Unexpected Encounter


Unexpected Encounter with Wildest Police SP Ramya

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I received a telegram message from a man named S P R. “I read your article on ISS, lovely and appreciated it,” it said. I reacted because I regularly get responses from my readers about my stories. “Thanks a lot, mate, delighted that my narrative may help you shag lots,” I said.

After reading my response, there was no response from the other end. “I am a lady, not a dude,” that person responded two days later.

I usually get messages from people who use girls’ identities and ask for images of ladies I’ve met in the past. Some guys are even interested in seeing my dick. I am a very private individual who would never show images of crazy ladies to anyone. Privacy is of the utmost importance to me, and I never betray a confidence.

To her reply, I simply answered, “Hmm, thanks.”

She messaged that evening, “I am Ramya (name altered).” I couldn’t respond to her that day since I was too busy. “Hello, Ramya,” I replied the next day.

We couldn’t talk because my online free time did not coincide with hers. When she sees one of my messages, she will respond to it. The identical thing was happening in the opposite direction. This lasted about 15 days.

“I want to discuss something,” she messaged one day. Tell me when you’re going to be online.” We decided on a time and talked that day. Ramya was 35 years old, happily married with two children. Her husband was a businessman, and she was a housewife.

She told me she had read all of my published pieces and was very interested in me. She requested my photo, which I gave her. She liked my image and didn’t want any pictures of herself or other women. She told me that she hasn’t been satisfied or fulfilled by sex in a long time. Such as those she experienced during her first few years of marriage. Her spouse had little desire for sex after the second child.

He developed drinking habits with his gang of useless drunkards, although he was not a big drinker. When he bangs me, his dick and stamina aren’t what they used to be. I requested a picture of her, which she refused. My mind was still racing with the possibility that the individual was a guy. I had no idea she was a public official, a police sergeant at the time. She had lied to me about being a stay-at-home mom. I returned her texts. But I never felt the want to hit her since I wasn’t convinced she was a lady. Our cordial conversation lasted nearly two months. When I had a dirty steamy conversation with her, she informed me that it got her wet and that she fingered herself. She was virtually always busy, and we didn’t talk all the time over those two months. We were both online at the same moment only a few times. It was Friday morning, and she inquired about my plans for Saturday evening. I told her I didn’t have any plans. She advised me not to make any plans and then went offline. She had texted me at midnight on Friday with a phone number and asked me to call her Saturday afternoon. On Saturday morning, I read the note. I dialed the number, and gosh, it was a lady with a nice voice that was also authoritative.

She merely spoke for a few minutes before requesting me to clear my schedule for the evening. She stated that she would share the location with me by 4 p.m. I arrived at the site about 6 p.m. I felt a surge of excitement because this was unexpected. I was waiting for the location with bated breath. She delivered the location at exactly 4 p.m., as promised. I hired ola and arrived at the destination. It was a guest home, but it was a police guest house. I was terrified and contemplated skipping this appointment. In a dazed state of mind, I dialed Ramya’s number. She motioned for me to enter. “No,” I answered. “Please wait,” she murmured as she hung up the phone. I waited impatiently. Within five minutes, a tall, 6 foot, a medium-dark-skinned lady walked right into me. A tight khaki shirt covered her large hard boobs, and her jeans stuck to her round shapely ass with a belt on her narrow hips. For the first time in my life, I was terrified. She approached me and said calmly, “Hi Madhan, I am Ramya, Police SP.” Don’t be afraid to accompany me.” I strolled beside her without saying anything. A thousand illogical thoughts raced through my mind. If she wants to have sex with me, I’ll be the luckiest guy on the planet. She didn’t look like a 35-year-old lady. Massive solid boobs, gorgeous ass tucked within the pants. Slim hips, full, thick lips, and a clean, rough face. She was quite attractive. She led us to the third floor, where we entered the room. She explained that she came here for a meeting and wanted to have a good time. She didn’t want to scare me, so she covered the fact that she was the police SP. When it came to the wild moments, she gripped my trembling hands. I brushed my fingertips across her forehead, nose, thick juicy lips, and down the neck to her cleavage between massive tank boobs. As she stroked my fingers over both of her boobs, I could feel the firm boobs. My dick was completely out of control, erecting a tent within my pants. She pulled me against the wall and smashed her body against mine. With her warm breath on my face, her large, firm boobs were squeezing hard on my chest. Her height was comparable to mine. I became enraged, cupped her face in both of my hands, and began kissing/sucking her honey lips. I sucked the juice from her thick, wide lips. She was stroking the dick all over her jeans.

