Doctor’s Sex with his Assistant


Doctor Hari’s sex with his research assistant Rita

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“What do you think, how many applications have we got so far?” Asked Doctor Haris his research assistant Rita.

“About fifty, I think,” she said as she scented the list. “And we have a nice age range, from nineteen to sixty-three!”

“Good,” he said. “What is the relationship between married and single people?”

“About 70 to 30,” she replied. “The many are the

only ones living!” “Hmmm, I would have liked more married women to take the tests,” he said. “But I think a lot of men don’t want their wives to do something like that. So we’re just going to have to get on with what we’ve got so far. Correct?”

“That’s right!” Answered Rita. “And when you’re ready, our first candidate will be waiting in the waiting room. Should I bring her in? ”

“ Definitely, ”he replied enthusiastically. “But first give me your index card so I can check it out!”

“Hello, I’m Doctor Greg Haris. It’s nice to meet you. And you must be Miss

Dvorak. Please take a seat! ”

The young woman nervously sat down in a chair across from Doctor Haris’s impressive desk. She sat quietly in front of him with her hands folded in her lap and waited for the doctor to continue.

After offering her a non-alcoholic drink, Doctor Haris leaned back in his chair and began, “Just so we can understand each other, Miss Dvorak, here in the Haris laboratories, we’re researching people’s sexual reactions. If you had any other ideas so far, I wanted to make our position very clear! ”

The young woman answered in a somewhat low voice:“ I understand, and that is why I am here! ”

“ Good, ”answered the doctor. “Then I first want to check some basic information on your form, such as your age. You are twenty-three and unmarried? ”

“ Yes, ”she said softly.

“Are you currently living with someone?” He asked. “No,” she replied. “But I have a boyfriend.”

“I can see it,” he said, noting the entry on her file. “And do you have regular sexual contact with your boyfriend?”

Her face was covered with a slight hint of carmine when she replied, “Uh … a few times a week!”

“Normal and oral sex?” He asked. “Both,” she replied.

“Active and passive?” He asked.

“Both,” she replied again.

“And finally …” he said casually. “What is sexually most exciting for you, that is, what turns you on most?”

After a moment of hesitation, she replied: “I think the 69 position is the most fun for me.”

“Well, that should be enough for now,” said Doctor Haris, glancing at her card one last time. “I’m sure Rita explained to you what we’re doing, but I just want to go through it again to make sure we understand each other.”

Anita nodded her head in the affirmative and waited for the doctor would go on.

“Well, we measure the level of female arousal when stimulated from the outside,” he said. »Since you are not touched, only mentally stimulated, so to speak, we attach a series of electrodes to your body and perform tests that have been developed to measure your different reactions, while your senses with pictures, sounds, and videos are flooded with sexually arousing situations. Do you understand? ”

“ II think so, ”she replied softly,“ do these sensors hurt? ”

“Not at all,” he replied with a smile. “Most are attached to the body with a dissolvable paste that easily goes off with warm water, while the exam is simply done with a pencil-sized device that is inserted into your vagina. I can assure you that it will not cause you any inconvenience or anything like that. ”

“ And by the way… ”he continued. “If you’re afraid of having to lie on a hard examination table, I can calm you down. You will sit back comfortably in a large armchair, and when we try to measure your sexual reactions, do not suppress them. Now if you have no more questions, are you ready to start? ”

A little shiver of fear ran through her, but Anita nodded her head and boldly replied, “Okay, doctor, let’s do it!”

Rita took Anita to the laboratory where the experiments would take place and then instructed her: ” Okay, Anita, just take everything off and then sit in that armchair. ”

As the young woman began to take off her clothes, Rita watched from the corner of her eye as she prepared the exam equipment.

“It looks pretty complicated,” said Anita, trying to take it lightly. “Can’t I get an electric shock from one of these devices?”

“Of course not,” answered Rita. »All electrical connections have a low voltage, do you understand? A voltage like a flashlight battery. The whole

thing is completely harmless! ” “ Well, well, ”she said jokingly. “I don’t want to give my body to science, at least not yet!”

“We’ll try and remember,” said Rita, chuckling. “Okay, sit in the chair now so I can

plug you in.” Twenty minutes later, Doctor Haris entered the room and asked, “Is everything ready, Rita?”

“Everything except the vaginal examiner. But I smeared it and finished it, ”she replied, carefully inserting it into Anita. “Done, that’s it. We can begin.”

The doctor sat down in a chair next to the armchair and said, “I just want to give you a few more explanations so you know exactly what each connection is for. Anita, these two are obvious, they are attached to your nipples and will register the sensations in your breasts, while this strap on your right arm will measure any change in your blood pressure. ”

Anita nodded that she understood as the doctor continued, “This connector on your temple will register brain waves, while the vaginal examiner will measure the moisture and any change in the size of your internal organs due to the change in blood flow. This camera up here on the ceiling will register the changes in your physical characteristics, such as the degree of swelling of your vaginal lips and any change in your skin tone. “After her doctor, Haris patted her arm soothingly, he offered:” So if you have no further questions, let’s get started. ”

Rita sat passively behind a large board with switches and indicators, waiting for a signal from the doctor to start the experiment, while Doctor Anita gave a little encouragement.

