Aunt Nephew Sex Story


Auntie’s Aanchal and the fire of youth – Part 1

As soon as I put the gown up, she saw a huge 40-inch wide ass with a striped panty.  Both her butts were open.  And the panty strip was lost somewhere in the crevice of her ass.  My condition got worse.  Then I started massaging her waist.  My cock-penis was touching on her ass.  And then she said that massage my thighs too.  I started doing  Now she spread her legs and my fingers started going between her thighs too, touching her panties.  Now I deliberately started doing it till the top of her panties, then once my hand touched her panties, I felt absolutely hot and wet.  I understood that Auntie’s pussy is letting go of water. Auntie is having fun.

Aunt nephew sex story.

Hello, friends.  My warm greetings to the readers of


Friends, my name is Rahul.  I belong to the Purnia district of Bihar.  But now I live in Delhi Gokalpuri. After passing out 12th from the village itself, I was sent to Delhi for further studies.  Now I am doing engineering at IIT Delhi.


This story is of me and my hot young sexy aunty.  My aunt is 42 years old.  She is a little full body.  And her figure is 38-32-40.  She looks like a plus-size model.  Her name is Rekha.  Very beautiful to look at.  Uncle and aunt have their own house in Gokalpuri.  My uncle’s age is 54 years.  He is 13 years older than my aunt.  My uncle is an officer in IB.  His posting also keeps happening in different parts of the country.  He rarely lives in Delhi.  That is why the family took permanent homes in Delhi for the education of the children.

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My aunt is also an educated woman.  She is a master in maths.  My aunt definitely takes care of the family but is absolutely modern.  He has many friends in Delhi who do kitty parties together. My aunt has 2 kids.  A boy who is 1 year older than me and is studying from Bhubaneswar.  A girl named Saina.  16 years old who is in 11th now.

How I fucked my aunty after massage

One day my aunt’s foot slipped and twisted, then there was complete swelling in the foot, I was at home that day.  When the aunt shouted loudly, I ran away and saw that she was moaning while holding her feet.  I quickly picked it up and carried it to the bedroom.  And put her on the bed and put her foot on the stool.  And started spraying the moov.  And started compressing with a blower, but when aunt’s feet started swelling rapidly, I understood that there was a fracture in the foot.  Aunt was moaning in pain and tears were flowing from her eyes.  Then I quickly gave them painkillers and booked the cab in 10 minutes. Aunt was in a gown at that time.  So tell me how to go like this.  Bring my palazzo. It will be easy to wear.  I brought a plaid and Kurti too.  Then she said, pick me up, I lifted her with the help of her, then she raised her gown to the waist, then sat on the bed and said to me that you go, I went to another room, then she took off the gown while sitting and put on the Kurti.


But she was not able to wear the palazzo because one leg was not being moved by her, then she gave me a voice.  When I went,  said I am not able to wear the palazzo, plz help.  Then I gently lifted her injured leg and put it in the palazzo.  Then put the other leg too.  Then stood them up and she started lifting him up.  While wearing the palazzo, I noticed that her thighs were tight, thick, and hairless, and the red panties seemed tight.  Seeing this, there was a strong tingling in my body.  Then we went to the hospital.  When the x-ray was done, the doctor said that the hair has been fractured, a solid plaster will have to be applied.  So on that day, raw plaster was applied and after two days called for concrete plaster.


After 2 days the plaster was solid.  Now I started doing almost all the work of Auntie.  Because my sister used to go to school only at 6 in the morning and come at 3 o’clock.  During this time I started taking care of my aunt.  About a month passed like this, but in this one month, I saw aunty many times in bra and panties, and many times she was naked.  Even massaged several times and enjoyed her bareback.  Whenever the aunt got a massage from the front, she would cover her boobs with a towel.  Many times, while changing clothes, her big boobs would get touched, and many times if her towel would be opened to bring her from the bathroom, then her boobs would be visible.  One day, while fetching it from the bathroom, her towel fell open.  And she went completely naked.  Her buttocks were covered with hair.  Perhaps since the leg was hurt, she had not cleaned the hair of the pussy.  And she couldn’t even bend down, so I bent down and picked up the towel and rubbed my hand on the aunt’s pussy while lifting it.  Aunt didn’t say anything.  Then I started wrapping the towel on her body but I was unable to tie it.  Yes, while tying, Auntie’s boobs touched a lot.  Then aunt said that you will not take me to the bedroom like this.  I started taking them to the bare bedroom.  During this, her big boobs were touching my hands and chest.