Oh, my God, her hands were massaging the devil inside my pants. My hands moved across the room, grabbed the large round ass cheeks, and squeezed those soft spongy asses hard. She was sucking my tongue and lips. Our tongues were entangled, finding routes inside each other’s mouths.

She interrupted the kiss and took the belt off her thin hips. She unbuttoned the top buttons of her shirt. Her boobs are so big that they’re going to pop out of her top. I had a massive erection and was wilder than I’d ever been.

She took off her shoes and knelt. She yanked my pants open and pulled out my underpants. My erect, thick dick protruded. She grabbed my dick and slid her hands all over it and the balls.

She locked her gaze on mine, her eyes lustful. I was having a difficult time restraining my need. She shoved my gleaming dick head into her mouth. Her saliva-filled tongue sucked my rotten head like sweets or ice cream. My balls were being massaged by her hands.

To suppress the need to cum, I kept my thoughts away from her plump body. I’ve never felt the need to cum so quickly. Her body was doing all of the work.

She then licked my well-shaved cock from base to cock head. A blowjob so thoroughly liked had never occurred in many previous encounters. I closed my eyes and held her head, enjoying the pleasure her mouth was giving me.

She licked my cock voraciously. I was having a good time with her saliva on my cock. My cock was deep-throated by her. My hands reached for her boobs under her shirt. She opened her top, revealing a gorgeous red bra with a deep cleavage.

I couldn’t keep it under control. I mouth fucked her and felt compelled to cum. I drew the cock and fired loads at her uniform.

Guys, the good times have only just begun. In the following section, I will explain the play with her lovely round, enormous, firm boobs. I licked, pushing my face between her round ass balls with Ramya’s loud moans. A ferocious hard thrust into the pussy in a doggy stance, landing on her ass.

She stood up and walked over to the bed. She examined her phone and dialed a number. I drew up my pants and went to the restroom. When I returned, I discovered She was reprimanding her subordinate over the phone call, using derogatory local slang. She used a lot of dash-dash terms. I stood there expressionless. When she saw my return, she motioned for me to approach and sit next to her. After 5 minutes, she received another call in which she requested directions from another man. I took my time walking and sat slightly apart from Ramya. She’s stunning, with lovely boobs and a toned gym figure. She had kept her body structure in good shape. From the look on her face, she appeared harsh and strict. “Do you want anything to eat or drink?” she inquired after the call. I requested some water. She handed me a water bottle from the room’s fridge. She picked up the phone and placed an order for some cool drinks and munchies. She then dialed her husband’s number from her phone and spoke with him for more than 15 minutes. She motioned for me to keep quiet as she dialed her husband’s number. She was playing with my hands, her fingers traveling up to my shoulders. Heavens in a situation when a lovely lady is conversing with her spouse, children. But her lustful eyes inspected me with her uniform, which bore marks from my blowjob. I had another hard-on. She drew closer to me as she continued to converse with the family. She took my hands and looked me in the eyes. I felt a massive bulge inside my pants right away. I gripped her hands tightly and moved my lips to kiss the back of her neck. When my lips sucked her neck area, she abruptly changed the tone of her conversation with her spouse. I sat behind her, my legs wrapped around hers. From behind, I began kissing all around the neck. From behind, my bulge was pressing on her ass through her tight khaki pants. She quickly disconnected the phone call, assuming it was an important call. She threw the phone on the bed and began to moan, her head leaning backward. My hands grabbed her hard and tight tummy. I could smell the aroma emanating from her body. I hugged her tummy tightly from behind, her head resting on my shoulder. I slid backward on the bed till her head rested on my lap. I cupped both of my hands around her face. She was stunning. But her job as a cop and her training had given her a serious, austere appearance. She was in another universe. I moved my lips to drop a kiss on her thick red lips. She closed her eyes the minute my lips touched hers. I licked her lips, sucking the sexy cops’ honey. She sucked my lips and tongue furiously. She climbed all the way to the top of me. She quickly unzipped my shirt and removed my banyan after the wet kiss. She then took off her khaki top. Her crimson bra was firmly gripping the enormous milky boobs. She, too, hurriedly removed her pants. Her thighs were thick and strong, and she had a shapely, ideal body posture. I went insane the instant my eyes were drawn to her massive boobs. I pulled her onto the bed, undressed, and went on top of her. I raised her hands to a higher position. I gripped the massive boobs with both hands.

