Unexpected Sex Experience


The Unexpected Sex Experience of Mira

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It was probably impossible what Mira expected of her. Her husband could not believe that she would wear something like that, and then go out with him.

When she came home from work 30 minutes ago, there was an extremely tight black lacquer mini and her belly-free top on her bed. Something like this was worn by hookers, but never. There was a letter next to it asking them to wear these things – without panties and bras – and then to meet him in the iced coffee. She should have the high-heeled shoes that she, like the other two, only wear. Not with her! With anger in her stomach that he had such ideas, she drove to the iced coffee in jeans and a light sweater. Of course, she also wore panties and a bra. The shoes were the same with which she came home earlier.

It was a wonderful sunny day. So the coffee was well attended. Mira was already sitting at a table in the shadow of a large parasol. As if there was nothing on her bed, Sabine greeted him with a fleeting kiss on the mouth. At first, she didn’t mention anything. Only after a few minutes did she have to let her anger run free: “You probably didn’t seriously expect me to walk around like this!” “No,” he replied softly, “it’s clear”.


As always, the ice cream is delicious in this iced coffee, but there is a stale taste in the air. His disappointment is felt, as is her anger.

At home, both are very busy. The suitcases have to be packed, Mira has to get out early in the morning. He has to go abroad for 3 months for work. Both wanted to enjoy a nice evening. Somehow the time flies, later they lie in bed, kiss each other good night, and sleep.

Only when she said goodbye to Mira at the security check the next morning did she realize that he was gone, that something was still left open.

Fortunately, her cell phone rings at this moment. A friend she met through sport some time ago asked if they shouldn’t meet in the evening. She enthusiastically agreed that she didn’t have to be at home alone. At home alone, frustration did indeed arise. Time seemed to stop. Sabine was happy when the doorbell rang and Petra picked her up. Petra hugged her warmly and then drove her to a restaurant.

You were lucky, that day of the week the restaurant was not as crowded as usual. You could sit down at a cozy, quiet table in a corner. First, the two receive a Prosecco as a greeting. Afterward, Petra of course has to do without alcohol, but Sabine orders a lovely wine to eat.

It was good not to spend the evening alone. She gets on well with the girlfriend so that she could talk about this and that. Finally, she indicated her anger from the previous day. It was good for her to talk, since she doesn’t get any negative feedback, she did so, revealing bit by bit what was bothering her.

At home, she asked Petra if she didn’t want to come up with something else. She got a very good bottle from the wine stock. “You could sleep here too,” she offered. It so happened that the two of them sat together with a glass of very good wine in the living room a little later and Sabine continued to pour out her heart.

Petra was not shocked by her stories. She revealed that she was not as good as it might seem. Above all, Sabine felt understood. It was very good for her. After the bottle was empty and even another opened, Petra becomes clear: “I think you have to jump over your shadow once, once so clearly that there is no turning back. Once so indecent; then you no longer have reservations, which in my experience stand in the way of you. ” “What should I do?” Asked Sabine. “Well,” she explains, “I’m not a bit good myself. I’ve done a few things there … Let’s say it briefly if you want it, I would know a way that you can never retreat to good behavior and I think that would do you good”.

“Yes,” Sabine replied after a few moments of silence, “I should do something like that. But how do you imagine that in concrete terms?” Petra smiles at her: “Be patient, tell me more about Mira’s wishes and dreams. And then you should leave me with a few surprises.”



In the relaxed atmosphere, but above all through Petra’s positive reactions, she revealed more and more. Much of what was not even clear to her is only made clear by Petra’s attentive questions. Her understanding is good for her, she shows that she should get involved on the way. Even if she scolds herself at the thought, since she had used the plasticizer ‘should’.

“What do you think now,” she finally asked again, “how do you want to proceed?” “Well, it is finally three months that we can use,” Petra plans, “if you say now you want … then you are your Mira’s dream, if he has you in your arms again, then you will feel good. I don’t want to tell you everything I’m planning for you, you should let yourself be surprised. Do you dare to accept blindly? ”

It only took a second before she replied clearly: “Plan, I’ll do everything with” “Good,” said Petra, “then I’ll tell you how we start. We’ll both visit a friend tomorrow. He has a photo studio “We’ll have a few pictures of you there. Among other things, you’ll wear the clothes you should wear for Mira.” The first concern immediately came up: “In front of a stranger?”, She wanted to object. But Petra did not object: “You won’t pinch right at the beginning! You let yourself be photographed as I will coordinate with Tom.”

