The wild water


Auch! The wild water

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of


Talking about a variety of topics, we’ve been in the car for quite some time now. I can tell you don’t have a bra on because your nipples rub against the fabric as I stare at you. You are wearing a crop-free, bright top with a short jacket.

If you fold one leg up, it will slide even higher, and I’m hoping to see a sliver of fabric from your underwear or even catch a glimpse of your pussy. My gaze must remain fixed on the road, however.

Once you start sliding back and forth on the seat, I notice how you keep pressing your thighs together.

You say, “I have to…” and I nod my head in agreement. “It’s fine, I’ll stop now.” I continue on my way, making no effort to stop. You become increasingly agitated and then stop responding to my questions altogether. Put your hand between your thighs and press it to your stomach.

I continue on my way.

As you beg for me to stop, you say, “I’m going to pee on the seat…” and I smile.

“I’m looking around for a few minutes and then I’ll stop,” I say, but I don’t stop for another five.

My cock is stiffening in my pants as I think about how urgent you have to be.

A few kilometers down the road, you’re almost begging for help.

“Please, please, please, please, stop! I’ve had so much to drink that I can’t hold it in any longer.”

We’re about five kilometers away from a forest, and I point it out to the group.

“I’ll stop there,” I say, trying to soothe your anxiety while at the same time inadvertently lengthening the time it takes.

In the forest, I find a rocky path that leads into the woods after we arrive there I turn in and drive as long as possible deep into the forest. With your bladder already under stress, I can see you pressing your lips together and stooping forward in an attempt relieve the pressure. A small clearing appears in front of me, and I make haste to exit.

I’ll help you out of the car before you even open the door. The moment you stand next to me, I’m going to gently press your butt against the car and grab your hand in mine. As you stare at me in disbelief, my expression shifts to one of puzzlement.

To avoid a misfortune, “I have to pee. Please let go of me.”

I just smile and run a hand through your hair. After that, I slide my fingers down your neck and into the curve of your chest. When I scurry over to the nipples and put my fingertips on them, they instantly stiffen.

The way you look tells me that you are aware of my desires.

However, my hand moves deeper into your lower abdomen and gently presses on the hem of your skirt as you beg me to stop. Take a deep breath and exhale it slowly. The skirt is slowly lifted and pushed up over your hips by my hand. A white string speck appears. Almost by accident, I scurry your hand over your venus mound, which is clearly visible through the panties – and then the hand slides back up to the breasts..” But this time, beneath the top’s fabric. With my thumb and index finger, I stroke the nipple of a woman’s breast. Also, I push my hip forward and press against your cunt with my stiff cock, which forms the pants into an open tent. You sigh. And I don’t know if it’s because I’m feeling like it or because you’re in such a hurry to go to the bathroom.

As you whisper, “I’m going to pee,” you say, “because you make me horny.”

In response, I say, “Wait a minute,” and place my penis between your thighs.

Grab the hem of the top with both hands as I remove the jacket. I pull the cloth over your head as you raise your arms. Leaning against the car with your bare torso exposed. I press my lips against your nipples and scurry back and forth over them with my tongue, kissing your breasts as I do so. I let go of your hand and bow my head in prayer. He presses his hard penis against the fabric of his pants because it almost hurts. Open the miniskirt’s clasp, pull out the zipper, and slide the tight fabric thing over your waist, all while leaning backwards. Your pants have a dark, wet pimple, but it’s not urine. Your shell is wet, and you’re horny to boot. I’m swooning over your sultry scent.

My face is only a few inches away from your completely shaved column. Smells of your lust fill the air with the scent of your small labia arching over the outside. I’m powerless to stop. I deliberately press my forehead and nose against your rectum and share your wet labia with my tongue while pressing my face against your gender. I lick your cracks and savor the taste of your bitter juices as I savor your lust. It’s almost like you’re threatening to pee on me as soon as you stop holding my head down and moaning.

Then I get up and flick your clitoris again. I open my pants and pull my T-shirt over my head. “I’m out of here,” I say as my rock-hard cock pops out. I caress your breasts as one hand pulls the foreskin back over the wet glans. Afterwards, I place my genitals between your labia and penetrate you with a light kiss on the lips I engulf you with my cock and press my belly against yours for a brief moment.

In response to your moans of “I have to,” I slowly remove my buttocks from your column.

You can now, I whisper, let it out, yield to the pressure… I nod as I realize that the mere thought of you makes you even more seductive. “But,” you say and turn to face me.

I can see you tightening your abs as you lower your gaze. It’s as if you have a slight belly bloat and a slight opening of the labia. A jet of golden sparkling wine shoots out, and because I’m so close, it hits my thighs with a few drops of urine. Your feces are steaming and pungent.

As the water pours out of you, you groan in pain. I’m about to show you my stiff cock and plump testicles, so go ahead and puff up your hips. My sex and thighs are covered in your urine, which seeps into the forest floor. While the water shoots out of you, I caress your breasts and touch and spoil the hard nipples.

There are only a few drops that fall on your thighs at first.


I kneel on the ground and place my face against yours. It’s now reeking of both lust and your feces. I lick your column and savor the salty-bitter taste that comes with it. Your thighs are covered in your golden water, which makes my cheeks itch.

You groan and cradle my head between your thighs as I kiss you.

When you begin to twitch, I get up and loosen my face from your pussy. My hips are thrusting forward, and my cock is penetrating you.

In your wet cunt, my penis, which shares your lips and is at full length, is dragged up against your firm, plump ass cheeks.

I fuck you for long periods of time while we lock eyes. I’m aware that the whole thing has made you so engrossed that you’ll soon arrive, but I have no choice but to wait for you. Every push with my abdomen sends a blast of adrenaline coursing through my body. I lick your nipples as I lean forward. You squirm and twitch even more when I touch you. While I fuck you, I rub your clit with one finger in the other hand. There it happened to you. You whimper, scream, twitch, squirm. I pull my cock all the way out of your column, rub the glowing tip on your labia and push again. You explode. Your head is swinging back and forth; Your ass cheeks smack against the car with the muscles of your column you hold me tight and the pleasure makes your whole body shake. You scream and scream and some birds fly away in alarm.

I feel that I can no longer hold myself back. It boils in my testicles and the blood seems to explode. I hit it a few more times and feel how your juices run down my cock, then I can no longer. In a flash I pull my hard penis from your column and point it against your flat, hard stomach. I get ready with one or two jerking movements of my hand. The sperm shoots through my throbbing tube and I come. Jerking and screaming, I sprayed my juices on your stomach in layers. I come so powerful that I spray up to your breasts, your neck and even smack a load against the car window. I can’t stop and watch how you watch me, how you watch my orgasm and watch \sI wearily sink against you and my sperm is distributed between our hot bodies.

Your hand touches my tail, which is slowly coming to rest, and spreads my juices on the exhausted tail.

Afterwards we stroll a little naked through the forest and find a small stream, where we wash each other a little, and when we go back to the car, I feel that

I have to pee ….

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