Two Beggars Fuck Girl


Fucked by Two Beggars

Hi, I’m Sekha. I’m a call girl and I love sex.

I love being fucked by dirty filthy men and their dirty penis makes my cunt wet.

This story is about the time when I was fucked hard by two dirty street beggars.

I was going to Mumbai for a client and I met these two beggers as I came down from the bus.

They lived in a dirty tent and I followed them to their tent.

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I walked over to them and they were talking shit.

They said that they had money and that we should go to some whorehouse or something because we could fuck each other all night long.

They told me that they’ll fuck my ass and fuck my dirty skin. I got angry and wanted to go back.

As I was walking away the two fucking beggars started calling out to me, making fun of me, trying to get me to give them money.

They said that they would pay me back later on.

I don’t like people who treat me poorly.

Now one of the begger got on top of me from behind.

He wrapped his arms around me and his crotch touched my ass hole.

He began moving up and down against my anus.

My body was shivering with sexual tension and I was shaking inside as if I was freezing. My body felt numb but it wasn’t unpleasant.

“You’re pretty sexy. You’ve been doing this for years.” He whispered into my ear. “We’ll have a good time tonight. We won’t fuck your pussy so you can have some fun.” The man continued, squeezing harder at my ass. His fingers dug into the flesh, pulling it slightly and my body responded to his touch.

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The man moved his hands up and down my chest. It made my nipples hard and they stood out. He pinched both nipples between his thumb and index finger and I moaned loudly.

I was panting heavily and he laughed.

He moved one hand down and rubbed his dick against my stomach. He pushed himself into my ass and my pussy opened wide automatically.

Now one of the beggers was licking my whole body with his dirty teeth and the other was rubbing his face in my ass.

They were both licking me while touching my body to my toes.

“I want to taste her pussy! I wanna fuck her!” One of the beggers yelled and started to pull at my panties.

The other one slapped him across the mouth. He grabbed my hair and yanked my head towards him. He bit my shoulder hard before sucking a large hickey into it.

I cried out and tried to move away from the two beggars.

They pulled my hair so hard that I thought they were gonna rip it out.

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They were just so dirty and disgusting.

The other beggar was kissing me all over my neck and shoulders, making my skin turn red.

“She’s ready to be fucked baby,” one of the beggars said, biting my breast and sucking a huge hickey into it.

Then he reached behind me and unzipped his pants. He slowly pulled the zipper down and slid his cock out.

“I bet she likes to suck cock too,” one of the beggars said.

The other beggar grabbed my hair again, holding my head back.

Then one of the beggars shoved his cock into my pussy.

I screamed and squeezed my legs together tightly.

My entire body tensed and sweat poured down my body.

The beggars watched me squirm and lick my lips.

Then the beggars took turns pushing their cocks into me.

I felt both the men slide their cocks into my vagina at once.

One of the beggars pulled out and the second one slid his cock in. Then one of the beggars pushed another cocks into my ass, forcing my pussy open even wider than before.

“Please, please, please fuck me!” I cried out desperately.

One of the beggars chuckled and grabbed the back of my neck tightly.

Another one pushed his cock deep inside of my ass.

I felt more than heard the man moaning loudly as his balls slipped out and his dick entered my tight ass again.

I was trembling uncontrollably.

The beggars didn’t stop and one of them pushed his cock inside of me as far as it could go.

It hurt.

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Both beggars were pressing themselves into my asshole and I couldn’t take it anymore.

“No! Please no! I’m begging you! Fucking fuck off already!” I cried out.

The begger holding onto my hair let go and stepped away. The other beggar was still inside of my pussy and was starting to push inside faster.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Please fuck me now!” I begged.

The beggars looked at each other and then nodded their heads.

Then the beggar standing behind me reached around and grasped my ass cheeks.

He pushed himself into my ass and I screamed out loud.

A couple of minutes passed but the beggars were still fucking me.

“Stop! Stop!” I screamed.

The begger holding onto my ass held on tightly but it wasn’t stopping either.

I could feel myself coming apart but I knew I wouldn’t come unless someone stopped the beggars.

“Stop! No no no! Don’t do this to me! Please!” I pleaded.

I tried to kick one of the beggars out of my ass but he grabbed onto my foot.

Then one of them picked up the other and held me in place. They kept fucking me.

I was completely powerless.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Fuckk ahhhh!!!”.

After a few moments, I gave up. My pussy was soaked and my heart rate was going crazy.

When I finished cumming I fell unconscious, unable to hold myself upright anymore.

All three of us collapsed on the ground and stayed there.

The beggars lay next to me with their hands clasped tightly together. They didn’t say anything.

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