Our Day on the River


Summer morning slowly awoke.

Over the lazily flowing, wide river, a few nightly mists of fog were still moving. However, the rising morning wind blew and whirled them around, dissolving them as if they had never existed.

In the old, gnarled willows that lined the shore in common with dense bushes and shrubs, some of which hang their branches above the water, the first melodic chirping of the birds sounded, who had just awakened and greeted the morning with their singing.

The sun was just rising big and still red above the other side of the river, its first rays bathed the awakening nature in bright light, the green of the bushes and trees on the bank began to glow.

Aditi  and Arjun  carried heavy. Everything necessary for fishing, including a cool box, both dragged along the narrow, high grass-lined bank path. Sunday morning, nice weather, the forecast was correct this time, it was going to be a nice day at the river and maybe today they were lucky and even caught some fish.

Aditi , an attractive, medium-sized, slim woman, in her mid-thirties, went fishing with Arjun , her long-time friend of the same age, with whom she also lived, almost every Sunday when the weather allowed it. It was one of their many hobbies together.

Arjun , he was tall and slim with short, blonde hair, puffed, sweating despite the morning chill.

“Let’s go to the shore here, there should actually be a small sandy bay, a good place, I think!”

Through the high grass, leaving the path, they made their way to the nearby bank, still covered by bushes. Arjun  was right , really the ideal place for fishing.

A sandy strip of shore, surrounded by bushes, which later, it was sure to be a hot day, provided cool shade.

“Here we try!”

Both agreed and were happy to finally be able to put down their burdens.

They unpacked, prepared their fishing rods, lured them professionally and cast them out.

“Now a coffee, a cigarette and then just rest,” said Aditi  and first took off the thick anorak, it had also warmed her.

They sat down on two large stones on the bank, drank their coffee and smoked. Together, in silence, they enjoyed the morning silence, which was only pleasantly interrupted by the song of the birds, and waited for a fish to bite.

Time passed, but nothing happened, no fish was interested in their fishing without the lines hanging in the water.

“It’s almost too nice the weather today, hardly anyone bites,” growled Arjun  and looked at the cloudless, azure sky.

The sun was already high and it was warmer now.

He took a beer from the cooler you too, “he asked Aditi . “Yeah, I’m thirsty too!”

They sat side by side and waited. Time passed, but nothing touched their hinges. The cords hung motionless in the water.

“We should give it up soon,” said Aditi , because she was getting bored. “Well, then let’s enjoy the rest a bit,” replied Arjun , “it’s still early in the day!”

Behind the two, on the way out of sight of their place, a woman, carrying a camping bag, strode up the river. About fifty meters away she left the path and crossed the tall grass to get to the river.

A free stretch of shore, covered with sand and framed by bushes, was her goal, she had known the quiet place for a long time, because she had been here several times to sunbathe undisturbed and unobserved.

She put down her bag and spread out a blanket.

A pretty, slender woman with shoulder-long brown hair, she was in her mid- thirties.

She bent down, grabbed the hem of her summer dress, and when she slipped it over her head, she was naked underneath.

For a moment she stood motionless, looking around, no one was to be seen, she was alone.

She took out a tube of sunscreen cream from her pocket, then settled on her blanket and slowly, with gentle movements, rubbed the cream against her skin.

She treated her luscious breasts particularly intensely, she seemed to enjoy petting them, because every now and then she tugged her stiff warts with her thumb and forefinger and pulled them out.

With her thighs slightly open, she now lay on her back and closed her eyes, a hand moved down to her dark hairy lap and began to make gentle, circular movements.

“I’m going to walk a little along the bank, please watch the hinges, I’m not long, just stretch yourlegs a little,” said Aditi , standing up and stretching.

“Go on,” said Arjun , “I’ll be. ” In the meantime drink another beer or two and if a fish should bite and I need help, I will call you. ”

Aditi  waved to him briefly, then walked slowly up the river bank.

Now and then she looked into the water, none To see fish, only insects danced on the surface of the lazily flowing stream.

She came to a gentle bend in the river and saw a bright spot shimmering through the branches of the riverbanks, “wasn’t there someone there?”

Curious, she went on, followed the trodden grass and then Aditi  saw the woman on the blanket.