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Seeing the naked body of my aunt and getting the touch of her boobs, my penis stood up.  And when I made Auntie sit on the bed, the protruding penis inside the shorts was clearly visible.  Aunt looked at her and smiled.  And said that I have my bra and panties in the wardrobe.  When I opened the cupboard, I saw a lot of bra panty sets in it.  So I asked aunt which color should I give, then aunt said, give it to anyone.  Then I brought black color.  She wore a bra while sitting and told me that Rahul should hook my bra.  I put it  During this, the aunt had covered her pussy with a towel.  And then Auntie said that put panties on my feet.  I put panties in both the legs in turn and raised the aunt with support, then her towel was removed, and once again there was a vision of the aunt’s chute.  Then she raised the panties.  And then told me to give the gown.  Her chocolate-colored gown was very sexy.  I gave the gown and wore them too.


Now my attitude towards my aunt had completely changed.  A few days back the aunty seemed to be a lady of the house.  Suddenly, in my eyes, she was now looking like the goddess of my lust.  Now in Chachi, I started seeing my girlfriend and age.  Now every day I started licking my aunt’s name.  He would even spill the semen by fisting the aunt’s bra panties.  And smelled aunt’s opened panties. Now the aunt used to be less shy than me and behave like a friend, like her age.  Even getting naked in front of me did not hesitate to change clothes.  And used to change clothes in front of me.

One day, there was a pain in the feet of the aunt from the feet to the waist.  So I gave a painkiller and said that if you lie down, I will apply the move.


So aunty said, “How much will you put in the whole foot.  Just put it in the foot”.  Then I applied the move and then the aunt said that heat the oil and bring it, I massage my feet.  I gave it but she was not able to put it properly.  So I said you lie down, I’ll put it.  She lay down and lifted the gown up to the knees, I massaged it well, then got some relief, then lifted the gown up to the thighs and said, massage it above.

Auntie’s panty strip was lost somewhere in the crevices of the ass

What can I tell friends, seeing their thick smooth thighs like the stem of a white banana, my penis stood up.  I was in shorts.  And the bulge of the penis was clearly visible.  Auntie was feeling good.  So she lay upside down and said that by massaging the waist too, the pain will be cured.  Then I said that if you have a gown then how should I do it.  So she said, put the gown up.  As soon as I put the gown up, she saw a huge 40-inch wide ass with a striped panty.  Both his butts were open.  And the panty strip was lost somewhere in the crevice of his ass.  My condition got worse.  Then I started massaging his waist.  My penis was touching on his ass.  And then she said that massage my thighs too.  I started doing  Now she spread her legs on her smooth thighs, my hand was sliding like butter.  I loved massaging his thighs.  Now I started doing a little mischief and my fingers started going between his thighs also touching his panties.  Now I deliberately started massaging the top of his panties.  Then once when my hand went all the way up between their thighs and touched the panties, I felt absolutely hot and wet.  I understood that Auntie’s pussy is letting go of water. Auntie is having fun.  Auntie’s pussy had become wet and the pussy was full of lust.  His panties were wet.  And from the water of the aunt’s pussy, there was a very intoxicating smell.

That was going into my nose.  I was getting such fragrance for the first time in my life.  Now the aunt’s mouth ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…  I saw that the aunt was enjoying instead of protesting, so my spirits got boosted.  So now I would rub my hand on the aunt’s pussy, which would make the aunt irritable.  Then the aunt became straight and said that massage the thighs well.  I started doing  Aunt’s panties were completely wet near the pussy.  Which was clearly visible and now smells even stronger.  And there was a lovely smell coming from there.  Now my fingers started rubbing on the aunt’s pussy again and again and faster.  Auntie was enjoying with her eyes closed, she was not saying anything.  Then I removed the panties from the side and pointed fingers at his chute, the aunt shivered and twitched her whole body.  The grain of his chute was dark in color and water was flowing from the chute.  Then I put a finger in the aunt’s pussy and started to move it inside out.  aunty body jerking  After about 7.8 minutes of fingering in the chute, the aunt’s chute left a lot of water.  Then the aunt said to take off the panties.  As soon as I took off my panties, the call bell rang.  Time was not known, it was 3 o’clock and Saina had come from school.

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Then in a hurry, the aunt said that Saina has come, you go to your room, I open the door.  So I said how will you go, I will open it.  So bid me wear a gown quickly.  I have worn and went to his room.  And then Auntie opened the door.  So what was Saina saying, it took so long to open the door and where is your brother?  Not at home?  So the aunt said that he is sleeping and it will take time for me to come.  If I can’t walk properly.  And today I am also having pain in my back and legs.  Then Saina went to her room.


Friends, that day the aunt’s pussy remained thirsty and I also kept getting the pussy.


So in the next part of the story read how I fucked my aunt.


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