They both talked about this and that for a long time before they both fell asleep in the double bed. Driving was no longer possible for Petra either. The very next morning, before breakfast, Petra phoned Tom, the photographer. Unfortunately, Sabine didn’t notice much of the conversation, except that the appointment was supposed to take place in the afternoon from 5:00 p.m.

After a cozy breakfast for two, during which the evening’s discussions and the photo session were outside, Petra says goodbye. You still have a few things to do. However, she would pick her up around 4:00 p.m. Punctually at 4 p.m. Petra rang the doorbell. Sabine had already placed the small bag with the mini, the top, and the shoes next to the door. Petra immediately pushed to leave. “We drive almost an hour,” she explained to the now restless Sabine.

The explanations while driving could not remove their anxiety. “I have known Tom for a very long time,” reassured Petra, “he takes excellent photos. He has taken several of the pictures he will take of you today. It all happens very easily.”

When they parked the car in front of a large building 10 minutes ahead of time, she was not exactly thrilled by the sight. It was only when she stepped through the door to the photo studio that the impression changed. Everything looked great inside. The studio was equipped with elaborate photo and lighting technology. And Tom’s greeting was very friendly. After Tom introduced himself, he handed everyone a glass of sparkling wine. He took his time, asked if she had ever taken pictures in a studio. Fred came in a few minutes later. Tom also introduced him and explained that he was responsible for the makeup.

Because the recordings did not start immediately, she slowly came to rest. Finally, however, Tom asked if you should start. Everyone, including Sabine, nodded. “Then please go next door. There you take off your clothes, then Fred puts on your make-up. Then you put on the clothes that you brought with you.” Irritated, she asked: “Why to make up naked?” Fred laughed: “So that there are no borders and transitions, of course”.

She was strangely naked with the stranger in the locker room. But Fred was very careful, just ignoring the fact that she was so insecure. She sat in front of the large mirror and he got a blonde long hair wig off the shelf. “I think she was a good match for your type” Cleverly, clearly noticed that he has a lot of experience, he puts it on her. Then he took care of her skin. He practically made up her entire body. He cleverly made the bikini stripes on his back disappear. Then his hands took care of her breasts. Of course, it was uncomfortable for her, but as professional as he did, she says nothing and let him do it. A little later, it looked like she was tanned seamlessly.

When she saw herself in the mirror after a long treatment, she was amazed at how well he understood his work. He then helped her put on the mini, the top, and the extremely high shoes. That’s how Mira would have liked to see me in the iced coffee, the thought shoots through her head when she saw herself finished in the mirror. I would be sunk in the ground, she thought, even if it was done perfectly.

“Great,” Petra immediately praised when she re-entered the studio followed by Fred. Tom took his time, took dozens of portraits. With every minute she loosened up, reacted to his praising and cheering words. She showed herself more and more freely, lounging in seductive positions and even giving insights under the Mini. So it happened that she hesitated even briefly when he asked her to take off your top. With her breast bare, she now took her picture the next time.

Then there was a short pause. Another cool glass of sparkling wine was handed to her. That was good in the warm studio. In the locker room, with Fred’s help, she changed into a new outfit. He skillfully helped her wriggle her tight latex mini dress. Pluck and then smooth it carefully. The touch of his hands caused a strange tingling sensation on her skin under the tight latex. Then he treated the dress with a spray liquid so that it then shone. Again he led her to the studio. Again, Tom didn’t save on film. Certainly, she looked even more indecent in this outfit than before in Mira’s Mini and.

Amazingly, it was even easier for her from the start to lasciviously loll in front of the camera.

Once again Tom wanted to change the props: “Fred, sit down there on the sofa. And you Sabine lie down on the sofa, your head on Fred’s lap. She wanted to say something, so Petra came before her:” It’s just decoration “Don’t dress up like that”. Obediently she lay down on the sofa, her head in his lap. Of course, it was something else, with her head on his leather pants, where she feels what was hidden in the pants it didn’t seem to leave Fred completely cold either. Still, she continues. Feels her body tingle and lets the camera click. Then Fred’s hand was on her stomach, massaging very gently. She spreads her legs, gave the camera a clear view, showed that she wasn’t wearing anything under it again.

Perhaps it was easier for her because he had already seen her applying makeup? In any case, she had her picture taken, with her cheek on his lap, facing him, his hand on the thin latex over her buttocks, or even pictures in which his hand massaged her breast, literally irritated her nipples, which were clearly shown by the red Color material. Yes, for some shots she even sits on his lap, clearly feeling his bulge in his pants on her pussy and her cheek snugly against his.