Naked, with her eyes closed, she lay there in the sun, one hand moved intensely between her wide-open, angled thighs, with the other she gently caressed her lush breasts, which were hanging to one side.

The woman, she might be about her age, Aditi  estimated, was about to indulge in her feelings, without a doubt, she masturbated with pleasure.

“Actually, I should go on, watching her shouldn’t be, although”, were her thoughts, but then she was overcome by curiosity combined with a slight excitement which she suddenly felt.

A woman, naked and masturbating, was also unusual for Aditi , it was new for her, a sight that did not leave her cold now, aroused feelings in her.

She too often achieved physical relaxation in lonely hours, violently masturbating with her hand or with the help of her vibrator, she satisfied herself to the climax. Sometimes even several times in a row when Arjun  was not there.

But unfortunately, as she often regretted, she had never had the opportunity to watch a woman masturbating, or finally, her longing to have sex with another woman, to love herself as uninhibitedly as women do with each other did some porn movies that she often watched with Arjun .

He also liked to see two women competing with each other, often masturbating while watching and Aditi  knew that he wouldn’t mind if she would have sex with a woman, provided he said that he should watch.

Her inclination to the same gender awakened during her school days.

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The sight of the naked classmates in the shower after the physical education already made her excited, her abdomen tingled when her secret eyes wandered over the bodies of the naked girls.

Their firm youthful breasts, their firm round buttocks and the slits, which are usually only sparsely covered with hair, let them get wet and often afterwards they quickly satisfied themselves in the school toilet.

She would have loved to touch one of them, grab her breasts or crotch, and gladly do the same with her.

In her mind, while stimulating her clit, she went through the wildest scenes and often remembered it, watching her parents once.

At that time, one night, she woke up, her bladder came on and she left her bed to go to the toilet.

The door to her parents’ bedroom was a crack open and she looked inside.

The fact that her parents often and persistently fucked was nothing new for her, she had secretly observed them several times and got excited about what she was doing when she surrendered to her bed with moaning and violent fucking.

Most of the time they lay alternately on top of each other in their unified position, sometimes their father lay violently poking their mother upstairs, or he lay below her and she rode on his stiff cock with bobbing breasts.

Just how they did it now was a new, extraordinary sight for Aditi .

Her mother lay on her back, her buttocks raised by a pillow underneath with her thighs wide open, her hands pulled her labia apart, and she opened the moist, shiny slit to her husband.

He knelt naked behind her, bowed his head and his mouth lay on her sex and he began to lick her, his tongue slid back and forth between her open slit.

His tail, she spied, was wet, shining in the light of the bedside lamp, standing stiffly away from him.

“Probably the endgame, it’ll be fine with you,” Aditi  thought as her mother started to moan, the louder she became, the more violently her father moved his tongue in her while he rubbed his cock faster with one hand.

Her abdomen was twitching back and forth, the feeling she felt when her father licked her, his tongue in her slit, had to be awesome.

Suddenly it came to her mother, she pressed both hands to her mouth, yet her cries of pleasure reached, though muffled, to Aditi ‘s ears.

Just barely noticed how her father was rubbing his cock violently, spraying her sperm in batches onto her stomach and breasts and then lying on her exhausted.

More and more often when she masturbated she had to think about it and the desire to be spoiled by a mouth, possibly by a woman, this wish became stronger and stronger in her.

Unfortunately only once, during a multi-day class trip with an overnight stay in a youth home, there was an approach with a classmate.

Due to a lack of sleeping space for everyone, she had to share the bed with a classmate.

It was midsummer and it was still very warm at night, so Tine, her bed-mate and Aditi , both only lightly, dressed in T-shirts and panties, went to bed together.

As soon as she undressed for bed and saw Tine’s naked body for a moment, she was overcome with feelings of pleasure.

For her age, she had an almost fully developed female body with large, dangling breasts while she bent down to put on her panties.

In this pose Aditi  could also take a quick look between her buttocks at her slit and it started to tingle in Aditi ‘s abdomen when she spotted the rosy labia for a moment.

Since neither of them could fall asleep, they told each other about their experiences with boys.

Tine was already way ahead of her, had quite a bit behind her, unlike Aditi , who had never experienced anything exciting about occasional smooching and mutual contact over clothing.

