in the house. We were all very happy; we all celebrated the new year together at night. And then we went to sleep in our respective rooms. But I could not sleep. Things related to sex were constantly swirling in my mind. I was very agitated; a flame was raging inside me. My pussy was burning like a volcano. I put my hand in the panty and started caressing my pussy. Then I took off the panties. I like to keep clean shaven. I had cleaned the hair of the pussy a day before. Now I had only a red bra on my body. And my velvety fair body was shining in the flood light. If anyone saw me in this condition, he would have lost consciousness. I was constantly mashing my clitoris with my eyes closed. And then suddenly Mukund came to my room. And I panicked and tried to cover myself by pulling the sheet. For 2 minutes we spoke without saying anything. They kept looking at each other. Then he came to me and sat on my bed. I felt comfortable. He was also scared. But then I thought why not starts the new year with Mukund only. Come on. I took my hand on his cheeks and started caressing him; he was refusing, but just for show. Then I turned towards him and started kissing him. That too

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It was easy now and started kissing me. We kissed continuously for 10 minutes. This was my first experience of such a long kiss. I was quite excited. My pussy was already on fire. Now this kiss had done the work of ghee in the fire in my body and pussy.


But there was both excitement and panic in me. On the other hand, Mukund was completely open, and was constantly kissing me. But then I got a strange shock. And I got away from him.


Mukund asks are you fine?’


Mukund said are you fine, I said, ‘Yes I am fine’. Then we got a little comfortable and Mukund started kissing me again. Within minutes we were completely barefoot in the bedroom. But there was still some fear in me. Then he saw me trembling and then asked if I was okay?


He said, ‘If you are uncomfortable, we will stop’.


But that day I had made up my mind to break the seal of my pussy. This was my wish. I didn’t want to be a virgin in the new year. It was 2 o’clock in the night and we were completely naked in the bed. As much as this atmosphere excites me, it was frightening as well.


I told him, promise you will do as I say.


I told him, ‘Promise you will do as I say’. he nodded. Then I said, ‘You hold my hand and forcefully put your cock in my pussy. Even if I groan in pain, but you don’t have any mercy, tear my pussy. Break the seal of my closed pussy. Because if you keep asking me, I will say no, because all the emotions will keep coming in my mind. But don’t stop, move on. You just put your cock in my bur (pussy).’

It was a wonderful feeling. However, my words stopped him.

She said Samantha, I wouldn’t do that! If you say no, it is neither for me. Sorry, but you have to fight your own battle. I am ready to wait till you prepare yourself completely, but without your yes I will not move forward’.

New Year’s Day, and I was still a virgin, but happy. Mukund got lost in my eyes. He was staring at me, and I was too. Then I took his cock in my hands. And his hand went on my pussy. And we started kissing each other.


Then he wanted to put his cock in my pussy, but his cock was not penetrating my pussy. This was also his first kiss. As soon as he wanted to insert his cock into my pussy, I shrank and started removing it because I was feeling the pain.


Then he tied both my legs separately with the help of ropes at two ends of the bed and also tied my hands on both sides. Then he put two pillows under my ass so that my pussy opened up completely. I myself started seeing even the grain of my pussy, which had become thick by bloating. The grain of my pussy had turned red like blood. And inside my pussy was looking amazingly beautiful red-red colored. After that he came between my legs and hid his mouth between my two thighs. His tongue and lip movements were driving me crazy. He was licking the grain of my pussy, and holding the grain in both his lips, he was pulling it upwards. Tell me, what was it like? It was happening for the first time in my life. I cannot describe this pleasant experience. There were sounds of ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs with constant hissing coming out of my mouth. I was suffering like a fish without water. Fire started burning all over the body. He kept licking my pussy continuously for 10 minutes. My pussy was releasing water like a waterfall. And the bed was getting wet with my pussy water.



He came to my nipples playing with his fingers and wet tongue in my navel and started hitting on my nipples, due to which my cheeks were red like blood, I was also in pain. My nipples were completely hard. And the slack of the Chuchis had stood just like the Qutub Minar. Then he put a cloth in my mouth and started playing with my body. He started drinking by taking my teats in his mouth. So he took it vigorously in his hands and started mashing it. There was also a slight bite on my cheeks with teeth, due to which I was also getting pain. And my mouth was bursting with suppressed hiss. My whole body was cramping.

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And then he took the clothes out of my mouth and went between my legs. With one hand held my nipples. And grabbed his cock with the other hand and started rubbing on my pussy. What can I say what a pleasant experience it was? Loud hissing was coming out of my mouth. The whole waist was resonating with my hissings. Then he started slamming his cock hard on my pussy like a stick. I went crazy.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Baby’s voice began to emanate. I had lost consciousness. And then he put his cock on the hole of my pussy, and hit me with full force, then my screams came out. He immediately pressed my mouth with one hand. Half of his cock was absorbed in my pussy. And with this my virginity was over. I was groaning in pain. But Mukund was ruthlessly inserting his cock into my pussy. Blood was seeping from my pussy and started dripping on the bed. He said should I take out the cock. But I said no, you stay calm like this without moving for a while. After a while I felt better. Then after stopping for a while, Mukund started moving back and forth. He was fucking my pussy now. And then I also started feeling painful but very good pleasure. And then I also started supporting him by shaking his waist from below. But then again Mukund hit another hard blow and tightly pressed his cock in my chute 9. I just lost my life. His 8 inch big cock was completely absorbed in my pussy. Then after a while, he started fucking. Now I was having a lot of fun. I was constantly taking hissings. And was crying out loud. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mukund fucks. fuck me Fuck it hard. Tear my pussy my king.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my darling. I love you Mukund, I love you. You are fucking very good. fuck my pussy Tear off my pussy my king. I have become addicted to your cock. You have taken me for a walk to heaven. From today onwards, you are my everything, my lion. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my lions fuck me. And that’s how we fuck for half an hour. He was constantly banging me loudly. During this time I had attained ecstasy many times. My pussy had left water many times. And then Mukund’s body also started twitching. He shouted Didi my cock is about to drop water. I said; let my pussy drink the water of your cock, my king. Leave all the water in my pussy. And with this, Mukund also left a fountain of hot lava inside me that too had fallen. My pussy was filled with the hot water of his cock. Then he lay on top of me.


And with this, just like my friends, my sealed pussy had become bhosda.


It was a wonderful feeling. Similarly, I started my new year with two new relationships – one with my body and the other with Mukund.


The next part of my story will come soon. That’s how I opened my ass after breaking the seal of my pussy.


I will soon come up with a story about all of you getting the water out of your pussy and cock. Give permission till then.




Note–: All names in this story are fictitious.

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