The Business Trip with Maria


My name is Raju and I had to travel to our business partner in Hungary for the second time. I asked my wife if she would like to come with me so that we could see Budapest.

She declined that she could not leave professionally. But shortly before leaving, she told me that it had become possible in the short term and that she was coming. So packed and off we went.

My business partner had pre-booked the hotel, and rebooking to a double room was no problem either, they only had double rooms.

After checking in and unpacking, we strolled a bit through Budapest. We found a small restaurant and after dinner we went back to the hotel. We got a bottle of wine from room service and fell asleep in front of the television, after a bottle of wine and a little fumbling.

The next morning we woke up dressed, we jumped in the shower. When I was about to get dressed, there was a knock on the door. I put on my bathrobe and opened it. And there was a dream woman, long blonde hair, great breasts, and a super figure. I had to be careful that my cock didn’t come out of the bathrobe.

“Yes, please, do you wish?”

“I’m Maria, your business partner has booked me for you and I should make your stay in Budapest as pleasant as possible.”

“Ah, yes.”

My wife had come out of the bathroom by now. She had put on a towel.

“Oh, hello, who are you?”

“I am Maria and I had already told her husband that her business partner had booked me for her and I should make your stay in Budapest as pleasant as possible.”

“So, so, as pleasant as possible. What belongs? to?”

I burst in and said, “Come with us for dinner, show us the sights and things like that .” Maria smiled and said: “Everything you want”. “Really everything,” my wife asked with a smug smile on her face. “Yes really everything. Why are you asking?”

“Only like that. You hear a lot about business travel. ”

When my wife asked my last question, my cock had almost straightened up. He looked a little out of his bathrobe. Hopefully my wife meant the same as everything with everything. Maria’s movements of my tail didn’t seem to be hidden, because she smiled at me. I was a little embarrassed in this situation, I must have blushed because Maria turned to my wife.

“We should get dressed now,” said my wife.

I grabbed my things and went to the bathroom to get dressed. My wife changed in the bedroom.

I heard Maria say, “When they’re done, they’ll let you know.”

“If you don’t mind, you can turn around immediately, I have no problem with that.”

When I got out of the bathroom, my wife was already dressed and we could go to breakfast. The three of us ate in the hotel dining room. Both women had a very lively conversation.

After breakfast we had some time until my business appointment. We wanted to go to our room again, Maria said that she will be waiting for us in the lobby.

“That is out of the question, you can accompany us quietly. We can still clarify the details of the day, “said my wife and pulled Maria by the arm behind us. When she got to the room, she asked Maria:” What does service mean to you? ”

“Everything the customer wants.” “How far do they go?”

“It depends on the customer. Whoever pays has to say that. ”

“We don’t pay, what did your client say? Do they also have to go to bed with the customers?”

“That is up to me. If he is likeable, why not. ”

“And how do you find my husband? Would you have gone to bed with him? ”

Maria smiled and said,” Maybe. If the customer wants it. ”

My wife looked at me and asked me, “How many times have you gone to bed with an escort?”

“Never, that’s very rare.”

My wife went up to Maria and put her arm around her. Maria did the same.

“How do you like my husband?”

“Makes a nice impression, looks good and knows how to behave. A gentleman, I would say.”

“Now stop it, you have no other topic,” I snapped at my wife. “It’s okay if she wants to know exactly.”

“Nice that you agree with me, we women have to stick together. And would they? ”

“I think so.”

“And if his wife were there, then too?” “What’s that all about now?”

“If the woman wants it, why not.”

“Would you do the same with us?”

“Yes, they are a nice couple. But it would cost extra ”

I looked at my wife totally surprised. What had she just asked? There is no such thing.

Suddenly my wife’s hand went to Maria’s chest and she started to open the blouse. Maria looked at my wife, very startled, but she just smiled at her.

“You know that this costs extra? Don’t you want to know how much, “Maria asked my wife?

“The price doesn’t matter, we’ll agree on that. ”

“What suddenly got into my wife, I wondered. Maria looked at me. I could only shrug my shoulders. Maria’s blouse was now open and you could see a bra made of lace.

“What do you care about, don’t you want to help?”

Then the blouse fell to the floor. I looked at my wife, still, totally surprised and started to move. If my wife wanted it, why not.

When I reached Maria, the skirt fell. You could see a white lace thong. “Here take a look.”

The bra slid towards me and I was very happy to take it. It gave my eyes a

look at a couple of beautiful breasts that filled more than my two hands. I looked into Maria’s face, but I only saw that she looked at my wife. My wife had crouched in front of Maria and took off her panties. I followed the panties, he released a shaved pussy. As she stood there, she took my breath away. My wife got up now , put her arm around Maria and asked me: “Would you like to fuck her?”

