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Seduce A Married Woman

This is a true story that occurred only ten days ago.

She was a 38-year-old housewife who lived in Delhi with her husband. Her daughter taught her to surf to pass the time. She had no idea about sex sites until she read about them in the newspaper. She was amazed by the way people made sex when she visited a couple of story sites. For all these years, sex for her had been a routine with her husband, beginning with a little foreplay and ending with actual fucking. She used to suck her husband, but he never passed gas in her mouth. Her husband, in particular, had never performed an oral on her. For her, everything was new and exciting.

The stories had set her on fire, and she used to fantasize about them all.

The stories had aroused her so much that she began playing with her pussy and enjoyed it more than fucking by her husband. I suggested she try burning a candle, which she did and enjoyed. I never asked her to go on an adventure with me, and she never hinted at it either. Then the shift occurred, and she began to inquire about the pleasure a woman feels when a man sucks her. She was unsure whether women enjoyed it as depicted in the stories.

I went into great detail with her and persuaded her that the pleasure is far greater than just fucking. I strongly advised her to try out with her husband, but to my surprise, she told me that her husband is unaware that she is visiting such sites and that there is no way she can even discuss what to talk about experiences with him.

I knew it was my time to go and decided to give it a shot. I wrote an e-mail in the hopes of expressing my feelings while also influencing her decision whether or not to make love to me.

She must have been upset at first because she stopped responding to my emails. I sent her at least 50 emails, but she did not respond for 5 days. I was beginning to lose hope when I received a (very brief) email from her expressing her appreciation for my most recent story.

I decided to keep my cool, and we began exchanging emails once more. After some time, she sent me a lengthy email outlining her reasons for not meeting with me. She wrote about her daughter, husband, and social status, among other things. She admitted that she desired to enjoy the pleasure but was terrified of everything. Finally, I was able to persuade her to at least meet me; the only issue now was determining a meeting location. She was terrified of meeting me in a public place (fear of getting noticed). We were back at the beginning.

It appears that God wanted her to experience the pleasure that she had been denied for all these years. I knew her husband had left for a two-month trip abroad. Her husband’s younger brother was in an accident in Kolkatta last week, and her mother-in-law had to go see him. Because she was elderly, her daughter accompanied her, and she was alone for at least a week.

I persuaded her to meet me and promised her that I would take her out of Delhi. I reserved a room in a resort in Manesar and informed her of my plans. She was initially hesitant, and I had to use all of my persuasion skills to get her to agree.

On the appointed day, I was to meet her at Dhaula Kua (a location in Delhi), but the problem was determining how to identify her. I gave her the license plate number of my car, as well as the make and color. I drove from Noida to Dhaula Kua, unsure if she would show up.

As agreed, I parked my car near a gas station and waited for her. As time passed, I began to suspect that she would not appear. We had agreed to meet at 9 a.m., and it was now 9:30 a.m. with no sign of her. Every five minutes, I’d tell myself that I’d wait another five minutes and then return. The lust and excitement overtook me, and I decided to extend the waiting time by five minutes.

Around 10 a.m., I had given up and decided to leave. I had just pulled my car out of the parking lot and was about to drive away when I noticed a lady standing in the corner of the pump waving at me. I drove close to her and was astounded to see her. I expected a middle-aged housewife, but there she was, beautiful, tall, slim, and very fair, with long hair styled tastefully behind her head. She was dressed in a yellow sari (of thin material) with a matching blouse, bindi, and sandals. Her sari was wrapped tightly around her body, highlighting all of her curves, and the pallu (the upper end of the sari) was pulled tightly across her firm boobs. Her sindoor in her hair denoted her marital status. She was wearing a pearl necklace around her neck.

I got a hard-on when I saw her. As I approached her, I walked out, introduced myself, and opened the door for her. We drove to our destination after she slid in. I could feel her tension as she sat in the car, so I decided not to bring up her delay. I initiated the conversation, and we discussed a variety of topics. Our conversation was conducted in Hindi. I tried to keep her comfortable during our one-hour drive by talking about general topics.

I could see her tensing up as we approached our destination again. She refused to accompany me to reception, so I had to go up and check in on my own. As she walked, I noticed her sari was tightly wrapped around her buttocks, emphasizing every sexy curve of her tight backside. This scene gave me a hard-on in an instant. My first thought was to see more of her, squeeze her tight ass, and fuck her if possible. I kept my desire under control because I knew I had to play it cool or risk ruining the fun.

The bellboy led us to our room while holding the small bag I had brought with me.

‘Are you very hungry?’ I asked once I was in her room to make her feel at ease.

