Ways to Make Oral Sex More Pleasurable


The Actual Interest in Oral Sex

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Oral sex is one of the most exciting types of love. I would like to share with you some of my thoughts and experiences.

Having a mouth spoiled by a girl was my most intimate wish after I became sexually active. It’s just a great idea to feel a soft mouth on his cock. It also had the flair of the depraved, which stimulates sexual fantasy so much. But at first, I got rejected with my wish – because of bad experiences with another guy. I didn’t push any further because I could understand the reservation. In addition, the idea of ?? putting the pissing cock in your mouth was still very daring.

But I got there.

First of all, for the reason mentioned above, cleanliness is the order of the day. Wash before every love adventure to avoid the smell and taste of urine. But be careful! Soap is not necessarily skin-friendly in the area, tastes hideous, and quickly leads to a strong smell of the good piece. So better wash with plenty of warm water more often.

The girl shouldn’t have the feeling that she is needed to satisfy herself or even to humiliate her (although there may even be those who like it …) So it occurred to me according to the motto, like you me, so I you, to take the first step yourself.

After a shared bath, I dived into bed between her legs and kissed her briefly on her labia. She cried out in surprise and winced violently, but then let me go. Her soft flesh felt cold and moist and tasted like bath lotion at first. It turned me on, in the awareness that her pee opening is also in the gap between her outer labia, to kiss them extensively. I also thought of the intense smell I had noticed from her for several days and the thick, white secretions that were sometimes found in her briefs. Still, I went on, magically attracted to her hairy cunt.

I wanted this girl and now I only wanted to make her happy with my mouth. I finally got over and shoved my tongue into its damp crack. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded, logically after the bath, even in her pussy I tasted the lotion at best. With my fingers I parted her labia and pulled them apart, so spoiled it seemed to me to look into the girl’s cunt, it excited me so much.

Above the covered clitoris, below her vaginal entrance, covered by the inner lips, in between the pee opening, which made me so worried. But resolutely I pressed my lips exactly on it and started sucking on it, not without the fearful idea that it might tempt her to piss in my mouth. Of course, she didn’t but writhed through the intense sensations. When I pressed my tongue against it, she fought back, wincing.


So I let go of her pee hole and turned to her clit. I spread my cuticles with my fingers so that the shiny pink bud rose and pressed my lips to it. But here my tongue was too violent and I wandered down to her vaginal opening.

Contrary to my fears, it was also odorless and tasteless. After a few kisses, I licked her mouth and finally succeeded, she seemed to like it. Then I stuck her tongue into her lust grotto and elicited a few drops of her cunt juices from the trembling girl for the first time. Amazingly, they tasted sweet and smelled so exciting that I was eager to get more, pressed my mouth firmly into her soft pussy and started to fuck her tongue hard.

Of course, I was not able to bring her to climax at the time, but afterward, we had incredibly good sex, whereby I met her cunt openly like never before and I could penetrate her like never before.

Of course, that’s why she didn’t put my cock in her mouth, but I had discovered a new type of sex for me that made me extremely horny. I never missed an opportunity to kiss her pussy and obviously, she enjoyed it. We quickly found out that washing with soap didn’t taste good. I wanted her taste on my tongue, especially her juices, which she gave off with pleasure. So I pulled my cock out of her column while fucking, leaned down, and eagerly licked the wide gaping, mucilaginous cunt. She enjoyed it and afterward I continued to fuck her.

Another time our foreplay was so intense and good that she had to piss in the middle. When she came back I threw myself on her and pressed my mouth into her wet cunt. It was a pleasure for me to lick out the last droplets of piss and I enjoyed the taste of her urine. To this day I am not (!) Into pee.

In my craving for her juices, I slowly lost all shyness, and one day, after a dance event, for which she was dressed super sexy. We had let off steam, I took off her panties at home without hesitation, threw her on the bed, pressed her legs up and made me over her unwashed, strongly fragrant, slimy cunt. I finally had all her taste and enjoyed it by licking every wrinkle of her pussy. Now she loved oral sex from me, but she was surprised by my assault. However, this increased my greed and in the meantime, I also managed to get their juices to flow enough to lick them up with pleasure. Our sex afterward was correspondingly violent.

I was also happy to pull my cock out of her cunt shortly before coming and sprayed my sperm over her belly, on the one hand, I found the sight of the penis that was spraying mucus over her belly awesome, on the other hand, I just wanted to show her my powerful tube. Unfortunately, the love juice is incomprehensibly connected with a certain disgust. It is the best that we guys have to offer and also basically clinically pure and fresh …

She has always liked to take my tail and jerk it until I get it. But then came the day when she covered my body with wet kisses and for the first time did not miss my stand. I finally felt her warm lips on my member. She had decided to revolt because after kissing him intensely, she licked the small crack on his crest and tested the taste. Then she put her sweet lips over my glans and started to blow me. This first time was almost disappointing for me because I didn’t feel the intense irritation that was expected.

Now such a huge cock is such a challenge for such a sweet, smallmouth, and as a beginner, she had to learn to record it first, that it means to blow, but that is not to be taken literally, and that it was just as uncomfortable to suck it violently, like for her when I sucked her clit. In any case, it became a pleasurable experience to the extent that she learned to overcome herself and to take it more and more deeply in her mouth. Even if she continued to take it out of her mouth, anxiously, and jerked off so I wouldn’t get inside her. But even then she gradually went so far that she watched the juice spurting out right in front of her eyes and irritated the ribbon on the underside of the glans with the tip of her tongue.