“Whether I have something,” I couldn’t believe my ears. When I saw the naked woman, a big bulge had formed in my pants.

Maria looked at my wife in surprise, then turned her head and smiled at me. “Would you like to go birding with her?”

“Uh, well, if you wish. I’ll do whatever you say.” I grinned at my wife.

“Everything I say, I’ll remind you at home.”

“So, should I?” I smiled at my wife.

“When I look at your pants, it means for me that you want immediately. What are you waiting for? ”

We all looked at the bulge in my pants. ” Well, if you interpret it that way. ”

Ria, my wife, came to me now and immediately grabbed my crotch. I instinctively flinched. I wasn’t used to that in the presence of other people. She opened my pants and took out my good piece. He stood taut and stretched up slightly.

“And, do you like it?” Asked my wife Maria. Maria looked down and asked: “Your husband or tight Max?”

“The two only exist together.” “I wouldn’t refuse the two.” “Well.”

It was a long-drawn good that my wife gave out and it amazed me a lot. She crouched. Ria put the phallus in her mouth and her lips closed around it.

She slowly led him in and out. her tongue played with my acorn and wandered down the stand. She put my scrotum in her mouth and the tongue played with the testicles. She had one hand on my stand, the other caressed Maria’s back. Then Maria was licked by her while she jerked on my stand. The telephone rang. Since I was closest, I took off. It was the doorman, he told me that the car is there and waiting for us. Unfortunately, I thought to myself and told the ladies. Then we were all very angry. But what can you do about something like that? So we got dressed and went down. The car drove us to the company where I got out. Maria and my wife drove on. They wanted to go shopping.

During a short break in the negotiations, my business partner asked me if I was satisfied with Maria and where she was at the moment.

“My wife is going on a shopping spree and a sightseeing tour with Maria.” “Please, your wife is with you? Did you say that you would come alone?”

“Yes, I thought too, but my wife decided to come with me at very short notice.”

“Oh, if I had known that, I would not have ordered the escort service.”

“It’s okay, Maria reacted very well and it is good if not me, with my wife, to stroll through the whole department stores.”

“Then I am reassured, I was afraid that she would have problems with her wife . ”

I just smiled at him. Then we continued our business talks. They pulled themselves out. So I only came out of the office in the afternoon. The boss had invited us to his home in the evening. His wife would cook very well and she likes to invite people.

I called my wife when I was in front of the car. She answered immediately.

“We are sitting in a cafe on the banks of the Danube and where are you? “I just finished and wanted to go to the hotel for a shower.”

“Then we’ll get there.”

“Take your time and enjoy the coffee.” “See you soon.”


I got into the car that was waiting for me and let myself be driven to the hotel. When I got to the hotel I got the key and took the elevator up. Once at the top I went to our room and went inside. I put the keys away and put the case down. My clothes followed next. I went to the bathroom naked and took a shower. The warm water ran over my body. It was really good for me and relaxed. I soaped myself and watched the foam run down my body. I noticed a cold draft and turned around. Maria and my wife stood in front of the open shower.

“Oh, what are you doing here?” I asked my wife. “We wanted to dry you off.”

Then she grabbed a towel and started drying my stomach.

“Come on out, you can’t really dry yourself off.” And I did what she said.

Then she dried again.

“Come help me,” she said to Maria. Maria also grabbed a towel and helped my wife. My wife crouched in front and dried me down and Maria stood next to me and did the same upstairs.

Of course Maria was finished earlier, my wife took intensive care of the middle of the body. Success was not long in coming with their efforts. My part grew.

“Oh, what do you think of that?” Asked my wife Maria. Maria looked down and started to grin.

“What do you mean,” she asked my wife. “You help

your husband and then something happens.” “Don’t act hypocritical, you

wanted to achieve that. The area had been dry for a long time,” it came from me.

“Oh, where do you want to know from?”

My wife had put the towel aside and was jerking my growing stand. “Oh, now it’s like this morning, Maria, don’t you think?”

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“Yes, you are right, it looks really good.”

“Then we can continue this morning when we were interrupted,” came my wife.

She ran a hand over Maria’s thigh and up under her skirt. Maria smiled at her and unbuttoned her blouse.

I had already opened her skirt and it fell too. My wife took Maria’s panties and took them off.

“I think we are as ready as this morning,” said Maria.