‘Not a lot. ‘Just a little bit, but I’m sure you’re hungry,’ she explained.

‘No, I am not hungry for food; I am only hungry for you,’ I replied.

‘I’d like to introduce you to a new flavor.’ Saying this, I put my hands on her arms and pulled her to my chest, raising her face and kissing her lightly on the lips with my right hand. She was taken aback by my actions and attempted to flee, but I was too strong for her. I guided her hand slowly and made her finger touch my COCK. “Please…please…no…” she begged.

She struggled at first to break free. Her struggle was feeble, so I became bolder and kissed more passionately. After a period of passiveness, she began to respond and kissed me back. We just stood there kissing each other for a while. Then, as I continued to kiss her, I placed my hand on her boob and gently squeezed it.

“Oohhhhh,” she exclaimed. I stroked her boobs from beneath her blouse, pressed them, and squeezed them. “….uuufffff….aaaahhhhh……ooouu

I led her to the bed, where we sat side by side. She appeared to be more at ease now. I continued kissing her and inserted my hands inside her blouse and bra, feeling the smoothness, softness, and warmth of her boobs with my palms. She moaned once more.

After a while, I began removing her saree, then gradually undid the hooks on her back and took off her blouse. Her breasts were so large that her bra couldn’t even cover her nipples. As I unhooked her bra hook, her tits sprang out and the bra fell off. She was only wearing her pantyhose at this point. She was then left in her panty.

Her nipples on the tips of her fleshy boobs had hardened and become pointed. They weren’t really firm and tight because her husband must have squeezed them hard now and then. We kissed and hugged each other… I sat her down on the bed and chewed her erect nipples… She moaned and wept a little… I pushed her onto the bed and opened her legs with my right hand… and gradually began to investigate her pussy…

I placed my lips on her, and she was taken aback when she felt my tongue licking her lips…

She attempted to push…

I kept fondling and squeezing her melons…

I took her hands in mine and placed them on my erect COCK…

She shivered with fear and anxiety…

I noticed tiny drops of sweat on her forehead…

“Please…leave me…” she begged…

I let her go… But she made no move to remove my hand or get up.

I didn’t want to force her to do anything. I decided to leave it up to her. She saw what I wanted when she looked me in the eyes. She stated, “It’s not one-sided, you understand. It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time. I’m sorry, but I still can’t accept it.

I rose and embraced her; our tongues met and we kissed passionately. She was responsive and warm this time. She was no longer tense. She told me to take off my clothes and began hurriedly unbuttoning my shirt and pants.

I wrapped my hand around her waist and drew her closer to my naked body. As our lips met, her huge, soft breasts pressed against my hard chest. We bit each other’s lips and tongues. Her supple breasts and erect nipples felt great against my bare chest. I raised her face and kissed her lightly on the lips, then kissed her passionately while embracing her tightly. She responded with equal zeal. Our tongues met in a love dance as her lips parted.

I kissed her tits and nipples, then placed my hand on her pussy and began to rub it while sucking both nipples in turns. She had gone insane with desire. She lifted her hips and pressed them against my hand. As I continued my action, I slowly drew her straight onto the bed. We were now lying side by side on the bed. I continued to rub her cunt.

‘Please don’t,’ she said, feeling my hand.

‘Are you enjoying what I’m doing?’ I asked.

She gave a nod.

‘Then please let me,’ I said.

I ran my finger between her cunt’s lips and pressed her swollen clit between my fingers. She shuddered as if an electric current had passed through her. Her legs swung open, making more room for my hand. Her hips were now moving up and down in a fucking motion.

I leaned in and asked her to come up to me. She stood up, and I started kissing her neck again. She cocked her head back, allowing me to sample more of her neck and shoulders. I could feel her flesh pressing against me. I couldn’t stop myself from touching every part of her body. Beginning at the back of her neck, work your way down her back and around to her thighs. I wrapped my arms around her back and pushed her onto my side of the bed.

I ran my hands down her chest from the top of her neck to her now very erect nipples. I played with her nipples between and under my fingers. She tensed up in anticipation of my fingers squeezing hers. She started moaning again to the rhythm of my hands.

I sat on top of her, my tongue moving up and down between her breasts, licking them both at the same time. I then went back and forth between each of her full breasts.

I stepped away for a moment, and she parted her legs to make space for me between them. I knew it was finally time to fulfill her wish.

“I want you,” she insisted.

