Thirst Quenched with Stranger Part-1


Daughter’s cock and mother’s pussy – years of thirst quenched with a stranger part-1

The Cock Lund which was mine a while back has now belonged to Sania.  Then she lay me on the bed and started kissing me, that fake cock was rubbing on my pussy, which I was enjoying very much.  Then she went down and spread both my legs and started rubbing that cock on my smooth soft pussy.  I was already very horny.  Therefore, after rubbing it on the clitoris, it fell within 3, 4 minutes.


My name is Nighat I am from Goa.  I am 37 years old.  I have 2 girls, a 19-year-old Sania and an 18-year-old Alia.  For the last 10 years, I am living alone with my daughters.  Because my husband gave me 3 talaq divorces over the phone and got married again.  After a few days of marriage, my husband used to beat me a lot.  There was a fight every day.  My father is a very big cleric, so I have no shortage of money.


After the divorce, my father bought me a house and opened a restaurant which gives me a good income and my daughters are studying well.  My younger daughter is pursuing engineering in Kanpur Uttar Pradesh.  And the eldest daughter is studying in the same college in Goa and helps in business.


My daughters look like my sisters and we live like friends.  Share everything.


I and my elder daughter Sania’s figure is exactly the same.  32-28- 36.  We both have an ass of 36.  We both wear each other’s clothes.  Sania looks just like me.  We both look like twin sisters, not mother and daughter.

The fire of the mother’s pussy was extinguished by the cock of the daughter.

This incident happened 3 years ago from today.  I never kissed anyone after divorce.  For many years, she used to quench the thirst of the pussy with just a finger. One day I was late in coming from the restaurant.  I used to have one key of the house and the other with Sania.  When I came home I was tired.  So she went straight to her room.  And after taking off her clothes, she got naked and went to the bathroom to take a bath.  I felt a little fresh.  But I felt like drinking a little, so I sat on the bed barefoot and started making pegs. I drank several neats one after the other.  Something stirred inside me as soon as the alcohol went off.  I got up and started looking at my young naked body in front of the mirror.

Daughter cock

My chicks were still as hard as 16 years old.  Because my husband never touched my nipples.  He just used to come, open my salwar and put his small peanut-like cock in my chute, shake it 4 times and fall asleep. My slim waist and round navel looked very sexy.  And what seemed most sexy was my 36 inch wide hips, my ass.  Sania and my ass were very special. I started pressing my nipples.  Alcohol had set fire to my body.  And that fire was slowly flowing downwards.  Then one hand started sliding towards me, I raised one leg and placed it on top of the makeup, and holding both the lips of my pussy, my pussy still looked like a virgin girl.  The inside of the chute looked completely red.


I started rubbing the pussy.  And then put 2 fingers in the pussy.  I was very happy because with this finger I had to quench the thirst of the pussy.  I was used to it.  I used to pacify the chute by fingering it several times every day.  But I have never kissed any other man.  I used to suppress all desires thinking about my daughters. I was fingering my pussy loudly.  From my mouth ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…  Then I got a strong shock because then I heard the sound of someone moaning.  I tried to understand in silence.  Then I came out of the room and went towards Sania’s room and saw that the light is on in Sania’s room.  I went near the door and tried to listen with my ears.  From Sania’s Room  …  I recognized his voice.


But I was shocked and started wondering if Sania is kissing someone.  So I tried to push the door slowly, the door was not locked from inside, so it opened. I saw Sania is on a completely bare bed.  His legs are spread on both sides.  And she has something like a cock in her hand and she is constantly pushing him harder and harder.  I was surprised to see all this.  That penis-like thing was huge.  It was much bigger than a normal penis.  Sania’s eyes were closed.  He didn’t even have hair on his butt.  And his closed ass was clearly visible.  She was going fast with a fake cock and pressing her boobs.  She was absolutely intoxicated. My chute was already on fire and seeing Sania in this condition, water started dripping from my chute, I started rubbing the chute.  But then what is the use of rubbing the pussy as this and I decided quickly, that I suddenly go inside.


