The Erotic Fantasy


It started as a fantasy

Hello, friends. My warm greetings to the listeners of

“Are you faithful to me?” she asked in his ear as they kissed. “Are you devoted to me?” “I am loyal to you!” he said quietly. Their lips touched, and they kissed each other in total bliss as their loving bodies melted together. She stroked his powerful chest and eventually asked him what had been on her mind for quite some time. “I… I’d like to see how you and this weird woman…” “Please?!?”

She inquired once more: “I’m curious to see how you and a strange woman… “Don’t you want to own me?” he asked, “I’m not sure why you… ”

“Oh, I want to have you. I desire it more and more every hour. That’s why I’d like to observe your lust from afar, the shaking in ecstasy. He was induced by a light tremor. He couldn’t deny that the concept piqued his interest. He had fantasized taking unknown women on lonely business trips while his hand was working on his love stick, whether it was a wild African or a racy Latina he had in mind, but those were just fantasies. Regardless, the thought turned him on, he became erect, and he was tempted to release himself. “I don’t know, Li-dear, I don’t know…”

He was unsure. “What exactly are you terrified of?” “Pretend I’m losing control. I might lose my heart. I could be so excited that I can only think about others… If you see how I have others, you could turn away from me… do you think about it?” But her response was unequivocal. “I want you, and I will always want you.” I adore you. Let’s find you a lovely lady. She acknowledged to him that she had spent some time looking for appropriate people on relevant online job boards.

“Forget about common decency! Allow your lust to guide you!” She lasciviously murmured these sentences into his ear. He closed his eyes and couldn’t believe what he was saying: “Very well. We’ll locate a lovely lady.” He kissed her and drew her in close.

When he walked into the restaurant, he certainly made a statement. Tight black pants, a purple silk blouse, a matching scarf, beautiful Italian shoes, and black boxer shorts complete the look. He was well aware of his appealing appearance. The gents in the pub regarded him as a possible competition, the ladies lingered too long on the newcomer, and many a pair of eyes twinkled with glee. His eau de toilette aroma surrounding him and accentuated his exceedingly handsome features. He walked right up to the counter, where his sweet girlfriend was already conversing with a different lady who was supposed to be so hot for him. He gave her a brief glance.

Emphasizes feminine physique, early forties, red hair, stylish clothes, approximately 1.75 m tall and lean despite its rich curves. She was dressed appropriately for the occasion, in a black costume, a white shirt, and glittering high heels. She shook her right hand in greeting. She had a lovely but also binding hand pressure. In doing so, she stared him in the eyes, making him feel awkward and nearly humiliated. “You look fantastic, young man!”

His partner got him a cocktail, and he clinked glasses with the two women, who had probably been sitting together for a while based on the residual contents in their cocktail glasses. Her tone of voice was already uncannily similar. Madame, who was approaching his mother’s age, was immensely amusing and charming, and was most likely the center of attention at every gathering.

He didn’t miss the fact that she glanced at him from head to toe multiple times. She made no attempt to stare at him discreetly or casually. Rather, she seemed to be admiring every feature of his muscular form that wasn’t disguised by clothing, but he didn’t mind. She invited him to join her in a dance. She took the lead right away, which was unusual for him, but he soon adjusted to her moves.

They went back to the counter. In the midst of the casual conversation, he felt her fingertips on his hip. Her exotic perfume filled his nostrils. He realized the entire incident had turned him on. He was as keen as he had never been before. He had to stick his stiff cock in a moist cunt tonight, dang it. His girlfriend grinned as she walked to the toilet after a brief apologies.

The unidentified lady wasted no time. She approached his face and kissed him on the cheek. He was easily surprised. She pressed toward him, her fingers gripping his buttocks. He turned to face her, and her lips met his. They kissed passionately in the center of the crowded restaurant. “You’re mine tonight!” she screamed into his ear. “Then let’s f*ck!” he exclaimed. “Let’s Fuck!” says one.

She took his hand in hers and led him out of the restaurant. She unbuttoned his shirt and jeans on the elevator. “Oh, yeah!” Her fingers slid into his shorts and craved his shaven cock. He gasped, pressing his pelvis against her fingertips. They pushed their way into the same building’s hotel room, and as soon as the door closed, he pushed her skirt up to her hips. She had nothing on below. In front of him, her already moist and glittering pussy was free. He knelt in front of her and let his tongue into her hot cunt. She exclaimed. His thoughts was already on the backburner, and he just obeyed his lust. His tongue delved deep into the not-so-young but eager cunt as he licked the wet pussy lips and sucked the plump clit. She assisted him in standing and put his back against the small writing desk. She clawed his chest with her long red fingernails and began licking his nipples. He moaned and exclaimed. Her lips began to kiss his throbbing hard cock as her face wriggled downward.

His pelvis pushed towards her as he wriggled back and forth. “Let’s fuck, let’s fuck!” he yelled. She extended her legs, mounted him, and easily took his stand in her wet cunt. He drove himself deep into it. He shut his eyes. She began riding him. It started slowly and gradually became wilder and faster. Her ripe cunt made smacking passion noises as she held it firmly in her hands.

He exclaimed and yelled his lust out of himself. Her fingernails pushed hard on his sensitive nipples, and she felt him squirt his youthful juice into her and flood her cunt under her wild pelvic movements. This young man drove her insane. She approached his young cock panting. She eventually drew him to the bed and kissed his moist skin. Her skilled fingertips ran over his clean bottom. Her cunt soon demanded more…


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