Virgin Daughter of The MLA – Part-1


After the virgin daughter of the MLA, the wife was also fucked. part-1


Hello friends, as you all know my name is Bunty and once again I am present with a story for you.  I am from Mathura.  And this story is about the fucking chudai of my constituency MLA’s daughter Vandana and her mother Sakshi.


Actually, MLA G2 had married.  So the first wife and their daughter lived in the village.  So Vandana too had grown up in the city from the very beginning.  But a few years ago, when the MLA got married for the second time, his first wife came to the village with the daughter.  And started living here.  Vandana was 18 years old bubbly girl.  Her figure was better than any heroin 30-26-32 That full-body, slim waist, and huge ass would make anyone crazy.


She is very fair and beautiful.  Since she has lived in the city since childhood and grew up, she is very fond of wearing modern clothes.


So, friends, Vandana had come to the village but she was very reserved and did not go out of the house.  My house was behind her house.

Professor ke sath chudai

I used to come to Vandana’s house.  I was Vandana’s only friend in the village.  Even her mother did not forbid me to come home.  Both of us had a house here, all the other houses were at a short distance.  That’s why their friendship and coming and going was only at my house. I slowly started liking Vandana.  We used to talk and spend time together. The former Vandana had a lot of fields, but those people had no interest in farming.  Most of the fields around the house belonged to Vandana and some belonged to mine.  We used to cultivate our own fields.  And in the fields of Vandana around the house, my father used to get farming done.


Sometimes Vandana used to accompany me for a walk in the fields. There were many peacocks in our fields.  And Vandana loved peacocks. It was frosty weather and wheat was planted in the fields.  The wheat was completely green.  That day Vandana and I were sitting together outside the house.  It was the month of January.  There was thick fog all around with heavy frost.  And when I went to the fields 2 days ago, I saw peacock cubs.  They were in a nest.  Even his wings had not come properly yet.  so I spoke with respect


Me – Vandana you like peacocks very much,?


Vandana – Yes, I love peacocks.  But I’ve never been caught.  I will never see a peacock holding it in my lap.


Me-: Let me tell you one thing, the peacock has given babies in a nest in the fields.  Has 4 kids. Still very young.  Maybe only a few days.  If you want to see it, then come to the field with me.


Vandana got ready and came saying to her mother that I am going to see the peacock cubs in the fields.  Her mother was refusing that it is very frosty and foggy outside, but she did not agree and went with me. After going to the fields, I showed her the peacock cubs, she took him in his arms and loved him very much.  She wanted to take the peacock child home.  But I said that if she is too young now if she dies, then she will incur sin, so let her grow up. So she kept it.  Then we started walking in the fields.  There are wide maids and roads in mine and its fields.  So walking is not a problem.  There is a hut in the middle of the fields, in which mattresses are also attached, where my father sleeps at night. So we reached there walking around.  Inside there was a mattress on the post and there was also a quilt.  So Vandana sat on the post.  She was wearing a sweater above but was wearing a mini skirt below. She loved shorts clothes.  That’s why she used to wear shorts even in frost.


Seeing Vandana’s fair and thick bare thighs, my cock stood up

When she sat on the post, seeing her white and bare thighs, the devil of lust woke up in my mind.  Her legs were beautiful. I stood up and felt very cold.  I was shaking a little too.  So Vandana said that you are trembling.  You are feeling cold.  You sit in the quilt for a while.


So I entered the quilt on the upstairs post and lay down.


Vandana was sitting.  I said that Vandana, you should also raise your feet and cover it with a quilt for a while.  Then we’ll go home.  So she said that my feet have got dew from wheat and grass.  The quilted mattress will get wet. So I said that look in front, Papa’s towel is there, wipe it.  Papa used to keep the towel here because he used to take bath here in the morning from the tubewell.  So Vandana got up and took turns keeping both the feet on the post and cleaned it.  Then he came up and put her feet in the quilt.  Seeing her fair and thick thighs, my cock was stirred today.  And since I entered the quilt, my cock stood up. After talking for a while, Vandana lay down on her own.  Now both of us were together in the same quilt.  But the pillow was the same, so they slept with their heads on the same pillow.

I removed Vandana’s panties from the side and started rubbing my cock on her ass.


It had been about half an hour.  And while talking, Vandana fell asleep.  But I was in bad shape.  My cock was constantly standing.  I was mashing the cock with my hands.

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After some time I turned towards Vandana and stuck very close to her.  What can I tell friends, her body was absolutely hot.  Then I raised her skirt which only covered her buttocks.  and put her hand on her ass.  I can’t describe how soft her ass was.  For about 2 minutes, I lay like this by placing my hands on her butts.  When I saw that she was absolutely sleepy, I tried to slide her panties down.  But it did not happen due to being buried.