Tine described Aditi  in detail how it came about when she, even though she was only sixteen, had really fucked a boy in her class and he also licked her pussy while she sucked his cock in her mouth until it was came to him and she had his semen in her mouth.

Aditi  couldn’t help it, Tine’s story excited her immeasurably and her hand slid between her thighs, she satisfied herself.

Tine felt what Aditi  was doing in the bed next to her, her breathing heavily and her movements under the covers were not hidden from her and she also began to satisfy herself.

They reached their climax almost at the same time.

There was nothing more, even though Aditi  wouldn’t have minded caressing each other, experiencing what had excited her parents.

Her eyes slid across the body of the woman in front of her.

She lay seamlessly tanned on her blanket, a well-proportioned woman’s body in complete nudity.

The warts of her full breasts were stiff, her hips moved to the rhythm of her caressing hand and she moaned softly.

She did it very skillfully, pausing now and then, probably to delay the orgasm.

Aditi  was excited, it looked too erotic how the stranger relaxed, surrendered to her lust and her naked body.

She felt the need to do the same to the strangers while watching her, the tingling in her abdomen became stronger, almost unbearable.

She pulled her stomach in and her hand slipped past the belt into her jeans, slipped on her panties and her fingers found their way into her vagina, which already felt wet and slippery with excitement.

She felt her hard clit, it felt like a small penis and she stroked it gently.

It was good, she did it skillfully and indulged in her lust, watching the strangers do with shiny eyes.

Aditi  wanted to see something more, get closer to the woman without being noticed.

Still rubbing her pleasure center with her hand, she strode forward when she felt a sudden sneezing sensation, caused by a little fly that was hiding in her nostril.

Although she quickly held one hand in front of it, the sound was loud enough to startle the woman on the ceiling.

Flinching, she started up, took her hand out of her lap and straightened up quickly.

Her eyes fell on Aditi , who was also scared not far from her, one hand still in her pants between her legs.

When she noticed that there was a woman standing there, with one hand under the jeans in her crotch, she smiled and said; “Hello, come closer, I’m just a little scared, I was too deep and didn’t expect to find anyone here!”

Aditi  was very embarrassed, took her hand out of her jeans and walked towards her as if in a trance, red in the face , she was ashamed that she was caught secretly watching her, especially with one hand between her thighs, which surely told the stranger that she hadn’t been idle either.

“Sorry, sorry, I didn’t want to disturb you, just came happened over and then I saw you like yourself …! ”

“It’s okay,” the woman got up without covering her nakedness and held out her hand.

“My name is Tanisha, every now and then I come here to sunbathe, you are just undisturbed and so completely alone for yourself, I can relax so well myself and that is without a man, alone with his thoughts and feelings also very nice, and I also enjoy satisfying myself here, completely naked in the great outdoors! ”

She smiled strangely and looked deeply into Aditi ‘s eyes,” I think you understand that, because as I have noticed you too           ! ”

  • Yes, I just had to excuse myself when I saw you, Tanisha, my name is Aditi , my friend Arjun is sitting a little further down the water, we are here for fishing and I am because I got bored no fish wanted to bite just went for a walk to pass the time! “

Aditi  took her hand, pressed it, the initial embarrassment evaporated a little


“Then if you still have time and desire, let’s have a chat, come on, just sit with me, you smoke,” she added, while she sat down on the blanket again.

Aditi  took a little hesitation next to her and reached for the distraction after the offered cigarette.

When Tanisha lit her fingers, her fingers touched lightly and Aditi  shivered comfortably, she noticed that through the naked next to her sitting Tanisha her feeling of pleasure returned.

As if she could read her mind, she said; “Undress even if you don’t mind and you are not embarrassed in front of me! Apart from us, there is certainly no one here anymore and the sun is very good on the skin! ”

Aditi  does not think twice, Arjun  would not miss her so quickly, so why not.

The look with which Tanisha looked at her still clothed body had not escaped her Suddenly there was a spark between them, a strange familiarity, as if they had known each other for a long time, so she got up without thinking and began to undress, putting her things down properly next to her.

Before she finally stripped off her panties, her gaze fell between Tanisha’s drawn knees, which were sitting under her with half-opened thighs, and gave Aditi  the full view of her slit, which was almost hidden between dark hair, with the slightly opened, moistly shiny labia .

