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I need to be tied down and hurt. My wife doesn’t have to be bossy at all. She has tried over the years to make me happy, but she doesn’t want to control me. I tried to ignore my wants, but I felt sad. We finally found a way to tie me down and torture me while making it as easy as possible for her to control me.

From 5 p.m. until midnight, my wife works as the night manager at the local Blockbuster. When she decides she doesn’t mind being in charge, she puts a small mirror on the outside of the bedroom door before she goes to work. When I see that mirror, I’m often surprised and happy. She only hangs it up once every four to six weeks, usually on a Friday evening.

Depending on what my wife does, I can tie myself to the bed with a ball gag, a pair of clothes pegs tied together with string, or a cock sheath. She takes a nine-tailed whip out of the closet and beats me for ten to fifteen minutes when I wear the ball gag. She hits me in the stomach, the legs, and the crotch. Mostly my dick. She lays on my chest when I wear the clothespins on my nipples. While she kisses me for ten to fifteen minutes, the clothespins are pushed into my breasts by her bra. When I wear the clock scale, she takes off her clothes, lights a cigarette, and rubs her naked body against mine while blowing smoke in my face. I’m more interested in her being naked and smoking than in anything else she could do. When she’s done with me, she takes a shower and sleeps in the guest room. She doesn’t let me go until the next morning, around noon, when she wakes up.

Tonight, the mirror is on the door to the bedroom. I’m excited because I know my wife will be in charge of me when she gets home from work. On the same hook, I hang one link of a chain. This is my way of telling her that I’ve looked in the mirror and am ready for her. I take off everything I’m wearing and take my belt out of my pants. I sit on the edge of the bed and open the drawer on the bedside table. I choose the one with the cockscomb. I get a glass of ice water and put my tap into it. After a while, the cold water hurts, but then my cock shrinks so much that it fits into the faucet sheath. Before I get too excited, I hurry to connect the tap sheath.

As I wrap the belt around my ankles and buckle it, I can feel my cock filling my vagina. I take the handcuffs from behind the headboard and put them on. They are connected to a short piece of chain, and the other end is connected to an eyelet that I screwed into the back of the headboard. On top of the nightstand are the keys for the handcuffs and the clock scale. Once I put on the handcuffs, the keys could be anywhere. If I put the handcuffs on carefully so that the locks face away from my hands, I could hold the key in my hand and still not be able to get out. I lie down on the bed and put the handcuffs on my wrists. The light in the ceiling is off, but the lamp by the bed is on. When I did that for the first time, I had the skylight on. When my wife got home, my eyes hurt more than if I had been hit with a whip.

Part of the torture is having to wait. I can’t see the time from my bed, and I don’t know when my wife will get home from work anyway. She usually gets home at 12:30, but if there is a problem at work or a lot of tapes are playing, she might not get home until after 3 o’clock. I try not to think about what will happen, but I can’t help it. I try to sleep, but the pressure of the vagina on my dick keeps me awake for a while.

I wake up scared when I hear the front door open and close. When I hear my wife walking around downstairs for a while, it makes me shiver while I’m lying on the blankets in the bedroom. I want her to come upstairs so badly, but she seems to be taking her time. I finally hear her walking up the stairs and the bedroom door opening. She stands by the bed and looks at me for a while. She has some lines on her face. I hope she didn’t have a rough night. I’d like to say something comforting, but I don’t want to ruin the mood. She sighs and takes off her work clothes and underwear as she looks at the cockscomb.


She sits on the side of the bed and gets a pack of Virginia Slims and a lighter from the drawer next to the bed. I watch as she lights her cigarette, takes a drag, and turns around next to me. She rubs her breasts and thighs on my chest and legs and blows cigarette smoke in my face. My cock wants to grow, but the cover cruelly and painfully holds it back. My wife gets out of bed way too early and shuts the bedroom door after her. I can hear the water in the shower running, and then nothing. I fall asleep thinking about how her body feels against mine and how the air smells of cigarette smoke. When I wake up, the room is lit by the sun coming through the blinds. I feel a little bit better because of the heat. I know it will be some time before she lets me out. I pass the time by thinking about how soft my wife’s body is and how smoke smells.

The door opens and my wife comes in. She is still naked, but she smiles. She sits down on the side of the bed and opens the cockscomb. My s*** comes alive. She takes the key to the handcuffs but doesn’t use it to open them. Instead, she ties the key to a loop of string, like a pendant. She puts the rope around her neck and kisses me. She gets on my stiff dick and rides me like a wild woman. I can only watch as she gives herself four orgasms while the key to the handcuffs and her breasts swing across my face. She falls asleep on my chest, and I just watch. I’m glad clothespins aren’t stuck to my nose. She turns around and rests her head on my shoulder for a while. Since I’m tied down, I can’t do anything but lie there and cuddle with her for as long as she wants. She gives me a kiss and a smile as she walks away. I’m by myself until she comes back. She rides my cock to a few more orgasms, kisses me, and then leaves. Later, she comes back into the bedroom still wearing nothing but the key to the handcuffs, and rides me to more orgasms. She hugs and kisses him for a while before leaving.


Before she goes back to bed, it’s dark outside. She is dressed in a towel and a baby oil bottle. She makes space between my thighs and pours oil into her hand. She lightly strokes my dick at first, and then she does it a little harder. I’m already excited, so she doesn’t have to stroke it for too long before I’m about to orgasm. She teases me by stopping right before we’re about to make love and waiting until my cock gets softer before she strokes it again. When she lets me come, the come shoots a few meters into the air. She uses the towel to clean herself, and then she takes off the handcuffs. My arms are stiff and sore from kissing and hugging my wife, but it’s worth it to see the smile on her face when I do it. We get up together and take a shower. I’m glad she gave me more pain as a surprise. I can’t wait until it happens again.

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