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Thrilling Fantasy with Mom

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Hello, my name is Vaibhav from Chennai, and I’d like to tell you about a haunted encounter I had with my mother in a haunted house.

This is a fictitious narrative involving my mother’s body and some ghosts. There is a lot of sexiness in this story, so read it thoroughly and enjoy it.

Let’s get to the point of the story. I am a single kid of my parents, and my father died when I was eight years old, so my mother took over our family responsibly at the age of 28, and she is now 38.

She raised me till I was 18 years old. After that, I became more knowledgeable about a variety of topics, including mom-son porn and many others, but I had no concept about her body and her loneliness after my father died.

My mother had planned to buy a house near my college, and we were fortunate to find one at a modest cost. We were overjoyed to be able to move into this house. We moved here during my fourth semester of college.

We had plenty of time because it was vacation time to move our belongings to this new house, which I had no idea was haunted at the time. We moved our furnishings and belongings to the residence. For the first time, I began to adore my mother’s beauty when I saw her milky breast in the shirt that had been hidden by her saree.

In her blouse, she was perspiring intensely. It made her appear so hot, and her boobs were on the verge of falling out owing to the stress of her job. My mother was busy working, so her pallu slid in between her two boobs, revealing her two mountains to me. Her saree was draped below her navel, which drew my attention like a magnet.

The sweat beads on her tummy up to her navel resembled water drops on fresh fruit. She hadn’t noticed me and kept taking goods from the new house’s doorstep.

I was waiting for the moment when her saree dropped completely from her shoulders, revealing a better view of her melons. I’d never seen my mother in this light before; it was like magic to me.

I knew it was all due to this place because everything started happening when I entered it. We were too late to arrange all of the furnishings in the house, so we only got one room ready so we could sleep that night. There was a lot more to do in the hall and another bedroom.

It was 12:30 a.m., and my mother and I were in our bedroom. I was trying to sleep, but my mother had already fallen asleep due to exhaustion that day.

Suddenly, in the dark, I heard someone making sounds like “AhhaaaaI had no idea what to say or do. I didn’t want to wake up my mother, so I got up and began wandering about the house, trying to figure out where the noise was coming from.

I walked through all of the rooms and even the bathroom, but I couldn’t find anything.

When I returned to the bedroom where we were sleeping, I was astounded to see my mother’s nightie pulled up to her navel and her pantie pulled down to her ankles.

Her pussy was apparent to me because she was partly naked. I got too close to her and didn’t know what to do. “Come on, just stick your finger into your mom’s pussy!” my thoughts kept saying.

I extended my hand to her hairy pussy and gently caressed her thigh. Her pussy was securely closed like a zippered pouch but considerably softer, which surprised me. So, with my two fingers, I slowly felt and softly massaged her pussy and narrow lips. I liked it even though it was hairy.

However, I didn’t want to go any further in case I woke her up. I let her stay how she was, but I tried to cover her back with her nightgown. She awoke suddenly and realized what was going on. “What are you doing, da?” she inquired.

Hearing her voice made me anxious and a little afraid. She motioned for me to step away and re-adjusted her clothes. She then went back to sleep without saying anything. It was incredibly hard at the time, and I couldn’t contain myself. So I decided to jerk my way through it.

When I walked to the bathroom, I noticed that my erection was looking back at me. Mom’s panty was in the washing basket when I noticed it. I took it in my hands and smelled it. Her perfume was so powerful that it said, “Fuck your mom’s pussy.”

Such filthy thoughts were circling in my head. Then I covered my hand with her underwear and began jerking my tool hard, feeling like I was going to cum. “Aaahhhaa, give me more dear, fuck me harder,” I heard that voice say again. “Fuck you, babe.”

That was the first time I’d heard that voice. Then I came in mom’s panty in 5 minutes, depositing my thick yellow load where her pussy had been earlier in the day. I eventually walked to the corridor and slept in a chair there since I didn’t want to wake up mom in her bedroom.

She went to the bathroom to take a bath the next morning like she always did. I gradually awoke when I heard her in the bathroom, taking a bath under the shower. I was terrified she’d see her filthy panty in the laundry basket full of my thick cum.

Then my mother appeared, a towel wrapped around her hot, smooth body, and the towel was far too small for her. Her boobs and huge thighs were almost entirely visible.

Her nipples were readily visible through the towel since she was moist. After seeing her, I had no idea what to say and no words to say. “I don’t know where the other towel is, so I had this small towel da,” she continued, knowing I was staring at her nipples. She then exited the hall and entered her bedroom.

After that, we had breakfast and began reorganizing our belongings in the newly relocated house. She asked me to assist her in putting things on the shelf while standing on the chair. She said she’d grab things from the ground and give them to me, and I had to put them on the shelf. That day, she wore a nightgown with a zippered neck.

When I turned back after arranging a few items on the shelf, I noticed that the zip on my mother’s nightgown had been unzipped.

Her cleavage and the central portion of her breast were visible to me, and I noticed that her boobs were damp with sweat from the job. It appeared like water had been sprinkled on it and looked like small drops of water dripping from a large melon!

I pushed myself, and my mother spotted a lump in my shorts. “What happened, da?” she inquired, smiling. But she hadn’t realized it was because of her clothing and exposed cleavage.

