A Pleasant Train Journey with Aarti Miss


Hello friends.  My name is Harshit Thakur.  Basically I am a resident of Samastipur, Bihar.  But both my mom and dad work in Mayanagari Mumbai.  So all of us family lives in Mumbai.  Our birthplace is also Mumbai.  I am 5 feet 9 inches tall, I am not completely fair and I am not too dark.  I go to gym everyday so body is maintained.  I am 26 years old now.


Today I will tell you the most interesting story of my life.  This story is from about 3 months ago.  When I was going to village Samastipur with my family.  Since we have lived in the city since birth, we used to love going to the village.  So in the train we sat, mom, dad, me and my sister.  But we had 2 seats together and 2 separately.  My berth was up in B 3.  And my sister had a middle berth in the same cabin.



I was very happy because after a long time we were going to the village.  And because of the workload of the office, I was in great need of a vacation.  No one had come to my front berth yet.  The train started and the next station arrived.  And the passengers of the seat in front of me also came.  She was a beautiful, almost 31, 32 year old woman who was wearing blue jeans and a black shirt.


What doom was his milky face in the black shirt.  I kept staring at her until she came upstairs.  Then she also came up.  And sat down.

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I looked at her with a thief’s eyes, then our eyes met and I quickly turned my eyes away but by then I had recognized her, she was none other than my 10th class math teacher Aarti Miss.  But I tried to be ignorant.


Aarti Miss was really beautiful and hot to see.  Her boobs were perfect round and in perfect shape.  Her ass was 36 inches which was perfectly round.  She was the only teacher who used to come to school wearing jeans and top and shirt.

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All the boys in the school had a crush on him.  That is not, first love.  I was sure that all the boys would go home and masterbate his name.  Because I used to masterbste too.


Many boys even wrote love letters to Ma’am.  Some people wrote love letters with their blood.  But she did not give grass to anyone.  She was also a virgin at that time.


Within a short while Aarti Ma’am saw me, and smiled and said Excuse me, I think I know you.  You are my former student, I can’t remember your name.  But I have taught you.


I said, “Yes ma’am, I am your ex-student.” Harshit.


Aarti Ma’am- Oh yes.  I remembered now.  (You are reading this story at https://nightqueenstories.com )


Then she extended her hand and both of us shook hands and started talking about some old things.  Aarti Miss is still looking as beautiful as I saw her in school time.  Perfect figure, fair milky complexion, dark hair and blue eyes.  Anyone used to fall in love with her beauty.  There was a nice fragrance coming from Miss’s body, a sexy scent.


We started talking.  Some of the things of our batch, some of his life, some of my life.  some personal things, etc.  Then I asked him about his marriage.  Then she suddenly fell silent.  His face turned sad.


It was quite a night, so everyone started sleeping and then switched off the lights.  But she was on the berth in front of me, so we had to speak loudly.  Due to which people were getting disturbed.  So I said you come to my berth and talk.” She said, “You don’t want to sleep, do you?” So I said, I can’t sleep right now.  Then she came and sat on my seat.


It was night, the cold was also increasing, due to the AC from above it had become more cold.  So I gave my blanket to Aarti Ma’am.  She said thank you, and wrapped the blanket over her.  We kept talking for some time.  Then I put a Hollywood movie on my mobile, and gave an earphone to Aarti Miss.  And one I put in my ear.

 Seeing the sex scene of a Hollywood movie made my cock rise


We both were watching a movie.  Seeing the cold rising, she said that you should also wear a blanket.  And also covered me with a blanket.  We were so close that I could even feel her breath.  I put one hand around her shoulder, and I held the phone with one hand.  That’s when a sexually explicit scene came in the film.


 Seeing that, my cock started standing up.  Aarti Miss had also turned on, and was taking a deep breath.  Her foot was above my leg and near my cock.  So as soon as my cock stood up, they came to know.  She looked at me, and smiled strangely.


And said, “You seem to be liking the movie too much. I panicked. Then she said, “It’s cold enough, isn’t it?” I said, “Hey miss it’s really cold.  So she said oh come on” I am not your miss now. You don’t need to give so much respect. You can call me Aarti.


 Aarti Miss put her hand inside my pants and grabbed my cock


And then all of a sudden she put her hand inside my T-shirt.  And said, “I feel very cold in my hands.  That’s why I am taking the heat of your body.  By doing this, it feels less cold.  If you want, you can take the heat of my body.”  I was shocked to hear this.  I also put my hands on top of them.  You are reading this story at https://nightqueenstories.com.)

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Her body was very soft, just like butter.  I was rolling my hand on her stomach and then took my hand up.  I was trying to put my hand inside her bra.  Then she said, “It will not go like this, it is tight, open the hook.”  I untied the hooks of her bra.


Now I started pressing her boobs.  She started taking moan.  Then she put hand inside my track pants and grabbed my cock.  What can I tell friends, if her soft hand falls on my cock, then I feel as if I am in paradise.  We both started looking into each other’s eyes.  She put her lips closer to me and then both of us started smooching.


And inside the blanket she was shaking my cock and I was pressing her boobs.  The train was running at full speed.  Now I went inside the blanket, and started sucking on their boobs.  She started sobbing loudly.  After a while she grabbed my hand and put it in his jeans.


I started caressing her pussy from the top of the panties for a while.  Then put her hand inside the panties.  And then put a finger inside the pussy  she grabbed my face.  And started kissing.  I started sticking my finger inside her pussy.

 First on the berth, then in the toilet to fuck Aarti


Then she said softly in my ear, will you put two fingers in my ear?” Hearing this, I became even more horny. I put two fingers in his pussy and after a while started fingering with three fingers.  Started shouting loudly but in a low voice, and my cock started shaking loudly. (You are reading this story on https://nightqueenstories.com )


Then she removed the jeans along with the panties.  Till then I also removed my lower and underwear.


Then suddenly she pulled my cock and started rubbing it on her pussy.  Then I put my cock in her pussy in one stroke.  And then I started giving jerks.  wow what fun it was


Aarti now began to lift her waist and hissings started coming out of her mouth.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…  ooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… aaaahhhhhhhhhhh.. aaahhhhhhhhhhh… ooohhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. Oooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..  Fuck me hard my boy fuck me hard.  ooooohhhhhhhh fuck baby LOVE YOU  Harshit I love you……Oh yes baby……… fuckkkkk babyyyyy…fuckkkkkk…… Fuckkk myyy pusssyyyyyy.  Oh yeah baby.. You are my king Honey you are sooooooo hoooootttttttttttt.  Really really so sexy my heartbeat.  Fuckkkk me hard my jaannn fuck me ……. Fuckkkkk my boy ….  fuckkkkkk you are so sexy baby……


Fuck  I am thirsty my pussy is thirsty….  Fuck with your fat cock.  My pussssyyyyy is very thirsty.  Fuck my pussy  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhs……  .ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh………


This fuck lasted for about 25 to 30 minutes, now I was about to fall, then I took my cock out of their pussy and shot them on their boobs.  My semen went on her face too.  Then she cleaned her face, nipples, and my cock with her panties.  Aarti had fallen 3 times.  Now she was very happy.


Then we both lay in each other’s arms for a while.  It was 3 o’clock in the night, the lights were off and everyone was almost asleep.


Me and Aarti went to Toilet, there too I made her a mare and fuck.  Then both of us came and slept on our respective berths.  When I opened my eyes in the morning, Aarti had missed it.  She had got down at some station in Madhya Pradesh.  where her house was.


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