So I removed her panties from the side and started rubbing my cock on her ass.  After a while, she woke up and when he felt something on her ass, then her hand came back, then my hot cock came in her hand.  She got up screaming.  And got down from the bed.  And said what were you doing.  And when I removed the quilt, my 6-inch cock was absolutely booming.  So she started shouting that what are you doing naked


Come home, I’ll tell everyone what you did to me.  I got scared and started apologizing to her wearing pants and said that please do not tell anyone, now I will not make such a mistake.  After a while, she agreed.  And said that I am going home.  So I told her that wait, I will also go for a while.  Then she agreed.  So when I asked her to sit on the post again, she was not sitting, but after persuading a lot, she sat down.  We remained silent for about 5 minutes then she herself said why did you do this.  So I told her I love her.  And told that I love you very much.  At first, she was surprised, then I told her that when you sat in front of me at the post, I was deluded by seeing your fair and thick thighs.


When I put my cock on Vandana’s pussy, she shivered


Then she said do you really love me.  So I said yes I love you more than my life.


Then we started talking, now I was also sitting.  Vandana was very happy to hear all this.  And we did not even know when we started kissing each other. Then I made her lie down and started kissing her body.  Now she was having fun too.  And then finally I took off her panties.  And put her face on her pussy.  But she quickly removed my head and said that no, don’t put your face there, it is dirty.  I wanted to lick her pussy as seen in the porn movie but she was not ready. Then I put my cock on her pussy then she shivered and


Ahhhhh. Bunty…, don’t do it Ummmmmmmmmmmmm it will hurt a lot.


But I set the cock well on Vandana’s pussy.  Then in a single push, half a cock was thrown into Vandana’s pussy.  Vandana cried, she was in a lot of pain.  And I don’t know why I was in so much pain.  Maybe for the first time, I was also getting pain because of putting cock in any pussy.  Then like I read in sex stories.  In the same way, he remained without moving for a while, then suddenly hit hard and the whole cock got absorbed in Vandana’s pussy.  Tears welled up in Vandana’s eyes.  She could not even scream from her mouth, there was so much pain.  I too had severe pain.  And when the cock was taken out, there was blood on my cock.  And blood started pouring out from Vandana’s pussy chute too.


Then after a while I again put a cock in Vandana’s pussy chute and started choking, then Vandana said please do it slowly, I am in severe pain. In no time Vandana also started enjoying it.  And the waist began to rise.  And my speed also increased.


Vandana now in fun: ahhhhhhhh..ummmmmm uuuuummmmmmm….. uuuummmmmmhhhh…. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .. ahhhhhhhhh chodo fuck bunty ahhhhh..  so much fun.…… I know.  Yes, baby aaaahhhhhhhhh.. tear my pussy baby… tear my pussy… ohhhhhhhhhhhhh….  And fuck hard baby, I didn’t know it’s so much fun.  fuck….  …


Buntyhhhhhh ….. ahhhhhhhhhhhhh….. aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…   aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. and then she started falling.  And grabbed me tightly.  It was as if her eyes had come out.  She had a lot of fun while fighting.  And then in 4, 5 strokes I also fell in Vandana’s pussy.  My cock poured all the semen into her pussy. Then I rolled over Vandana.  And gasped loudly.  Vandana’s breathing was also running very fast.  Due to which her boobs were getting stuck in my chest.


After about 10 minutes my cock got stiff again.  And then we both got fucked one more time.


After that, we came home.  But now this cycle of sex has become everyday.  Whenever we got a chance, we would start kissing.


Sometimes in her house, sometimes in my house, and sometimes in the fields.


In this way, almost 1 month had passed.  And one day Vandana’s mother was cooking in the kitchen.  It was 1 o’clock in the afternoon.  So we got a chance.  And we started having sex in Vandana’s room itself.  We were so engrossed in sex that we didn’t even realize that Vandana’s mother was at home.  And when Vandana was upcoming and fucking on me, our sex was absolutely at its peak.  Then Vandana’s mother came and cried loudly what are you doing.  Vandana got down in a hurry and pulled the sheet and covered herself.

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But my 6-inch long cock was standing like Qutub Minar and Vandana’s chut was covered with water, due to which my cock was shining.  She saw Vandana’s mother.  Then I also got up hurriedly and hurriedly ran out of the room wearing my pants.


Now, what happened next with me and Vandana and then how I will tell Vandana’s mother Sakshi Aunty in the next part of the sex story.


Give permission till then.


So friends, how was the story?  We hope you all liked the story and thoroughly enjoyed it.  

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