The Train Trip


The Train Trip with Mayuri

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I was now sitting on a train towards Baden-Wurtemberg, leaving everything behind that had previously played a role for me. My husband had a great job in Hamburg, we had been married for almost 30 years, and we have always been happy.

Now my husband had decided on a much younger woman with whom he now lived abroad and me with the debts, he had left me sitting there.

Now many people would say when I saw them: “Your husband has taken a thinner”, I had to disappoint him, my husband had married me as an extremely corpulent woman and the new one was similar in physique, maybe even a little more. And “a little more”, you had to find that with my weight of just under 200 kilos.

But be that as it was, I had to give up the rented house in Hamburg and now I moved to my friend Mayuri’s house in Kudelsdorf to be able to reorient myself from there.

Mayuri and I, both used to live in the same place, attended the same school, had been best friends. Then, after I finished high school, I moved to Hamburg, she moved to Baden-Wurtemberg, I to my husband, Mayuri to her friend. Mayuri, like me, was quite stout, although she didn’t weigh quite as much as I was now solo since her friend had left her.

It was hot as hell on the train, everyone was sweating like pigs, and of course, I was extremely affected by my overweight. If I had had more money, I would have traveled with the ice, but I had to make do with this un climatized slow train, change trains several times, but paying less than half had made me take this tour.

Mayuri had always been a lesbian, loved boyish women, but women like me were also on your menu. In our school days, we had masturbated with each other, but I never felt lesbian.

On the last train, which was just as warm as the previous one, a young man got in, maybe 25 years old, so easily 30 years younger than I was an old warhorse. Apart from my weight, I had held up very well, didn’t look like 55, more like 45, but that would still have been a 20-year age difference. That didn’t seem to impress the young guy, though, since I was in the compartment, he stared at me, giving the impression that he liked what he saw. My physical size seemed to surprise him, but also to excite him, as I could see when he went past me to the toilet. “Hopefully he didn’t get any down on the toilet now!”, I thought, because he was very cute to look at and I loved it when men around me were aroused but had never bored further with such a thing since I was married. I was still that since my one had disappeared abroad without a trace, so I was open to any adventure.

When he stepped back into the compartment I got up shortly before to pretend that I had to work on the luggage so that he squeezed behind my huge buttocks. “Oh, sorry, sir?” “My name is Piyush, it’s okay,” he said gently as he made the way past my buttocks twice more, which was guaranteed to be unnecessary. “My name is Marta,” I said, sat down again. I intentionally let my top slip a little so that part of my fat belly became visible. He swallowed, then unfortunately he started a normal conversation about the weather, the trip, and stuff like that. I would spend the next three hours on the train with him, and then we would take the bus to the same place, which was something, I thought.

With the knowledge that a lover of fat women was sitting opposite me, I felt much better, which made my thoughts about the financial future disappear, my mood rose, but I also felt excitement. “Piyush, you are a good-looking man, are you going to Kudelsdorf to visit your friend?” I started to bring the topic to relationships, a woman’s first step in getting a job because the way he looked at me he had no girlfriend or would deliberately forget about her today. “No, I don’t have a girlfriend, the girls who hug me are too slim and, to my taste, they’re all too … well, way too young. How does it look with them? Is her husband waiting in Kudelsdorf? ”

I replied quite normally: “My husband, he left me because of a younger woman, I am going to a friend in Kudelsdorf, she would certainly like it too, but she is lesbian, but she is always looking for people to chat with. We will meet because it’s likely to run into each other all the time. It’s as small as the kaff.

“Your husband left her? He must be crazy, you are absolute beauty and I think it’s very gracious.”

“Well, it goes down like oil, you like to hear it. Speaking of oil, it’s so hot here, I’m sweating like stupid, hopefully, I don’t stink like a polecat.” Piyush printed something, then said: “Well, when you were standing at the luggage net earlier, I thought they smelled magical. And I mean seriously, I smell people much better than any perfumes and deodorants that only cover up the natural.”

That made me smile because that’s how I was knitted. My husband, however, did not at all, which had annoyed me sometimes. “Yes, I think something similar about the human smell, it is the natural identifier that is removed by the chemical industry.”

We seemed lucky to have found this compartment, my pussy became more and more noticeable and forced me to take action to encourage the young guy to come out of himself. So I rummaged around a little in my overfilled handbag and dropped a small bottle of nail polish from it onto the floor at my feet. I pretended to stand up to pick up the vial, so the young man was already at the start, went to the floor at my feet to pick up the vial. He had a glimpse, albeit a little dark, under my skirt, could see my fat legs, and presumably pick up other smells caused by my sweat and pussy.