I sat between her legs and kissed her wet inner thigh. I licked the sensitive crease of her leg lightly. My tongue tickled her, and she moaned. I extended my tongue and pressed it against her pussy. I got down to kiss on her shaved pussy lips because she had a clean shaved pussy. When I kissed her pussy lips, she began moaning in hushed tones and making ssss. I licked her with my flattened tongue but didn’t slither into her. I returned to my room and sucked one of her pussy lips into my mouth. I slid my tongue along both sides of the delectable flesh with extreme care. I did the same thing on the other side.

Meri choot ko kha jaao…

AAAAAHHHHHH AAAAAHHHH…………peepee” Her naked gyrating body twisting, she wailed like an uncontrollable animal. “Oooh yes… ooh… UNNNNHHHHH… UHHHHGGGGHHHH!”

Her hands lowered and she opened herself for me. My tongue moved in and slid deep and hard into her pussy folds. My nose was pressed up against her clitoris. My tongue was tasting her juices. I swirled my way through her wetness, tickling every bump and fold. I drew back slowly, circling her clit with my dripping tongue and sliding my lip up and down over her clitoris. I sped up, alternating between deep forays into her pussy with my tongue and the delicate licking of her clit.

She was experiencing new levels of ecstasy. Her head swung from side to side. Her chest heaved in desperation as she screamed “Oh my God. AHHHHH Ohhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhh Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

That is exactly what I expected her to do. My face was drenched in her juices. Her climax was exactly what I was looking for. Her back arched and all she could say was “OOOOOOH.” I stood up and looked down at her, who was mumbling and rolling over. I was pleased with my work. She gave me a look that I’d never seen in a woman before.

“Come on, pls fuck now,” she pleaded, her eyes burning. She turned around and crawled in front of me on all fours. I grabbed her hips and spread her legs a little wider to make room for my dick. I rubbed the head of my big prick along with the slick opening, lubricating it to make entry easier. “Oh, I don’t know how this is going to feel sooooo good!” she exclaimed.

I began to move forward, slowly and methodically, as she let out a quiet “ah” as I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her. She reached back and began to fondle my balls as I increased my pace. I snatched her hair and drew her head back. She shifted her gaze to me.

“It’s okay,” she gasped, barely able to speak. “You are welcome to cum inside me… I’m stuck in a loop.

I could feel her strong inner muscles squeeze away at my dick, milking it for all it was worth as I went to work on her pussy with reckless, animal thrusts.

I slammed into her with incredible energy and stamina until her spasms stopped.

“Don’t try to get out. It’s nice there “As I kissed her neck and shoulders, she whispered. She had orgasms all the time.

“…how is it, do you like it?” I inquired. “….oooohhh Ahhhhh…….its fffiinnn I love it

We collapsed exhausted next to each other. After a while, we went to the bathroom and shared a long, hot bath. We had a great time taking turns washing each other, taking advantage of the opportunity to once again explore each other’s flesh.

She wrapped a towel around her body, covering her from just above the nipples to just below the bottom of her ass cheeks. My gaze was drawn to her buttocks. It was massive and muscular. She was a magnificent piece of ass.

I began to play with her ass, and she said, “You like my a$$?

I responded, “Yes.”

So, if you love my ass so much, fuck my ass.”

It was thrilling to hear those words.

I stated. “All right, let’s do it.”

We went to bed, and she pushed me in and kissed me on the lips before moving down and gently stroking my cock with her hand, saying, “Wait.” “Before that, allow me to give you some more pleasure.

Her mouth was wet, her hand was wrapped around the hardness of my cock, she was working my cock. Her lips tightened around the base of my throbbing cock. She wrapped her hand around my buttock and pushed her mouth deep into my crotch, my cock throbbing deep inside her throat, and I heaved, breathing deeply and stiffening all over my body, unable to relax. I knew I wasn’t going to make it this time; all I needed was for the trigger to go off. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. “I’m going to cum,” I grumbled. She moved beside me after removing her mouth from my cock. She took a cream tube from her purse and placed it on the side table. She lied on her stomach, tube in hand, and I knelt behind her, applying a little cream in the crack of her ass. I then placed my hard dick directly at the point of entry and slid it in slowly. It slid in naturally after the initial resistance.

My entire body began to tingle, and she roared. I protruded my dick slightly before ramming it deep into her ass. I did this over and over until I exploded. I leaned in for a kiss on the lips.

We stayed in bed for about an hour, touching, kissing, and fondling each other. My attempt to seduce this sexy married woman had been successful. But I had gotten more than I could have ever imagined.

As we walked out of the room that day, I asked her if she had any regrets about what we’d done. NO, she said. We drove to Delhi to meet again.

In the next story, I will share with you another story named “Next Door Girl”

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