“Okay, Rita,” he finally signaled. “Please start the picture show!”

After Anita had leaned comfortably in the large, adjustable chair, spread her legs wide, and had her arms attached to her sides, she stared at a 67- centimeter monitor that was popping up had been placed in an elevated position at the foot of her chair while the first pictures began to appear.

“I want you to focus on every picture that appears on the monitor,” the doctor said softly, as a picture of a group of students in their teens playing basketball in tight shorts on a hot summer afternoon followed by a rapid sequence of images of men who performed all kinds of sports activities in swimsuits and sports clothes.

One picture after another was displayed on the large monitor, and every change in Anita’s physiology was dutifully recorded by the monitors along the somewhat distant wall.

As they moved along her, Doctor Haris made notes on a yellow piece of paper but kept an eye on Anita and her reactions to the stimuli that bombarded her mind.

While the male images on which they perform normal sports activities were of interest to Anita, the monitors indicated that their reactions were normal and not sexual. But the pictures gradually became more challenging as the men posed naked in front of her.

Doctor Haris looked over at Rita, who nodded to indicate that the pictures of the naked men had influenced the young woman’s heartbeat by almost ten beats per minute, but as pictures of young men with large erections Appeared on the screen, her breathing changed, became flattered and temporarily stopped.

Over the next five minutes, Anita was shown a variety of men in all shapes and sizes, but with the common characteristic that they were all in a state of complete erection.

While it was obvious that the pictures of the stiff limbs had an exciting effect on them, the following series of photos took Anita to the next level of excitement.

While all of the images shown so far were only photos of men, the following ones were more graphic, which Anita soon found out. She took an audible breath when the first photo of a young man with an insane erection appeared, only this time an attractive young woman blew him on her knees.

“Oh, my god,” she gasped as picture after picture showed very attractive women on their knees sucking those monster cocks. “Oh, that looks so great!” She whispered out of breath.

As Anita stared at every picture that appeared on the screen, Doctor Haris quietly crept to the foot of the armchair, where he had an unobstructed view of her vagina, and what he was watching was not surprising at all. Liquid dripped from her cunt and her labia were wet and open. Anita was obviously in a state of extreme sexual excitement. He gave Rita the thumbs-up sign to quickly move from the pictures with oral sex to pictures in which the same young women were not on their knees to blow but were on their backs and impaled by some of the most violent erections, that she had seen so far.

This time, when the doctor made the sign, Anita gasped and moaned loudly: “Jesus, I’m so hot! S-look at her, she’ll get the fuck of her life Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh … ”

And just to check what she was looking at, Doctor Haris noted the picture that had such a profound effect on her. It was a young man, about twenty years old, with a huge, thick erection who had sex with a small, blonde woman whose vagina looked like it was torn to shreds by the invading monster.

Normally Anita would have already moved her hand to her clit and fingered herself to an orgasm, but since her hands were strapped to her sides, the excitement only seemed to build up in her vagina and she built herself up with no prospect of satisfaction.

Doctor Haris checked her vagina again, and again noticed the swollen lips and the abundance of her juices pouring from her puffy labia.

When he returned to his seat by her side, he signaled Rita again. By flipping a switch, she changed the still pictures to a brutal, obscene porn film set to music, which showed a young brunette who was riding a huge penis and who was swearing like a drunken sailor.

“Oh, my god!” Groaned Anita. “Damn, she’s riding his stump. Oh god, she’s coming soon. Just look at how happy a girl can be. ”

The film had been going on for about ten minutes with different scenes and different actors, but with the same general theme. Young women were fucked by big cocks, and both men and women had huge, devastating orgasms.

Anita was begging for relief now, but to her dismay the monitor went black for several seconds, only to show a video afterward in which a young man and a young woman in the 69 positions pampered each other.

“Oh damn it!” Shouted Anita. “H-please help me. Let me come, I can’t take another second. Please help miiiiiiiiiir! ”

When the image and sound of the two pornstars peaking through the other’s mouth had burned into her mind, Anita’s vagina twitched violently as an unintentional orgasm plunged her entire body transformed a huge erogenous zone.

Anita was covered in sweat and fluttered like a leaf in the storm. Her pussy twitched in an orgasmic afterglow that continued unabated a good ten minutes after her stormy climax.

Doctor Haris made several final entries on his slip of paper before announcing, “It was a good session, Anita. Thank you for participating! ”

She could barely speak now, but she whispered,“ All I can say, doctor, is: wow! ”

The End.

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