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Hi, My name is Indu, and I am a 21-year-old Telugu girl who has taken a drastic turn in her life in terms of sex and relationships. But don’t worry, the mistaken turn led me to a series of stops, each with a growing number of life’s delights! Yes, I meant that I enjoy sex and have been fucked numerous times throughout the years. So, allow me to elaborate. I am a Telugu girl who is horny. I’ve been fingering myself to orgasms virtually every day since I first discovered masturbation. People usually assume that girls are not as excited about sex as boys, but I am not one of them.

My farming parents did not desire a girl child when I was born in a rural village. So when I was nine years old, they gave me up to my uncle (Sharma uncle), who resided in a larger town and already had a grown son. I didn’t have the correct advice growing up in my uncle’s house during puberty because I didn’t have the right instruction on how to understand what was going on.

I simply didn’t grasp what was going on. Someone with a terrible eye should be staring at me. Other girls despised being eve-teased, but I relished it. But, because I felt incomplete, I would become dissatisfied or furious as a result.

Sharma’s uncle, who is in his early fifties, is one of the healthiest persons I’ve ever met. He, along with my other uncle (Ravi) and their best friend (Vijay), all served in the army and remained fit well into their fifties.

Sharma’s uncle is a generous man who prioritizes his family over anything else. He demonstrated this when he looked after my aunty, who was usually sick. He looked after his son and set him on the proper path in life.

He never treated me harshly or made me feel uncomfortable, even though I was not a blood relative. Having had the kind of experience I did with my parents, I appreciated and liked Sharma’s uncle for it. I learned about masturbation from internet porn, as I do with most things these days. And it became a haven for me. I used to spend hours watching internet porn like a boy, and I learned everything there was to know about sex from it (as anyone could have guessed, most of what I learned was unhealthy and wrong, but fun). I ended up losing my hymen to a carrot, not to the man of my dreams!

The first person I had sex with was a college senior. He was attempting to test my boundaries. But I was having none of it. He attempted to force me to open my top. I had no qualms about exposing my boobs by opening my top. He couldn’t take it any longer and fucked me behind the college. Over the next three months, he and his cronies, who were all the bad kids in the senior class, fucked me. Then there was the evil gang in my year who fucked me as well. You’d think this would make me feel awful about myself and make me feel like a whore. But, to be honest, I enjoyed it. I also informed them. However, as our college years concluded, we all went on. I never needed to go to clubs because I didn’t drink or have any other bad habits, therefore I never had one-night stands.

After college, I found a nice job that allowed me more flexibility as well as dissatisfaction. The peaceful period did not suit me after my very hectic college days, so I reverted to my old habit of watching internet porn.

That’s where I discovered adult chat rooms on the internet. For a time, I was really happy and satisfied. On those sites, I made several regular friends with whom I began conversing cheerfully late into the night.DickRaja, a middle-aged man in his late forties, was one of my favorite people. He had a ridiculous name, but he was a fantastic person. In our conversations, he was both lovely and seductive, as well as mischievous and weird in sex chats. I had a lot of fun with him. He’d never ask for images, video conversations, or microphone chats. He stated that he takes his time to form relationships with others. He has formed a bond with me and does not want to jeopardize it. DickRaja, I was delighted to be that chat fuck pal for the elder gentleman. So, because of this connection, I talked to her at least twice or three times a week, and each time we had a long pretend fuck and real-world orgasms. This became the norm for us. Around this time, my aunt (uncle’s wife) had a mental breakdown and required medical attention. I dashed back to the house to assist my uncle and aunty. However, I lost most of my independence as a result of this, including the ability to communicate with my older friend, DickRaja. I’d have to scrounge some time to take my laptop to a quiet place and log in to chat with him now and then. He expressed concern about my inability to communicate often. He wanted to know if I was upset with him and didn’t want to talk to him, or if I was dating someone else (he always urged me to get into real relationships after all).

It was nice and endearing to me that the older man, who was more than twice my age, was thinking about how I felt about him. I explained that I couldn’t talk because of a family situation and that I had nothing to do with him. He said yes. However, he stated that he wanted to demonstrate himself to me.