“What an intimate and exciting sight, was it intentional or coincidental that she presented herself to her so openly,” wondered Aditi , looking away in confusion.

Tanisha had noticed her look and she opened her thighs a little, “but take the rest off, then we’re both naked, and you have a very exciting figure, I love naked, well-built female bodies, bad,” she said smiling.

Her frank words encouraged Aditi , her vagina was soaking wet when she took off her panties and was now naked in front of Tanisha.

She found that despite her thirty-three years she could also show herself naked, and obviously Tanisha was also taken with her figure, as her looks betrayed, which roamed openly over her body.

Her figure was not too lush, but well proportioned. A big one, she meant almost too big breasts, well shaped and firm despite his voluptuousness.

Long, slim legs that still looked great in every Mini, wheat blonde hair edged a distinctive face, in which the full, sensual lips were particularly noticeable.

“No, why also, I mean, a naked, well-built body, whether male or female, can always be stimulating, I feel the same way.”

Now she also sat naked, opposite Tanisha on the blanket.

As Aditi  climbed out of her panties, she had caressed her hand between her legs again without fear, circling her most intimate point with her fingers.

Her eyes caught on Aditi ‘s large, full breasts as she said; “You have a great figure and wonderful breasts, if I were a man I would have my wishes with you, but also as a woman …” she said nothing and smiled at her.

The spell was broken, Aditi  felt that Tanisha was stimulated by her sight, noticed how she again unabashedly scanned her body with her eyes.

Aditi  replied with a laugh, now also looking at her openly; “But you don’t have to hide, you know that for a man, but also for a woman, you know,” she returned the ball.

They looked at and both had to laugh and then to look each other silently and deeply in the eyes.

A crackling, erotic tension had arisen between them, increasing.

Two women, alone and close together, both felt pleasure at the sight of the naked body of the other, the desire had to come closer, to touch each other.

Should I cream your back, the sun is very strong today, “Tanisha broke her silence.

“Yes, gladly, if you are so nice, I haven’t been in the sun so often this year, so it is better to protect yourself, wait, I lie on my stomach.”

Tanisha grabbed the tube with the sun protection cream and began to spread the cream over Aditi ‘s back and shoulders with slow, caressing movements and then rubbed it in with gentle movements.

Her hand went deeper, rested on Aditi ‘s butt, “Should I, may I be there too,” she asked, her voice trembling somewhat at her words.

Aditi  nodded in the affirmative, whereupon Tanisha began to gently cream the curves of her bottom. Then she kneaded and massaged extensively and a little more than necessary Aditi ‘s buttocks and, as if by chance, her hand slid in between, stroked the inside, brushed a finger over her anus.

Aditi  tried to relax in vain, now she was lying on her stomach in full excitement, feeling the wetness between her thighs.

Tanisha’s touch on her body was extremely good for her, she increased her feelings, she no longer hid it from Tanisha, leaving her comfortably moaning to her lust.

She had never been caressed and massaged so tenderly and intensely.

As if under duress, she opened her thighs and shivered as Tanisha’s hands slipped over the inside of her thighs, gently touching her cleft, stroking her lips as if by chance, and lingering longer with light pressure from her fingertips.

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The moisture, Aditi ‘s escaping pleasure juice was not hidden from her.

She continued tenderly, taking care of her thighs and calves, rubbing her gently, and when she was done, she asked;

“I notice it is good for you, I would like to spoil you further, may I rub it in at the front, or would you like to do it yourself?”

Aditi  turned and lay wordlessly and now totally wet between her legs, on her back, opening her thighs a little more, hoping that it would also have an effect on Tanisha if she could look into her hot, excited crotch .

With slow, circular movements, Tanisha spread the cream on Aditi ‘s stomach and massaged it in under gentle pressure.

Aditi  had closed her eyes and surrendered to the tender touches, only the twitching of her eyelids showed Tanisha how good it was for her, that she enjoyed her touches.

Her hand went down her belly, lightly brushing her hair over Aditi ‘s Venus erg, a finger gently parting her labia, penetrating deeply, moving and briefly grazing her clit, she pulled back again, her hand went up.

