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Hello, my name is Varshit and I am 22 years old. I have a good body, not particularly muscular, but adequate for my age. My parents reside in the United States. So I’ve largely lived with my Mother’s sister. Radha is her name, she’s in her late 30s, and she has a 19-year-old daughter. Her husband passed away due to cardiac difficulties. She works as a schoolteacher. She treats me like a son and treats me like a mother. We didn’t go anyplace and stayed at home as soon as the lockdown began. I began to focus more on my chachi, catching views of her navel. She wears her saree so that her back is mostly exposed up to the hip and her belly button is constantly visible when she wears it. When she wears chudidhars she never uses dupatta therefore anytime she bends down her cleavage or boobs(when no bra) is seen. Whenever I see those scenes, I always flap.

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But I’m usually bored, so my cousin sister Sreenidhi and I would play bored games, video games, and so on. We’re so close that we occasionally watch porn together. When I’m alone, I tend to watch a lot of incest and think a lot about my sis, and even more about my chachi. I know it’s bad, but they’re so hot that I couldn’t help myself. My sister has already seen my dick, but I have never seen her private parts since I believe it is inappropriate.


She does, however, keep displaying her cleavage, which is enough to make my dick spring up. She is aware that I am aroused, but she enjoys teasing me. I’m really baffled as to how her body is so messed up. Her boobs are huge and her ass is juicy, despite the fact that she’s just 19 years old. She always dresses in low-rise denim shorts and tight tops, which accentuates her slim form. My chachi had to attend a school meeting one day, so my buddies invited me to hang out.


I said okay and walked over, where we casually spoke and one of my buddies admitted to having sex with his neighbor. He claimed to have used aphrodisiac pills, after which she was ready to fuck him like crazy. He also brought some of it to show us. I drew him aside as we were leaving and requested him to give me the drugs, which he did. When I returned home, I was surprised to see Sree without her underwear and her blouse pulled over her boobs when I opened the door. For the first time, I saw my sister’s private bits. Her pussy was pink and wet, with no hair. Her round nipples were dark and sharp, and her breasts were full. “Sree, what the fuck, go to your room!” I yelled. She apologised and dashed to her room, leaving her phone behind. I saw and was startled to learn that she was also involved in incest. I was tough, but I didn’t think of my sister in the same light as my chachi. So that was my strategy for the day.I didn’t understand why she felt sad when she returned home. “Where is Sree?” she inquired. “I think she’s asleep in her room,” I said. Her saree slid a little off her shoulders and her I can see her cleavage line. My dick was hardening, but I decided to keep it under control by asking her what had happened. She sobbed and said, “Her career is in jeopardy; they don’t need me.” I gently rubbed her shoulder and collarbone, asking her to calm down. We had just finished talking and I offered, “Shall I grab some wine?” “OK, but don’t tell mom and dad,” she added. I chuckled and agreed, then poured some wine into a glass with aphrodisiac tablets and handed it to her.


She gulped down half of it in one go. That’s how we chatted for a while. It didn’t feel any difference, so I assumed it wasn’t functioning and was disappointed. But then she added, “It’s rather hot, isn’t it?” She also removed her pallu completely from her shoulder, leaving only her blouse. I was taken aback and began drooling. When she saw me, she chuckled and said, “Am I still desirable, huh?” “Fuck yes, of course you’re chachi,” I said. Take a look at how hot you are.” I was admiring her navel, hips, boobs, and ass as she got up and gave me a little show by removing her pallu completely. She sat down again and wrapped her arm around my shoulders, drawing me closer to her. “Do you miss your husband?” I said slowly. “Yes, a lot,” she began to cry. But he was never able to fully satisfy me. Every time we had sex, he ended so quickly. I haven’t felt satisfied in a long time.” I was surprised and didn’t know what to say, so I responded oh and placed my hand on her boob. I felt soft as a pillow, and I’m not sure what occurred, but she grabbed my head and kissed me on the lips. I kissed her back, and we kissed like that for 5 minutes while my hands rubbed her stomach, back, and boobs. She’s nearly forty, yet she has a gorgeous shape with nice curves and no fat. She may be mistaken for a 25-year-old woman by an outsider.