We’d never had a video conversation before, and we’d never exchanged any photos of ourselves until today. “By putting myself in a vulnerable situation with you, I want to express that I care about you,” he explained. I tried to tell him, no, but he insisted on turning on his camera.

That’s when I received the most shocking news of my life. Dick Raja was seated with his pants off, clutching his cock, in a room with a bed in the background, an almirah on the side, and a chair in front.

But that was all quite familiar to me! This room I see in DickRaja’s video was the room just next to the one where I was seated! My uncle Sharma was DickRaja holding his cock!!

I was so taken aback that I turned off the TV and shut down my laptop. Dickraja already logged out by the time I came to my senses and opened the laptop. Since Sharma’s uncle was sitting in the hall watching TV, I’ve known.

From that day on, I began to pay great attention to my uncle. He had many of the same features as DickRaja in discussions.

I was amazed at how many minor details I overlooked that would have plainly shown that DickRaja was Sharma’s uncle. But I made it a point to roleplay fucking him whenever I could. With everything he was going through at home with Aunty, he earned that pleasure.

I decided I’d had enough of pretend sex with Sharma’s uncle around the time aunty was admitted to the long-term care facility. Sharma’s uncle was supposed to fuck me for real.

So, during one of our sessions, while he was informing me that his family issue was gradually being resolved, I offered that we meet in person.

He was so lovely that he cared more about my safety and if I was comfortable doing this. Even though he didn’t know why I was so confident, I assured him that I was more than ready for it. After Aunty was brought to the care facility, we set a date.

We decided on a coffee shop in a mall. I told him I’d wear the heart pattern shirt with an angel-shaped brooch he bought, and he said he’d wear the elephant pattern shirt I got for him.

When I got to the coffee shop, I found Uncle sitting there in his elephant-print shirt (I know, it’s silly, but that’s the point). I decided to have some fun.

I put on a jacket that covered my top and approached him.

“What are you doing here, Uncle?” I said, surprised.

“What are you doing here, I-Indu?” He returned the question, embarrassed and worried.

“Can you tell me what kind of clothing you’re wearing?” It appears to be ridiculous. “Can you tell me where you got it?” I began teasing.

“It’s none of your business.” He answered firmly, “Why don’t you go take care of whatever work you came here to take care of.”

With a shake of my head, I expressed my dissatisfaction with the situation. “No, I guess I’ll take it easy for a while and have some coffee while chatting with you uncle,” she says.

Uncle’s face was flushing as he tried to think of a way to get rid of me.

As I sipped my coffee, I continued, “You have to tell me the story about this shirt uncle.”

He spat out, “No concern of yours.”

I decided that enough taunting was enough, so I remarked, “Looks like you’re waiting for someone; I’ll leave you to it.” He became a little more relaxed.

“But isn’t it hot here, and I’m wearing a jacket as well,” I remarked as I carefully unzipped and removed my jacket, looking into his eyes.

“Way to go, Indu. You’ve come to your senses.” You should leave right away -” and as soon as he spotted my shirt, his words stopped in his throat! I pushed out the front of my jacket, even more, showing the angel brooch. He was so taken aback that he only muttered, “Indu?”

“Hello DickRaja,” I said with a smile.

When my uncle realized what this meant, he sucked in so much air that everything in history and every talk we’d had fell into place.

“So – so,” he said, attempting to make sense of what he had understood. But I was afraid he’d figure out I was playing a joke on him. As a result, I swiftly informed him,

“Before you conclude that I played you for a fool, uncle, keep in mind that we had been speaking online for over a year. But it was only three weeks ago that I realized it was you who had turned on the camera for the first time. Remember how astonished I was when I abruptly ended the conversation? That’s when I figured out you’re DickRaja.”

Thankfully, he saw everything. and grinned. We talked for a while before deciding to go home. On the way, I decided to tell him everything that happened during my sex misadventure. I expected him to be enraged, but he was blown away.

“You did well in college, and you got good grades,” he continued. You have a fantastic job, and you’ve been safe all along, even though you seem to have messed up half of your college career. What does it matter if you’re a nymphomaniac? “It doesn’t make a difference.”

I burst out laughing. Uncle, do you believe I’m a nymphomaniac?”