One day, after eating, she knelt between my spread legs and pulled my cock out of my pants. Sitting in the armchair, I watched her lips encircle my glans as she slipped the strap into her mouth. Her head went up and down violently and her hand jerked my cock. I felt that she was working eagerly on my hard-on, apparently willing to let me come. Alternately, she kissed the hard shaft, licked it up and down, and put it in her mouth to suck it hard. I had been moving on my hips for a while now and poked him a little in her mouth. But this time I grabbed her head with both hands and began to fuck her in the mouth, while she continued to jerk my hand, preventing me from thrusting her deeper into the neck. Just before I got there, I let go of her and she pulled my thong out of her mouth and while she wanked my sperm out, she kissed him on the bottom. While the white slime shot at my T-shirt, she saw me, sucked into my eyes by the tail. It was just great!…


To swallow a cock deeply, you have to overcome your gag reflex, whoever had a gastroscopy knows how to do it. A tip for everyone, get the biggest banana you can get, peel it and then push it into your mouth. It is dry, you have to wet it with spit and then push it in. When it hits your throat, swallow and push it deeper. Again, you will be able to push the banana in. If the gag comes to you the first time, try again until you get your reflexes controlled. Your throat can hurt you a little afterward from the stretch, accompanied by a persistent swallowing reflex, but that will go away. (As punishment, you can then bite into the banana afterward 😉 – please only with the banana!)

But back to the tail. If it is still soft, you can easily put it in your mouth, close your lips tightly around the base of the tail and while you gently massage it with your tongue, let it grow in you. You should enjoy feeling it swell in your mouth. If he has already reached a good size, you can start to jerk him with your mouth. The tail must also be moistened with saliva! Let it slide gently into your mouth, you can suck a little while doing it. Your lips should firmly pull back the foreskin. Hold on a little, massage it with your tongue, then let it slide out again. If he bumps your throat, the time has come …

As far as it goes, you push your tail into your mouth until the glans arrive at the back. Then you behave like that, hug your partner – hold on to his butt, and with the technique that you have got used to with the banana, you push your tail down your throat. Maybe only the acorn at the beginning. If the gagging strikes you, try not to withdraw, but to overcome it. Then push the tail deeper into your throat. Soon you will have his entire penis in your mouth and your lips will close tightly around his cock root. So you behave and suck on his hard member. It will drive him insane. If you are more practiced then you wank him with your mouth, but in such a way that his glans just slides out of your throat and immediately pushes you deep again. Slime from your throat will make it slippery and audibly smack. You press your face firmly against his stomach every time … However, you will hardly be able to breathe, since his member fills your throat.

Your partner will try to move and if you master it, let yourself be fucked in the mouth … deep in the throat! You must let your teeth out of the game. But lips and tongue should tightly enclose the tail. Then it will come to him soon!


Sperm is a special juice, it binds slimy and liquid when it comes into contact with water to form tough gelatin. That’s why you can’t get the intense taste out of your mouth so quickly … Maybe that’s the reason why many girls shy away from being injected into their mouths. The taste is difficult to describe, but is most likely reminiscent of liquid protein with an intense taste of electrolytes, which you get to counter drainage of the body – even the isotonic thirst-quencher has a slight aftertaste. It should also taste what the partner has eaten. So smokers have their taste … We boys are recommended to eat low salt and lots of fresh fruit beforehand, especially pineapple was mentioned … In any case, sperm for the most part consists of a pure nutrient solution and a few vital complexes to keep the little guys as happy as possible during their race to the egg cell. Actually, delicious …? Maybe you have to get a taste of it first (you say that olives have to be eaten 100 to taste them – which I can confirm …) On the other hand, the claim that sperm is good for the skin sounds very convincing.


So either way, when it comes to us, we want our partner to take in the semen

  • in the cunt, in the intestine, or the mouth, and willingly if possible. Even distributing it on your body corresponds to this urge, which seems natural to me, because vaginally it makes sense from a reproductive point of view.

Well, especially less with oral sex, but the urge is there and explains the wish of us men to want to come into your mouth when blowing. From a purely hygienic point of view, it is completely harmless, it is more a matter of inner attitude. How intense is your feeling towards your partner, and how much do you want to fully satisfy him … I found the remark that the spraying in the mouth is part of the blowing, otherwise, you didn’t have to do it – by the way, that was no man!

But be careful, mostly the inexperienced wind player swallows because our juice shoots out so violently that the first jet pours deep into the throat. If the tail is of course deep in the neck, it gets rid of its liquid cargo behind the critical point. In addition, the sperm does not reach the taste buds and you can feel the pulsating twitching of the ejaculating member down to your throat. The risk here is that, as mentioned above, breathing is difficult and something gets into the wrong tube when you pull back. But it is the dream of all men. Just like the idea of ?? being “sucked out” when you come. That means she only has the acorn in her mouth and sucks the juice out of it. The tail can be waxed by hand.

If you are not yet ready to absorb his sperm, offer your body a collecting area. Nothing turns more than when your tail bends back and the beam is directed at your own hairy body … Offer your partner your face or raise your breasts with your hands. I love the sight when the cloudy juice flows from the plump love fruit down the neck or the belly, between the thighs! With enthusiasm, I huddle against the wet body or kiss the sperm-smeared mouth of my partner …

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