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Sex experience

“Hello? Is anyone home?” My daughter, Tanni, had been talking to me about her upcoming party, but her mind had drifted. She was a junior in college, but her best friend Kristy was a senior this year and would be graduating.

They were making as many excuses as they could to hang out with each other as they could.

“I’m sorry sweetie. I haven’t been able to concentrate much lately.” “Sounds like you need to get laid,” she quipped.

“Mmmph,” was all I could say to verbalize my agreement.

My wife was an amazing woman. She had the smarts, the sense of humor, the endless kindness; all of it. The only part of our relationship that wasn’t enviable was our sex life. We had our daughter in our thirties. While this afforded us a better financial situation and greater patience than we could have mustered had we tried sooner, it also placed a heavy burden on our already struggling intimate relationship.

We had already been together for twelve years when we had our daughter. By this time, we had settled down to only having sex a few times a year. When Tanni was born, my wife refused to let her cry herself to sleep in a crib and took up sleeping on the couch with her. This went on for eight years before my daughter finally started sleeping in her room. By the time she did, the damage had been done. My wife and I were never able to quite get comfortable in the same bed after all those years apart. We would cuddle for the first hour or so, and then she would inevitably make a comment about being sore – and go sleep on the couch again. Every once in a while, we would attempt a quickie here or there, but she was always so paranoid about Tanni catching us that things usually ended with only one of us getting to finish, neither of us getting to finish, or her getting me so nervous and worked up that I couldn’t stay hard. Slowly, as time passed, we just tried less and less.

“Don’t you think it’s kind of weird to comment on your dad’s sex life?” I asked. I wanted to say that after almost four years of not having sex at all, the idea of “getting laid” isn’t exactly a realistic goal; but I didn’t want to dive any deeper into this conversation than I had to.

“Not really,” Tanni responded. “We’ve always been open and honest with each other. Besides, you have to be having sex to call it a sex life.”

“And what would you know about that?” I immediately regretted asking that question; knowing it couldn’t possibly lead to anything I’d be comfortable discussing.

“C’mon dad. Mom and I talk. I know it’s been forever since you guys had sex.”

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“Listen, sweetie. I’m glad we can all talk about anything, but discussing sex, and discussing your parents’ sex lives, are two different things,” I stated.

“Whatever. I’m just saying that maybe if you got laid, you wouldn’t seem so run down and tired all the time. You know, put some excitement back in your life. Get the blood flowing!”

It was about this time that I realized this conversation could end up going into something I wanted to discuss even less than my own sex life, and that was my daughter’s.

I knew that as soon as my daughter had her first period, my wife had put her on birth control. Tanni never seemed like the desperate or slutty type to me, but I knew she wasn’t naïve or shy either. While I didn’t believe she was sleeping around, I also had convinced myself that she probably wasn’t a virgin anymore either. Maybe this was because I had lost my virginity at such an early age, or maybe it was just the way Tanni always seemed so casual about the topic of sex, but my guts told me my daughter wasn’t completely innocent.

Tanni was watching me, almost as if she could tell I was debating on how far to let this conversation get. I saw a brief grin flicker across her face before she abruptly turned the subject back to her upcoming party.

“I want this to be the perfect dad. Please say you’ll help.”

I wasn’t even aware of what she had asked me to help with, but since my wife was out of town all weekend and the following week, it didn’t matter. I would be the only authority figure around and therefore stuck with the duty of trying to keep my daughter and her four friends happy for one night.

On the bright side, the perv in me had already considered the possibility that four hot young females (not including my daughter) might be running around in my house in their underwear this weekend. Of course, my logical side immediately stepped in to remind me that even if they decided to forgo pajamas for some kind of lingerie thing, a bunch of young girls isn’t going to want some forty-something-year-old man like me hanging around and gawking.

Reluctantly I replied, “Sure sweetie. Whatever you need.” “Promise?” she insisted.

“Promise,” I confirmed.

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That night, I couldn’t stop thinking about my daughter’s upcoming party. At first, I was just dreading the fact that I would have to share a house with five young girls that I knew would be wound up, but slowly my perv side came out again and I started to wonder what the girls would be wearing to bed.