Again there is a short break to change.

“Well done,” Petra praised when she accompanied Fred on the way to the locker room. “Swimwear now,” instructed Tom. In the cabin, Fred helps her to peel off the part. He skillfully put some makeup on her. Then he hands her

a bikini. She had never worn one like this. String as panties and the top is very economical. She is amazed that Fred got out of his clothes. “What …”, she wanted to start. “I only put on swimming trunks, otherwise I look a little out of place as a decoration. He has turned away discreetly so that she didn’t see anything.

Still, her heart pounded even more in the cabin after this scene. Tom had already prepared a beach decoration in the studio. He asked her to put himself on a bath towel and then immediately took a few pictures again. “Now Fred is putting cream on you,” he said. Tom gave both instructions on how to lie down and Fred started rubbing sunscreen on her shoulders. He had to change positions more often until he finally crouched over her bottom. She feels the bulge in his swimming trunks clearly on her bottom. Meanwhile, his hands massage her back, slide under the thin ribbon of the bikini top, up to the base of her chest.

Again he changes position, now creaming his back to his buttocks. Since she only wore a thong, not much is covered, but he also massages under the fabric there. She has not been calm for a long time. “Oh,” she groans almost inaudibly when he even ran a finger under her ribbon through her notch to her pussy. “Surely he has now noticed that I’m wet up to,” she feared.

“Take her top off,” Tom said. He slowly opened the ribbon, the camera held on to every moment. “Pretend you’re a pair of lovers. Lie down on them. Fred put them away beforehand”. A little later she felt what Tom was thinking.

Fred was lying on top of her, she felt his hard friend right on her butt – naked!

“Hopefully they don’t notice what’s going on with me,” she thought. A little disappointed, she almost followed the next direction. Fred got up, lay on her back, and now had her chest and stomach massaged with sunscreen. In some of these poses, Fred’s lap was just inches from her head. Again he took it very carefully, massaged her stomach, rubbed under her thong, touched her pussy. The finger was pure enjoyment, as it streaked through her pussy, touched the clit much too short.

She raised her bottom as Fred stripped off her thong. It felt good that his hand was now stroking her pussy, the finger gently penetrated and made her moan softly. She spread her legs as Fred squatted between her legs. She saw what he was up to, felt his big cock push against her pussy, and slowly penetrated her. Somewhere in her head, the thought spat: “These are porn pictures, I’m doing porn pictures right now!”

She had the bizarre situation completely under control. She enjoyed the stranger cock in her pussy, which she slowly and soulfully fucked. He gently massaged her breasts, kissed her ear, and drove her on and on. Then they changed positions. He carried her on the sofa, she leaned on it, he took her from behind. Again she sank deeply into the frenzy of pleasure, but he had always braked a little, did not let her reach orgasm. “Please do it at last,” she just thought.

Then suddenly Petra was next to her. Naked, but perceiving and realizing that was too much now. She closed her eyes, pushed against the hard one. Petra kissed her gently on your forehead, then gently on your mouth. Irritated, she opened her eyes to then have Petra’s face directly in front of her, to feel the lips and the tongue that cheekily pushed between her lips.

There was so little missing, but then, to her disappointment, he retreated. His hard cock appears right in front of her face. Petra looks at her, looks her straight in the eye, then leans forward slightly and kissed him, letting him slide between her lips. Petra’s hand pulled her head up. Her lips now also touched the tail, followed the example of the friend, and took a cock between her lips for the first time in front of the camera. Fred’s hand stroked her head. One hand now irritated her pussy, spoiled it, massaged it. She stares at Fred as she spoils him. Now she felt Petra intensely on her pussy, right away … Fred pulled back a tiny bit, amazed she opens her mouth and homogenously received his love juice in the open mouth. At the same moment, she was ready. Petra had done it perfectly, she came violently.

She came too slowly. Fred led her into the locker room, handed her the mini, the top, and the shoes she was wearing for the first photos. When she came back to the studio, the two had already cleaned up and explained that they were going to eat and drink a little more. Only then did it become clear to her that she should go out with the three as Mira wished.

Yes, it was strange to be in public. She was looked at, looked at lustfully. It got cozy. They talked lightly about this and that. The photos were left out, only Fred made a short comment while driving to the restaurant: “I heard you never blown one before, it was great”.