I have a big pair of hands that couldn’t cover her boobs. My hands began to feel the plump, firm round boobs and pressed tightly over the bra. She moaned and unhooked her bra hooks. A pair of massive boobs with a narrow sharp, erect nipple protruded from her bra.

I began licking her neck and moved on to suck the cleavage of her boobs. I registered in my thoughts as I looked at those large, round firm boobs. I sucked every inch of her boob and had a great time licking her nipples.

My hands reached her panty, which was drenched income, while my mouth was busy sucking the nipples. Inside my pants, I had a massive erection. I dragged her to the bed’s edge and raised both of her legs to a straight angle.

Without a condom, I positioned my dick head. I looked at her and asked if she wanted it with or without a condom. She shook her head and indicated that she would dig soon without a condom.

My diabolical dick penetrating a police SP in a police guesthouse was becoming a reality. I massaged my dick head on her pussy lips. She had a blank expression on her face. Ramya took a deep gasp as I slid my dick deep within her hot pussy.

I drew my cock out and pounced on her with great power. I smacked her hard and long for a while. When I felt the urge to cum, I closed my eyes and took some deep breaths.

I yanked the cock out and shoved her next to a canine on the bed. Oh my God, what a jerk. I wanted to eat her entire ass. My dick instructed me to drill. I climbed over and dug my dick like a dog. I smacked her in the ass with my balls, smacking her in the ass. The force of my drill was causing the bed to tremble.

She was having fun, as shown by the volume of her moaning. She was even wiggling her ass in a circle to feel my cock all around the inside of her pussy. The curve of her ass, as well as the swaying, prompted the want to cum. I hammered hard and fired the load into her pussy.

She then offered me a towel, with which we wiped our privates. We talked while she placed her head on my chest like a lover. I told her about my plans. She was excited to be a part of my next fantasy fuck.

On the phone, she shared some of her post-civil service photos. She appeared gentle, naive, and incredibly attractive. We talked a little bit. I didn’t waste any time and, unable to resist, pulled her onto the bed. I pressed my face against her thighs.

“No, I never attempted this,” she said as she moved my face away from her pussy. I pushed her hands away and slid my head back between her thighs. I caressed her beautifully shaved pussy with my hands. I massaged the clitoral hood and fingered the pussy lips. Then I locked my lips together with her pussy lips. When my lips sealed with her pussy lips, she let out a tremendous moan. I could smell and taste her pussy’s sour, salty moisture. I began slowly licking the pussy lips. She had a firm grip on my head. I increased the speed of my licking as her moaning rate increased. I was massaging her clitoral hood with my thumb. With my flat tongue caressing/licking the delectable pussy, she was moaning considerably louder.

I moved my head and inserted my tongue inside the pussy, sucking her pussy withheld on my breath. She yelled at me and smashed my head into her pussy. With the release of the come from her pussy, she exhaled a huge sigh of relief. She then rode over me in a cowgirl pose, her boobs bouncing, her hips spinning, and her boobs feeling hard on.

Guys, Ramya and I shared an unbelievable experience. She did invite me to the panchayat where she was posted in north Karnataka. We hope you enjoy our story please stay tuned with nightqueenstories.com so we can continue to provide you with the best sex stories.


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