Then she abruptly came to a halt, and I assumed the effect had worn off. “If Sree comes out, we’ll be caught,” she warned. Let us proceed to my room.” So we went, and I pushed her onto the bed and kissed her once again. She took off my t-shirt and began licking my chest. I pulled her back and took off her blouse, revealing her boobs. Huge, seductive melons. I pinched her nipples and straightened them out. I put my mouth on them after she flinched a little. I sucked them in the same way that a newborn would milk from her mother. I would have emptied them if there was milk. I licked her right boob while pinching the left, then the left boob while pinching the right. I jiggled, smacked, and pressed on them. I kissed her once again and raised both of her hands above her head. I licked and tickled her armpits, which were freshly shaven.


Then I took off her petticoat and kissed her milky thighs, licking up to her panties. I cautiously removed them and gazed at the breathtaking scene. My chachi was still a little shy, so she covered her vagina with her hand. I again played with her boobs, kissed her navel and slowly put her hand aside. Her pussy was dripping with juice and her pubic hair was neatly trimmed. I touched it which sent a shock through her body. “It’s been over 8 years since someone other than me touched there,” she remarked.


So I stroked her clit and spread her pussy lips wide, then placed my tongue on her cunt and began sucking it.


“OMG!” she exclaimed. It was never done by my husband. Please don’t stop; keep going.” “Then your spouse is a jerk,” I replied as I continued to lick her dry. As she pushed my head further and therefore my tongue deeper, I saw her overpowered by lust. Then I came to a halt and asked if she knew what a BJ was. “Lay back,” she said, and I did. My 7-inch dick sprung up when she pulled my pants down. ”Fuck, it’s double the size of my husband.” She took it in her mouth after I said suck it. She sucked it up with her lips and massaged it with her tongue like a pro. I snatched her hair and gave her a deep-throated kiss. Her neck was hot, and we were both uncomfortable.


After that, she sat on my face and we executed the 69 position together. While she was swallowing my dick, I tasted her pussy.


Then we shifted into snooping mode. I approached her from behind, while she was resting sideways. She sighed and murmured quietly. Then I started fucking her really hard. I fucked her for 10 minutes in that position before asking her to lie on top of me. As soon as we were in place, she began riding me. Her boobs jiggled up and down, and I grabbed them and sucked them into my mouth, never letting them go. Until she arrived, I continued to fuck her while sucking her breasts. Then we switched to reverse cowgirl, and she began slowly moving her hips.


I told her she needed to hurry up the pace, so I grabbed her ass and began moving it. While doing so, I placed my thumb over her asshole and slowly pushed it in until it was fully enclosed. While I was fingering her ass, she screamed but kept moving. I heard moaning coming from the door, and as I turned around, I saw Sree caressing her pussy and staring at us. We switched places because I was afraid chachi would spot her and end the session. I told her I wanted a doggystyle, and she agreed, so I made her face the opposite of Sree’s. “Is your ass virgin?” I inquired. “Yes, but why?” she replied. Except for lining my dick with her asshole and into her


ass, I didn’t say anything. “Oh god,” she yelled. It’s excruciatingly painful.”As a result, I took it slowly at first. Sree was still there when I turned around. I pleaded with her to leave. She gave a blowjob signal for the next day. I nodded and she walked away.I moved my focus back to the lovely ass. I knelt down so our chests were touching (my chest on her back), grabbed her boobs, and ripped her ass apart. My dick was being milked right from the balls by her ass. I continued to fuck her ass for another 30 minutes. Then I forced myself to lie on her back, on top of her. I slammed my fist into her pussy and pinned her hands. In my missionary position, I started fucking hard.


Our tongues wrestled with my dick blazing her insides as we kissed, our lips biting. Her walls were tightening, indicating that she was about to cum, so I swapped holes and anal fucked her in the same position, and we both arrived shortly after. I slammed my fist into her crotch. I was on top of him after I pulled out. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me passionately. While my come was seeping out of her ass, she offered me a deep kiss. We were all sweating and breathing heavily. “That was very intense,” I added. “Yeah, it was so fucking good,” she added. Then I said, “Is this a one-time thing?” “The house is ours, time is ours, and I’m always yours,” she said, laughing. What do you find most appealing about me?” “Obviously the large melons you have on your chest,” I said. Just thinking about them made my dick hurt. “One more round?” she begged, feeling my dick firm on her clit once more. “I’d never say no to this body,” I remarked, “but my dick needs attention right now.” So I stuffed my dick between her tits and breast fucked them till they were rock hard. Then, like wild animals in mating season, we fucked all night.


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