Petra brought her home late in the evening. Saying goodbye with a kiss, where she touches Sabine’s lips with her tongue. “Sleep well,” she says Sabine, “and don’t take anything for the day after tomorrow”. Indeed, Sabine nodded briskly away in bed, though so much had happened, even though so much was going through her mind. Sure, in the morning the memory came back, and so did the thoughts. What had she gotten into? What would Mira think of her? However, there were also felt that she wanted to admit only with difficulty, she had enjoyed it.

She had a lot to do that day. Some appointments, so that there wasn’t too much room to ponder. However, the free moments always brought to mind the events in the photo studio. So she almost feared the evening when she would be lying alone in bed, alone at the thought of it.

In the evening Mira called briefly. It was good to hear his voice. They didn’t speak of the bad mood before he left. “If you knew, the thought shot through my mind that I was out of it.” She didn’t tell what had happened since then.

The time for the conversation was far too short.

She made up for the bed early. Considered watching a movie on TV. But then the phone rang again. It was Petra’s friend’s turn. They talked about this and that for two and a half hours. Yes, they talked about that too, but it was a strange experience to be praised by Petra. Finally, when she hung up she was quite relaxed and surprisingly fell asleep again quickly.

In the morning her excitement had reached a new dimension. In addition to the thoughts about what had happened, there was the question of what Petra was going to do with her today. To calm down a bit, she first wrote an SMS to Mira: “I love you”. Then she arranged some things in the apartment. Of course, that didn’t calm her down, but time went by.

The sight of Petra already showed her that she was not planning a proper day. She was dressed in a sharp mini and top. She also wore a wig this time.

Before she knew it, Petra had urged her to take off her clothes, put on the wig she was already wearing in the studio, and put on the indecent skirt and top.

So she stepped out of the shelter of her apartment again without panties and bra in slutty clothes with Petra.

The question while driving: “What are you going to do with me?” Petra blocked: “Nothing you can’t do and like. Wait.” After a while, of course, she recognized the way. So she was not surprised when Petra parked the car back at the studio. Knowing what is in this building, her heart is pounding more than two days earlier this time.

Tom greeted her warmly again. Again he handed a glass of sparkling wine. By the way, praised that it was great two days ago. This breathing space was good for Sabine. Her heart came to rest a little. But then Tom asked her and Petra to go to the mask with Fred in the cabin. The fact that Petra went with her irritated her, especially when Petra undressed. Fred took turns taking care of the make-up of Petra and Sabine.

In the studio, she immediately recognized the difference. A film camera clearly shows that this time it should not be photos. There were two guys she didn’t know yet. “Miraj and Arjun,” said Tom, “they’ll help a little today. A few moments later she was in front of the camera with Petra. What they were supposed to show didn’t surprise them. Every second of acting made it easier. But it didn’t stop there either. Not surprisingly, Miraj and Arjun also came later, Fred supported Tom this time with the film. With them, she showed sex in front of the camera more freely than ever before. three days before, still completely unthinkable. Including a scene in which they both spoiled, one offered her pussy, the other’s mouth. At the moment, however, she felt that completely different than she had always imagined.

Even after these recordings, they went out together again. Strange that this time she wasn’t shocked to go to a restaurant with people like that. It was late again before Petra brought her home. In the car, Petra then told her that she had already played in many porn films. “And what does Jens say about it?” Asked Sabine. “Well,” she said with a grin, “when I told him that a few weeks ago it blew him away. He’s fascinated by it. He devoured the films.” Again Petra said goodbye with a French kiss, but this time Sabine opens her tongue in anticipation. “What am I doing,” she thought at the same time, “I’m kissing a girl, there’s a porn film of mine”. Again she fell asleep easily, tired as she was.

Nothing unusual happened in the next few days. Again she had a lot to do so she didn’t have too much time to think about it but added that her thoughts had changed. After the first time, it was maybe a fleeting slip. After the further shots, she couldn’t talk herself out of it. The things she had done didn’t seem so bad anymore. The pleasure that she had not felt any longer had to deny her so badly, even if the thought itself seemed crazy to her.

Then on Saturday Petra had arranged to meet her again. This time, she had already revealed what was planned. A shopping tour. Sabine was much more relaxed about the appointment. Above all, looked forward to the opportunity to ask some questions that she had collected. This time Petra was wearing no conspicuous clothes when she picked Sabine up. Sabine, too, was dressed in jeans and a shirt that was not particularly striking. Of course, the two beautiful women would also attract a few looks in this clothing.

She was a little surprised that Petra wanted to go shopping with her in distant Cologne. It was nice, of course, that she had time to talk to Petra while driving. She just had to find out more about how Petra got involved in porn films and how her husband found out. Petra answered these questions very Mirajly and openly. However, what Sabine also noticed, Petra held back something concerning her. She still had surprises in store for her. However, she was surprisingly calm this time.