He gave me the bottle and asked a little uncertainly: “May I sit next to you or shouldn’t we switch to you, may I sit next to you, Marta?”

Of course, I nodded, the boy was attached to me and I liked the good guy more and more. “Yes please, Piyush, it is much nicer to chat, you can look at yourself directly and everything is much more personal.”

Piyush now gathered all his courage, he was where I wanted him to be, because even at my age you still wanted to be conquered, although, with Piyush, I would have taken the initiative at some point, I liked it so much.

Piyush said: “Marta, I’m honestly fascinated by you, especially when I picked up the bottle, I was allowed to smell you again, would you mind if I put my arm around you, I would like to be as close as possible to you? ”

I did not answer, but put my arm around him and pulled him close to me, I put his one arm on my stomach. I asked: “Shouldn’t we lock the door with the roller blind?”, And Piyush jumped up quickly and made the compartment relatively opaque. I cheekily pulled my top up so far that my stomach and breasts were exposed. Piyush was amazed, sat down next to me again, his head turned towards me, I squeezed him gently so that his head came to rest on my breasts. “God, Piyush, I haven’t done anything like that since I was young!” I stretched my arms up so that Piyush could quickly pull my top over my head, then he quickly took off his shirt and started to inspect my body, trying to put his arms around me, a senseless but very erotic undertaking. I was about to lower my arms when he quickly pressed his face into one of my dirty armpits and enjoyed me smelling there first, then let his tongue experience my taste. Slowly his tongue moved further down, he licked every inch of my skin, which was guaranteed to taste and smell delicious, after me. I was getting more and more pointed, my pussy had soaked all the panties, the horny broth was making its way to other parts of the body, and it didn’t stop. Piyush now started to raise my breasts, which meant something to me in terms of weight, but now the whole thing was made a little more difficult by my sweat, but guaranteed a thousand times hotter for a gourmet, as Piyush seemed to be.

Piyush also liked it very much because he was licking the belly where my milking had been. He didn’t leave an inch unexplored, his tongue licked madly while enjoying my taste. The enjoyment was probably very strong because a small damp stain showed up on his jeans. I knew from experience that he had not hosed, his cock, like my pussy, produced more and more slime due to his lust.

I meanwhile became completely indifferent to our situation in this compartment, at any time a different traveler or conductor could open the door, the blinds were not perfect, someone could have watched us. But I didn’t care about all of that, no, I would have loved to have thousands of observers watching me quickly tearing off my skirt and my soaking panties and kneeling on the floor, Piyush now showing my huge buttocks, my pussy juice dripped to the ground, I was so horny: “Fuck me!” I screamed, I wanted to feel his cock inside me.

But Piyush did not want to fuck yet, the sow started to spoil my pussy with his tongue according to the rules of the art, took my whole pussy in the mouth, sucked, licked. “Fuck me!” I was about to scream again when he let his tongue slide through my whole ass, then made my asshole wild. I had never experienced this in my long life, the feeling was indescribable how his tongue slid over my asshole, then tried, again and again, to penetrate there, but his mouth also sucked on my shit hole, as if he wanted me that I gave him something that had previously only ended up in the toilet, did he want it in his mouth?

I was about to come, so I shouted again, “Fuck me!” and this time Piyush didn’t deceive me, he fucked me like a dog, bumped me hard, kneading my fat body. I came as expected, was tremendous, screamed and moaned with pleasure, excited like never before. The wave ran through my body, I knew exactly. we would have a lot of fun on the rest of this trip and in Kudelsdorf.

Piyush came to me now, his cock was stiff, he hadn’t come yet. I took his shimmering tail deep in my mouth, my mouth was struggling because he already had a gorgeous tail, which he now rammed into my throat with thrusts. He groaned, his body indicating that he was going to squirt, I knew with so much lust he would squirt like never before, so I pulled my head back, jerked his cock further with my hand, mouth open, around me to stain his white seed.

Finally, the semen splashed on my tongue, my lips, a second push hit my nose and cheek, the remaining, smaller pushes went somewhere because I now caressed his cock with my tongue, let the cock slide over my face to his To have seeds on me as a reward.

Suddenly the door opened: “Ticket inspection!” the man said succinctly, without being surprised in any way. He was a giant of a man, I had to swallow. He said: “I will come again later, if you would like, I would then go to you, I can still bring my colleague Berta with you. Would you like that?”

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