“Nothing,” I answered, staring at her boobs. She noticed my eyes pointing to her boobs and saw that her boobs were visible.

“I don’t know how this happens,” she whispered huskily as she adjusted her nightgown and buttoned it back up.

Then we came to a halt and had a cup of tea. After that, we went about our business, but her shirt was frequently unbuttoned, revealing her ripe, succulent melons to me. We were almost finished with the house that night.

I went to sleep in my room, and she went to hers. I attempted to sleep but couldn’t because I kept seeing her cleavage in front of my eyes. I went to her room to play games with her boobs and pussy.

When I spotted my mother sleeping in her nightgown, I realized she didn’t have any dinner today. I began to fantasize about banging my personal and naive mother.

Even though the air conditioner was turned off, I noticed a shift in the temperature of the room. I noticed her nightgown being unzipped at the neck and then she was being turned, even though she was sound asleep!!!

Her left boob protruded from her nightgown a few seconds later, but not by itself! Seeing my mother’s boobs and erect nipples gave me a hard-on and drew me to her.

I softly massaged her boobs as I slowly caressed them. She was muttering something. I carefully removed my dick and placed it on her nipple tip. She was still fast asleep, so I continued to touch her nipple with my dick tip.

It felt like a game to me, so I put my dick to her lips (mouth), but she turned away due to the odor of my dick. I was dissatisfied with her behavior, so I lowered her nightgown and looked for her pussy, eventually finding it.

Slowly and softly, I slipped my fingers in. My mother became aware of this and began to bite her lower lip. I realized she wanted it as well, so I took my fingers out and parted her legs slowly and gently.

Her legs were now in the shape of a “V,” and I kissed her pussy first, saying, “Mom, I’m sorry for this, but I think you’ll appreciate it.” I then inserted my dick inside mom’s pussy like a needle into a banana.

I put my entire dick in, and by the end, it seemed like I was pushing my dick into a fruit jam. I didn’t want to go any further because she was my innocent mother, and I didn’t want to be chastised by her. So I dressed her back and left the room, going to my room with my mom’s pussy and unfinished homework.

I noticed a lady wandering around the house in the middle of the night. I observed she was peculiar and odd-looking. She appeared to be a ghost.

I followed her, but she was dressed in a modern saree and had long, flowing hair. From behind, I’m following her.

The ghost woman gradually removed her saree and walked around with only a blouse and skirt. She went into the kitchen and then back into the hall.

She stood in the middle of the hall and began to take off her blouse and bra. I got a hard-on right there. Her boobs jumped out from under her bra. They resembled two ripe mangoes dangling from a branch.

The ghost also removed her skirt and pantyhose. I noticed a tattoo on her hip that said “sexier” inscribed on a dick symbol. She smiled at me, walked to the bathroom, and then vanished!

When I returned to my room, there was a surprise waiting for me. The lady was crying and fingering herself as she sat on my bed. I was at a loss for words. I approached her; her body was almost light blue, and her skin tone was like ice.

I noticed several scratches on her body, and her pussy was very wet. I placed my hand on her shoulder, and she turned to face me. Her eyes were bright white, and her lips were blood-red.

I gradually began to press the ghost woman’s boobs. Her boob size was nearly 37, her hip size was 30, and her buttocks were 38. She was a 29-year-old woman in her forties. By the way, she was incredibly sexy.

I pinched her breast but realized her body temperature was as cold as ice. Then I forced her to lie down on my bed and spread her legs. She had a freshly shaved pussy that was damp and gluey.

I inserted my dick into the pussy of the ghost woman. I started pumping, but she still didn’t make any noise. When I looked up at her, I noticed that her breast was growing larger. It was now a size 38, and I had no idea what was going on. Her pussy was so tight that it began gently eating my dick. “Oooooh.. it felt so good.. aaahhhhhh yes, it’s really enjoyable.”

Then I communed with her, and she smiled and pulled me away. I was floating in the air with some sort of magic. She approached me and knelt alongside me. I could tell what she was about to do. She kissed my dick tip and began to softly suck my dick.

After an hour, she let me go as I collapsed on the floor. She spun around and showed me a$$hole. I pressed my fist against her hole and opened it. “Aaaahhhhh,” she exclaimed.

I realized that the voice I had previously heard belonged to her. I noticed her asshole was full and dripping with oil. “Oooohhhh noooo.. you are tearing my are so hard my dear,” she cried out in pain as I shoved my dick into her ass.

I began to cum and discovered that something was wrong when I felt the stickiness in my shorts.

When I awoke, I realized it had all been a dream, and I noticed them in my bed and my shorts. Even though it was a dream, I couldn’t stop thinking about the lady in the new house. Later, when my mother walked into my room to make the bed, she noticed my juice on the bed and inquired about the sticky glue on the bed. “Mom, that’s some sauce I ate last night,” I said.

“Okay,” she said, taking my come with her fingers, licking it, and said, “But it smells terrible and tastes so bad.”

I was just amused at my mother’s behavior. I hugged her and told her, “You are so innocent mum, that’s just glue,” before leaving the room thinking about her cuteness and the expressions she made when she tasted my come.

But the unusual ghost woman in my dream and her voice in my haunted house are unexplained.

We hope you enjoy our story please stay tuned with so we can continue to provide you with the best sex stories.


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