Then in Cologne came what she had expected. Petra visited numerous unusual shops with her, in which she selected and bought very, very provocative clothing for Sabine – you could also say it was useful. Petra always paid. The only answer to Sabine’s questions about payment was “Let’s do it later”. Petra also bought one or two items of clothing for herself. Her choice was always very, very sexy outfits. In the meantime, they treated themselves to a break in a street coffee when the weather was fine.

When Petra wanted to walk through this door with her, Sabine hesitated. She had read the sign next to the door. “I’m afraid of it,” she admitted. Petra persuaded her: “You don’t want to leave me alone?” So she followed Petra into the house. When they both came out of the house three-quarters of an hour later, they were quite excited. “It wasn’t that bad, was it?” Asked Petra. “No,” Sabine confirmed, “I had imagined that to be a hundred times worse.

On the way to the car, staying in the house is the topic of conversation.

In the car on the way home, Sabine had the opportunity to ask: “What about the photos and films? Do you think I should show them to Mira?” Petra smiles, then fetches a piece of paper from a storage compartment: “Tom has already worked up some of the photos and a little film. He was hard-working. Here I wrote down the address and a free user with a password for you. Either Mira finds these pictures on their own, or you show them when he returns. You probably won’t want to hide everything from him, he’ll be happy about it. And now, you certainly can’t hide it from him. But you still have it almost 3 months to get used to it “.

The realization of what Petra said to her has to be processed first. Again they said goodbye with a kiss. Now it was almost normal for her to kiss the tongue. In the apartment, she immediately goes to the PC and starts to see on the Internet what is hidden behind the address.

Hardly in the apartment, she put the 5 shopping bags into the bedroom without being noticed. The next course was to the PC, which she turns on immediately. If she could watch herself from a distance, she would have been surprised. After the results of the day, this Internet address was suddenly the most important thing for her. Neither the shopping, which had recently been enough excitement nor the events in the house meant anything now.

There was just enough time to take off the shoes, then the computer was ready for use. She immediately logs in and starts the browser. With shaky fingers, she typed in the address. A little startled she flinched when she found exactly what she expected, a real porn site. This was indicated on the welcome page. The login was immediately found.

The user ID “Kiana” and the password “ACTRESS” were typed in. Confirmation of the successful registration came quickly. Oops, the variety of choices overwhelmed them. But she quickly found the pages on which pictures of Kiana were shown. It was a very strange experience to see yourself on the internet in such a clear way. The virtues that a man saw in her were clearly shown, nothing was hidden from the pictures in which she surrendered to Fred. Two short films were already there. Indeed, these were violent films.

In her imagination, she imagined how guys would feel about these pictures and films. But then she had to see more. She also looked for pictures of Petra. She found this under the stage name “Yvonne”. OK,

First, she got a glass of wine. Then the phone. She dialed Petra’s number. “Hello,” she answered, “I went to the site. That blew me away. Say, do you see really strange men?” “Of course,” laughs Petra, “your pictures have been viewed more than 500 times by noon this day. And the ratings for the pictures were extremely positive, you are well received”.

She spent 1? hour on the sides. Yes, there were indeed more posh pictures – on the other hand, Petra was a top model on it, and she sensed why she received such good reviews. Dinner a lot on that day. When she finally switched off the PC, she took care of clearing her new acquisitions.

Then the careful care of her body, her fresh nipple piercing.

For the next few days, she was very conscientious and looked after herself well. She didn’t reveal anything to Mira on the phone. Still, the calls were different. She couldn’t quite grasp it, but somehow the conversations were different. There was no trace of the unsuccessful evening before departure.

She often met with Petra. Both were very satisfied with how well they tolerated the treatment in Cologne and how easy it was.

After 2 months Petra then spoke to her that Tom would like to make a complete film with her, especially after we were in Cologne. It was surprisingly easy to say. In several days of shooting complete porn, a film was created with her and Petra. With each day of shooting, it became ‘normal’.

After the last day of filming, she waited impatiently for two events: for Mira’s return in 1 week and the first cut of the film.

A week later she waited in the mini skirt and the top that she should wear for her Mira at Dusseldorf Airport. Of course, she was not wearing panties or bras. So he could notice something at the first touch. Her heart was pounding more than the first photos. But his eyes said everything. He was thrilled to see her like this. Of course, he still didn’t know everything, but in a few minutes, he would know. But his look had given her the certainty that he would be delighted.

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