Ria grabbed my phallus and put it in her mouth. Then she began to stroke Maria’s pussy. With the other hand, she massaged my sack. The phallus disappeared again and again It was awesome, especially because my wife kept refusing, and here she does it without discussion.

Suddenly Maria groaned. I looked at her. Her eyes looked down. I looked behind me and saw that my wife Maria had three fingers in her pussy and she jerked. I was also thrilled to see my wife jerking another one. At home we had talked about this topic once, she had disgusted it.

But she didn’t jerk her for long. My wife got up and also stopped jerking off my cock.

“Maria, support yourself from the sink.”

And Maria took a step there, leaned forward a little and braced herself there. “Come on,” my wife said to me, “get her from behind”:

Then she snapped my stand and pulled me behind Maria. She grabbed Maria between the legs and directed my cock into Maria’s pussy. Then my wife stood behind me and pressed me against Maria. That means she made sure that I fuck Maria too. But I don’t need such help. I grabbed Maria’s hips and pulled her closer to me with every push. Maria groaned with every thrust. Good, I thought, she understands her business. My wife saw that I could do it on my own and stood next to us. She stroked Maria’s back.

“Why don’t you get it for me at home too?” Asked my wife? “I used to want to, so you resisted it. And then I just let it go. If you want, we can do it anytime.”

I took my wife’s hip and pulled her to me. Then I took a step backwards so that my cock slipped out of Maria. Maria looked back in surprise. I pulled my wife, with my back to me, between Maria and me and pressed her upper body down. Now she was standing as bent as Maria. I took my stand and directed it to the entrance of her love cave. Then he slowly disappeared into her.

“Uih, awesome why didn’t we do it earlier,” came my wife?

I didn’t say anything, but took her by the hips and kept pushing my phallus into her pleasure cavity. She started to moan too quietly.

Ria took hold of Maria’s hips and began to stroke her. Her hands went up her back to Maria’s shoulders. Then they wandered down again. And then the hands went to Maria’s breast and began to stroke it. Then the hands went back again.

Maria turned. My wife and I looked at her. She sat on the cabinet next to the sink. Then she smiled at my wife and touched the back of her head. She pulled my wife’s head to her pussy and pressed it on. The next moment she groaned.

My wife actually licked Maria, I could hardly believe it. But it didn’t last long. Then Maria pulled my wife’s head back up and stood. She took our hands and pulled us out of the bathroom into bed. She pushed me onto the bed with her back and then directed my wife onto my stand. He slowly disappeared into her pussy. My wife groaned all the time until he was inside. Maria knelt next to us and watched my wife. Ria sat on it as if she was waiting for something. When nothing happened, Maria took the initiative. She grabbed my wife’s clit and bottom. And then she pressed Ria tighter on my cock and massaged Ria’s clit. Ria moaned briefly and then rode off. Only very slowly. She looked at me and Maria uncertainly. The uncertain expression on her face vanished very quickly, just as she increased the pace. I could never persuade her to do this at home. Maria sat on my face and I licked her pussy. Probably both kissed and massaged their tits. Maria always moved her pussy back and forth, so that I just had to stick my tongue out.

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I felt my wife get up and Maria got up too. They exchanged places. I licked my wife’s pussy and Maria rode me. Was that cool? She moved her pussy over my face and all I had to do was stick my tongue out. Both women became faster again until they stopped and got up.

Maria now lay on her back and my wife knelt over it. Then she asked me to fuck her in the ass. Ass, I heard that right, but I liked to follow it. So grab my wife’s ass. I slowly push her tail into her virgin butt hole. Then he’s in. My wife moans and I push her hard cock deep into her asshole. When he is completely inside I wait a short time and then I fuck her. Maria licks my wife’s pussy and my sack. My wife licked Maria’s pussy. But my wife and I groaned louder and louder. And we got faster too. After a few more bumps we groaned loudly and I fucked like a wild man. My wife kept thrusting at me with her buttocks until she started to twitch wildly. We quickly fell aside.

When we finally recovered, Maria was sitting in bed smiling at us. After the recovery period, we all got dressed and were about to go back into town when the phone rang. I answered and it was my business partner. He invited us to dinner at his home. I looked at my wife a little disappointed. Nothing seems to be with the nice evening. Then she came on the phone and talked to him. I talked to Maria. All clear said my wife when she came back to us.

Nothing seems to be with the nice evening. Then she came on the phone and talked to him. I talked to Maria. All clear said my wife when she came back to us. Nothing seems to be with the nice evening. Then she came on the phone and talked to him. I talked to Maria. All clear said my wife when she came back to us.

In the next story, I will write a story named “THE MYSTERIOUS ROCKING HORSE”.

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