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Ragini’s Day with a Young Athletic Black Man

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The birth of her first child could not have gone better. Actually. According to newspaper reports in the tabloid press, Ragini brought her son Faruk to life without any pain reliever.

Of course, it could not be kept secret: While the 31-year-old Ragini with her famous husband of the same age and the newborn heir to the throne had fled to her parent’s property from the media crowd, the editorial offices published details of the delivery worldwide.

At the beginning of the previous week, Ragini had arrived in the capital’s Marienkrankenhaus early in the morning, almost in camera. Like former members of the royal family, she was housed in the clinic’s most luxurious wing. When the contractions started, four midwives took care of her. The almost 70-year-old senior gynecologist and his two assistants monitored the prominent patient on a monitor.

Everything went without surprises. Nearly. Ragini survived the nearly eleven-hour contractions without strong pain relievers. The birth, eagerly awaited by the whole world, went almost smoothly, at least without loud crying or any particular difficulties. The excitement was all the greater when the duchess’s speechless hospital staff hugged her son for the first time just before the pale husband arrived.

The child’s skin color was black.


A few months before childbirth.

Ragini lowered her head resolutely several times. Her breath was hard as she wiped the taped hair off her forehead. There was a knock in her greedy pussy. Her eyes flickered. She loved the sound of Jamal’s voice. Deep and masculine. Unlike the fuzzy organ of her noble husband, the mere sound of a simple word made her tremble. The idea that this black docker, whom she hardly knew, would conquer her well-guarded cunt in a few moments and finally fulfill her desire to have children, made her enormously.

Jamal was quite attractive, maybe he looked a bit crude. Tall, athletic, steeled by years of hard physical work, long black hair tied into a braid that almost reached his bubble butt. How old was he? 25? 30? Somewhere in between, probably.

Jamal had simply pulled the expensive red designer dress over her head. A black garter belt and wickedly delicate silk underwear emerged from the exhilaration worth its annual salary. Silk stockings and elegant red high heels made her look perfect.

With a practiced grip, Jamal freed her from her silk bra, which carelessly slid to the floor. Ragini held her breath as she felt his strong hands on her panties.

She gasped. What was she doing here? She felt how wet her cunt was already. Jamal didn’t seem excited at all, which made her excitement grow even more.

He had stripped her of her silk panties. Ragini felt completely at his mercy. There was no going back. You were alone. Jamal’s friends had left. Ragini lay in front of him, naked. Only for him had she shaved completely, which she had never done for her husband.

“You look beautiful,” Jamal whispered the words to her and approached her lips. She kissed him, tender as for a beloved husband, maybe that was adultery. Ragini took a deep breath, her aroma of lust rising from her pussy to her nose. She was aware that these were her fertile days. She looked down at Jamal on his tail, which had long been raised to full size.

The moment his mouth wrapped around her nipple, Ragini felt her lust finally overwhelm her. Heat flooded her body, her fertile lap kept producing juices. Ragini felt Jamal’s hand go down her flat stomach. The Duchess opened her lips panting with closed eyes, while Jamal’s hand slid between the noble legs, caressed between his secret guest’s cunt lips, and caressed her pearl of pleasure. His fingers were still in her crotch as he slid his tongue into Ragini’s mouth. Her hands rested on his broad shoulders, she dropped her head far back as she continued to lick as Jamal’s fingers moved gently back and forth in her lap.

He took more and more care of her noble cunt and massaged her pearl. Ragini gasped, Jamal grinned. Noble or not, a cunt is a cunt and his catch didn’t react any differently than any girl in the gutter. And he knew what to do. Next to his fingers, he inserted his tongue. The Duchess’ body twisted lustfully under his touch.

Jamal got up and approached her head. His magnificent cock was now right in front of her lips.

“Put it in your mouth!” His hoarse whisper made her shiver, his tone made no contradiction.

Obediently, Ragini started sucking, when was the last time she did that for her husband? Long ago. In this position, however, she could not control how deeply she gave Jamal’s penis access. Again and again, he penetrated her mouth until she had to give in to the gag reflex.

“Give your best!” started the simple docker Ragini. She was embarrassed and tried her best. Jamal liked his dominance over his prominent playmate and he praised her like a school kid with well-done homework.

“Not bad at all, baby! Maybe I should grab your expensive, fashionable smartphone and invite a few more colleagues from my shift to join us? You have to know; we share everything in our circles!”

Ragini was unsettled. That wasn’t serious, was it? “Don’t worry. It was just fun.”

Bit by bit, he let his moist, shiny penis slide out between her lips and patted her flushed cheeks. His heavy body was already between her legs.

Demandingly, Jamal opened her slim, light thighs and penetrated powerfully into her well-protected lap. Ragini gasped. It was so far. In her ecstasy, she didn’t hear the heavy footsteps approaching the door.

Indeed, the door was opened from the outside and two of Jamal’s colleagues entered. At the same time, Jamal turned on his back, holding Ragini until she was lying on top of him. She didn’t know what was happening to her, just felt her pretty head lift and a fat tip of her tail immediately pushed between her lips. And the third? Before Ragini could get a clear thought, his fingertips pressed between her buttocks and began to widen her back door.