While I knew it would probably be a bunch of oversized pajamas, I couldn’t help but hold out hope that at least one of them would be wearing a pair of shorts that would be way too small, or maybe one of the girls would even dare to show off some sexy lingerie; or at least a tee shirt with just some panties. The thought of one of the girl’s tight asses just peeking out from some tiny shorts was enough to make me hard, and I began masturbating to my dirty fantasy.

With my wife downstairs on her couch, I had the room to myself and was getting into my “session”. I had visions of bringing the girls snacks or drinks, only to find them lying on the floor in their underwear – tight beautiful asses barely covered and sticking out for me to see. I imagined Tanni’s best friend Kristy playfully sitting on my lap to watch a movie and wigging her butt against the lump in my pants. What I didn’t realize was that I was now talking out loud in my fantasy, encouraging the girls by name to carry on with their teasing. I was jerking even faster as I turned my thoughts to Tanni’s other friend, Arunita. I was close to cumming as I watched her reveal her young body to me in my mind. Just as I was fantasizing about entering her, I lost control and started cumming all over my stomach and chest. My orgasm was intense as my body tightened and the last of my orgasm dripped from my cock. That’s when I saw her.

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Tanni was standing in my doorway with her mouth open and eyes wide. I almost screamed she surprised me so much. Trying to grab my blankets and cover myself, I kept stuttering apologies and asking why she didn’t knock.

“You left the door open,” she said plainly.

“I’m so sorry Tanni. You shouldn’t have seen that. I was just…just…” but I couldn’t finish.

Tanni seemed to regain her senses as she looked up at me and smiled. “Sorry, dad. I know I shouldn’t have walked in on you, but I thought I heard you say…” she paused “…anyways, I was just surprised to see you

doing that, and next thing I know you were, um…you know,” and she made a spraying motion with her hands. “…finished,” she translated.

“I…um…” I was still speechless.

“It’s all good, dad. If mom’s not going to take care of you, then there’s no shame in doing it yourself,” she said with a chuckle. “We’re all human!” And with that, she turned and left the room.

I lay there for a while, recovering from the intensity of my orgasm and the shock of seeing my daughter watching me shoot cum all over myself. There was nothing to do about it now. I kept wondering how much she had seen, or even more important – how much had she heard? It’s one thing for her to catch me jerking off, but another thing altogether if she heard me fantasizing about her friends. I was only half aware of talking out loud while I was doing it, so I don’t know how loud I was being. It would be awkward if she heard me talking dirty to her friends in my head. These thoughts raced through my mind until I eventually fell asleep.

The next morning, Tanni acted like nothing happened as we ate breakfast and waved my wife off to her week-long conference. As soon as her car was out of sight, Tanni grabbed her jacket and purse.

“Where are you headed off to?” I asked.

“Kristy’s,” she answered. “We’re gonna go over the stuff we want for tonight.”

“I hope you not planning anything too wild,” I said.

“Depends on your definition of wild,” she replied with a sly grin. “I have a special surprise I want to set up for the girls, but I’ll need your help. I’ll be back around four o’clock to go over everything with you.”

I started thinking that this party was more coordinated than I had originally thought. I had figured on it being just a bunch of girls sitting around, watching movies, and talking about boys; but it seemed my daughter had something a little more structured in mind. Not one to worry before I have all the details though, I shrugged my shoulders and began working on the to-do list my wife had left for me.

At almost exactly four o’clock, Tanni came through the door. I had just finished cleaning the garage and sat down to relax when she walked into the living room and saw me.

“Dad!” she exclaimed. “You can’t look like that!”

“Why?” I asked. “I’ll probably just hang out up in my bedroom most of the time.”

“No sir. I have plans for you.” “That doesn’t sound good.”

“Oh, I think you’ll be OK with what I have in mind,” she said, grinning again. Now I was really worried. “I need you showered, shaved, smelling good, and ready for inspection in thirty minutes.”

“Tanni? I was kinda looking forward to the free time by myself.”

“I’ll be you were,” she teased, and I knew she was referring to the night before. “…but I need your help to make this party special. Besides, I think you’ll enjoy this more than lying around by yourself jerking off.”