Tanisha started to rub her breasts, her fingers circling the hard, protruding nipples, she tugged at them tenderly, Aditi  was close to an orgasm, she felt Tanisha’s touch so exciting, she moaned louder, her breath went faster.

Tanisha no longer hesitated, she leaned over her, her mouth looked for Aditi ‘s full lips, which immediately came to meet hers and opened willingly.

Their tongues found each other and they kissed passionately, overwhelmed by the lust that had overtaken them both, which they now surrendered to stormily, hugging each other and forgetting everything around them.

A never-ending kiss, her tongues caressing licked and pressed together. Aditi ‘s hands stroked Tanisha’s back, down to her buttocks, stroked and pressed the firm, round cheeks and her fingers gently ran through the buttocks, reached her vagina and slid into the wetness of her hot, now half- opened vagina from behind.

“Oh that’s nice, that’s good, you’re so beautifully wet, just like me,” was Aditi ‘s words as she ran her hand through her labia.

“Unfortunately, I’ve never had sex with a woman, I’ve imagined it so often Tanisha, ooh, I’m so horny, it’s so nice to feel you,” she whispered in her ear.

“Yes, it is nice to love a woman sometimes, it is so different, it is something very special if you like yourself and have no inhibitions, come on let us enjoy it, I am just as horny as you, it is too beautiful with to you!”

Tanya groaned and lay half over her, one thigh between Aditi ‘s wide open legs. Her breasts pressed against each other, both bodies melted into an intimate, lustful unit.

They kissed again, then Tanisha began to lick Aditi ‘s ear tenderly, the tip of her tongue wandering through her ear.

Aditi  groaned, moaning, this intimate tenderness almost brought her to orgasm, she could no longer curb her lust, her slimy, now leaking column pushed to the climax, wanted to be kissed and caressed.

With a loud groan, she began to rub her slit hard against Tanisha’s thigh, which was still between her wide-open legs.

Only rarely had a man made her as horny as Tanisha’s excited, ready body to which she pressed herself.

Two women, moaning lustily, closely entwined in the act of love, ready to give everything.

Aditi , her vagina gaped wide now, began to press her clit against Tanisha’s thigh.

Tanisha felt this and rubbed her thigh up and down on her, intensely stimulating Aditi ‘s hard bud, while her hands pressed Aditi ‘s breasts together and her mouth alternately sucked on her hard nipples.

Aditi  ran out, her warm, slimy love juice flowed out of her slit, ran over the up and down thighs of Tanisha and eased the rubbing movement.

Aditi ‘s hand slid over Tanisha’s bottom, felt further down, and slid into her hot and dripping wet column.

Her fingers moved in her, searched and found her lust bud, which pressed hard and stiff against her.

“Oh yes, caress me, do it to me, fuck me with your finger, yes, it’s so nice,” Tanisha groaned, breathing hard.

Aditi  circled a finger around Tanisha’s hard clit, stuck another one as deep as possible in her wet, slimy slit and moved it back and forth. Tanya cried out, her body twitched wildly and uncontrollably, she reared up, releasing Aditi .

“Ooooh, what are you doing with me, please stop, I’ll be right back, I’d like to lick your pussy first, fuck you with my tongue and taste your juice, let’s do it together if you want it too!”

She didn’t wait for Aditi ‘s reaction, she lay on her back, her thighs apart as far as possible and, with her knees drawn up, offered her hot, wet vagina Aditi .

And whether Aditi  wanted it, at last her wish to lick a woman, put her mouth on the pleasure column to pamper her, to feel her smell and taste, because she too enjoyed it when Arjun  did it with her Mouth that spoiled her to the peak of lust and then licked her juice out of her.

“Yes, to be happy, I’ve never done it before, but then I want to spoil you with my mouth, Tanisha wait, I’ll lie upside down over you, then you can also with me, I love it too,” replied Aditi , herself close to the climax,

Aditi  knelt upside down over Tanisha, her hot, now open sex over her head and slowly lowering her abdomen, her slit touched Tanisha’s mouth,

Tanisha’s tongue came towards her.

She herself put her head over Tanisha’s lap, put her mouth over Tanisha’s triangle, and also started kissing her labia, sucking on them.