Meanwhile, Jamal continued to bang Ragini with strong and steady wide bumps. She trembled under his mighty movements and felt her climax build up like a storm coming up. A vaginal climax is usually not guaranteed with her. When she felt the thunderstorm coming up, it seemed far away, but it was coming inexorably. Ragini felt strong hands on her thighs and the thunderstorm had reached her soles, her breath caught and she clenched her toes together. Jamal thumped her from below with quick blows, his waning groan indicating that he was about to come. One final push and Ragini felt the telltale twitch of his effusion. Just then the thunderstorm broke out on them. A shiver ran down her back.

An observer would have been offered an unforgettable picture. Ragini’s pretty face was flushed with lust, she rode Jamal naked, her full, bright breasts swayed back and forth, two other young, strong black men, who excitedly attended her insemination. Ragini’s nipples were stiff and stood excited.

One of the two strangers came closer, bowed his head, and kissed one of her erect nipples. Ragini gasped and leaned forward slightly. Moaning softly, she surrendered to the touch, while the black giant sucked her breast, licked it, bit it slightly. It sank from Jamal’s body, which moved out from under her. The third in the group dropped to her knees in front of her and pressed his mouth into her crotch. Ragini gasped softly and grabbed the back of his head with her hands. Her hands in his black hair, she opened her thighs slightly and drove him to the goal, groaning more and more. He continued to dig his lips between Ragini’s thigh. His hands tugged at her abdomen. Jamal supported Ragini from behind, otherwise, she would have fallen. Finally, she lay on her back on the floor.

Jamal dropped to his knees right next to her head, gripped his half-erect black cock, shiny from his and her juices, and looked at her with a challenge. All three now play with their parts in front of Ragini’s head. She tried to dodge backward. It didn’t help, all three stayed in touch. In the meantime, the door had opened again and more workers had entered the room. On both legs, she felt numerous fingers, hands that touched, held, and spread. Ragini’s body stretched again excited and the black man, who was crouching between her wide-open legs, paused briefly, then pressed her wide open, freshly inseminated lust opening with his pronounced lips. Ragini gasped for breath, lips open, which one of the strangers next to her face used to press his semi-erect cock into her mouth. Did she get angry? No. With her eyes closed, she began to suck the stiffening cock. He banged her mouth in an instant, the tip of his tail bulging her cheeks. Two more workers grabbed her head and discharged it into her mouth. A third surprisingly pulled out his cock and shot three thick splashes on Ragini’s breasts and neck. She groaned excitedly when she got the next meat pile pressed into her mouth. Jamal had regained his strength and quickly shook Ragini between the lips like a rabbit. With quick, brief pelvic movements, he continued, which strange sight, her mouth wide open, received his black fat cock, which had just conquered her cunt.

Jamal’s butt twitched in her throat and shot thrust after thrust shortly thereafter. Jamal backed away and his sperm splashes landed on Ragini’s forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, and between her open lips. The cream covered her face almost completely and gradually began to dribble on the lush breasts. Jamal stepped back slightly from her. The click of the digital camera did not even notice Ragini in her ecstasy.

A young athletic black man showed her his thick, if not excessively long, cucumber so that she could also indulge him orally. But number 3 did not remain idle either. He spread Ragini’s light legs wide, his fingertips explored her shiny wet pussy lips and the gate into her lust sky. Ragini felt the thick black tail tip at the gate to her love cave. The young guy waited a moment before letting his plunger penetrate bit by bit. It was easy to get into Raginis’ pussy flooded with her own and Jamal’s juices. He calmly started to fuck her. His hard movements made her breasts shake. At first, it was not so easy for Ragini to pass on the timing of her engraver to the stand in her throat. Shortly thereafter, however, they found a common rhythm and Ragini picked up another stand. Her white hand wildly rubbed the mighty spanking, at the same time the others banged her wildly into her cunt and throat! Did she rule over the wild greed of the strange guys or was she just their willing sex toy? When this question flashed in her head, her body trembled under another orgasm. Her contracting pussy muscles pulled the cream out of his thick balls from her engraver, while new sperm bursts landed in her mouth. Did she rule over the wild greed of the strange guys or was she just their willing sex toy? When this question flashed in her head, her body trembled under another orgasm. Her contracting pussy muscles pulled the cream out of his thick balls from her engraver, while new sperm bursts landed in her mouth. Did she rule over the wild greed of the strange guys or was she just their willing sex toy? When this question flashed in her head, her body trembled under another orgasm. Her contracting pussy muscles pulled the cream out of his thick balls from her engraver, while new sperm bursts landed in her mouth.

After a long, excessive gang bang orgy, each of the cocks presents had finally hosed down several times in the aristocratic cunt. Little by little, Jamal’s buddy said goodbye until the next time, he just had the nerve to get them willing meat regularly.


A few months later.

Jamal looked at the photos of the procreation orgy with relish. The television was on in the background. There was only one topic in the news: the scandal over the supposed heir to the throne. He grinned. This time he shot the bird.

These pictures were worth their weight in gold. Or even a kingdom. All he had to do now was use it as profitably as possible.

The End.

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