I opened the whole door and went inside.  Sania got up in a panic and started hiding something like that cock.  I said what were you doing? Sania panicked and started doing vovovo.  I said and showed me what she is hiding and did it in front of her holding her hand, then it was a big fake cock (dildo).  I said what is this? She panicked and got scared.  Then I made her sit and started talking normally and asked how long has this been going on son, then she also calmed down and said that mom, I am quenching the thirst of my pussy daily for the last 3 years with this fake penis.  I was surprised to hear this.  The one whom I thought to be a flower child turned out to be more chudai than me.

I was already naked and the fire of sex was raging inside me too.

Now the devil inside me woke up, I started kissing Sania.  I had already seen many lesbian movies.  I started sucking her lips loudly, at first she was surprised, then she also started supporting me.  Then I lay him down and started drinking his nipples and started rubbing my pussy on his thighs.  She also started rubbing her pussy in my thighs from below.  Then I came downstairs and put my face on her pussy but she said mom, I am getting more chubby than before.  And you suddenly came and dissolved in color.  I want to kiss  Let us both fuck first.  Then in the second round, they will lick each other’s pussy.  Then I started rubbing that fake penis on his pussy.  And when she was going to put her in the pussy, she asked me to stop.  And said that I have a surprise.  Then she got up and went to the cover, took out something like a belt, and fitted that fake penis in it.  He was a strap-on.  Then she grabbed my hand and raised it and put it in both my legs and tightened the belt on my waist.  I was surprised, it started shaking for a long time just like a real cock.  It seemed that instead of my pussy, the penis has come out and I have become a man.


Then Sania took out the oil and applied it on that fake penis and leaned forward holding the bed.  And said that mother now fuck me with your fat cock.  I put a penis in his pussy without delay.  He entered all at once.  And then I grabbed his waist and started banging hard. That ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. uuummhhhhhhhhhhhh…. CEEEEEEiii…..  …After about 10 minutes his chute started releasing water.  And left a lot of water. Then she bid to stop and straighten up and while kissing me she said I LOVE YOU, MAMMA.  YOU ARE SO SWEET. And then she loosened the belt and removed it from my feet and tied it on her waist.  I was surprised that the fake penis looked exactly like a real hard cock.  It seemed as if Sania had a real cock.


The Lund which was mine a while back has now belonged to Sania.  Then she lay me on the bed and started kissing me, that fake cock was rubbing on my pussy, which I was enjoying very much.  Then she went down and spread both my legs and started rubbing that cock on my smooth soft pussy.  I was already very horny.  Therefore, after rubbing it on the clitoris, it fell within 3, 4 minutes. Then Sania put her cock in my pussy and started fucking me.  Hi Allah I was chugging with something like a penis after many years.


He was a huge cock.  For the first time in my life, I was taking so much fat in my pussy.  Sania was banging my pussy loudly.  The sound of fluff was coming from my wet pussy.  Now I started enjoying it so much that all of a sudden, sensual sounds started coming out of my mouth.  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh iii CEEEEEIII .. and loudly chod me…  .. iiiCEEEEEiii get me scrubbed today  ahhhhhhhhhhh my son… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhssssseeeeeeiii .. and louder chod me..  Kkahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhः Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh iii Sssiiiiiii iii how cares you of your mother .. and loud fucking .. ah put tearing my pussy.  ahhhhhhhhhhh… fuck louder…….  ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck with all your might….  Tear off my ass….. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…  Aaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck my pussy.  Hit me loudly ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  ……ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. fuck my pussy… fuck my life.  Aaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck my pussy.  Hit my rajaaaaa huhhhhhhhhhhhh…….. I am having a lot of fun.  …..  Fuck my pussy…….  Tear off my pussy… my pussy has been yearning for cock for the last 10 years.……..  make my pussy a bosom of chud….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh..  uu.mmmhhhhhhhhhhh…  my lions…..  Aaaahhhhhhhhhh fuck my pussy.  Hit my kingaaaa…  ……


And then the fountain of juice was released from the chute.  Decades later, the heat of my pussy had subsided today.


So in this way the daughter’s cock extinguished the fire of mother’s pussy. Friends, how did you like this story, I hope you will definitely like it.  Do let me know by commenting.  And yes please do like and share the story. In the next part of the story, I will tell how I fucked an unknown man and quenched the thirst of my pussy for years.


So see you in the next part.

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