He laughed and said, “Without a question.” I pouted, so he continued, “Without a question.”

“Did you know I’d been conversing with you for almost a year?” Only what you mentioned today is new to me, although I am extremely familiar with your mentality. And because you’re a nympho, you’ll have a lot of fun in your life, and you’ll make everyone else’s life fascinating as well.

So, what’s the problem with that?”

I cracked a grin. When he’s himself, I adore this man. When our gazes locked, I knew we were going to fuck that night as soon as we got home. Even after my uncle found out what a slut I am, I could see the apprehension in his eyes about what might happen that night.

But I was not hesitant in the least. I had made up my mind – uncle’s cock was going to be buried deep in my pussy that night. We arrived home, went inside, and locked the door. Then they faced each other, unsure where to begin.

“Uncle, will you hug me?” I said to break the ice. And not like Indu’s uncle hugging him. “I want DickRaja to hug his fuckpuppet.”

He smiled and flung open his arms. I dashed in and hugged him tightly, while uncle gently held me. we exhaled a sigh. “Not at all, uncle. DickRaja’s special hug.” I reminded him of it. “Right arm under my armpit and around my chest, so my boobs squish into your chest,” I instructed as I wrapped his right arm around me.

“Left-arm down on my buttock, grabbing it hard, forcing me towards your body, so my pussy may squish against your swelling cock,” I whispered as he placed his left hand over my buttock. “Oh, I feel your throbbing cock now, uncle,” I thought. You can’t say you’re not interested in me.”

“Well, Indu, attraction to you has never been an issue for me,” he joked as he drew me back into his bulge. For a long time, I was drawn to you. The real you is why I always insisted on you calling me ‘Uncle’ in our conversations. You have no idea how many hundreds of times I mentally fucked you.”

That was unfamiliar to me. Uncle was attracted to me and had jerked off to me numerous times, but I had never noticed any difference in the way he acted towards me.

“Well, uncle, you don’t have to fuck me in your mind anymore,” I said with a smile. You’re capable of doing it for real.”

“You’re fucking right,” he said as he lifted my head and kissed my lips. I felt heaven when I felt his rough lips and even rougher tongue in my mouth. Instead of just eating my mouth, I always prefer a man who knows how to kiss passionately. Uncle, it appeared, was a master of passionate French kisses.

His hands crept up my buttocks, under my shirt, and onto my bareback. When I felt his fingers on my back, I felt an electric shock. My uncle unhooked my bra and snaked his hands down to the front of my shirt. As I lifted my arms, he pulled my shirt and undershirt up together.

As my shirt fell off, I noticed that my bra had also fallen off my arms. In an instant, I was completely topless and my boobs were exposed. Uncle is a thief!

My arms instinctively moved forward to conceal my boobs. Uncle, on the other hand, grabbed my hands by the wrists and pulled them apart. I was embarrassed and tried to turn my head away as uncle began staring openly at my boobs.

Under his stare, I could feel my nipples harden. Uncle remained staring at my boobs for what seemed like an age, and I became increasingly embarrassed, murmuring, “Uncle… uncle.”

Uncle seemed to relax his grip on my wrists just as the last of my bravery was about to fly out of my body. I tried to cover my exposed boobs, but his grip tightened again and he yanked my hands behind my back.

He leaned down and caught my right nipple in his mouth, his mouth open. I couldn’t keep it in any longer and let out a long moan. His mouth felt warm and cold on my nipple at the same time, and electric shocks from my right nipple went all the way through my body.

Uncle sucked hard on my nipple, making me moan even louder. Uncle became even hornier as he sucked harder. I could feel his teeth digging into my boob and causing sharp pain, but the pain was so much more pleasurable that I asked him to suck harder, “harder, uncle!!”.

As I felt my pleasure rise, he laughed and agreed to my request. With a triumphant grin, he yanked my nipple from his mouth. But I was hungry for more. So I yanked my arms from behind me, grabbed his head, and passionately kissed his lips. I then dropped his head to the left side without letting go.

Uncle recognized what I required and opened his mouth as soon as we reached my left boob, grabbing the nipple and squeezing it into his mouth. This time, the pleasure was even greater because uncle did not take his time. He simply sucked my tit while biting on my boob.