Trying to ignore the brashness of my daughter’s comment, I played along and replied “I don’t know. I’ve gotten pretty good at it through the years.”

She smiled at my joke but made no reply other than to shoosh me off the couch and up the stairs to get ready. As I trudged up the stairs, she came up behind me and playfully slapped my butt.

“Let’s go, old man. I told everyone to be here about six o’clock,” she teased. “…and no jerking off in the shower either!”

I laughed nervously, not knowing how to respond to that jab. Even though I only had thirty minutes, I took my time to make sure I was extra clean, smooth, and fresh. If I was going to have to spend time around the girls, then I wanted to make my best impression on Tanni. It might have also been a little stroking of my male ego, and hoping at least one of the girls might think I’m hot for an older man. Even if nothing happened, it would still be nice to know I still got it.

So forty-five minutes later, I presented myself to my daughter for inspection, with a quick apology for taking longer than she gave me.

“No problem,” she responded. “You did a good job!” she noted, giving me a quick head to toe.

“You’re looking pretty dolled up yourself,” I noted. She had put on heavy eyeliner (which I find sexy on most women), lipstick, and some other touches. She had also thrown on a very short schoolgirl-style miniskirt and an unbuttoned, but tied-together blouse. I could see the edges of her hot pink bra peeking out in various locations around her chest and shoulders.

“Thanks, daddy!” she said, cocking one leg back with an innocent little half-twist.

When I looked up, I could tell I had been caught looking. Trying to save face, I quipped “Headed to the Britney Spears comeback tour?”

“Haha! You’re showing your age again, dad.” Ouch. That was a low blow.

“It’s part of my surprise,” she explained. “I asked all the girls to put on something extra sexy tonight.”

“What!?” I exclaimed. Suddenly the room felt stuffy. “I don’t know if it’s a good idea for me to be hanging around if that’s what you guys are planning on wearing.” I was becoming more and more uncomfortable with this whole thing. Between the visions, my perverted mind was creating and the outfit my daughter was wearing, I could feel my cock start to react a little.

“You promised to help,” she reminded me. “Besides, wouldn’t you like to see Kristy in something sexy?”

“That’s a little inappropriate, don’t you think? I’m more than twice her age, Kristy is your best friend, and I’m marr…” but she didn’t let me finish.

“I heard you last night, dad,” she said simply with a wicked grin. She was grinning at me a lot lately.

“I think maybe you misunderstood something…” I tried to explain in a panic.

“You were saying both Kristy’s and Arunita’s names last night when I walked in on your dad. I was standing there for like five minutes watching you.” Then she added with a wink, “You’re a dirty, dirty man, daddy”

My mind was trying to cope with two different revelations at that moment. One – that I had been caught saying God-knows-what about my daughter’s friends while masturbating, and two – that my daughter had not only walked in on me the night before but had stood there watching me until I had finished and opened my eyes to see her standing there.

I just stood there, wanting to say something, but thinking of nothing to say. This was not a conversation I ever expected to have with my daughter. She was not offended or upset though, as she seemed amused watching me process all of this.

“Don’t worry dad. I won’t tell my friends or mom. They’re your fantasies. Enjoy them!”

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I stared at her speechless.

“Besides, why do you think I told them to dress up tonight when I knew mom would be away?” she asked.

“And they agreed to dress up like that?” I asked back incredulously.

“Well, they don’t know it’s for you, but yeah. They agreed to it.”

My mind was finally starting to wrap around the reality of what was happening, and I could feel my cock start to swell again. I was going to have these young girls running around my house in sexy outfits, just like I had fantasized. I kept thinking I was about to wake up and realize I was dreaming, but I was already awake, and this was no dream. My mind kept going back and forth between excitement and guilt. Trying one last time to maintain at least some semblance of a responsible adult, I started to make my counter-argument.

“Forget it, Dad,” Tanni interrupted. “I know you’re trying to be “appropriate” and all, but the girls are already on their way over and I’m holding you to your promise to help tonight.” Then she very slowly and purposefully looked down and stared straight at the bulge in my pants, causing it to swell a bit more. At this point, I was almost completely hard.

