स्वामी का जादुई फार्मूला


 188  कभी कभी अंगूर को बस चाहिए होता है लंगूर चेन्नई के पास एक छोटे से शहर में रहता था स्वामी, शारीरिक रूप से बड़ा ही दुबला पतला और कमज़ोर।स्वामी लोगो की नज़रो में आना कम ही पसंद करता था क्युकी सभी उसका काफ़ी ज़यादा मज़ाक बनाया करते थे।शहर में उसे समझने वाली बस एकही…

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First time with the Boss


 265  Hi my name is Anita. I’m writing this story which happened between me and my boss when I first joined his company. We had an important event coming up in the office, so my boss called me to his office and said,” Anita I know you have a good dressing sense. Why not you…

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A Pleasant Train Journey with Aarti Miss


 141  Hello friends.  My name is Harshit Thakur.  Basically I am a resident of Samastipur, Bihar.  But both my mom and dad work in Mayanagari Mumbai.  So all of us family lives in Mumbai.  Our birthplace is also Mumbai.  I am 5 feet 9 inches tall, I am not completely fair and I am not…

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Widow Aunt and Her Thirsty Pussy


 175  Tears started flowing from Aunt’s eyes. I also held her by the neck and said, I am an aunt and will not take care of you. Don’t you feel alone? Hearing this, she squeezed me harder. His nipples were very hard. My cock started getting hard now. And he felt it. Because my cock…

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Late night at Office-From Office to Bedroom


 90  I’m Rohan and I work in an IT company. I have worked with a lot of companies but this one was the best among all due to the friendly and cooperative environment. This is a story of the time when I saw my boss fucking his secretary in the office and how I followed…

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