I was in a lot of pain this time, but I couldn’t get him to stop. I only yelled, but I let him have his fill of my boob.

When Uncle yanked my boobs out of his mouth, I was red-faced and panting profusely as I tried to return to reality. My lust for Uncle was intense, and I needed him to fuck me right then and there. When I looked down, I noticed his cock forming a painful tent on his pants. I reached for his pants and undid them. “Can’t wait to get my dick out of my pants, Indu,” Uncle laughed.

“I can’t wait to get it out of your pants and deep into my pussy, Uncle,” I replied honestly.

Uncle grabbed my pants and undid them as quickly as he could. He yanked them down, along with my panties, all at once. I didn’t get his pants off, but he had me naked already. Talk about effectiveness.

When I pulled his underwear down, his cock sprang out, and I got my first glimpse of his uncle’s cock. It wasn’t particularly large, perhaps 7 inches across, but it was thick. Even when it was completely hard, it had a small downward bend, like an arc. Such minor flaws make a man’s cock even more appealing to me.

Uncle reached for my pussy as I examined his cock for the first time. When he stroked my pussy, I heard him giggle. “What, uncle?” I inquired.

Uncle’s fingers were wet when he pulled them off my pussy. Not only wet, but soaking wet, and I told Uncle, “I – I didn’t feel that much juice drop out.”

“I think you liked getting your nipples sucked and your boobs bit,” he remarked as he grabbed my right breast. He massaged my boob and pinched my nipple while fingering my pussy.

Without thinking, I grabbed my uncle’s cock and began stroking it while his finger fucked my pussy and stroked my boobs.

I’m not sure how long I’d been doing it, but uncle let out a yelp and abruptly pushed my hand away. I snapped out of my stupor as I felt my uncle shove me onto his wedding bed. The bed he shared with Aunty. I knew it was time. So I scooted into the middle of the bed and drew my legs spread. Uncle jumped over me and placed his cock on my pussy lips.

Uncle shoved his cock into my pussy while staring deep into my eyes. The thickness of my uncle’s cock made it feel tight, but the wetness helped as his cock squeezed deep into my pussy. I could feel my happiness. I felt content. I felt a sense of completeness. And I felt a rush of pleasure. Uncle’s cock was buried deep within my pussy!

Uncle fucked me slowly at first but quickly picked up the pace. We were both extremely horny, and all those months of pent-up lust from online play came crashing down on us all at once. We fucked each other. Hard. Our mouths were locked together, tongues wagging as he fucked my pussy.

Uncle was pushing his cock deeper and deeper into my pussy as time passed. And remember the slight bend in Uncle’s cock I mentioned? Well, that caused his cock to hit some special places deep in my pussy that had previously been untouched, and I fell in love with his cock.

After a few minutes, I noticed uncle straining differently and knew he was getting close to the cum. Uncle, the responsible older man, was about to pull his cock out of me. But, being the irresponsible one, I wrapped my legs around his waist and refused to let him pull away.

Uncle’s eyes widened, but all I did was smile and nod. During the next thrust, Uncle exclaimed loudly, and I felt a warm something fill deep within me. That sensation of warmth pushed me over the edge as well, and I experienced my first orgasm during sex.

My legs shook and my body shivered. My mind was attempting to explode and fly away to heaven. I clutched my uncle tightly and let the pleasure of orgasm wash over me, wave after wave. I collapsed into bed exhausted.

Uncle rolled over to the side, and we exchanged funny smiles. “That was freaking great, Indu. “The best fuck and the best orgasm I’ve ever had!” he exclaimed.

I knew he was exaggerating, but I answered him truly, “It was the best orgasm I’d ever had, Uncle.” We embraced and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

I realized in the middle of the night that I hadn’t done one of my favorite things to do to a man. I didn’t suck my uncle’s cock that day.

I told myself that I would wake him up with his cock in my mouth. But I also realized that I was the irresponsible one in this relationship. Who knew this was only the beginning of a magnificent adventure with not just my one uncle, but three of my favorite uncles, and the female with whom I grew the closest.

Stay tuned as I tell you more about my fuck-filled journey.

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