Her tongue wandered in and penetrated as far as possible and then, fucking with the tongue, found the clitoris, first licked around it and then sucked on the hard bud.

For the first time, long awaited, her mouth touched a female pleasure center, “what a wonderful feeling to move with the tongue between the labia, to feel the smell, the taste of an excited vagina, to lick the juice that was constantly flowing out of her . ”

Moaning with pleasure, Tanisha enjoyed the intimate tenderness that Aditi  sent to her and which she replied in the same way.

She stuck two fingers deep in her vagina and moved her fucking inside her.

She felt a slight twitch as Aditi ‘s vaginal muscles suddenly contracted several times, her climax was announced, she moaned for a long time, let her feelings run free. On the other hand, Aditi  licked and sucked the wet, overflowing gap from Tanya, pressed her tongue deep into her, her hand slid down, a finger pushed deep into her slit, a second ran gently between her post, touched the sensitive area between Vagina and anus, searched and found the narrow entrance, caressed it and slowly her finger penetrated, the muscle readily gave way.

Tanisha moaned loudly as Aditi  moved both fingers in and out of her, getting faster and faster, fucking both openings of Tanisha at the same time.

The orgasm overwhelmed her body, the vagina contracted rhythmically and violently, her body was gripped by the waves of pleasure that did not want to end.

Aditi  was still pushing her fingers, getting fiercer, back and front at the same time and as deep as she could.

Tanisha screamed on her body, trembling and a jet of hot slimy love juice loosened and flowed out of her.

Aditi  was ready too. Tanisha’s intense, long-lasting climax transferred to her, redeemed her body, and at the peak of emotions she felt an orgasm, more violent than she had ever experienced before.

She cried out loudly and lustily, her belly rose and fell, her vagina contracted convulsions, let go again and again, until the feelings of pleasure slowly subsided in her.

Her exhausted bodies glistened with sweat as they parted and were now completely relaxed, breathing deeply next to each other.

Her hands touched, tender stroking, they came towards each other, a loving, intimate kiss bound her lips and looking deeply into each other’s eyes, they smiled at each other, understood each other without words.

After a while of silence, Aditi  said; “It was wonderful, I have never felt so deeply, I have never been so excited and that with a woman, I never would have believed it!”

“I feel the same way, I can hardly believe that you can feel such pleasure even without a man and without a cock. I really love being fucked by a man everywhere and without inhibitions, but that with you was a highlight, nicer than any fuck with a man! ”

“We should meet again, become friends, love each other often, I would be very happy,” said Aditi .

“Gladly, that would also be my wish, I write down my phone number and address and you give me yours.”

Tanisha rummaged in her pocket found something to write and they exchanged their addresses.

“Are you married Tanisha” asked Aditi .

“No it was me, but I have been divorced for a long time and now have a boyfriend, Hans. I live with him, we love each other very much, but everyone gives the other his freedom, also in love and he also knows that I am attracted to women, it doesn’t bother him, on the contrary, he would even like to be there if I were with a woman! ”

“It is very tolerant, it is the same with me and Arjun , neither do we restrict each other. We have many hobbies together, but everyone also has time for himself.

We also give ourselves leeway when it comes to sex, because everyone wants to get to know a different body and enjoy it. ”

“You’re right, there is nothing like a hot, approved affair, to let another man fuck you properly, especially when your own man is there, watching and getting hornier, or something like that, sometimes one To love a woman, this change is good from time to time, “answered Tanisha.

“Two women can also give each other a lot in love, as you can see in both of us, “she added with a smile.

“You are right, it was wonderful with you and we should repeat it soon!” Aditi  looked at her watch.

“You Tanisha, I have to go back, Arjun  is worried otherwise, maybe he thinks I fell into the river “she laughed while slipping on her clothes.

“I understand, just go, maybe we’ll see each other again later, when he comes back from his bike tour, Hans wanted to come here to sunbathe too, just visit us later with your friend, I would be happy to see him too ! to know ”

Aditi , now dressed again Tanisha was still a tender kiss on the lips to this just as tenderly replied and said,” bye, and possibly until later Tanisha “!

She went and at the bend in the river she turned again and waved. Tanya, who was watching her, waved back.

In the next story, I will write a story named PAINFUL TEACHING FOR DAMINI”.

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