“Besides,” she continued, still staring at my crotch. “I think you like the idea.” She looked up again. “Now let’s get set up. Kristy called while you were in the shower and they’re on their way.” Tanni leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, and then proceeded to lead me down to the basement family room where the girls would be hanging out all night. As she walked away, I couldn’t help but check her little outfit and wonder just how far she would have to bend over for me to get a peek…

When we walked into the family room, I saw Tanni had already set up some things in preparation. The back of our family room has a small squared-out room/entryway area that provided outside access to the basement family room. Tanni had strung up a blanket as a makeshift curtain, closing off the small area from the rest of the large room. The main floor area was covered in pillows gathered from throughout the house, blankets, and a few of our family sleeping bags thrown over to one side. The couch and the futon had also both been pulled out to provide more lounging/sleeping areas.

“Looks like you’ve got it pretty much-taken care of down here. What’s up with the blanket hanging in the back?” I asked.

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“That’s where I’ll need your help,” she replied. I started to walk back, but she caught my arm and said, “Not yet. Let’s wait till everyone gets here first. I want to make sure no one is going to chicken out.”

“Chicken out? What are you planning Tanni?” “You’ll see.” And with that, the doorbell rang.

I made my way to the kitchen as Tanni answered the front door. Judging by the voices, all the girls had arrived at the same time. They greeted each other loudly, which only emphasized the sudden drop in volume when they started whispering to each other. “Boy talk,” I thought to myself before hearing a loud burst of laughter break out. Just then Tanni poked her head into the kitchen to inform me they were going downstairs and asked if I could bring the pizza we had ordered down when it arrived. I agreed and watched as she headed back to the foyer to lead the other girls downstairs.

When the pizza arrived, I paid for the food, gathered some paper plates and towels, and glanced at my crotch to make sure nothing was too obvious. I couldn’t stop thinking about what Tanni had said about the other girls getting dressed up too. Taking a deep breath, I double-checked that I had everything and made my way downstairs. As I came around the corner at the bottom of the stairs, I was almost capsized by a speeding, giggling blur of brunette hair and large tote bags.

“Sorry Mr. D!” two voices exclaimed from behind my pile of plates, boxes, cups, and assorted things I carried. I half-turned, half caught out of the corner of my eye, two petite figures rush by into the bathroom behind me.

Regaining my bearings, I stepped into the living room and deposited everything on the table Tanni had moved along the sidewall. Nervous and excited, I finally allowed myself to look up – but the girls were gone. Then I heard voices behind the curtain Tanni had set up over the back entrance.

“Are you serious!?” I heard Kristy’s voice say. “…but what if your dad comes down?”

“Don’t worry about my dad,” I heard Tanni reply. “He has plans for the night. He won’t even be here.”

Now I knew something was up because Tanni knew I wasn’t going anywhere. She had made me promise not to go out so I would be here.

“Pizza’s here!” I called out, announcing my presence. I heard a fresh batch of giggles coming from behind the curtain when my daughter poked her head out.

“Thanks, dad.” Her face seemed slightly blushed. “Yamini and Shivani went to change into their sleep clothes.” She winked as she said this. I didn’t know who Shivani was, but I knew Yamini was also one of Tanni’s closest friends. I guessed that Yamini and Shivani were the two giggling brunettes that almost ran me over in the hallway.

“I think that’s all we need,” she continued. “I’ll come up and say goodbye before you leave.” She said this with a wink, indicating I was to play along.

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I’ll admit I was pretty disappointed I didn’t get a chance to see any of the girls in their outfits, but then I scolded myself for acting like a teenager and headed back upstairs. As I walked by the bathroom, I could resist taking a quick peek through the open, old-style key lock on the door. Almost as soon as I had put my eye up to the keyhole though, I quickly pulled back. It looked like one of the girls had been turned towards the door, and I swear I saw her eyes flicker towards the keyhole right as I had looked through. I paused for a second, expecting to hear offended screams about perverted old men, but no screams rang out. Once my heartbeat slowed again, I realized that I had also caught the briefest glimpse of a cute, small, naked butt reflected at me through the mirror. I tried to recapture the image in my head, but it had been so brief and fast that I couldn’t keep the picture clearly in my mind. Trying to be a good guy, I headed up the stairs before I could convince myself to take another peek.

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